75 Amazing African Braids, Check Out This Hot Trend for Summer


For African women they were blessed with textured hair that is strong from one end to another. For most women it’s almost impossible to hold a braid tight to the head but African hair can do that and more! Depending on the hairstyle you are looking for and the shape of your face there are many looks that you can achieve. Check out many of the hairstyles below and choose your own signature style.

  1. Long Spirals

1120416-african-braids -

If you like long hair, then this is the look for you. Long spirals are just the look and add some color to contrast.

2. Princess Laia

african braids


This is a cute style if you need an updo. There are plenty of little braids all joined together and looped up into little buns. The criss-cross design in the front is truly inspiring.

3. Braided Bun

3120416-african-braids -

This braided bun is an elegant choice for an updo. The natural color is beautiful for this elegant look.

4. Braided Mohawk

4120416-african-braids -

The wrap around braid is a great design and it’s paired with a voluptuous Mohawk. There is a lot of height to the look and it would be an eye-catching updo for any event.

5. A Mohawk for an Artist

5120416-african-braids -

This is an extraordinary design for someone who loves braids. It’s also paired with a high Mohawk for an extra bit of edge. If you are looking for a unique look then this is the one for you.

6. African Braids Come in All Sizes

6120416-african-braids -

If you are looking for a short style, then look no further. This bob can be done in braids and it can be worn casual or in an updo.

7. Sweet Shortness

7120416-african-braids -

Another short style that complements any face shape. Lots of braids with a side part is a great look.

8. Bob With an Updo

8120416-african-braids -

This is an updo that starts with a bob. The bob is a classic look that looks sweet when paired with a braided updo.

9. Whitney Who?

9150416-african-braids -

This look is very reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s trademark look. It’s not braids but it’s a gorgeous short style full of caramel curls.

10. Braided Pony

10120416-african-braids -

This long look is great for those ladies that don’t want to cut their hair. Braid it and pull it into a high pony for a look that can be both casual and a dress up.

11. Long Long Hair

11120416-african-braids -

Gorgeous length here if you have it or want to add in some extensions in. The color contrast is also a nice touch.

12. Queen of Braids

african braids


Another long look with cascading braids. It’s a beautiful look that can appeal to just about everyone. The added head accessory is a gorgeous addition to the hairstyle.

13. Braids for an Artist

13120416-african-braids -

This is a look that is tight to the scalp but also offers an extraordinary look. The hair is pulled to one side and designed to achieve a work of art.

14. A Mixture of Looks

14120416-african-braids -

This mixture of looks gives a variety of options to someone with long hair. There is an updo look as well as long looks that offer many color options.

15. Sexy Braids

african braids


This is a very very long look that will probably require some serious extensions unless you are lucky enough to have hair so long. The side part offers a sexy braided styles for anyone.

16. Curly Braids

braid hairstyles for black women 2014 ponytail updo

This hairstyle is short and sexy. The hair is curly and looks exceptional braided. Left down the look can be used for an event or a casual day.

17. Thick Braids

17120416-african-braids -

This long look is one that’s amazing. I love how the braids start off super thick and then turn into tiny braids. It’s a unique look that anyone can try.

18. Rope-like Braids

18120416-african-braids -

This hairstyle is unique as it has the braids pulled all to one side. There is a design on one side with thick rope-like braids falling to one side.

19. Green is Envy

19120416-african-braids -

Long thick rope-like braids may be exactly what you are looking for. Add a touch of color, any color, and it might be exactly the pop you need for your signature style.

20. Golden Goddess

20120416-african-braids -

This golden goddess has a stunning updo that you may just want to emulate. The extraordinary designs of the braids are truly one to use for your next event. Then just tie it all into a bun.

21. My Updo is Better Than Yours

21120416-african-braids -

Talk about a mountain of hair and it’s a mountain you will need to create this extraordinary updo. There is so much going on with this style to even point out a favorite. The criss-cross of braids on the forehead is a nice touch.

22. Wacky Braids

22120416-african-braids -

If you are looking for braids that have a little edge to them then this is the look for you. Talk about some unusual yet very cool designs. Pair them with color and you have a look that will have you the talk of your next event.

23. Curls for Any Girl

23150416-african-braids -

This extraordinary look is great for anyone that wants something different. The whole bottom is a braided design while the curls are tussled up top like a Mohawk.

