102 Iconic 70’s Hairstyles To Rock Out This Year


There is just something about the iconic 70’s hairstyles that can make you feel glamorous in a second. Every new era has their own style trends and it’s funny how different hairstyles have changed over the years. There is no other era like the 70’s when it comes to hairstyle trends.  The 70’s were filled with a ton of fun styles. There were so many different looks in the era that it’s hard to just pinpoint one popular look. We have them here for you to browse at your leisure.

It’s doesn’t matter whether you have thin hair or thick hair. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s curly or straight or whatever length you want. We have a style that you can rock this year and feel great doing so.

Check out these 102 Iconic 70’s Hairstyles To Rock Out This Year:

  1. The Bowl Cut

It’s a fancier version, but essentially that’s what it is. It was a popular style at the time and certainly a polished look.

2. Messy Styles

Messy styles were just as popular in the 70’s as they are today.

3. Flipped Styles

Flipped styles were growing in popularity at the time and this was one of the most popular styles at the time.

4. Straight Styles

This is a style that many people are still rocking these days.

5. Big Curls

It was the era where everyone embraced their curls regardless of how wild they could be. The bigger, the better was what they wanted.

6. Formal Styles

This is a very elegant look that would certainly work in our era just like the 70’s.

7. Bouncy Curls

Kate Hudson knows how to rock out a 70’s look and the scarf is the perfect addition.

8. Celebrity Styles

Meg Ryan looks incredible with this style and we love how loose and casual it is.

9. Bold Choices

Another great look that will have you embracing your natural curls all over again.

10. Hairband Style

Hairbands like this one were very popular in the 70’s, especially with the bow. They are sweet looks that would be perfect for a Sunday afternoon.

11. Beehive Styles

If you have a 70’s themed party to go to then, this would be the perfect style to try for the night. It’s fun and very iconic of that era.

12. The Teased Look

A look that has a ton of body. It’s simple to create this kind of look; it just takes some teasing of the hair.

13. Straight Styles

Styles like this where the hair was left straight and it’s parted in the middle was a huge look in the 70’s. Just think of That 70’s Show and you will remember that all the girls wore their hair like this.

14. Tight Curls

Tight, natural curls were definitely a “thing” in the 70’s. The bigger the curls, the better.

15. Polished Look

This is a very sophisticated style that you could wear to any event.

16. Iconic Styles

Farrah Fawcett’s feather look was one of the most iconic styles of that era. Everyone wanted their hair to look like hers because she was the blonde bombshell of that generation.

17. Shaved Designs

You may think that shaving design in your hair is a new style, but it isn’t.

18. Braided Styles

Braids have been around since practically the dawn of time. It’s one style that you can be sure will never go out of style.

19. Volumizing Hair

Big hair was definitely a popular look back then. The more body you had, the better the style looked.

20. Model Style

Kate Moss definitely knows fashion and style and she is rocking out a 70’s look in this photo.

21. Sweet Styles

Another example of the stylish bowl cut. You are sure to turn heads with this look.

22. Sweet Looks

The hair is parted in the middle again and so is the bang. There are curls and it looks like she’s ready to make the most of her night.

23. Long Styles

A casual look that you can rock out all summer long.

24. Shaggy Styles

A stunning look that will make you feel sexy this summer.

25. Casual Trends

We have a full bang with this style and it really sets the tone for the whole look.

26. Simple Styles

Another example of a popular look from the 70’s that you can use as an everyday look.

27. Sexy Ponytails

This is a great ponytail style that is sure to bring a smile to your face. It’s stylish and sexy.

28. Shirt Styles

This is similar to Farrah Fawcett’s look, but it is much shorter.

29. Cute Styles

Ponytail styles like this one were very popular in that era. It’s certainly a look that you could recreate now.

30. Short Curls

A simple and fresh look that will make you feel amazing.

31. Long and Straight

If you have a ton of hair, then you are sure to love this style because you can keep your length.

