66 of the Best Looking Black Braided Hairstyles for 2021


Are you looking for a sexy braided look? Then look no further than these hot styles.

Braids are a great way to style your hair and then not have to think about it again. In fact, with braids, you can keep them in for months at a time and not have to style your hair the entire time. It can allow damaged hair to heal while protecting it from the harshness of the environment. Plus, there is just something appealing about the braided look that will have heads turning wherever you go. If you are looking to attract some attention, these looks will do the job.

Black Braided Hairstyles

Black Braided Hairstyles

Black Braided Hairstyles

The great thing about braids is, you can be really creative with them. There are many types of techniques that can offer you unique styles. There are clips, patterns, highlights, texture and shapes that allow you to have a different look every time.

If you have very thick hair or have a natural wave to your hair, then it’s a big plus for you. It’s so much easier to get decent braids when you have thicker hair. A lot of people hate natural curls or really thick hair, but that’s exactly the type of hair you want in order to make great braided looks. You can finally use it to your advantage.

There are many types of braids that you can try such as blocky braids, twist braids, micro braids, black braided buns, cornrows, fishtails, hair bands, tree braids and French braids. Once you choose the braiding, you desire you can take it to a stylist who can braid it for you. After that, you can style your braids however you want.

Braids have always been in style; it’s just a look that doesn’t seem ever to go out of style. It’s a hairstyle that has been around for thousands of years. It was original a style that was convenient especially for women who worked outdoors, but these days it’s all about fashion. If the style has been around that long, there must be a reason for it. Braids are just really cool! Braids are also a popular choice when it comes to fashion shows.

The Popular Trends for Black Braided Hairstyles

Every girl loves a fashion show, and it’s mainly because they can be so inspiring. To be able to create something magnificent out of a bunch of fabric is pretty inspiring. Yearly, new ideas are brought into the fashion world, but that’s the great thing about hairstyles. You don’t need to wait a year to try out a new idea. You can be inspired by just looking through some pictures for the style that you love.

Why not try out an edgy cornrow design or even a cornrow bun. These are a more casual style that is also great for beach days. Although they are normally seen as a casual design, the cornrow design has also seen the side of many Couture collections. So why not try them out for a season.

Twists or wrap-around braids are popular because you can add fresh flowers to them to give yourself a hippie look. It’s more of a messy, loose style that is very chic.

If you have really long hair, you might want to try a loose, whimsical braid. They usually start mid-shaft and can’t really be seen from the front of the head.

Braided buns are a great look for work. You can do a low braided bun or a high one. They give you a more elegant and sophisticated look that is perfect for the office. Whether you are dressed to the nines or have a simple outfit, the bun is always a solid choice.

Rope braids give a twisted look. They are usually a three-dimensional braid that works great with thick, long hair.

Below are 66 of the Best Looking Black Braided Looks for 2019:

  1. Low Braided Bun

This low braided bun can be worn at an elegant event or just a day at the office. It’s elegant and beautiful for any occasion.

black braid hairstyles


2. Thick Braids

This look would require very thick and long hair to pull off. The braids are very thick which takes a lot of hair to accomplish. But the style is stunning.

black braid hairstyles


3. Partial Cornrows

The lower part of the hair is styled in cornrows leaving the top to be styled on its own. If you are looking for something different, then this is the look for you.

3black-braid-hairstyles 250816

4. Tight Braids

These tight braids bring a different look to someone who wants a no-nonsense style. The braids are tight, so they are easily manageable.

4black-braid-hairstyles 250816

5. Bunny Ears

Another example of the tightly braided look but with this one she has decided to style it, so the look is very versatile.

5black-braid-hairstyles 250816

6. Extreme Cornrows

These cornrows are very tight to the head, and it appears as if it’s a shave. The top of the hair is left loose for a complementary style.

6black-braid-hairstyles 250816

7. Rope Braids

This is a great example of the rope braid. Her hair is very long, so the look suits it properly. The braids are styled in a rope-like fashion and left down.

7black-braid-hairstyles 250816

8. French Braid

This is a partial french braid for the side of the head. She has pulled both sides into pigtails for a look that is very casual.

8black-braid-hairstyles 250816

9. Thin Rope Braids

These thin rope braids give a completely different look then the previous style because of the thinness of the braid. She has left the style down and off to the side.

braid hairstyles for black women 2014 ponytail updo

10. Creative Art

These cornrows look like a work of art. They are shaped around the head to give a style that could be worn to a fancy event.

