66 Cool and Trendy Lemonade Braids


If you are looking for a cool new style this season, then lemonade braids are exactly what you are looking for. Beyoncé brought around the trend and people all over the world have been jumping on the bandwagon. She rocked these braids during her Lemonade album which is where the name comes from. Both Beyoncé and her sister Solange and big fans of this style of braiding and we see them sporting the style quite often.

 Lemonade Braids

 Lemonade Braids

We saw the style during Beyoncé’s Formation tour and she looked amazing the entire time. We’ve also seen her sporting the style of cornrow braids while she was carrying her twins. She probably loved the low-maintenance style of the braids. Not only is Beyoncé one of the biggest musicians in the world but she is considered to be a trendsetter in the industry. People all over the world enjoy her music and when they look for style tips, she is certainly someone that people follow. Part of that trendsetting style is braids because we see her in them often.

 Lemonade Braids

Lemonade braids are also known as cornrow braids and they have always been in style. This is the kind of style that is low-maintenance and it’s unlikely that it will ever go out of style. Because of Beyoncé, many people got to see the lemonade braids through her amazing music videos as well as on tour. These braids couldn’t have got better publicity than Beyoncé and ever since her album was released this style has just grown in popularity. Not surprising since she is a huge star for a reason.

Beyoncé loves trying new things with her hair. This isn’t the first daring style that she has tried out. It seems like she likes to push the limits with her hair in the same way that she pushes her limits with her clothing choices. She has gone really short to really long and everything seems to look good on the artist. Her long-term stylist is Kim Kimble and she has achieved most of these looks through her. She is, of course, the person who is responsible for styling Beyoncé for her Lemonade album. There were many different braid styles throughout the album and Beyoncé rocked every one of them. There are many different ways that you can wear the lemonade braids.

Check out these 66 Cool and Trendy Lemonade Braids:

  1. A Curving Style

The great thing about cornrows is that they can be styled in many different ways. We love how the braids are curved, so it pulls all the hair to one side.

lemonade braids





2. Long Styles

Creating cornrows is not for the faint of heart, they often take hours of sitting to complete.

3. Many Designs

Another example of how the scalp can be designed to take all the hair off to the side.

4. Side Styles

This is a lovely creation that is all about the side styles. It’s gorgeous.

5. Large Braids

If you are into the looser looks, then this would be a great style for you. We have one big braid creation on top and the rest is left loose.

6. Sexy Styles

Not only are these styles super convenient but they are also sexy as well.

7. The High Ponytail

A stunning style that is all about elevation. We love this creative ponytail.

8. Bold Designs

You are sure to be the talk of the evening with a style as amazing as this one.

9. Slick Styles

This gorgeous style is sure to be a hit at your next event. We could totally see this style at prom this year.

10. The Side Part

You don’t need to shave your head to get the same kind of look. These braids mimic the same style.

11. Add Accessories

This is another great example of the lemonade braids but with accessories.

Lemonade Braids




12. Blonde Styles

This blonde style is very tight to the head and the great thing is, you can keep this style in for months.

13. Twisty Styles

This scalp design is truly original and beautiful.

14. Zig Zags

The sky is the limit for what kind of style you can have on your scalp. These ones are gorgeous.

15. Sexy Braids

This style is truly sexy and you can’t go wrong with the cool designs on the scalp.

16. Ponytail Designs

Another great ponytail design and you could easily wear this one to an event or even on a casual day out.

17. A Partial Updo

This is an original style and a very different take on the partial updo. We love the bun on top as well as the braids around the ears.

18. Stunning Styles

We love these ponytails because they are so creative and wonderful.

Lemonade Braids


19. Gorgeous Designs

We love how the braids are styled to wrap around the head. They truly create their own beautiful style.

20. Creative Designs

With these lemonade braids, you have the combination of small and large braids throughout.

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21. Purple Designs

There is nothing more eye-catching than some color and this purple shade is perfect.

Lemonade Braids


22. Creating a Design

Here is a quick glimpse into the process of creating cornrows. It can e a tedious and long process. You must be patient because it’s not the kind of style that can be rushed. Make sure that you at least have half a day booked off for a style like this one.

23. Long Styles

Here we have Beyonce the one who originated the lemonade braid. She has rocked this style out during her music videos as well as on tour. She is truly an inspiration. She has some exceptionally long braids here and they look amazing. Copy her style this summer and wow the crowd.

24. Beautiful Designs

These are certainly some stunning designs and you can create so many different looks with cornrows. The style is tight, so you know that it’s not coming out anytime soon. Many people will opt for this style if their hair is damaged and they want to let it heal for a while. You won’t need to use the curling iron or a straightener with these styles.

25. Celebrity Style

A stunning style created with multiple shades. We love Beyonce’s celebrity style. She is definitely someone you want to copy this season because she always has trendsetting styles.

26. A Starry Look

This style looks as if there are stars on the scalp. They are amazing and truly original. You will probably find that you are complimented all day long with an amazing style as this one.

27. Simple Styles

Cornrows don’t have to be overdone or fancy; it can also be a very simple style. Here we can see the style form many different angles. It’s still a very sexy style and it has a lot of sophistication to it.

28. Polished Style

These polished styles can be worn anywhere, to an event or even just a day at the office.  The sky is the limit for what you can do with these styles and where you can take them.

29. Part the Middle

This style is another great example of something simple. Unlike most of the designs here, she has hers parted in the middle. You can wear your cornrows any way that feels comfortable for your own personal style.

30. Beautiful Styling

Another great example of cornrows that are in a simple but beautiful design. We love the simplicity of these styles. This style would be perfect for summer because you could wear it to the beach as well as to a family BBQ.

