108 Stunning Blunt Bob Ideas for the Spring


The blunt bob has been around for centuries. It’s certainly a popular hairstyle. If you are looking to change up your look this spring then you can go wrong with the blunt bob. It’s stylish and sophisticated and even a little sexy. It started out as a totally Haute Couture style and many people are still wearing it to this day. It’s a popular look that we always see on the runway as well.

blunt bob

blunt bob

blunt bob


It’s an angular style that can be worn with any length of hair, the sky is totally the limit for you and the kind of style that you want to have.  The best part about the blunt bob is that it suits many face shapes so that should not be a concern for you. No wonder it has been around for so long.

The thing about blunt styles is that they always look healthy and that’s because you are always cutting them bluntly. They can be worn curly or straight, it really doesn’t matter. But if you are going to try out the blunt bob you will end up with a style that is stronger and healthier than ever before. The great thing is you can style the bob in many different ways and we have lots of styles to show you.

Check out these 108 Stunning Blunt Bob Ideas for the Spring:

  1. A Sharp Style

It’s bold and unique and very stylish.

2. The Messy Style

Who says that you have to be polished all the time. We don’t!

3. Sleek Styles

This bob is quite short; it falls just at her chin to frame her face. It’s a bold look that you are sure to love.

4. Sexy Style

The sexy part about this style is that it looks so free. you can easily wear it anywhere that you go.

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5. Celebrity Style

Even Paris Hilton knows a good bob when she sees one. This stunning blond style will make you feel like a true fashionista.

6. Icy Blonde

This blunt bob is made evident by the blunt bang as well.

7. Wavy Styles

If you prefer a looser look, then you can style it with some amazing waves.

8. Simple Styles

You can still have a blunt bob even if you are into casual styles. This one looks perfect.

9. Sweet Styles

You are sure to be considered the girl next door with this sweet style. We love the side bang.


10. Plenty of Volume

Michelle Williams looks amazing with this voluminous blunt bob. We love her celebrity style. There is plenty of volume to keep you happy for days with this style.

11. Sleek and Beautiful

This beautiful look is sure to wow the crowd wherever you go. If you have thin hair then this is the perfect style for you because it won’t require a ton of straightening.

12. Icy Hot

We love this stunning look because not only is the color on point but the blunt bob is totally stylish right now. The Jenner’s are rocking amazing styles these days.

13. Simple Styles

This is a simple yet classic look. You can wear this to a BBQ or to a red carpet event. If you want a style that is great for any occasion then this is the one for you.

14. Gorgeous Waves

We love these waves and it’s the kind of style that you can wear anywhere. It’s simple and yet still very stylish.

15. Classic Styles

These styles are classic and no-nonsense.  It’s a simple style that is totally casual. You can basically wake up and go with a style like this.

16. Simply Stylish

A short bob style that is filled with waves. This is a very sexy look. We can see this style at a fancy event, it would work for any occasion.

17. The Side Style

You can add a little more volume to your style by adding a deep part. The side part is always a popular style. We are a big fan of the blonde styles as well.

18. A Straight Cut

This is a very polished look if you are working in an office. It’s the kind of style that demands that people take you seriously. Try it out for your job and you will see what we mean.

19. Add Some Bangs

This classic style has been used by many celebrities. Adding bangs will create a totally different look for you. Bangs are very in this season.

20. Choppy Bangs

With this sleek style, the bangs are just a little choppier than the rest. It’s a sleek look that will draw the eye to you immediately.

21. Green With Envy

If you have that mermaid vibe then why not try out this stunning shade with your blunt bob. We like the edgy cut as well as the color.

22. Stone Style

Emma Stone has had many different looks over the years and we can’t help but love this cute style on her. It makes her look a lot more sophisticated.

23. Dark Designs

Emily Blunt looks incredible with this dark ombre look. We love how free and casual her hair looks. It’s a great look for a fun event.

