133 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles For Little Girls


If you are looking for an easy and versatile look for your child this year, then you are sure to love these braided styles. Girls love braids because there are so many different ways that you can wear them. It really doesn’t even matter what age you are at; braids always look good no matter what. These braids are so cool; your kids will be asking you to do them all year long. There are so many cool options to choose from that you can do a different look every week. The sky is the limit on all the styles available to you.

Check out these 133 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles For Little Girls:

  1. Intricate Styles

This is a very detailed style but doesn’t it look amazing?


2. Flower Power

This is a cool style for a very young girl and it would also be great for a formal event.

3. Criss-Cross Braid

This style is super cool and stylish. We love how the braid goes from one side to another.

4. Heart Styles

A great style like this is truly unique. Your girl will be so popular with this little heart in her hair.

5. Fish Tail Styles

These braids are gorgeous and we love how they start off as standard braids and go into one fishtail braid.

6. Interesting Styles

Another gorgeous style that is pretty intricate. These kinds of styles are perfect for formal events.

7. Cool Pigtails

An adorable style that combines braids and pigtails together.

8. Tight Braids

This awesome style has a ton of little braids wrapped up together to create a big braid.

9. Pretty Ribbons

You can make a simple style extraordinary just by adding in some bows right into the braid.

10. Cornrow Style

This is the kind of style that would make any kid feel amazing. It’s also a protective style for the hair.

11. Stunning Styles

These fun styles are looks that your child will love all year long.

12. Twisty Braid

This amazing braid goes from one end of the head to the other.

13. Sweet Styles

This is a great look for a backyard BBQ or just a day in the sun. Talk about a sweet style that your child is sure to love.

14. Side Styles

These side braids give your child the same look as if she shaved the side of her head. It’s an edgier look for a girl who likes to feel empowered.

15. Backward Braids

These braids are super tight because they are meant to be a protective style. They are then piled high on top to create a cute bun.

16. Side Styles

This style is intricate and delicate. All the braiding is pulled off to the side and tied up into a bow.

17. Small Braids

This cool style can be worn anywhere and it’s also another great way to protect the hair.

18. Pigtail Style

A cute style that is very simple to put together. It’s simple and it will keep the hair out of your child’s hair at the beach or pool.

19. Interesting Styles

This is a very different type of braid but it looks amazing.

20. Zig Zag Style

A great style like this one is sweet and will sure to have your daughter getting compliments all day long.

21. Special Styles

If you need a cute style for a formal event or even picture day, then this is the style you are looking for.

22. Simple Styles

This is another simple style that is easy to put together.

23. Cool Designs

You can put your braids into many different designs like this one.

24. Cool Looks

This is a very eye-catching look that your daughter is sure to love.

25. Tight Buns

Tight styles like this are great for formal events or even sporting events because it keeps the hair out of the face.

26. Upside Down Designs

These braids are growing in popularity because they look really cool. It’s a fresh new look that can be worn all year long.

27. Cool New Looks

This look is gorgeous and one that is sure to get her compliments all night long.

28. Cornrow Looks

These are styles that you can keep in for a couple of months at a time. Just think, no summer styling.

28. Sweetheart Designs

This is a very precious style for a young girl. It’s not hard to complete and she will look so pretty with the style.

29. Pretty Looks

A great style like this is sure to be a winner with your child.

30. Long Fishtail

An awesome style like this is sure to be a head turner. It’s a gorgeous example of what you can do with fishtail braids.

31. Gorgeous Styles

This gorgeous style is going to make your little girl pretty happy. If you have a formal event coming up, then this is the style to try.

32. Cool Elements

The braids are only on the top of the head with this style.

33. Tight Looks

Another tight style that has some very tiny braids. Your child needs to be patient for a style like this one. 

34. Bun styles

These braids form to create a bun.

35. Messy Styles

With these kinds of styles, you don’t have to worry about your child messing it up because it’s already a mess. We love these cool style because they are so eye-catching.

36. Formal Styles

A great style like this would be great for a wedding or any other formal event that she has to go to.