24. Bring Back the Fro

24150416-african-braids -

This is a combination of a traditional fro and some shaved aspects. You can keep it casual or use it as a great talking piece wherever you go. It’s a fantastic look.

25. Blonde Braids

african braids


This long look is pulled back at the top in a clip. The blonde color is a good contrast to the natural shade as well. Overall it’s a beautiful look.

26. Blonder Ponies Are Pretty

26120416-african-braids -

This blonde braided look is pulled back into a half updo and half ponytail. The contrasting blonde and dark color really compliments the whole look.

27. Braids Like a Crown

27120416-african-braids -

These braids cascade down the side and back of the head. It’s a gorgeous and well designed look for anyone. The braids are tight to the head for a casual day to day hairstyle.

28. Red Spirals

28120416-african-braids -

Taking small braids and spiralling them into an updo is a great way to get an amazing do for your next event. The red is a pleasant charm that adds some edge to any look. If you ever thought of being a redhead now is your chance.

29. Stunning Pigtails

29120416-african-braids -

Thick braids, one on each side in a sexy style of pigtails is a fun look for a day out at the beach. There are small braids tight to the forehead criss-crossing around. It’s a sexy style so try it out for your next new style.

30. Classic Braids

30120416-african-braids -

The side part allows for a sexy edge and the thick rope-like braids are a beautiful addition. If you are looking for a hairstyle where you can keep your length this is a great one to keep in mind.

31. Long Loose Braids

31120416-african-braids -

Long long braids are a beautiful hairstyle when you need a casual every day look. The natural look is a great one and medium sized braids offer elegance.

32. Small and Elegant

32120416-african-braids -

Another classic long look with some length. The braids are small with this one but it makes the hairstyle so much more elegant. The side part allows for some serious sex appeal.

33. Braids or Spirals

33120416-african-braids -

This far part is beautiful and the length is great for any occasion. The braids in this look are more like spirals than braids. The braids are medium in size which makes for a classy look.

34. A Partial Updo for the Office

34120416-african-braids -

Another long look that is used as a partial updo and one that looks extraordinary. It’s something that you cause try out for a casual day or a day at the office.

35. Curls All the Way

35150416-african-braids -

This updo is an elegant one that would be beautiful for an event or a wedding. The side design is zigzagging and the curls on top are formed into mini braids to complete the whole look.

36. Braiding a Bun

36150416-african-braids -

This tight braided look is close to the scalp and looks great for an event. The braids are then pulled into a bun to create a stunning look of elegance.

37. A Tiny Braid is Best

37150416-african-braids -

Here is a great way to use a braid as an accessory instead of a whole look. If you want to keep your hair loose and flowing jut braid a few pieces and create an eye-catching look that everyone is sure to notice.

38. The Wedding Look

38150416-african-braids -

This look is perfect for any wedding that you may be going to this summer. The braids are small and elegant and when pulled up for a partial updo it becomes a classic look that is perfect for this year’s wedding events. You will find you are using this look over and over again.

39. The Side Do

39150416-african-braids -

This gorgeous hairstyle is a classic look and is perfect for an everyday look. The hair is braided in tiny braids and swept to the side. The side part offers some elegance while the hair is pulled to one side for a seductive updo.

40. Half Up Half Down

40150416-african-braids -

This is a partial braided look for anyone that doesn’t want to do a full head of braiding. The crown of the head is braided tightly to the scalp and pulled into a ponytail while the remainder of the hair is left curly and loose.

41. I Love Braids

41150416-african-braids -

This special braid design is one that would be great for children. It would shave time off of getting ready for school or be perfect for the summer months. The heart design is super cute and the beads are an additional accessory that compliments the already cute design.

42. A Twisted Updo

42150416-african-braids -’

This look is elegant and would be wonderful for any event that requires a dress. This look is not so much braids as twists. The hair from the scalp was twisted tightly into intricate designs. Then the twists became bigger and were tied up into an updo. The end result is breathtaking.

43. Braided Tops

43150416-african-braids -

This is a unique for someone looking to spice things up and try something different. The tiny braids start at the scalp and stop about four inches from it and end in cascading curls. Every thing from the color to the design of this hairstyle is stunning.

44. Dreaded Twists

44150416-african-braids -

This look is closer to dreadlocks than they would be braids but still a unique look nonetheless. The large twists form a look that would be a great event style.

