68 Daring Blue Hair Color For Edgy Women


If you are looking for a daring new style, then you have to try out an edgy and cool blue color. These days dying your hair wild colors are becoming the norm. There are so many cool colors that you can try these days like fiery reds, pastels pinks or even a soft lavender. The cool blue is one style that is always going to catch the eye because it’s so unusual. Blue is an awesome change for anyone that wants an edgy style. There are so many blue styles out there to choose from.

Check out these 68 Daring Blue Hair Color For Edgy Women:

  1. Cool Blues

A cool look like this is exactly what you want from a fashion style.


2. Gorgeous Highlights

You don’t have to do a full color if you don’t want to. Having blue highlights is just a cool way of making your look pop.

3. Bright Blue

This is a stunning blue that is going to turn heads wherever you go.

4. Short Looks

This short style is one for the books. A blue like this is an edgy way to honor your style.

5. Multiple Colors

This is considered to be a mermaid style because there are different shades of blue here.

6. Purple Blue

There is blue and purple melted together to create a stunning blue shade that anyone would love.

7. Bright Styles

This is a hot style that shows off a teal shade of blue. It’s a fashion shade which means that it will take a lot of maintenance to keep the color fresh.

8. Hot Blues

This shocking shade of blue might be exacvtly what you want this year. It’s fresh and bold.

9. Deep Shades

A great look like this has a few different shades in it. It’s a gorgeous shade that is sure to blow people’s minds.

10. Hot Blue Shades

It’s a bright shade of blue that is bold and unique.

11. Bold and Blue

There are a few different blues here and they are all beautiful. It’s an amazing style that you can rock out all year long.

12. Striking Blue

Wow, what a blue! This is a bright and light shade of blue that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Add grey and blue together to create a bold look.

13. Stunning Blues

These are a bunch of bold colors that come together beautifully.

14. Cooler Colors

This stunning shade of blue is exactly what you need for a fresh and edgier new look.

15. Greenish Blue Styles

This is a Bohemian style that is stunning. Imagine doing all your summer activities with this insanely beautiful color on your head.

16. Afro Blue

Try this eye-catching blue and turn your afro into an amazing new style.

17. Dark Blue

A great style like this is deep and dark. It’s a bold look that is truly unique. These midnight blue shades are one of a kind.

18. Darkening Blue

This bold color is dark and deep. It’s a color that will draw attention!

19. Blue Highlights

The blue highlights are melted into the style. They don’t start at the root but about five inches from the root.

20. Bold Blue

A great style that is stunning in a bold blue shade.

21. Stunning Blue Shades

Another great look that shows off some amazing blue shades.

22. Mesmerizing Blue

This is a very unique shade of blue and we have to admit that it’s one of the most beautiful that we have seen.

23. Cool Colors

Not all of her hair is colored which makes this a unique style.

24. Softer Shades

A style like this is unique and bright. If you love bright colors, then you are sure to love this style.

25. Brighter Blue

This is a high fashion style that is brightly blue.

26. Beautiful Blue

If you are looking for as tunning shade of blue, then you must try this one. The color is breathtaking.

27. Muted Shades

A great style like this is all you need to create a brand new look for yourself.

28. Black and Blue

Black and blue always go well together as you can see with this short style.

29. High Fashion Colors

This blue coloring looks amazing with her complexion. It’s the perfect color for her.

30. Hot New Looks

If you are looking for a rock star style, then you can’t go wrong with this color.

31. Shimmering Colors

This gorgeous shimmering style with multiple blues in it is stunning. If you want a look that is sure to turn heads, then this is the style for you.

32. Blue Curls

If you don’t want the commitment of a full color, then you could try a blue ombre. This stunning style looks amazing with just the bottom being blue.

33. Short or Long

It doesn’t matter if you have short hair or long hair, you can totally rock out the blue shades.

34. Angled Styles

This angled bob really showcases the style quite well. If you want an edgy style, then this is the look for you.

35. Hot Shades

Talk about a stunning shade! You are sure to get a ton of compliments with this gorgeous color.

36. Ombre Blue

This stunning style starts off dark and then melts into a very light blue. These colors are truly stunning.

37. Bold Designs

This is another style that doesn’t start at the root. There are a few different shades of blue here that create such a gorgeous look.

38. Light Blue

This style starts off as blue, but it melts into a green shade.

39. Long Blue

Her hair is really long and it’s dyed with a gorgeous blue shade.

