35 Fabulous and Trending 1960s Hairstyles


The 1960s have a special place in our hearts. It takes us back to a time of hippies and flower pants and excellent hairstyles. You’re going to love the collection of images we’ve put together of hairstyles. They’re unique, beautiful and coming back in style faster than we can type the words! Check them all out and let us know which ones are your favorite.

  1. This short bob is styled to perfection. It’s intentional and leaves no room for error. It’s a bold style but those who choose to wear it, rock it fabulously!

Quant By Sassoon

2. This is a timeless look that is stunning. All three styles vary but each is big and bold and beautiful. The first one is styled right under her cheek bone which really looks fabulous. Her bangs are styled with a bit of volume and the top of her hair has that classic 60s poof. The middle has a bit more windblown yet perfectly styled look. Her hair is a little bit shorter. The last style is the longest of the three. She’s styled her bangs over to the side and has curled her hair with big, round curls. All three look gorgeous!

UNITED KINGDOM - MARCH 1: Photo of Supremes (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

3. This look is a bit more windblown. Having the hair pushed back and out of the face was very popular in the 1960s. As you’ll see from most of these examples, there were a variety of ways that the women styled their bangs. Some have them grown out like this image and others have them cut super short. Still other sweep them over to the side and some have them cut in a bold line across their eyebrows. Which style is your favorite?American film actress Raquel Welch at a press conference in London. (Photo by Peter King/Getty Images)

4. Here’s a gorgeous shot of the sweeping bangs. They look feather light and notice the poof on top of her head. The poof was very popular and to this day still is.

Headshot of Sharon Tate (1943-1969), US actress, in a studio portrait, against a light blue background, circa 1965. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

5. The laid back look of brushing the majority of the front of the hair to one side was also really popular.

Ann-Margret, Swedish-American actress, wearing a purple knitted jumper in a studio portrait, against a purple background, circa 1965. (Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

6. This is a classic shot from this time period. The long, flowing hair, no bangs, outside and singing were all staples of the era.


7. We love this elegant look with her hair compiled on top of her head. The bangs have a soft yet edgy look to them.


8. This is a great shot of the part down the middle with waves intermingled into her hair. This look has definitely grown in popularity here recently.

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1970: Photo of Janis Joplin Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

9. Big bows behind the beehive were huge during the 60s. The large poof with the hair all tied in the back is known as the beehive. The bow does a beautiful job of accenting the hair.


10. The classic up-do with the sweeping up of the long hair into a bun of sorts is a beautiful representation for this time period.


11. As popular as it was to have the bow behind the beehive, a bow headband was just as popular for the front of the head. This is another style that has recently had a beautiful come back into fashion.


12. This longer version of the bob is so adorable and teenagers loved this particular style. It was sweet and sophisticated and easily allowed a mini beehive on top of their heads.


13. This style of was an everyday look for women of the 60s, especially younger women. It was a carefully curated look that really highlighted their cheekbones.


14. This poof that held up in the middle of the head with long curling cascading down her back is a gorgeous look. It’s fairly simple to do and is a classic look that never goes out of style. We like the way it’s tied up in the back. It appears to have a twist in it that makes it look so elegant albeit simple. She probably used a curling iron for the longer parts of her hair. This would be a pretty easy style to replicate. Would you wear this style?


15. This is a great representation to what a lot of women sported back then. It was an easy and efficient way to be stylish and practical. The poof was extremely popular as you can see. It worked for all age groups and all hair types. It was such a fun look and even to this day, you will still see people wearing the poof. It’s a great choice and looks so pretty on everyone.

18th December 1964: 23 year old British pop singer Dusty Springfield (1939 - 1999) at a press conference after her return to London from Johannesburg, with backing band the Echoes. Dusty was served with a 24 hour deportation order by the South African government after performing before a mixed race audience at Wittebome, 10 miles from Cape Town, during her tour there. The Echoes were not deported, but decided to leave with her. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

16. The poof was something that was almost always present. Here she has her hair swept back in a ponytail off to the side. It’s tied with a small ribbon is quite adorable and stylish.


17. The large curl of the bangs was hugely popular during this time. We love the way the entire piece is strategically placed.


18. This is a gentle look that is beautiful and whimsy. The bangs are softly parted down the middle in an innocent and sweet look.


19. It wouldn’t be a 60s piece without giving a shoutout to these guys. Ever wonder what men’s hair looked like back then? Look no further, these dudes encompass it in it’s entirety.

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1965: Photo of Beatles (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

20. This is a mega poof. Talk about a lot of hairspray! This took quite a bit of time and effort to style this masterpiece. It’s a bold and dramatic look that was quite popular.


21. Check out these styled pieces. Each one is so different but was so popular during this time. The first is a sweet little bob. The second one has an excellent poof with an accessory to hold it all in place. The third is rocking a gorgeous up-do that is perfect for long hair. Next we have another adorable bob that is curled just at chin level with her bangs sweeping to one side. The next bob has an accessory in the middle of her head that was also a really popular choice back then. Check out the giant flower in the next girl’s hair. Would you sport something like that now? We love the giant bow in the next girls picture. It’s bold and beautiful. The last shot is a classic up-do that is flawless.


22. This poof is exquisite. Her long, flowing hair is gorgeous and the entire look is on point. This definitely took a lot of hairspray in order to get her hair to stay that way.


23. This is a pretty famous piece. Notice how short her bangs are. The styling here is beautiful and we love the accessory on top of her head. She looks like a princess.


24. This poof with dramatic bangs is absolutely beautiful. We love the way she lets her hair just fall about her shoulders. It’s a well thought out style yet it looks laid back.


25. This is such a fun pixie cut. It would not take much maintenance other than a regular styling session to keep this look up. Notice how short her bangs are. In the next few images, you’ll notice this trend. What are your thoughts? Do you like super short bangs or do you prefer them longer?


26. Have you noticed the trend of really short bangs? What do you think of them? They almost look non existent in this photo. It would be a really easy way to style bangs, that’s for sure! It appears as though her hair is in an up-do. This is a classic look from the 60s.


27. She looks as though she might have had a perm. It’s a close knit style that looks great on her.


28. This is such a gorgeous look because it appears so effortlessly beautiful. Her bangs do a beautiful job of framing her face. Her hair appears to stay in place perfectly but doesn’t appear to have much hairspray in it. This is such a great formal look.


29. These curls are beautifully done. This is a heavily styled look that took quite a bit of time to make happen but the end result is breathtaking. Her hair almost looks like it is not real because it looks so flawless.


30. This is definitely one of our favorite pieces. It’s such a fun and windblown look. It appears so easily put together yet it probably took a little bit of time to do. The bow on top of her head gives it such a girly look that’s so fun! Her curls frame her face perfectly.


31. This is a simple look that takes a large majority of the hair over to one side. It’s a simple style that is great for any event or even just running errands around town. It’s a great look and we love her bob.


32. This is a fun, messy look that is perfect for any occasion. The curls are so cute and the way it’s all piled on top of head gives her a free flowing look that’s laid back and beautifully styled.


33. Check out this complete tutorial on how to do the Bardot ponytail. It’s a great way to learn how to style this fun, gorgeous look.

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