10black-braid-hairstyles 250816

11. Cornrow Messages

The great thing about cornrows is they can be used to create any type of design that you wish. In this case, the girl has a cornrow heart shaped in with the rest of the cornrows.

11black-braid-hairstyles 250816

12. Pigtails

A side french braid transformed into a casual pigtail design that you can wear to the beach or a sporting event.

12black-braid-hairstyles 250816

13. Braided Styles

These are simple braids, but the top is designed in a way to appear as if there are stars on top of her head. The twisted braids on top give a unique look.

black braid hairstyles


14. Cornrow Buns

With these looks, you get the best of both worlds. You have a cornrow design as well as a full bun on the top of your head.

14black-braid-hairstyles 250816

15. Twisted Braids

If you are looking for something truly eye-catching, then these twisted braids are the perfect look for you. It’s a rather large style so it will require a lot of hair.

15black-braid-hairstyles 250816

16. Thick Rope Braids

Another variation on the rope braid. These are styled so that some of the hair is pulled back while some are left down.

16black-braid-hairstyles 250816

17. The Allover Braid Look

This braided look combines thing braids with thick braids and it’s all pulled together into a tight bun.

17black-braid-hairstyles 250816

18. Multi-colored Braids

Even braids can get some highlights. In this case, the girl has black hair with some silver strands woven into the look.

18black-braid-hairstyles 250816

19. Long Braids

These long braids go from the top of her head down to her neck. They are all symmetrical to give a classic look.

19black-braid-hairstyles 250816

20. Twisted Cornrows

The tight cornrows on top are twisted, and they turn into thin braids that fall down the back of the head.

20black-braid-hairstyles 250816

21. Curls and Braids

This braided look is great with curls, they go so well together. If you want a style that you can wear to an event, then try this one out.

21black-braid-hairstyles 250816

22. Tiny Braids

These braids are so tiny that they don’t even look like braids. It’s a popular choice for vacations and beach days because it’s something that doesn’t require style.

22black-braid-hairstyles 250816

23. Thick Pigtails

Thin braids on top that form into much larger braids at the end. The pigtails in this picture is a very sexy style indeed.

23black-braid-hairstyles 250816

24. Lots of Braids

These braids don’t go all the way to the end. The braids part off, and the ends are left loose.

24black-braid-hairstyles 250816

25. Cornrows and Curls

These cornrows are tight, and they end in curls. The curls are simple and tight but the overall look is amazing.

25black-braid-hairstyles 250816

26. Cornrow Spirals

These spiral looks are inspiring cornrows. The base of the head is tight rows, but the rest of the hair is left loose.

26black-braid-hairstyles 250816

27. Large Braids

These large braids are tight on top and head down the back of the head in large braids. It’s a great look for a wedding or an event.

27black-braid-hairstyles 250816

28. Tight Braids

Another great look for any event. It’s very similar to getting an updo because all the hair is pulled away from the face.

black braid hairstyles


29. Long Pigtails

Another example of long tight braids. These are left long in the back and pulled into pigtails.

29black-braid-hairstyles 250816

30. Stunning Braids

Another similar look that is pulled back and left long in the back. The braids are lengthy and stylish.

black braid hairstyles


31. Side Braid

The braids are just left on the side, and the rest of the hair is styled in an off-side part. The hair is left long and pulled over to the side.

31black-braid-hairstyles 250816

32. Spiral Bun

Mini cornrows start the look off while the bun itself is made up of very large braids. It’s a great look if you need a style for your next event.

32black-braid-hairstyles 250816

33. Twisted Ropes

These twisted rope braids are left long and loose. They are pulled off to the side and styled properly.

34black-braid-hairstyles 250816

34. Tight Rows

There are tight rows on the sides of the head, and the top is left loose. The top is made up of tight curls.

35black-braid-hairstyles 250816

35. Large Rope Braids

You need a lot of thick hair in order to pull off these thick braids. The braid itself has twisted around into an attractive bun.

36black-braid-hairstyles 250816

36. Twisted Braids

The cornrows are tight in the style, and it’s finished off with a twisted braid formed into a unique bun. You can’t find a unique look then this one.

37black-braid-hairstyles 250816

37. Length Braids

The hair is extremely long, so it looks fantastic as a rope braid. It can be left down for a casual look as well as a fancy event.

38black-braid-hairstyles 250816

38. Low Hung Braid

The cornrows are left tight, but the bun itself is very loose. The bun is left hanging low, and just wrapped around into a bun.

39black-braid-hairstyles 250816

39. Cornrow Updo

These cornrows are designed tightly and pulled up into a classic updo. If you are looking for a style for the next wedding, then this is the one for you.

