54 Ways That You Can Rock a Bowl Cut


If you are looking for a badass new hairstyle, then look no further then the blow cut hairstyle. We know what you are thinking, and you can rest assured it’s not the bowl cuts that we cringed at during the 80’s and the 90’s. These styles are 100 times better and so amazing. It’s definitely an edgier style, so you need to be an edgier person to pull it off, but sometimes all it takes is to get out of your shell just a little bit.

You may have seen the bowl cut style being rocked by celebrities like Miley Cyrus and even Rihanna. These brave girls aren’t scared of an edgier style. Bowl cut hairstyles are for the girls that are risk-takers, badass babes that are already willing to take the world by storm. You can make the style even more awesome with a vibrant color and some amazing makeup. The whole package is key with a hairstyle like this one.

The best part of a bowl cut hairstyle is that it is low-maintenance. It allows you to show your face to the world in a fresh new way. You want to do that because your face is beautiful and it should be showcased to the world. There are many different styles available to you. Below are 54 Ways That You Can Rock a Bowl Cut:

  1. The Shaved Style

Talk about edgy styles. We have a classic bowl cut with the back shaved.

2. Shaggy Styles

This Disney star took the bowl cut hairstyle and gave it a shaggy new look.

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3. Sleek Style

If you have thin hair, then this could be the perfect style for you.

4. White Styles

These platinum blonde styles always look amazing with the bowl cut.

5. Edgy Designs

Another example of how you can pair the bowl cut together with the shaved back. We love how the edges look sharp and it creates an edgier style that is truly badass.

6. Long Bang

The great part of this style is the long bang in the front. The length there is much longer than the sides and it’s truly awesome. The sides of the bowl cut are even while the front has a choppier angle.

7. Straight Styles

The top may be a bowl cut, but the sides are in a square design. If you have curly hair, then this might be the perfect style for you. This allows you to see what it would look like without being straightened.

8. Rounded Edge

You don’t get a bowl cut that is rounder than this one. This style will stand out wherever you go. The rounded edge is almost too perfect and you will love going out and showing it off wherever you are.

9. Moving Forward

As you can see with this style, the hair is pushed forward to create the edgy style shown here. The shaved side is cut quite short and this style is one that people are going to be talking about for a long time.

10. White Hot

How can you not love this platinum style, it’s edgy and amazing.

11. Choppy Styles

Who says that you have to have a straight bowl cut. She has choppy edges with her style and it looks amazing.

12. Classic Bowl

If you are a true risk-taker, then this is the look for you. The edges are truly bowled like and the style itself is severe. It’s a very unforgiving style, so you want to make sure that you really love it. If you want something that’s going to demand attention, then this is the style you will want to try out.

13. Purple Styles

Vibrant colors always look amazing with bowl cut hairstyles as you cans ee with this gorgeous purple shade.

14. Soft Edges

A great style that has some soft edges and a shaved side. The top is very messy and that’s why we love it. It gives you a low maintenance style, but it’s also quite freeing.

15. Shocking Colors

This bowl cut is longer than most and it looks great with those bright colors. Choose your favorite bright colors and add it to your new styles. These colors are very dramatic and that’s why we love them because they suit the bowl cut style.

16. Perfect Edges

The edges here are concise and perfect. There is no freedom with this style. It’s another style that requires a certain level of confidence. Not everyone can pull off a style like this one.

17. Bowl Styles

This bowl hairstyle is truly unique and beautiful. It’s much longer in the back then most of the styles that you see. We love it though because it will make you feel like an original.

18. Blonde Styles

Blonde is always a great color choice for bowl cut hairstyles. The best colors you can go for are blonde and vibrant shades. This one is very beautiful.

19. Multi-colored

A sexy bowl cut style that has multiple shades.

20. Bold Green

Green is a great shade for a bowl cut hairstyle.

21. Messy Styles

If you want a style that has some more freedom in it, then this messy style is perfect for you.

22. Shiny Styles

A shiny style that is a perfect bowl cut.

23. Bold Bang

Another example of a bowl cut style that is pushed forward, with a long bang.

24. Short Styles

Just when you think the bowl cut can’t go any shorter, it proves us wrong.

25. Bright Styles

A truly edgy style that has some serious brightness to it.

26. Purple Vibe

A great style that is perfected with this purple shade.

27. Gray Styles

Gray is a great color choice for a short style like this one.

28. Monochromatic 

A great bowl cut style that has a gray bang. The contrast between the black and gray are perfection.

29. Bold Designs

These styles are truly unique because of the great color combination.

30. Sharp Bowl

This style is truly a sharp one, very edgy.

31. Shaggy Love

If you are looking for a shaggier style with a bit more length, then this is the hairstyle for you.

32. Bold and Beautiful

Green hair and a shaved back, what more could you want?

33. No Age

Regardless of your age, the bowl cut will suit anyone of any age.

34. Sophisticated Style

This style is truly sophisticated and very low-maintenance.

35. Bright and Beautiful

The style is perfectly round and once again it looks great with a bright blonde shade.

36. Wide Forehead

There is no bang with this style and it completely showcases the forehead. There’s no need to hide your face with this style.

37. Natural Designs

This is a perfect example of how you don’t need vibrant colors to truly enjoy your style.

38. Shorter Style

Another bowl cut that is much shorter. This style goes to the crown of the head.

39. Low-Key Style

We love this style because it’s very low-maintenance and that’s perfect for people who are too busy to do their hair.

40. Simple Styles

A great style that any girl would cherish.

41. Pink Love

Who doesn’t love pink? That’s why you will love this style.

42. Standard Style

This simple style doesn’t require bright colors to be awesome. It’s simple up top and has a shaved side.

43. Contrasting Colors

This is a great style if you like mixing up two colors together. We love these amazing styles.

44. Old School

This is an old-school style that we still see today. It’s perfect in symmetry.

45. Edgey Gray

Another example of how an edgy style and a gray color can go wonderfully together.

46. Blue Colors

Blue has always been a great color choice to go with and we can totally see why.

47. Add a Bang

The bang here is a lot shorter than the rest of it as opposed to the other styles that had a longer bang. Its choppy style is free-flowing and we absolutely love it.

48. Soft Styling

Rihanna totally rocked this high top bowl cut hairstyle. We love the celebrity hairstyles because they are truly trendsetters.

49. Bold White

A great bowl cut that has a pointed back. The pointed back makes the shaved area stand out a little more.

50. Rocking Style

It’s completely round all the way around! We love the style because it’s edgy in all the ways that you would expect. You truly need the confidence to rock a style like this one.

51. Light Blue

This style is truly amazing and we just love all the color. The light blue just pops right off the page.

52. Classic Blonde

A great blonde that is truly beautiful. If you like the classic shade, then pair it with this bowl cut that isn’t as extreme as the others.

53. Shocking White

This white is truly shocking because it commands attention. The bowl cut is also very free flowing and even wispy.

54. Crisp Cut

This bowl cut style is very rounded out and it also has a bang that is shorter than the rest of the hair. If you want a hairstyle that has some length to it, then you will want to go with a style like this one.


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