79 Awesome Black Hairstyles Featuring Highlights


If you have black hair and you are thinking about adding highlights, then we have some awesome looks for you. One color looks don’t really surprise anyone any longer. Highlights provide you with a whole new look, something fresher and more beautiful. It can give you a sexy new look that you can sport this year.

Although playing with highlights might seem like a fun idea, but it’s really a job for a professional. We urge that you go to a salon for these highlights so that you don’t end up with a style that’s going to force you to get an expensive color correction. By getting a professional to do the job, you are assured that you will love exactly what you pay for.

You can opt for a more natural look that doesn’t require a lot of highlights, or you can go for a more dramatic look. The sky is the limit for what you can do with your beautiful locks.

You don’t have to just stick with blonde highlights either. There are many hues such as copper, red, caramel and many others that you can choose from.

Check out these 79 Awesome Black Hairstyles Featuring Highlights:

  1. Brown Shades

A great style that is gorgeous because of the light brown highlights. These color really warm up her dark natural color.

2. Bold Highlights

These highlights are amazing and they are only in the front of the hairstyle. They are thicker and bolder highlights.

3. Pink Highlights

We have both pink and red here and they are both eye-catching colors. If you want a bold look that will stand out, then you should try a bright shade for your highlights.

4. Bright Pink

Another example of a bright pink style and this one has small highlights scattered throughout the style.

5. Brown Styles

There are great contrasts between the brown and the black here, it’s a beautiful shade.

6. Green Styles

The color green is a popular color these days because of the whole obsession with mermaids.

7. A Touch of Red

This beautiful style was created with just a touch of red on the tips of the hair. It’s a unique look and one that is sure to turn heads. If you want something different, then do the tips instead of large highlights.

8. Stunning Blonde

It won’t be easy going from black to a white blonde and that’s exactly why you need the help of a stylist. The blonde is very striking in this style and more than just a little beautiful.

9. Curly Styles

This curly style has a touch of caramel coloring all through it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. These curls are so beautiful and the colors just make it that much more beautiful.

10. Chunky Highlights

These highlights come in big chunks and they are designed in the peek-a-boo fashion where it’s hidden under the hair. This is certainly going to be a striking look and one that you can sport all summer.

11. Gorgeous Waves

If you want to brighten up your dark hair, then this is the perfect shade for you. It’s not extreme and it will give you a whole new look.

12. Seafoam Green

A great style that has some gorgeous green at the bottom. This green is bold and truly beautiful, how could you not love it.

13. Bold Highlights

A great style that would be perfect for summer. Sometimes just adding a bit of lighter shades can change up your look for the warmer months.

14. Pretty Looks

A gorgeous style that has awesome blonde highlights. The highlights are thin, so it’s not an overly dramatic change.

15. Purple Style

A great look that has purple highlights throughout. This style allows for you to keep your dark coloring and just have a slight change.

16. The Grey Style

Grey is a very popular look right now and it could be the perfect set of highlights for you. We love the bright silver shades throughout.

17. Fashion Blue

With fashion colors like this blue, they can be a little high-maintenance because the colors fade fast. As long as you’re willing to keep up the color, then it’s a great look. Fashion blues can be really breathtaking to look at.

18. Cool Curls

A great style that has some fun highlights all over the hair. There are some caramel shades here as well as blonde, it’s gorgeous.

19. Stunning Styles

Megan Fox has always had naturally dark hair. These brown highlights really warm up her whole look.

20. Sweet Styles

Another great example of the warming effect of brown.

21. Subtle Looks

If you are looking for a subtle change rather than a bold one, then this would be the perfect style for you.

22. Glorious Brown

Brown is a great option for people who don’t want a huge change in their lives.

23. Sweeping Style

We love her sweeping hairstyle and the color is also a subtle change.

24. Fro Styles

These are two different people of course, but this is a great example of a before and after. There is just a touch of color change, but it really makes a big difference.

25. Soft Blue

If your favorite color is blue, then you are sure to love a color like this one. This ombre style has the blue going quite light and we love it. When you have long hair, it gives you the opportunity of showing so much bluer and in this style it’s beautiful.

26. Red Styles

A stunning shade of red is all you need to make your style pop. Red is always a popular shade and it’s for those people that really like edgy styles. The fiery personality goes well with the shade.

27. Multi-colored Looks

Who says you have to just stick with one shade of blue. Try out lots of shades.

28. Warming Brown

A great shade that has a lot of brown highlights all over it.

29. Blonde Style

An amazing style that is gorgeous and unique.

30. Sweet Looks

You can barely see the difference in highlights, but they are there.

31. Silver Styles

A stunning new look that has some amazing silver highlights to it. We love the contrasting colors.

32. Three Styles

Whether it’s brown or red, you are sure to love this gorgeous style.