40black-braid-hairstyles 250816

40. The Mohawk

There are cornrows on the side, and the length is pulled up in the back. The top is left for a mohawk giving you a pretty cool hairstyle.

41black-braid-hairstyles 250816

41. Braided Bun

The braided bun is twisted together, and the top is sectioned in cornrows. It’s a sophisticated look.

42black-braid-hairstyles 250816

42. Braided Part

The girl’s hair is left loose except for the part and a bit on the side. She can keep her hair down and yet have some added funkiness to the top.

43black-braid-hairstyles 250816

43. Girls Love Curls

If you love leaving your curls loose but want a different look, then try this style on for size. The front is braided while the back is left loose.

44black-braid-hairstyles 250816

44. The Braided Side Part

This is another example of a style where most of the hair is left loose while just the side part is braided.

45black-braid-hairstyles 250816

45. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys is always known for going to events with cornrows. The look is amazing on her, and it keeps her length always looking put together. This look is tight to the top of her head.

46black-braid-hairstyles 250816

46. Mini Cornrows

Alicia Keys once again showing that cornrows can be high fashion. In this style, the cornrows are quite small. She knows how to make braids look like a red-carpet event all on their own.

47black-braid-hairstyles 250816

47. The Side Style

A cornrow look, that is pulled off to the side. It’s a fantastic looking design that will look great for any event. It’s tightly wound on top and pulled more loosely on the side.

48black-braid-hairstyles 250816

48. The Mane

This hairstyle resembles a sexy lions mane. The cornrows are tight in the front while the rest of the hair is left loose. The cornrows form their own design.

49black-braid-hairstyles 250816

49. The Wedding Look

A great updo for a wedding. The braids are tightly woven to the point that they don’t look like braids and then it’s pulled together in a high bun.

50black-braid-hairstyles 250816

50. Zigzag Braid

The cornrows are designed to resemble the natural part. The cornrow design is very stylish while the rest is left loosely curled.

black braid hairstyles


51. Little Part

This little girl shows another example of the braided side part.

52black-braid-hairstyles 250816

52. Spiralling Curls

These cornrows are in a side part while the rest of the girl’s hair is curled into spirals.

53black-braid-hairstyles 250816

53. Princess Lia

There are tons of braids in this look, and they are all pulled together in a double bun resembling Princess Lia’s famous look.

Black Braided Hairstyles


54. A Shaved Braid

There are just a few braids on top, but they totally complement the shaved sides.

55black-braid-hairstyles 250816

55. Gorgeous Length

She has a lot of hair, which is perfect for someone who wants some braids. Her hair, however, is left loose except at the base of the skull.

56black-braid-hairstyles 250816

56. Fishtail Braids

There are a lot of braids in this style, and they become looser at the body, resembling fishtails.

57black-braid-hairstyles 250816

57. The Side Ponytail

Alicia Keys is pulling off another braided look. This one is a side ponytail that is part loose and partly braided.

58black-braid-hairstyles 250816

58. Braided Ponytail

The girl’s hair is braided and then pulled together into a ponytail. The braids are wrapped around the back to form the ponytail.

59black-braid-hairstyles 250816

59. Twisted Braids

These braids are formed through twists. The entire style is twisted and put into a double bun.

60black-braid-hairstyles 250816

60. The Side Wave

The side braid is sweeping upwards, and the top is left loose for an extraordinary updo.

61black-braid-hairstyles 250816

61. The Zigzag

The braids are thick and cascading down your back. There are also tiny braids formed into a zigzag. The look is held tightly to the head, and it certainly is an eye-catching style. If you are looking for a style that will draw the eye, then this is the one for you.

62black-braid-hairstyles 250816

62. Long Twists

Long hair can make some incredible twists. It’s a design that’s great for an event or a casual day.

64black-braid-hairstyles 250816

63. Criss-cross

The great part about this design is that it’s really unique. The criss-cross is an amazing design, and the rest is left loose.

65black-braid-hairstyles 250816

64. Multi-colored Rope

These ropes are wrapped around to create a bun. The braids are in the shade of red and purple which look great together. If you are looking for a unique style, adding color is all you really need.

66black-braid-hairstyles 250816

65. A Twisted Updo

This twisted updo can be used for any formal event. The braids are twisted and pulled up high above. All the twists are bobby-pined to create a great style.

67black-braid-hairstyles 250816

66. A Braided Wrap-around

What a great design! There are small and large braids, and the larger ones are wrapped around the top to form a bun. The look is really pulled together because of the large braids.

68black-braid-hairstyles 250816


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