10 Punk Ways To Style Your Hair Without Cut Or Color


There’s nothing like rocking a punk hairstyle! It’s super fun and makes you feel like a badass! But you don’t always have to make a permanent or drastic change. Here are 10 ways to style your hair like a punker and keep your day job!

pThis edgy look is best for longer hair lengths. Prep the hair by blow drying it with a volumizing styling product such as Paul Mitchell Thicken Up. Use a vent brush and a large barrel round brush to create the full body with smooth ends that slightly curl under. Section off the top and bottom sections with clips, following the partings in the photo, making a section resembling a capital “A”. Starting at the hairline, french braid the middle section that was left out. Braid up to the top of the “A” and secure the end with a hair band. To style the top section; un-clip section and spray thoroughly with a setting spray such as Redken Hot Sets. Starting in the crown, take 2 inch sections and a flat iron into the mohawk shape you desire. Do this up to your forehead. Mist lightly with hairspray and behold; you have an extreme style without the commitment!

This style is a little glamorous and a little edgy. To style this look is similar to the last. The look is smoother and to achieve that, prep the hair by blow drying with smoothing products instead, with a vent brush. Flip your hair to your most flattering side create a part following the natural curve of your skull, ending somewhere past your nape. Make a rope braid by twisting your sections with a little pomade on your fingertips. The braid should be as close to the part as you can braid it. Secure with a hair band. Tousle your side swept hair with a little hair styling oil, leaving the ends messy and free.





long punk 2Here is a super glamorous curlhawk! The best way to achieve this look is to start with wet hair. Using a gel with strong hold, start at your nape, and comb sections smooth and back, pinning at the middle of your head with bobby pins. Do this making 3 large sections, the next section slightly overlapping the last. Hairspray. With the hair that’s left out of the sections, apply a styling product such as Paul Mitchell Extra Body Sculpting Foam. In small sections, blow dry hair with a smaller round brush, wrapping the entire section around brush and removing round brush once section is fully dry. Trying to remove before then will be difficult and leave your the brush stuck in your hair. When you completely dry each section and remove brush, recreate curl and secure curl with a clip to cool while you work down your hair. When your finished drying, let sections cool for a sufficient amount of time before unpinning (usually 20 minutes). Tousle curls with your fingers and add a light back combing to combine the curls at their bases and to keep the hair up and on along the mohawk shape. Once you’ve got the look, mist with hairspray!

6Holy punk cornrows! Okay this style may look obvious, but to get it like the photo, read carefully. The mohawk section down the center of the head should be sectioned and clipped first. It should be about 2-3 inches wide and from your forehead down to your nape. Once this section is secure and out of your way, starting at the front of your hairline, make “cornrow” braids about 1 inch wide, braiding up to the top, center section. Secure with hair band. Once you’ve completed cornrow braids on both sides (11 per side in pictured style) you need to prep the hair with Chi 44 Iron Guard Style & Stay Firm Hold Protecting Spray. Using a flat iron, flat irons sections straight up, following the sections that were made with the braids. That’s it! You’re ready to hit the rock show! (Just don’t hurt anyone!) 😉

3A lot like the styles before it, but for shorter lengths (and not so intimidating!) Also, this style has twin braids down the sides. You can also leave out your fringe, if you have any.







short punk 11Okay, this style does require a clipper undercut. If you do have the beloved cut, you can easily wear this pretty glamhawk. Start with a thin 1 inch braid and secure at nape. Give the rest of your hair a good base teasing, leaving the ends free. Using a setting spray and a flat iron, create a few bird-like bangs sticking out at your forehead. Comb the rest of the free ends smooth and down. Pin into the center, creating a roll, all the way down to the bottom of your nape. Leave the rest of your hair free like pictured.





punk rock 5This style oozes coolness. The clever trick with this style is to incorporate a necklace into the braid. Here they have a necklace, or chain, of loops. Every few braids, a loop is sent down the strand and braided into the hair. Genius, right!? After the braid is complete, using hair gel and a comb up from braid and this will create the separated look you see here.





punk rock 20This wicked ballerina look requires a foam bun. You can find them at your local beauty supply store. They’re also called donuts. Start with straight, sleek hair. Smooth hair up into ponytail and use products such as hairspray to keep in place. Place foam bun onto hair by pulling ponytail through the center hole. Use a hair band or bobby pins to secure hair around bun, leaving hair lengths free. You may also go ahead and secure a choker necklace around bun(the model in picture is wearing a pearly one). Tease the free ends and then pull teased sections apart to create the shapes you see in the picture. Use hairspray to hold shapes once you create them. Presto! Now your ready for the ballet!

As you can see, rockin hair styles can be as simple as a little smoke and mirrors. Ladies, after the parties are over and you’ve made your way home, please make sure to brush any teasing out before you shower. This will save your hair from any breakage. I hope you found some hairspiration here. Feel free to leave any questions or comments! Thanks!


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