32. Glamorous Looks

If you have a fancy event coming up, then this would be a great look for you.

33. Polished Bob

This is certainly a style that you can be proud of. You are sure to draw the eye with a bob like this one.

34. Pin Curls

This glossy look is one that Rihanna still pulls out for red carpet events.

25. Bright Styles

We could totally see this look on the runway this year.

26. Messy Curls

Natural curls were very popular at the time. No one worried about hair straighteners then.

27. Classy Updos

A sweet style that you are sure to love at your next event.

28. Polished Princess

A great look for the popular girl in school. These styles were insanely popular at the time.

29. Creative Designs

Another great braided hairstyle for your next event.

30. Fun Styles

Another great example of a partial hairstyle with a bow.

31. Loose Looks

Loose waves were all part of the casual and messy looks from that time.

32. Crazy Hair

This unpolished style was a popular one in the 70’s.

33. Beautiful Styles

Another great style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

34. Fashionable Styles

Like we said, big was always a great style choice.

35. Cascading Waves

A stunning look that you can wear to a party or just a casual day.

36. Simple Stylings

Another great look that would be perfect for the office.

37. Rock Star Hair

70’s rock was definitely an era that has some messy rock star hairstyles.

38. Scarf Styles

Using a scarf to style your hair was a big trend back then.

39. Straight Bangs

These full bangs that are cut on a straight edge were a popular style back then. They are popular once again so if you are looking for an edgy style then try this one out.

40. Tight Braids

Braids are always a great choice especially if you have an event to go to.

41. Supermodel Style

This supermodel rocked this style for most of her career because it just suited her the best. Try out the style for yourself.

42. Bold Looks

This is a simple style that you could easily wear all summer long.

43. Great Styles

A casual and messy style that would be easy to rock out all year long.

44. Stunning Styles

You might be hard-pressed to find a bigger style than this one.

45. Perfectly Polished

This would be a gorgeous style that you could certainly recreate for an event this year.

46. Sweet and Simple

If you want a new look but you are looking for something casual and simple then this is the one for you.

47. Stunning New Looks

This is a great style for medium length hair.

48. Short Looks

A great style that is casual and will take no time at all to put together in the morning.

49. Pageboy Look

A classic style that is perfect for this era.

50. Classic Designs

A classic look from the 70’s that you could definitely make work this year.

51. Messy Ponys

Messy styles are just as popular today as they ever were.

52. Rocker Fashion

If you are looking for a bolder style, then go short and paint it red.

53. Tossed Look

This would be a great casual beach look for the summer.

54. High Styles

This is a great glamor look that will knock the socks off the guests at your next event.

55. Striking Style

A simple look that can be worn to an event or just for an everyday style.

56. Partial Styles

A long style that is both sexy and elegant.

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57. Bohemian Style

All you need is the right hair accessory to make a normal look so much more.

58. Feathered Looks

Another example of the feathered look that Farrah Fawcett made popular.

59. Bombshell Styles

If this glamorous style doesn’t make you feel sexy, then we’re not sure what will.

60. Bold Waves

Most people would try to straighten this look out, but that’s not what they did in the 70’s. They just made everything bigger.

61. Small Braids

You are sure to feel like you’re from another era with this fun braided style.

62. Short and Sexy

Meg Ryan always rocked out some short and sexy styles throughout her career.

63. Voluminous Style

There is so much volume to this style that you won’t have trouble loving every minute of it.

64. Gorgeous Looks

A gorgeous style that would be perfect for prom.

65. Upper East Side Looks

This style is so chic that you will have to find an event to wear it to.

66. Curly Tops

Another great updo that would go great with a gown.

67. Beach Styles

A simple style that you could wear to the beach or just a day on the patio.

68. Gorgeous Ponys

This is a stunning style that would look great for your next girls night out.

69. Afro Styles

No one is worried about controlling these gorgeous curls. If you want big style, then this is one to try.

70. Perfect Ponytails

If you want to try out a ponytail style from back in the day, you can’t go wrong with this style.

