69 Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hairstyles You Will Love

If you are looking for a new gorgeous style for this spring/summer season, then you are sure to love the blonde balayage style. The blonde balayage style takes your hair from a natural color to something a little different while still looking natural. Blonde Balayage is a technique used in salons to create a natural looking color that isn’t noticeable. People will just assume that you have always had that gorgeous color. You also won’t notice the growing out of the style either. You can use blonde balayage for straight hair as well as a sexy new bob. Balayage looks great on any hairstyle from straight to curly, and from long to short. The sky is the limit for what you can achieve with the balayage technique, and it can be done in any color, not just blonde.
Blonde Balayage
Blonde Balayage
Blonde Balayage

For this article, however, we will focus on the different ways that you can bring blonde balayage into your life.

The great thing about the balayage look is that it is custom to every person. It’s always custom-blended, so two people never have the same color. It’s a great style for those that want a unique look while keeping relatively the same color. Even if you and your friend got the color together, it would not look the same. That’s the special part of balayage; it’s unique to everyone, which means that no one will ever have the same style as you. Now, how cool is that?

The blonde balayage is a great look, and it’s great when it comes to mixing light brown with another blonde or even two blondes together. It’s a great look that has plenty of dynamic and depth to it. If you are looking for a subtle change, then look no further than these images. Below are 69 Gorgeous Blonde Balayage Hairstyles You Will Love:

  1. Blonde Locks

A great style that has the blonde balayage for straight hair. As you can see it’s a very natural look. I like how the blonde is even lighter right in the front of the face. It’s a beautiful style that you are sure to love always.

2. A Great Contrast

You can try a balayage with dark hair as well, and the blonde creates a great contrast. If you are looking for a drastic color change, then you are sure to love this style. The contrast is the best part of the whole style.

3. Multiple Blondes

A great style that has multiple blonde shades in it. Straight hair balayage is a stunning look. If you are looking for a natural style, then this is the one for you. Imagine yourself on the beach with this style and you will be happy.

4. Contrasting Colors

This color goes from brown to blonde in a stunning balayage. You can’t go wrong with this beautiful color. The roots are quite dark, and she pulls it quite light.

5. Light Blonde

A great style that has some amazing light blonde balayage highlights. If you love stunning blondes, then you will love this color. The curls and the choppy style really makes the balayage look so much better. Try the look out for yourself; you won’t regret it.

6. Brown to Blonde

A great style that shows a blonde balayage that goes from brown to blonde rather quickly. It’s a stunning overall style.

7. Golden Locks

A great balayage look that has blonde on blonde. Start with some golden colors and then lighten it up with some bright highlights.

8. Dark Lights

Triple shades are always a great look. It starts with a dark natural shade, and it changes in three levels.

9. Stunning Shades

These blonde shades are striking together. This wonderful blonde is so beautiful that you will be turning heads wherever you go.

10. A Natural Style

If you love the natural look, then you will love this one. It starts off with plenty of natural hair and ends with some pretty rocking highlights.

11. Golden Love

A great blonde balayage look that will turn heads. It’s golden blonde and ice blonde as well.

12. Stunning Hairstyles

Long, straight styles are sure to please. A great hairstyle that has plenty of blonde to please you.

13. Caramel Shades

A great natural shade that has some blonde balayage highlights.

14. Brown Balayage

A great style that has brown to blonde balayage. The colors are amazing together.

15. Blonde Balayage

A great style that goes from light brown to an amazing blonde shade. If you are looking for the natural look, then you may have found it here.

16. Styling Blondes

This creamy blonde is one that you are sure to love. You can keep your natural color and just add a small amount of blonde balayage.

17. Blonde on Blonde

A great blonde balayage that you won’t be able to get enough of.

18. Creamy Blondes

A great shade that has some creamy blonde balayage highlights to it. You will love this look for the summer.

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19. Beautiful Style

A stunning blonde style that will have heads turning all summer long. It’s natural and wonderful, a great blonde look for someone who doesn’t want a drastic change.