33. Bright Shades

Just a few highlights throughout the black really change up the look.

34. Maroon Shades

This deep red is an amazing shade that you are sure to love.

35. Pretty Highlights

A style like this would be a perfect change for summer.

36. Striking Blue

If you are looking for a really eye-catching style, then you must try this stunning blue shade. It’s striking in a magical way.

37. Ombre Style 

If you have dark hair like this beauty and you want to brighten it up, then you must try this beautiful ombre style. There are blondes and browns throughout the style and it’s gorgeous.

38. Caramel Shades

Nothing is more warming than the shade of caramel. It’s the perfect shade for the warmer months.

39. Bright Red

This shocking color is another fashion shade. If you really want a bold choice, then this is it.

40. Celebrity Style

Kylie Jenner loves to change up her color on a regular basis. We love this black and green combination she has here.

41. Before and After

We can see here how she starts off with her dark shade and ends with a whole new look. You can see how big a difference highlights can make in your life.

42. Gorgeous Hues

Another style that has some pretty stunning but subtle highlights.

43. Soft Blue

This stunning shade could be a cross between a blue and purple, we’re not sure. Either way, it’s an extraordinary shade and one that we would really recommend.

44. Bright Shading

There are many different colors here and they are all bright and beautiful.

45. Model Shades

This shade is stunning and one that would be great to lighten up for the summer months.

46. Summer Styles

Many people like to lighten up their look for summer and this would be a great choice.

47. Simple Styles

There are only a few highlights here and not enough to drastically change your look.

48. Subtle Designs

A great look for those that don’t want anything but the smallest of changes.

49. Browning Styles

Another amazing example of the brown highlights.

50. Lime Green

If you are looking for an edgy look, then you found it with this lime green style.

51. Light Ombre

A great style that has some amazing blonde highlights.

52. Red Designs

You are sure to wow everyone around you with this amazing style.

53. Icy White

These highlights really stand out because of the contrast between white and black. Rihanna always has amazing styles.

54. Sweet Styling

When you want to go from really dark to really light, then this is the style for you.

55. Simple Shading

A great style that only has a few chunks highlighted in the front of the hair.

56. Purple Designs

This is a gorgeous shade and one that is truly eye-catching. If you want a bold new look, then try this shade on for size.

57. Caramel Looks

Penelope Cruz looks amazing in this style. She has naturally dark hard and she has completely lightened up her whole look with chunky highlights.

58. Stunning Looks

A great look that you are sure to love this summer.

59. Touch of Warmth

There are only a few highlights in this style. Just enough to make it pop.

60. Warmer Styles

Sometimes all you need to a subtle change to give yourself a brand new look.

61. Cascading Curls

From dark to light in this photo and we have to admit these curls look amazing in blonde.

62. Copper Styles

This is a great way to brighten up your whole style. The copper color really makes the whole look pop.

63. Amazing Grey

We love the grey colors that are super popular these days. This is a bold look that is going to turn heads wherever you go.

64. Darker Styles

Maybe going light isn’t your thing and you just want a subtle change in the dark coloring you already have. There isn’t a big change in this color but sometimes subtly is the best way to go.

65. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is always a great choice because it’s deep and warm. These highlights are thicker than most.

66. Hot Purple

Purple and black are a great combination. We love this amazing style because it’s bright and bold.

67. Blonde Shading

This blonde really adds a pop when it’s up against the black.

68. Beautiful Brown

This is a wonderful shade of brown and one that will catch the eye of everyone around you.

69. Striking Highlights

A great style that has a fair share of highlights throughout the style

70. Bold Purple

There aren’t a lot of these highlights in the style, but the color is so brilliant that it still makes a huge pop in the overall style.

71. Auburn Styles

This shade is very fiery and one that you should definitely try out this summer. The contrast between the two shades is very eye-catching.

72. Rose Shades

Rose is another popular shade that’s available right now. We love how awesome it looks with the black.

73. Thin Highlights

Whether you choose thin or chunky highlights will determine the kind of look that you get. Thin highlights like this will give you a more subtle look while chunky ones are always bolder.

74. Blonde Designs

Another great example of how blonde highlights make for a great summer style.

75. Bold Caramel

This beautiful color is one that you will love showing off this summer.

76. Gorgeous Brown

This brown highlighted style is gorgeous in so many wonderful ways.

77. Bold Coloring

Green, blue and purple is bold and bright shades that you will lobe to show off. These go well with the black hair and really create a magnificent style.

78. Pretty Shading

These subtle highlights are pretty in design. If you want something simple, then this is the style for you.

79. Blue Looks

We can’t help but love any blue shading that we see, it’s just so beautiful. When it comes to this style, it’s sure to turn heads wherever you go.


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