69 Stunning Blue Black Hair Color Ideas


If you are looking for a dark shade that has some edge to it, then the blue/black style may be exactly what you are looking for. It’s a cool shade that is definitely eye-catching. The best part is when the sun or light catches your hair and you get to see the blueish hue throughout. You are sure to get plenty of compliments with this style. There are many different of options available to you for this type of style.

Check out these 69 Stunning Blue Black Hair Color Ideas:

  1. Softer Shades

This isn’t a very dark blue, so it’s more noticeable.


2. Bright Blue

If you really want to make your color pop, then you are sure to love this bright blue color.

3. Blue Love

Maybe you just want to skip the black altogether and just choose a wonderful blue color like this one.

4. Shiny Blue

Nicole Richie is totally rocking out this gorgeous blue color.

5. Blue Hue

This black hair has a hint of a blue hue to it. We love the color!

6. Softening Shades

There is a slight blue hue to this black color.

7. Black Styles

We love this messy style because it’s perfect for the summer months at the beach.

8. Shining Styles

With a blue shade like this, you are sure to immediately fall in love.

9. Blue Highlights

The Jenner’s are always practicing with colors and these blue highlights look awesome on her.

10. Sweet Blues

This light blue shade stands out more than the darker shades do. It’s all in what kind of look you are going for.

11. Striking Shades

A striking shade like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go.


12. Hot Colors

This blue is practically neon and we love how it brightens up her whole look.

13. Blue Ombre

An ombre shade like this is sure to stand out and make you the life of the party.

14. Striking Blues

This black hair goes from black to different shades of blue. It’s a very unique look and you can see how damaged it is at ends.

15. Bold Blues

This blue really stands out against the black.

16. Sweet New Shades

If you are looking for a new shade, then this is a color you should totally try out.

17. Bold Blue

A great shade this isn’t quite blue or black but something in between.

18. Bluer Shades

Another great shade that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

19. Blue and Black

This short style is sexy because of the cut and the color. It’s a stunning shade that anyone would love.

20. Black and Blue

A great look that is long and has a hint of blue.

21. Bright Blue Looks

This stunning shade is a great color to try out this year. It’s bright and beautiful, the perfect new shade.

22. Startling Blue

The light blue highlights are eye-catching in a wonderful way.

23. Sweet New Colors

This hot color is amazing because it makes her eyes pop.

24. Bold Looks

This stylish bob looks amazing with the blue shade.

25. Bright Blue Looks

A striking blue shade that looks amazing with this short style.

26. Breathtaking Blue

If you love blue as much as we do, then you are sure to love a color like this. Everything about this style is awesome.

27. Sea Colors

This style is one of a kind. There are many shades of blue here that makes the color truly unique. It’s the mermaid shades that are really popular right now.

28. Hot Styles

A great look like this is unique because only the bottom of the hair has the blue shade.

29. Dark Blue

A great shade like this is deep and dark.

30. Unique Shades

A striking shade like this is one that is sure to get you a lot of compliments. It’s gorgeous and unique.

31. Striking New Looks

Sometimes just a hint of blue is all you need for a fresh new look.

32. Sweet Blue Shading

There is an all over shade of blue to this black hairstyle. It’s colors like these that are sure to get you plenty of compliments.

33. Neon Blue

If you want an edgier style, then you might want to try this neon blue color.

34. Subtler Shades

This is a subtler blue shade that isn’t as noticeable as the other colors we have seen.

35. Blue Bobs

The lighter shade of blue really makes this bob style pop.

36. One-Sided Shades

We see the style from three different angles here and we love all of them. The black is on one side and the blue is on the other. It really gives you a unique style that you won’t see around much. You may be an original in your own city.

37. Blue Highlighting

These blue highlights are breathtaking. The color is unique and really stands out.

38. Simple Styles

The highlights in this style are much more subtler and they don’t stand out as much. These styles are unique and lovely.

39. Bold and Beautiful

This striking blue color is all you need to be the life of the party. It’s a bold shade of blue that you will never want to change ever.

40. Cool Colors

These curls are immersed with a stunning blue-black shade.  It’s a great looking color that you can wear anywhere.

41. Bold Ombre

Another example of an amazing blue ombre style. It’s a good look that you can totally pull off this year. It’s a cool shade that you are sure to love.

42. Bold Purple

There is both blue and purple in this style along with the black to give you a very different look. It starts off subtle but then it turns into a very bright shade. How could you not love this shade? The shades are breathtaking and are sure to get you a lot of compliments at the next party that you go to.

43. Fun Shades

A stunning shade like this is great for anyone that loves to play with edgy colors. It’s a fun color that will bring about a lot more fun in the summer.

44. Cool Blue

Most of the blue is on top of the head, mainly in the bang area. When bright colors are on top of the head, it tends to make the style stand out. If you like bold shades, then this is the color for you.

45. Soft Blue

This blue is very soft and subtle. It’s not a noticeable color change.

46. Angled Blue

This angled bob looks striking with this bright blue color.

47. Dulled Blue

The muted and dulled out blue gives you a very different style than the rest. It’s a great look that will really stand out.

48. Special Blue

A simple color change is all you need to have a fresh start.

49. Long Locks

This stunning shade has pieces of blue throughout. It’s a special shade that you are sure to love.

50. Bold Looks

Another bold shade of blue that you are sure to love.

51. All Over Color

If you want to completely change your look, then why not try this blue shade. It’s gorgeous and eye-catching.

52. Blue Dreads

Dreads are a great style for people who want low-maintenance looks that they can keep in for a while. The blue at the end gives the look a little mystery.

53. Beautiful Styles

This gorgeous curly style is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

54. Blue and Bold

A long, straight look that really pops with the blue.

55. Beautifully Blue

A style like this is edgy because it pops right out in an eye-catching way.

56. Sexy Blue

This black hairstyle has a unique look with subtle blue highlights. It’s a gorgeous overall look.

57. Shimmering Blue

This black style is unique with a hint of blue throughout.

58. Shocking Blue Shades

A great shade of blue that is bold and shocking. Try out this beautiful shade this year.

59. Thin Dreads

Another style created with dreads and a splash of blue.

60. Hot Shades of Blue

You won’t find a bolder shade of blue than this one or a more beautiful one. It’s a striking shade of blue that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

61. Shades of Blue and Black

Another great shade of blue that is bold and unique.

62. Cool Shades

We love all these beautiful shades of blue in this style. They are lighter shades of blue that are truly eye-catching.

63. Sexy Blue Shades

A stunning shade like this is exactly what you are looking for.

64. Mermaid Shades

These blue mermaid shades are very popular right now. They are a look that you must try out this year.

65. Creative Shades

Another great shade of blue that you are sure to love.

66. Pretty Looks

These gorgeous curls are splashed with a bluish green shade that is truly stunning.

67. Bright Shading

Another great shade that is unique and great for someone who wants an edgy style.

68. Sexy Ombre

A stunning shade of blue that is in the ombre style.

69. Pretty Blues

A great shade of blue that is sure to get you a lot of compliments. It’s a sexy look that you are sure to love.


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