54 Amazing Ariana Grande Hairstyles & Color Ideas


If you have always been a fan of Ariana Grande’s hairstyles then why not try one out for yourself. She has stayed with the same style now for a few years and it usually consists of her hair being up in a ponytail or being partially up and partially down. Regardless of what your personal style is, anyone can try out her signature style and love it.

There are many different ways that Grande styles her hair and you should try every one of them.

Below are 54 Amazing Ariana Grande Hair Styles:

  1. Red Pony

Who doesn’t love a red ponytail?

2. Braided Styles

Ariana is a big fan of ponytails and this one has some braids.

3. The Partial

A great style that is a partial updo. We love the different colors.

4. Stunning Style

A great style that has some amazing extensions, she is known to be wearing them.

5. Simple Styles

This is a low-key style where she has left her hair down.

6. Tight Pony

Another example of a simple style that you can wear anywhere.

7. Floral Styles

Extensions are the reason for her long lengths.

8. Simple Styling

A simple style that is sweet with the hair pulled back slightly.

9. Beige Styles

This ombre style starts off dark and then ends in a beige style that you are sure to love.

10. Sweet Red

A sexy red is sure to make any girl happy.

11. Soft Styles

A simple pony that you can wear wherever you go.

12. Beautiful Waves

A great style that is amazing because of the beautiful waves pulled up into a ponytail.

13. Amazing Styles

A gorgeous ponytail that is simple and yet very stylish.

14. Long Styles

These long styles are compliments of extensions. If you want to recreate the same style that’s what you need.

15. Curly Styles

A great style that has some amazing curls.

16. Volumptuous Pony

A great ponytail with a lot of volume.

17. Sweet Ponytails

Long haired ponytails are super sexy.

18. Celebrity Styles

A stunning style with a simple braid involved.

19. Healthy Hair

Ariana always has a polished style.

20. Small Buns

These braids buns are super cute.

21. A Sexy Style

A long style that is pulled back in a polished way.

22. Wild to Tame

Ariana did a complete turnaround and went from red back to her natural.

23. Pigtails

A great style that is very cute because of her sweet pigtails.

24. High Ponytail

A high ponytail with some great bangs.

25. Bold Styles

A great style that has a very long and polished ponytail.

26. Bold and Sexy

A great style that can be worn anywhere whether it’s in a club or to a BBQ.

27. Ponytail

Another example of her simple ponytail.

28. Stylish Curls

These bold curls are truly amazing and once again she has it in a ponytail.

29. High Styles

A long ponytail that any girl is sure to love.

30. Stunning Styling

A gorgeous style that will look great for any event.

31. Awesome Accessories

An amazing ponytail with some cool accessories.

32. Multiple Braids

A high ponytail with multiple braids.

33. Side Ponytail

A great style that has a fun ponytail off to the side.

34. Side Bang

A soft style with waves and a side bang.


35. Large Braid

A simple style that can be worn anywhere. It’s a long braid that you are sure to love.


36. Crimped Style

A great style that has a crimped ponytail.

37. Blonde Designs

A ponytail that is very blonde. We love her contrasting colors.


38. High Top

A high ponytail is a very high style. It’s off to the side and gives you more volume.

39. Bold Volume

This sexy style that is truly unique because of the great amount of volume.

40. Amazing Styles

A great style that is made from a very simple ponytail.

41. High Style

A great ponytail that is truly amazing.

42. Bold Waves

These bold curls totally looked great when Ariana was younger.

43. Contrasting Styles

A great style that bold and stylish.

44. Partial Updo

A great style that you are sure to love because the partial style is amazing.

45. Braided and Beautiful

A stunning wavy style that looks awesome with a few braids.

46. Long Hair

A great style that is truly wonderful. Her long hair is breathtaking. A popular look for the singer that we see a lot of because it’s stunning on her.

47. Red Curls

A great wavy style that has gorgeous red shade. She had this style for a long time when she was a child actor. Now, she typically stays with a natural shade of hair color.

48. Blunt Cuts

A simple style that has a standard blunt cut. It’s another great example of a rare moment where she has her hair down. We also loved that she decided to go back to a more natural style.

49. Rainbow Colors

If you love beautiful colors, then you are sure to love Ariana’s rainbow mix of shades. They are absolutely stunning. Her hair is really long so you can really see all the colors. The rainbow look is very popular right now so why not try it while it’s still in style.

50. Simply Beautiful

A simple style that is truly elegant. Her hair is left down for once which doesn’t happen that often. We love this elegant style; it totally suits her.

51. High and Stylish

This stylish ponytail is high on the head and it’s very long, it trails all the way down the back. This is one of Ariana’s most popular looks, especially at concerts.

52. Multiple Colors

A shorter style that has many different colors. Her hair is usually ultra long, but in this case, it is much shorter than what she normally wears it as.

53. The Long Bang

A sexy style that is made a hundred times better with that amazing side bang. She looks great with a longer side bang; it softens her whole look.

54. The Softer Side

This is a very soft and romantic look for the singer who is mainly in tight ponytails. We love when she tries different things because, for the most part, she keeps her hair in ponytails.


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