24. Try the Pink Style

When it comes to spring and summer, it’s all about light colors. It’s the perfect time to try out a little pink.

25. Grey Designs

This bob is quite short and very daring. The back has the shaved design as well.

26. Blonde Designs

This is a great design that you can wear in many different styles.

27. Be a Redhead

That fashion police would never even dare touch you with a stunning look as this one. Not only does it scream of awesome fashion sense but the color is to die for.

28. Fashionable Styles

Styles like this are all the rage right now. It’s easy to style and yet still beautiful.

29. A Blunt End

The cut at the bottom is quite blunt; there is not much room for error with this style.

30. A Ruffled Look

This style is a little more shaggy than most and you probably wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time styling it.

31. Elegant Styles

We love this polished look and so will you!

32. Gorgeous Designs

Cutting your hair doesn’t mean that you have to cut it short. This is a great length for a bob and there’s more than enough room for some waves.

33. Celebrity Designs

This vampire has a brand new style and we have to admit that it’s very sexy. If you are looking for something that stands out, then this is the style for you.

34. Choppy Styles

Your bob does not have to be all one length. There are a ton of layers in this style and they look amazing.

35. A White Light

This amazing blonde style is short and choppy.

36. Singer’s Style

Ashley Simpson is really rocking this short bob style. We love how she just tucks the style behind her ears.

37. A Fresh Style

This gorgeous style is perfect for a fresh start. If you want a new look, then you should totally try this one out.

38. Special Styles

This special blunt bob is truly a classic style. You can wear this anywhere and look spectacular doing it.

39. A Perfect Style

This is the perfect style to have this summer. It’s blonde, daring and will keep you cool in the heat.

40. Sexy Styling

This bob is red hot, and you will feel amazing everywhere that you go. This is truly a sexy style that is sure to draw the eye.

41. Sophisticated Style

If you are all about sophistication and grace, then you are sure to love this style. Jessica Alba sure knows how to rock the sophisticated look.

42. A Darker Shade

This messy style looks amazing in a darker shade with some bangs.

43. The Ombre Look

You can’t go wrong with this wavy style and the ombre look is still very much in.

44. A Middle Part

Another great example of how a casual look can be made perfect.

45. Messy Waves

Another great look that has some seriously sexy waves to it. We love the highlights added to the style as well.

46. Dark Styles

We love the style, we love the color, so make sure you gran this hairstyle for the upcoming season.

47. A Large Bang

This large bang is paramount to the whole style. It’s simple, one that you are sure to love.

48. Sharping Styles

You probably won’t find a shaper style than this one. It’s really simple and yet it’s the type of style that you could even use on the red carpet.

49. Sexy and Stylish

We love this style because it’s stylish and it puts you on a whole other level of sexy.

50. Super Bobs

This is a gorgeous style that will look great for any occasion.

51. Gomez Sleek Bob

Selena Gomez looks amazing in this sleek blunt bob.

52. Angled Bob

The angled bib has been around for and it looks great straightened.

53. Some Bold Pink

This is certainly a bold look especially if you like hot pink.

54. Spunky Styles

This beautiful look is something that we can see from all angles.

55. The Side Bang

Opting for a side bang is sure to give you a completely different look.

56. A Longer Side

A great blunt bob that is longer than most.

57. The Rock Star Style

Rock stars never look prim and proper, so if you are looking for a casual style then try this one out.

58. Shorter Lengths

You are going to love this shorter style just as much as this Pretty Little Liar.

59. So Many Choices

There are five different choices here, which one fits your personal style the most?

60. Blue Designs

Maybe it’s a color change that you need, so why not shock everyone with blue.

61. Lots of Volume

A great style that has plenty of volume. It’s a great look for women with thick hair.

62. Sophisticated Looks

This is another great example of a sophisticated look.

63. Circular Styles

The edges of this bob are very rounded. It’s a completely different look.

64. A Partial Updo

Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you still can’t pull it back.