71. Soft Styles

Some of the best styles out there are the simple ones.

72. Sexy Styles

A great style that will make you the talk of the next party you go to.

73. Stylish New Looks

A great style that you can wear to a party or an event.

74. Loose and Wavy

This style has some serious wow factor to it.

75. Messy and Chic

This messy style is totally chic; we love it.

76. Red Waves

The color is definetly a must have for this year and the messy style is sure to turn heads.

77. Straight Looks

Another great straight style that packs a lot of punch.

78. Bold and Beautiful

A stunning new look that has some pretty awesome accessories with it.

79. Tiny Braids

This is a great way to protect your hair from the elements of the summer. It’s fashionable and you can wear the style for months at a time.

80. Humorous Looks

This is a fun style that you could only wear to a 70’s themed party.

81. Bun Styles

Grab a scarf and create your own messy bun look.

82. Casual Bangs

This whole style is very casual and easy to put together.

83. Full Scarf Styles

Wearing your scarf on the top of your head was a big style trend in the 70’s.

84. Bright Styles

Sometimes a fresh color is all you need to vamp up your everyday look. This is a very casual look, one that you may already have. Try out a new color this season and shock everyone around you.

85. A Mess of Hair

As messy as this style is, it’s totally fashionable nowadays to wear your hair that way. We love a good style that we can toss just before our day begins.

86. Soft Edges

Another great look that has choppy edges and is a whole lot of messy.  We love the choppy bang with this style, it’s amazing.

87. Pixie Styles

This style was made popular in the 70’s by this supermodel.

88. Soft Waves

A great style that is pretty simple to put together in the morning. We love it.

89. Gorgeous Formal Styles

You are sure to feel like the bell of the ball with this amazing style. It has everything you need to feel glamorous on your big day.

90. Pretty Styles

Another soft and pretty style that is complimented with a scarf. You will wow the crowd with this look. It’s also a great look that would work for a casual and lazy Sunday afternoon.

91. Bold Choices

Sometimes you need to make some bold choices with a new look. Is that what you need this year?

92. Cascading Styles

You need a ton of hair to create a style like this one. She has lots of hair and it’s thick. Mimicking a style like this without those things is hard. You can always try extensions to at least add to the length and depth of your style.

93. Iconic Styling

Cher rocked this style for a large part of her career in the 70’s. It was the perfect style for someone who likes to keep things casual, at least until she got on stage.

94. Choppy Bangs

Selena Gomez looks incredible with this style. It’s soft and natural. The bangs are choppy and fall around her face perfectly. She’s a beautiful girl that loves a good messy style.

95. Long Bangs

This is another great example of a loose and flawless casual style. We love the long bangs and how they cover her eyes. It’s another loose look that will be great for summer.

96. Sexy Stunner

This amazing look will surely turn heads. We love this partial updo because it’s sexy and well put together. You will be sure to turn heads at your next event.

97. Flawless Looks

A great style that is sure to turn heads at your next party. We love these casual and somewhat messy styles.

98. Stunning and Stylish

You could definitely rock this style all summer long and everyone would envy you for it. This is a great look that is casual and sexy.

99. Simple Bangs

Another super casual style that you could wear anywhere. If you don’t want a style that is a lot of fuss, then this is the style for you. It would only take minutes to put this look together in the morning.

100. The Casual Vibe

These looks are often seen on models because they are super stylish and always in fashion. We love these casual styles because they are also easy to create regardless of how much time you have.

101. The Bordeaux Look

A gorgeous partial updo that has a bump on the back. It’s a popular style that you can re-create for a formal event. It’s the kind of look that comes off not just as an elegant one but a sexy one as well.

102. Beach Braids

If you are looking for a great look for a day at the beach or one that you can wear to the next BBQ or bonfire, then this is the style for you. We love that the messy look is pulled up in the back. It’s sexy and modern, a 70’s look that would rock in this era.


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