31. Tiny Braids

Lemonade braids come in many different shapes and sizes. These ones are quite tiny and tight to the head. You have to decide on the kind of style that you are looking for. Whether your braids are small or large, it will change how the style looks.

32. A Flowing Design

We love the perfect symmetry to these hairstyles, everything is aligned to perfection. The braids all flow together as if they are part of a flowing river. They are elegant and beautiful creations.

33. Bold and Beautiful

A stunning example of a really low maintenance style. You will never have to spend any time styling your hair in the morning with these amazing braids.

34. Bright Pink

If you are looking for a style that is sure to stand out, then why not add a little pink. Not only is the color beautiful but it will make you feel like a rock star when you go out. We love the messy ponytail that is part of this look. It will keep the hair out of your face so that you can enjoy the day.

35. Thicker Styles

These braids are much thicker than most of the other styles. Of course, that is going to change how the style looks. They aren’t too tight but they will still stay in for a long time. We could see this style for a night out with the girls.

36. Stunning Looks

A gorgeous style that you could easily wear to a wedding. These styles are breathtaking because of the work that is put into the styling of the scalp. You can create any style of your choosing so that it is unique to you. We love how this style wraps around the head.

37. Great for Children

These styles are great for children, especially during the school year. They are low maintenance and once they are in, you don’t have to worry about them again for months. There are no more early morning routines of styling your children’s hair.

38. Swirling Styles

Another great example of a stunning scalp design. These designs are all different from each other but beautiful as well. These are unique styles that anyone would love. Most of the braids go around the head while some of them are lower and flow downward.

39. The Back Design

We get to see the amazing scalp design in the back of the scalp. She is lifting the braids to show off her amazing style.

40. Gorgeous Designing

Three different angles allow us to see some amazing scalp designs.

41. The Middle Braid

This unique style has the braid going down the middle of the head. It’s a very different take on the lemonade braid.

42. A Stunning Bun

This partial updo would look stunning at your next event. It’s a style that is both elegant and sophisticated.

43. Breathtaking Designs

Who wouldn’t want a style as amazing as this one? We love the curly hair in the front.

Lemonade Braids


44. Simple Styling

Another great example of a cornrow braided style that is off to the side.

45. Exotic Styles

This gorgeous braided hairstyle looks truly exotic. You will feel so elegant wherever you go in this style.

46. Be a Blonde

These large braids are great designs and why not try out blonde now that summer is right around the corner.

47. Beautiful Designs

Another great examples of stunning braids on the side of the head. We love these gorgeous designs.

48. A Beehive

If you love the beehive style, then you are sure to love this one that incorporates cornrows into the scalp. This is certainly the next style that you will want to try out for your next event.

49. Over the Eye

This braided style is designed so that the hair falls over one eye. We love the uniqueness of the style.

50. Tight Styles

These small braids are woven tightly into the scalp. Be prepared to be in the chair for hours for a style like this one. This is no easy task for the stylist.

51. Small Designs

This is a great example of how amazing you can have your hair with very small cornrows.

52. Different Sizes

Lemonade braids can come in all shapes and sizes and this is a great look that combines a few different styles.

53. Tiny Designs

Cornrows are always a great style for kids. The look is lowkey but yet so very gorgeous. Kids will love not having to brush their hair every day.

54. A Standard Style

Another example of a standard style that you can rock for an entire season.

55. Partial Braids

This is a very different style because the braids aren’t fully formed. We have the braids ending about halfway down and the hair being left loose. It’s a gorgeous style that is sure to stand out.

Lemonade Braids


56. Pull It to The Side

As we can see here, the braids are pulled over to the side in a dramatic fashion. She will have an awesome side style of the whole season. This would be great for an event because it’s very stylish.

57. Bold Braids

These lemonade braids are thick and they start at many different angles. We love this cool style and so will you.

58. A Model Style

People are going to start asking you for your autograph this summer if you sport this look at the beach. They will assume you have to be someone famous to look as amazing and stylish as she does.

Lemonade Braids


59. A Touch of Red

This style will surely make you feel like a goddess from another era. We love the splashed of red throughout the style.

60. A Casual Style

This is a great style that you can create with cornrows braids that is totally casual. You can wear this doing anything throughout the day.

61. Blue Styles

Whether it’s blue or it’s black, these two styles are breathtaking in their own right. We love the thick braiding as well as the bun that sits high on the head.

62. Beautiful Curls

We love the small curls that sit in the front of this style. There is so much originality in this style that you are sure to steal the show wherever you go.

63. A Braid Fro

The fro has been a style that has been around for ages and it’s not a style that will likely ever disappear. You can make the style look updated by adding some cornrows in the front. We think this style is truly inspired.

64. Classic Designs

You are sure to feel like the belle of the ball wherever you go with this stunning style. These thick braids have created a unique design in the scalp that will be hard to top for anyone else. Try it out this season; we’re sure you won’t regret it.

65. Hair Elements

You can glam up any look by adding some classy and beautiful accessories. This is an elegant look that you absolutely must try out for your next event.

Lemonade Braids


66. Bold New Styles

We are over the moon with the beauty of this style. You won’t find too many styles like this one and the great thing is you can wear it anywhere that you need to go.

Lemonade Braids


When it comes to wearing braids, they can be worn for any occasion, even a casual one. You won’t regret getting these styles especially if you like a low maintenance look. These styles will last months especially if you follow the aftercare instructions. Follow the instructions that are given to you by your stylish so that your style will last as long as possible. These are amazingly convenient styles.

We hope that you enjoyed the article. Comment below on your favorite style!


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