37. Side Styles

A cool style like this has the braids on the inside the hairstyle. It provides a very different look.

38. Crown Styles

This cool style gives the look of a crown on your child’s head.

39. Cool Designs

This is another great scalp design that makes the look really pop. We love it.

40. Stunning Styles

Every hair is in place with this cool style. It’s eye-catching and unique.

41. Sweet Looks

Another adorable look that your child is sure to love.

42. Twists and Turns

This is a really cool and tight design. You can literally create any kind of design that you want with braids. The sky is the limit for all the cool designs you can make.

43. Bold Braids

This is another sweet style that gives you a unique look.

44. Goddess Styles

These are the kinds of styles that were available for the Greek goddesses of the world. They are magnificent styles that have a huge wow factor.

45. Sweet Crowns

This is another crowning style and as you can see it’s very polished.

46. Amazing Styles

The great part about this style is that you can keep it in your child’s hair for a couple of months which means it’s a very low-maintenance style.

47. Sweet Colors

The color of this girl’s hair is gorgeous. But the braids are even better.

48. Cool Elements

This design is a little more intricate and will take a bit more time to create.

49. Top Styles

The braids are just on top of the hair in this style and it’s a very popular look right now.

50. Bold and Beautiful

A style like this is incredible because it’s so eye-catching.

51. Simple Looks

This is a very easy style to create and yet it’s still unique.

52. Criss-Cross Style

A gorgeous style that is going to have this little girl receiving compliments all day long.

53. Polished Styles

This is a low-maintenance style that is also very polished.

54. Simple Fishtail

This is a very simple fishtail style, but they always look wonderful.

55. Star Styles

A great style like this is truly unique and beautiful.

56. Christmas Styles

This reindeer is perfect for the Christmas season and she is sure to make an impression at school.

57. Braided Buns

These big braids create some pretty impressionable buns.

58. Cool Images

A cool design like that is sure to please you.

59. Cute Looks

This cute style is truly unique and precious.

60. Art Work

A cute style like this is truly precious.

61. Amazing Looks

You won’t find too many styles that are as eye-catching as this one.

62. Adorable Buns

Another example of a cute style that is easy to put together.

63. Long Styles

These styles will take some time to create.

64. A Twisting Road

A great braid that is twisting from one end of the head to the other.

65. Interesting Looks 

Another cool style that is unique and wonderful.

66. Cool Buns

Your child is sure to love a cool style like this one. It’s unique and bold. A style that is going to turn heads wherever you go.

67. Bold Crowns

A low-maintenance style that is so pretty.

68. Sweet and Cool

A great style like this is all about the eye-catching looks. It’s a very simple style to create and it’s unique enough to have people commenting on it.

69. Simple Styling

Another simple look that both you and your child is sure to love.

70. Sweet Ponytails

This gorgeous look is perfect for those warm summer months.

71. Cool and Long

A great braided style like this is so eye-catching. This beautiful style would look amazing for her next formal event.

72. Sweet Fishtails

These pigtails are made into loose fishtail braids and the style looks incredible.

73. Top Braids

A style like this is eye-catching because it’s different from most braided styles.

74. Short Styles

Whether your child has short or long hair, she can still have braids.

75. Tight Looks

A great style that you are sure to love on your child.

76. Formal and Polished

This is a very fancy design that would be appropriate for a formal event.

77. Unique Looks

A cool look that is sweet as pie.

78. Create A Design

This special design is truly unique because of the braided design.

79. Basic Braids

This sort of style never goes out of style.

80. Gorgeous Styling

Another great example of a stunning braided look.

81. Cute Styling

A great look like this is sure to please you and your daughter.

82. Twisty Braids

These twisty braids are so easy to create.

83. Fierce Looks

Box braids and a fishtail braid all wrapped up together, it’s gorgeous.

84. Simple and Cute

A style like this is so easy to put together.

85. Cool Styling

This is a great look for a day at the beach or a pool party.