20. Classic Blondes

If you are looking to turn some heads, then you will love this striking blonde shade. The bottom is much lighter, but there are still a few pieces on top that really make the look pop.

21. Natural Love

Blonde have all the fun and so will you with this stunning color.

22. Creamy Colors

Blondes come in many different shades, and this one is no different. Add blonde on blonde to achieve an amazing hairstyle.

23. Strawberry Blonde

Who doesn’t love strawberries? Add some ice blonde balayage to create a stunning new look.

24. Contrasting Styles

A dark color goes right to blonde creating a look that has a lot of contrast.

25. Darkening Shades

Add some light brown balayage to a darkened look, and you will have a whole new style. A creative style that you will love every day.

26. Caramel Brown

Striking blond balayage that sets the tone for a hot new summer look. It’s a striking look that you are sure to love.

27. Hot Shades

This natural shade looks amazing with some beautiful blonde balayage highlights.

28. Gorgeous Styles

A great style that has different shades of blonde to achieve one amazing style.

29. Golden Colors

A dark natural shade that has some pretty amazing golden blonde balayage color. These highlights are so strikingly beautiful.

30. Long Bob

If you love the bob style, then you are sure to love this one. A natural shade with some stunning blonde balayage highlights that go great with this bob.

31. Stunning Blonde Styles

A great style that has blonde on blonde balayage highlights that create a wonderful look.

32. Great Style

If you love blonde, then you are sure to love this blonde balayage style. It’s stunning and will catch anyone’s eye.

33. Pretty Blonde

A great natural brown that looks amazing with some blonde balayage highlights. An icy hot color that you are sure to love.

34. White Hot

I love this amazing bob style because it’s very edgy. What makes it even better is the white hot balayage involved.

35. White Blonde

A great color that you are sure to love because of the white-hot highlights.

36. Beautiful Styles

A great style that is beautiful and bold. It starts off brown and ends up blonde.

37. Straight Styles

You can’t go wrong with this beautiful blonde balayage for straight hair. The highlights practically glow.

38. Striking Colors

I love the contrast between the brown and blonde balayage. It’s incredible, and it looks completely natural.

39. Cascading Blondes

If you start off with beautiful blonde, then you can balayage some gray into the style. It’s a hairstyle that looks amazing together because of the beautiful colors.

40. Long Layers

A natural look that has a few shades of blonde together.

41. Striking Highlights

A dark root that has some seriously blonde balayage highlights. I love the very light highlights they are gorgeous.

42. Pale Styles

This short hairstyle is stunning because of the blonde on blonde balayage. You won’t find a more striking color for short hair.

43. White Hot Styles

A wonderful blonde style that goes lighter and lighter. There are some natural looks that you will love.

44. Caramel Shading

A great dark shade of brown that goes to a creamy blonde. These shades are stunning, and you will love them.

45. Blonde Styling

A great example of blonde highlights that you are going to love all summer long.

46. Straight Styles

An edgy style that has some great layers. These blonde styles are incredible.

47. White and Beautiful

This white blonde balayage is stunning with the natural hair color. If you are looking for a new summer style, then this is the one for you.

48. Wavy Styles

A natural look that will turn heads at the beach this summer. The dark and light together looks incredible. If you want a style that will last throughout the seasons, then you are sure to love this one.

49. Curly Styles

This curly style is made amazing by the wonderful blonde balayage. The dark and light look amazing together. The hair in this style is thick and curly; there is a lot of volume to it. It’s a great style to try the balayage with because the color pops right off the curls.

50. Wavy Blondes

A wavy style that looks amazing in blonde. If you are a lover of blondes than you are sure to love this multi-layered look. This will be a great look for summer and the rest of the year as well.

51. Hot Blonde

This natural brown is a nice shade, and it’s made even better by the added blonde balayage. The light pieces really pop right off the style. The natural looks awesome with these little balayage additions to it. If you want a natural look, then you are sure to love this one.