65. Gorgeous Designs

Another great example of the blunt bob with a long bang and some waves.

66. Long and Sleek

This is a great style for someone who doesn’t want to cut too short.

67. Blonde Bombshell

If you have always wanted to be a blonde bombshell then follow Michelle Williams styles choices.

68. Stunning Styles

Another great example of a sophisticated style that is very chic.

69. Truly Blunt

If you are looking for a truly blunt style, then go really short and blunt the bang.

70. Shining Styles

This actress just loves her short style and so will you.

71. Strawberry Blonde

We love these strawberry blonde styles, get a new cut and a new color.

72. Bold and Dark

Another simple style with some bold color to it.

73. Curly Designs

There is nothing better than a curly bob that you can wear anywhere.

74. An Edgy Style

If you want something bold and edgy, then you must try out this choppy style.

75. Simple Choices

A simple style that is all about grace and elegance.

76. Ivy League Look

This style is definitely a sophisticated look and it’s all about making a good first impression.

77. Golden Looks

A great style that you can wear to the beach or to an event.

78. Children’s Style

These looks are also really great for kids because they are low maintenance.

79. Angled Style

Another great example of an angled bob but this one is a little more precise.

80. From Start to Finish

We get to see the before and after here of her getting the blunt bob that she desires.

81. Sleek and Sexy

This style is very chic and it’s going to need a lot of straightening to get it this sleek.

82. Curly Bob

You can have your bob’s curly or straight it’s all it how you want to rock your look that day.

83. Angled Curls

Even with an angled bob, you can still add some waves to your style.

84. Beautiful Bobs

This classy look is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

85. Thinner Styles

If you are someone who has thin hair, then this is a great example of what your hair would look like with a bob.

86. The Perfect Choif 

A stunning style that is both classy and beautiful.

87. Highlighting Your Style

Highlights are always great especially for spring and summer.

88. The Blunt Bob

The ends of this bob are quite blunt.

89. Free-flowing Style

This is a great new fresh style that will be great for the summer.

90. A Model Look

Emma Roberts looks amazing in this short and edgy bob.

91. Gorgeous Designs

Another great example of a blunt bob for thin hair.

92. Messy Bob

These are very dark look and it’s proof that you can have messy hair and still be beautiful.

93. Free Styling

A great curly style that looks amazing from every angle.

94. Wavy Styles

This gorgeous bob has layers for days and we just love all those waves.

95. Cool Styles

A stunning look that has some cool color and great waves. This is a great look for a day of shopping or a day at the beach.

96. The Coiffed Look

If you want to try a style that is chic and classy, then look no further than this style.

97. Wavy Designs

This star knows all about changing up her look and when she is rocking the bob, she always looks amazing.

98. Celebrity Edge

This style is edgy and no-nonsense. If you want to wow the crowd then try an edgy style.

99. Tons Of Layers

This is a very different look and it’s created by having a ton of layers. You can see some of the layers in this style are quite short.


100. Super Star Style

Beyonce is a huge trendsetter, so you know you are in good hands if you follow her style choices.

101. Show Stopping Hair

This is a classic look for a bob and one that is very popular. If you want a cool new look this season, then try this one out.

102. Pretty Styles

This is a simple style but a very pretty one.

103. A Sexy Mess

Another great example of a wavy bob that has all the sex appeal in the world.

104. Chic Styles

This sexy style is very chic and stylish. Try it out and you will feel cool this season.

105. Super Short

This stunning style is quite short, so if you are feeling daring, you should try it out.

106. Fashionable Styles

This style maven always looks amazing with her bob. Try it out and find a style that you will love too.

107. Chic and Sexy

We love this amazing style because it’s chic and sexy. It has some amazing blonde coloring as well. Try it out this season and you will feel incredible.

108. Fashion Choices

You are going to feel like you are a fashion designer with a style like this. This is Haute Couture to the maximum. If you want a style that is going to turn heads then you can’t go wrong with this blunt style.


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