86. Cool and Crossed

Another simple style that is easy to create.

87. Messy Looks

Who says your child has to be polished all the time?

88. Amazing Hearts

This style is great for little girls because they like to have cool images put into their hair.

89. Princess Styles

Your child is sure to feel like a princess with a gorgeous braided style like this one.

90. Bold and Braided

Another great braided style that you can keep in for a long time.

91. Amazing Flowers

A stunning style like this is going to give your child some serious wow factor to her style.

92. Cute Braided Looks

This style definitely falls into the cute category.

93. Creative Styles

A style like this is pretty easy to put together.

94. Cool Ponytails

Another great style that is cute and falls easily into a ponytail.

95. Fishtail Love

A great style like this has a few different fishtail braids in it.

96. Cute Pigtails

This adorable pigtail style will keep the hair out of her face while she’s out running around with her friends.

97. Cool and Simple

It’s a creative style, but it’s also really easy to put together.

98. Bold Designing

This style can be for a formal event, or you can use it just to keep your child’s hair out of the way. This style has some serious attitude to it.

99. Sweet Styling

Another great style that will make your child look like a sweetheart.

100. Unique and Gorgeous

Unless you are really good with hair, you might want to trust a stylist for this look. You won’t regret trying it out however because it’s absolutely breathtaking.

101. Cute and Creative

Another special style that is sure to turn heads.

102. Jeweled Elements

A great style like this can be made elegant by adding some jewelry elements to it. The braid is amazing on its own, but add a little jewelry and she will feel like royalty.

103. Soft Styles

Sometimes the simplest styles give you the prettiest looks.

104. Triple Threat

A style like this is cute as a button. It’s the kind of style that truly stands out.

105. Sideways Styles

A great style like this has the braids going sideways which is a very unique look.

106. Low-Maintenance Styles

These styles are great because once they are in, you don’t have to worry about them again for a few months.

107. Tight Braids

Tight braids are a great for a polished look.

108. Fresh Looks

This style is stunning and unique. We have big braids and small braids altogether.

109. Rounded Styles

A stunning look like this is perfect for a formal event.

110. Huge Braids

You either need extensions or a ton of hair to create a braided bun like the one in the picture.

111. Simple and Sweet

Another low-maintenance style that you are sure to love.

112. Outside Braid

This is a great style that gives you a very different look. The outside braid gives you a very original look.

113. Cool and Special

Another great style that has a few different braids in one.

114. Creative Ponytails

A great upside down style that is special and your daughter is sure to feel pretty cool with it.

115. Tiny Braids

Another simple style that will take some time to create.

116. Soft and Pretty

A great style that is very soft and pretty. It’s a precious style that can be worn anywhere.

117. Tight Top Styles

A great style that has the braid on top of the head only.

118. Toddler Styles

A great style that is sweet and complete for your little girl.

119. Side Looks

A great style that is truly unique and will give you a very different look.

120. Side Sweep

A few braids are side swept into a great ponytail.

121. Tight and Wonderful

There are only a couple of tight braids with this style and those buns are so cute.

122. Breathtaking Designs

This braid is totally unique and beautiful.

123. Braided and Sweet

These upside-down braids create some wonderful buns.

124. Bow Designs

Another cute design that your child is sure to love.

125. Gorgeous New Looks

How can you not love a style as pretty as this one?

126. Braided Hearts

These tight braids have been manipulated into an awesome style.

127. Unique and Tight

There are so many small braids in this style that you have to be prepared for it to take awhile.

128. Fancy Styles

A style like this is perfect for a formal event.

129. Simple Braid

This is a standard and very common braid. It’s a very simple look to put together.

130. Pretty Looks

Another unique style that is very eye-catching.

131. Multiple Hearts

Why have one heart when you can have a lot of them. This adorable style is sure to put a smile on her face.

132. Simple and Cute

Another very simple design that will just take a few minutes to put together.

133. Tight Styling

A very tight style that is very solid. It doesn’t look like it’s going to move at all. This style can be worn anywhere and for a long time.



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