40. Shocking Shades

How could we not love a gorgeous style that has some amazing blue shades throughout?

41. Pretty Blue

This full-color shade of blue is bright and unique.

42. Stunning Darkness

If you like deep and dark colors, then you are sure to love this midnight blue shade.

43. Light and Bright

A pixie style that has both dark and light blues present. If you are looking for an edgy look, you are sure to love this one.

44. Melted Blues

This gorgeous style has many different blues melting in together. It’s a gorgeous shade.

45. Bright Chunks

Adding color to blonde can be a fun fashion option. Here there are only a few pieces that have been dyed blue, but it really makes your whole look pop.

46. Shocking Blue

This bright blue is exactly what you need if you like a little drama in your life.

47. Muted Blues

This look is not meant to be bold and bright. These are muted blues that are duller and darker.

48. Darker Blue Colors

Another dark shade of blue that goes great with black hair.

49. Fun Braids

Braids are the perfect style if you have a ton of different colors in your hair. As you can see, braids really showcase the different colors perfectly.

50. Sky Blue

We love how the dark blues melt into a light blue. These are fun shades that you can experiment with this summer.

51. Shocking and Light

On one end, we have a shockingly bright blue and then on the other end, there is a light and beautiful blue. We love how well the two blues go together. These are gorgeous shades that you should totally try out this year.

52. Different Styles

Sometimes the way we style our hair changes the way the color looks. It’s true and you can see that right here with these two looks. The blue coloring stands out a lot more with the curly style than it does with the straight style.

53. Cool Blue Colors

This cool blue starts off as a slate coloring and then it melts into a lighter shade. It’s a gorgeous look for anyone who doesn’t want an extremely bright shade.

54. Fun Blue Shades

A great style like this has a bunch of amazing blue shades throughout.

55. Cute Colors

This is a really cute color as well as the style. The type of style really suits the high fashion color that we see here. It’s a great mix of colors that really stand out. Try it out this year and you will see what we mean.

56. High Fashion

Purple and blue really go well together. If you want to try a great style that has both colors, then this is the style for you. These bold shades are sure to make you the most popular girl at every party that you go to.

57. Neon Shades

This coloring starts off dark, but then it melts into a light and almost neon shade of blue. It’s a bright blue that is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

58. Bright and Shaded

If you like the lighter shades, then this might be exactly the style that you are looking for. There are a few different shades here that come together to create a stunning new look. Why not blow away the crowd with a fun new look this year.

59. Deeper Blues

Talk about a cool, eye-catching blue. These styles are unique and one of a kind. We love how it starts off as a dark and deep blue and then melts into a light blue. The ombre style is truly unique and pretty.

60. Fashion Coloring

This is a long and straight style that has some bold colors. It starts off very dark and it goes to a very light and bright shade. The fact that the hair is so long allows you to have a cool melting effect to it.

61. Hot and Bright

This glamorous style has a few different colors mixed throughout. They all blend well together and create a style that is bold and beautiful. These styles are great because they will look amazing when the sun hits it.

62. Straight Blue

A striking blue like this is going to be a show-stopping color. This bright style is all about drama and edginess. It’s a cool color that you will love all year long. If you are looking for a fresh new look, sometimes changing up your color is exactly what you need.

63. Greenish-Blue

This cool shade is deep and darker; it’s not meant to be a bright shade. It’s a cool look that people will notice right away. Try it out this year and blow the competition away. The look is edgier if the color isn’t all the way to the root.

64. Tight Curls

If you want an edgy color to go along with your edgy afro, then you are sure to love a style like this one. It’s a bright blue fashion color that is one of a kind. This look is sure to draw attention wherever you go.

65. Softer Shades

There is no need to get a full color if you don’t want that kind of commitment. The blue starts melting in the middle and it seems to get even darker the closer to the bottom that it gets. This stunning style is sure to bring you a ton of compliments all night long.

66. Hair Accessories

Another bright fashion style that has a few different colors in it. If you want a cool new style, then you can’t go wrong with this look. We love how she uses bright yellow accessories to make her blue hair pop even more. It’s a gorgeous look that anyone will love.

67. Lighter Shading

We have two different styles here that showcase a light blue coloring. You are sure to love these shades if you are looking for something light. They are different but also similar. Both styles are great and you will love them.

68. Different Highlights

This style only has highlights, but they come in many different colors. Blue goes well with purple and green so those are two colors that you can mix in with your blue to create a unique style. Try it out and see how you like it.


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