52. Long and Straight

Her hair is so long and its insanely straight; it’s a gorgeous style. The blonde is striking against the brown. It’s a subtle difference and yet one that you could embrace because of its beauty. A stunning shade that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. This style would grow out easily without worrying about the way it looked.

53. Warm Shades

The warm shade is beautiful, and the color goes cool quickly with the addition of the blonde.

54. Balayage Bob

This striking style is an edgy bob with a long bang. It’s incredible and looks like a natural blonde with the subtle balayage in the bob.

55. Purple Designs

This curly bob is stunning because of the combination of blonde with purple balayage. It’s a stunning color choice for anyone who wants to go a little wild.

56. Multiple Layers

Three layers of colors that are stunning all together. It’s an amazing style that you are sure to love.

57. Gorgeous Highlights

White hot designs that you are sure to love. The balayage goes from dark to light pretty quickly.

58. Dark Dreams

A dark shade that is made even more unique by the blonde balayage. There are a few different colors involved here, and they are all stunning. If you are looking for a more drastic change, then you are sure to love this style.

59. Straight Part

A short style that looks amazing as a straight style. This is a more natural look because it goes from a natural blonde to an icy hot one. If you love the blonde look, then you are sure to love this one.

60. Sunny Blonde

A great example of how much beauty can come from the blonde balayage. This is one of the more natural looks and adding blonde to it, really spices up the look. This would be a great look for summer.

61. Naturally Highlighted

These natural highlights really look great together. If you want a natural look for summer than you are sure to love this one. Adding lots of blondes is a great way to brighten up your style.

62. Beach Blonde

If you are all about the natural blonde look, then you are going to love this style. Even though there is blonde balayage here, it looks completely natural. The long hair leaves lots of room to be creative with your balayage.

63. Icy Blonde Hair

A short bob style that is sure to please anyone during those hot summer months. This balayage is blonde on blonde, and there are some stunning colors here. Balayage bobs are one of the sexiest styles available out there.

64. Creative Browns

A gorgeous brown coloring that looks very natural. Add some blonde balayage to it, and you have one hell of a summer style. It’s a stunning example of how a bright new color can change your whole look.

65. Dark and Light

This choppy style looks amazing with the blonde balayage. It starts off really dark and then becomes dramatic with the intense shades of blonde. The choppy highlights look stunning with a blonde shade.

66. Crisp Colors

I love this stunning color because the light blonde really makes the look pop. It already starts off pretty light, and then it still gets lighter still. The blonde is strikingly beautiful. If you want a hot summer style, then this is it.

67. A Slight Wave

You are sure to love this balayage for straight hair. It’s a gorgeous example of how blonde on blonde balayage makes for a stunning style.

68. Creative Styles

A dark natural shade can be beautiful, and it can be even more beautiful by adding some blonde balayage to it. From dark to light this style is truly amazing.

69. Strikingly Beautiful

I can’t say enough good things about this style; it’s absolutely beautiful. The stunning blonde is gorgeous because the blonde is so light. This icy cool color looks amazing with the natural shade.

If balayage is a style that you want to try then go for it. Pick out your favorite shade and try it out. Balayage is a technique that should not be attempted at home. It’s always best to go to a stylist if you’re not sure about how to do it on your own. The last thing that you want is to end up with a hair disaster that would have to be fixed at a salon anyways and for more money.

You want to find a stylist that has experience with not only color but with the balayage technique as well. That way you know that they will be able to give you what you are looking for, easily. Once you have a stylist picked out, then you can show them what you are looking for and go from there.

It doesn’t hurt to bring a picture of what you are looking for when you go to your hair appointment. It will give the stylist an idea of exactly what you are looking for, and it minimizes the chances of there being mistakes because the stylist will see exactly what you want. get the color you want and rock out the summer!

We hope that you enjoyed the article! Please comment below on your favorite styles.


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