66 Stunning Beehive Hairstyles That Will Wow You


If you are looking for a cool new style, then why not try out a beehive hairstyle. When most people think about a beehive hairstyle, they start to picture Marge Simpson. But that’s not what we are talking about at all here.

No matter what style has gone on in the past, it is always sure to come back around again but in a more modern version. Retros styles are always becoming the rage again and this is a style that you don’t want to miss out on. Typically, a style will come back on the runway, or you will see a celebrity wearing it at a red carpet event. They are the trendsetters after all and they usually bring back old styles.

We are talking about a modern version of the voluminous beehive hairstyle. The main point of a beehive is that they are meant to stand out. If you want to make a lasting impression on your next event, then the beehive is the style for you.

The Modern Beehive Hairdo

Beehive hairdos are all about being daring and bold. It’s about taking something old and making it new. If you want a new look for your next event, then you can’t go wrong with this style. Dress-up your style and have a little fun this year. You deserve it. There are many different styles of the beehive hairdo and we have plenty to show you.

Check out these 66 Stunning Beehive Hairstyles That Will Wow You:

  1. Elegant Style

If you feel nostalgic about this style, it’s because we are transporting you back to the classic look.

2. Sweeping Designs

These are more modern versions of the beehive and as you can see they make for great updos.

3. Punk Rock

A smaller version of the beehive but very edgy and we can even call it elegant.

4. A Sophisticated Look

The great thing about the beehive is it is meant to wow wherever you go. It’s a stunning style that everyone will love.

5. Retro Style

If you are all about vintage and retro, then you are sure to love this style.

6. Old Style

Bring back the look of the 50’s for your next party with this old school beehive style.

7. Add Some Color

This style is very edgy because it’s formed into what looks like a Mohawk and then splashed with some serious color.

8. Princess Style

You are sure to feel like a princess at your next event with this style.

9. Sweeping Bang

This beautiful updo is made amazing by the long and sweeping bang.

10. So Much Height

This is a seriously tall beehive and one that is sure to get you some attention.

11. Model Style

This is sure to be the next style going down the runway this year.

12. Polished Styles

If you have a fancy event coming up, then this might be the perfect style for you.

13. High Top

This is the epitome of a beehive hairstyle. The taller, the better we say.

14. Wispy Styles

This updo is soft and wispy. It’s not perfect, but it’s very elegant.

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15. Vintage Styles

This is a gorgeous partial updo with a bit of a beehive bump.

16. Coiffed Style

Every hair has its place in this coiffed hairstyle.

17. Messy Styles

You beehive doesn’t have to be polished to be beautiful.

18. Celebrity Looks

Audrey Hepburn was the Queen of elegance and grace. Mimic her style for your next event and you are sure to wow all of them.

19. High Shine

This is another great example of a high beehive. It’s very polished and stylish.

20. Add Some Bangs

This messy beehive has some bangs with it.

21. Add a Tiara

A gorgeous beehive that is polished and sophisticated. Adding a tiara really makes the style shine.

22. Perfectly Poised

Another great example of a beehive that has all the height you need to draw the eye.

23. The Funnel

This beehive has a funnel on top of it for a different style.

24. Adding a Braid

You will be the talk of the party with this breathtaking updo. We love the braid which acts as a crown for this style.

25. Make a Scene

A style like this one is sure to cause a scene wherever you go.

26. Blonde Designs

A great style that will have you looking magnificent no matter where you go.

27. Multi-colored

A stunning style that has different colored highlights, adding huge dimension to the look.

28. Redhead Designs

A bold look that will draw the eye to you at any event.

29. Tons of Volume

This is a beehive that is loose, not styled like an updo. It’s got all the volume you need.

30. Sexy Styles

You will feel like a sexy vampire with a style like this one.

31. Wedding Styles

You can have a beehive hairstyle for your wedding or prom. This style is breathtaking.

32. Loose Styles

Hilary Duff is proving that the modern beehive can be loose and fun.

33. Gorgeous Styles

She’s so happy with her beehive updo that she’s crying about it. She should because she’s gorgeous.

34. Make a Statement

This type of style is all about making a statement and you are sure to wow the crowd wherever you go.

35. A Style Design

This Fullhouse star knows how to make a statement at any red carpet event.

36. A Work of Art

This hairstyle is less about style and more to do with art. The bangs are totally creative.

37. Make a Splash

With this beehive hairstyle, all the style is in the back.

38. Be a Rock Star

This beehive is very modern and it’s another example of the Mohawk style.

39. Bright Designs

A great style that can be both casual and dressy.

40. Old-fashioned Styles

If you want to bring back the old styles, then this would be a great one to try.

41. Curly Styles

Jessica Alba is rocking this curly beehive at an event.

42. Sophisticated Style

This style is truly sophisticated and beautiful.

43. Celebrity Beehive

Rachel McAdams is always a stunning addition to the red carpet and with this beehive style, she is a truly beautiful woman.

44. Elegant Styles

A great example of an elegant style for your next event.

45. Ballroom Style

If you have a fancy event coming up this year, then this is a style that you might want to try for the event.

46. Blonde Curls

A stunning updo that is breathtaking for your next event. We love all the loose curls.

47. Green With Envy

Lady Gaga knows how to take a retro style and make it more modern.

48. Pretty in Pink

Another example of the retro look that you can mimic for any event.

49. Curly Top

There are plenty of curls on top of this beehive style to make anyone happy.

50. Crimped Style

You can modernize your beehive hairstyle by crimping your hair before putting it together.

51. So Shiny

There is so much shine to this updo that it’s hard to believe that it’s real.

52. Celebrity Updos

Jennifer Lopez knows how to rock a modern updo for a red carpet event.

53. High Beehive

This is a great partial updo that you can use for your next event.

54. Grand Designs

This style might take a long time to create, but it would definitely be worth it in the end.

55. Garden Party

A garden party might be the perfect event for a sophisticated style like this one. We love the accessory that she added to the look.

56. Of Any Age

It doesn’t matter what age you are anyone can pull off an elegant beehive design.

57. Shocking Styles

This woman is so shocked at how amazing her beehive hairstyle looks. She should be surprised because it’s a work of art that would wow any crowd.

58. Twisty Styles

This twisty hairstyle is truly amazing. We love how polished it looks.

59. Classically Styled

Another great example of an elegant hairstyle that is loose.

60. Vampy Style

This is a style that Angelina Jolie made popular one year on the red carpet. It’s edgy and wonderful.

61. Winehouse Style

A great style that Amy Winehouse rocked out regularly. She was always great at making vintage look modern again. This was her regular look and she made the style popular again.

62. Bright Pink

Nothing will make a beehive look modern more than splashing it with a lot of pink. This bright style is sure to draw attention wherever you go.

63. Royal Fashions

This retro style is big and red! You will feel like a member of the royal family with this hairstyle.

64. Stunning Style

This is a gorgeous and elegant updo that can be worn to any event. This is a style that speaks of grace and style.

65. Vampire Bride

A great style that is going to make you feel like you walked in from a very different era. We love how it’s all styled towards the back.

66. Perfect Beehive

This beehive style is perfectly polished without a hair out of place. It would look amazing for a wedding or a prom. This is the kind of style that would look great with a gown.


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