45. Corn Rows

45150416-african-braids -

Alicia Keys is no stranger to style and when it comes to corn rows she can rock them. The look is always tight to the scalp and beads are always a welcome accessory.

46. Is Marge There?

46150416-african-braids -

This hairstyle is reminiscent of Marge Simpson’s famous hairstyle. You need a lot of hair or some serious extensions to make this work but once it’s all braided and piled on top you have the best updo at any event.

47. No Braids Necessary

47150416-african-braids -

This gorgeous style comes without braids of any size. It’s thick and curly and rather extraordinary.

48. The Dreaded Side Part

48150416-african-braids -

This fashion forward hairstyle is another one that looks more along the lines of dreadlocks then braids. The stunning side part sets the tone for off the wall sexiness.

49. Sleek and Braided

49150416-african-braids -

The sides are designed with minuscule braids while the rest of the hairstyle is long and sleek hair. The fact that the hair is pulled over to one side really makes the look what it is.

50. Tiny Corn Rows

50150416-african-braids -

Alicia Keys is at it again but this time she is using tiny braids for her corn rows.

51. One-Sided Corn Rows

51150416-african-braids -

This is another take on the look of corn rows. The scalp is stretched to the side to offer a different look while all the braids cascade to one side. The braids aren’t tied up in beads however they are left loosely to bring out a whole new look.

52. A Wedding Do

52150416-african-braids -

Talk about a gorgeous updo for a wedding whether it be yours or someone else’s. This design is so breathtaking. The tiny braids are pulled back into a tight but classic bun.

53. Stylish Corn Rows

53150416-african-braids -

Kim is wearing her corn rows pulled back away from her face. The length is there but the style is totally casual.

54.Side Spirals

54150416-african-braids -

The hair is pulled to the side to offer an elegant look. The braids are more like spirals trailing down beautifully.

55. Short and Sweet Designs

55150416-african-braids -

Another beautiful design that has tiny braids at the base but beautiful curls at the end. This is a shorter look but no less pleasing.

56. Exquisite Volume

57150416-african-braids -

This look has the base with the small braids once again but the rest is a curl massive volume show. Gorgeous!

57. Fishtail Braids

58150416-african-braids -

A different kind of braid to offer a different look for this partial updo.

58. Sweet Curls

59150416-african-braids -

A combination of braids and curls for that special little girl in your life. A stunning combination to try out for the school play.

59. A Mohawk with a Lift

60150416-african-braids -

You don’t need braids in this look to come off looking stunning. This Mohawk is sure to turn heads.

60. An Updo that Says WOW!

african braids


Another appealing updo that doesn’t offer braids. The hair is just pulled tight and piled up high.

61. A Corn Row Mohawk

62150416-african-braids -

These corn rows are in the form of a Mohawk with the hair pulled tightly. The rest of the hair is pulled back into an almost ponytail.

62. A Mop of Curls

63150416-african-braids -

You will find no braids here but if you love curls then this look is to die for.

63. A Shaved Dread

64150416-african-braids -

There is so much uniqueness to this style that it’s hard to pinpoint the best part. These are dreads not braids but they are beautifully colored. The shaved sizes complete the look perfectly.

64. Two of a Kind

65150416-african-braids -

Another dreadlocks look, one is left down for an elegant appeal while the other is pulled into a ponytail for a casual style.

65. Braids as Bangs

66150416-african-braids -

Why not use braids as bangs and start a fashion trend? The rest of the hair is less in beautiful loose waves.

66. A Traditional Mohawk

67150416-african-braids -

If you want something truly unique, try on for size this wide braided Mohawk.

67. Long Corn Rows

68150416-african-braids -

Talk about growing your hair own. These corn rows take it to the next level.

68. African Braiding

69150416-african-braids -

This is obviously a traditional African design used with tiny braids. Maybe not something for this era but it’s nice to look at.

69. Blonde and Dreaded

70150416-african-braids -

Long length with beautiful dreadlocks.

70. A Braided Design

71120416-african-braids -

This elegant look starts at the scalp with symmetrical braids and lets loose at the end.

71. A Tunnel of Braids

72150416-african-braids -

Another Mohawk inspired by braids, this one in the shape of a tunnel.

72. Thick African Braids

74120416-african-braids -This stunning long is partly due to the extreme side part and partly due to the thick braiding.


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