125 Cute Braided Ponytail Ideas For Spring


As the warmer months start to approach we are likely to pull our hair up into ponytails more often just to keep cool. Sometimes though it’s nice to have a more formal look that we can wear to weddings or other events. That’s where the braided ponytail comes in. It’s a simple look that comes off looking gorgeous and it’s perfect for any occasion.

These looks just aren’t for formal events either, they can be used for the beach or to go to the next family BBQ. The sky is the limit for these looks. The only thing you have to worry about is looking amazing, and you totally will with these styles.

There are braided ponytails for every occasion on this list. These looks are great if you have become bored of the regular old ponytails. We don’t blame you. These styles are a great way to upgrade your look in a very easy way.

Check out these 125 Cute Braided Ponytail Ideas For Spring:

  1. Intricate Styles

This is a pretty amazing look and one that your child will thank you for. If your child is into sports or gymnastics, then this would be the perfect style choice for them.

2. Pigtail Styles

Another great look for kids who are into sports or if you want to have a cool new look for your next workout. You can sweat all you want in these styles.

3. Thick Braids

This fashionable looking braid is sure to turn heads wherever you go. This is a great look for events or casual days.

4. A Triple Threat

Another great braided look that would be amazing for a child who has an event coming up.

5. Chic Styles

These braided styles are super popular right now. They are great for protecting your hair if it’s damaged and you can wear it for months at a time. If you are looking for a fresh summer look, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

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6. Different Colors

If you have multi-colored hair, then braids will always look cool in your hair. You get to see both tones in the braid.

7. Small Braid

This is a cool look that gives you the best of both worlds. You can have the look of a ponytail with just a small braid in the middle.

8. Awesome Styles

Another great look at the side braid but in this case, the braid is a little tighter to the scalp.

9. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are one of the most elegant styles that you can have. They are sexy and loose and this is another great example of how the braid is just the middle part of the style.

10. Tight On Top

You can’t go wrong with a casual style like this one. It would be a great look for the beach because your hair would not be a wet mess.

11. Bright Styles

You won’t find a more unique style than this one. It has everything, fishtail braids, a curly mohawk and some bright colors.

12. Messy Styles

This ponytail style is one of the messier looks that we can find. It’s still a gorgeous look if you want to wear it to an event.

13. Large Braids

This insanely gorgeous braid is like having multiple braids all in one. This is definitely the kind of ponytail that turns heads.

14. Crowning Styles

This is a stunning style that shows off your creativity and sense of style. You won’t find a prettier look than this one.

15. Ribbon Styles

This children’s style has a huge wow factor to it. If your child has an event coming up then have her show up with a style that is sure to bring her compliments all day long.

16. Messy Braids

One thick ponytail that goes down the full length of the head. It’s a pretty cool style.

17. A Messy Look

If you want something that’s casual and messy for a day at the beach, then this is the look for you.

18. Goddess Styles

You are sure to feel like a goddess with a hairstyle like this one.

19. Loose and Gorgeous

Another loose style that is sure to turn heads.

20. Scalp Styles

The braids are all created tight to the scalp with this style and the rest is left loose.

21. Creative Styles

If you are looking for a unique style, then this gorgeous creation is for you.

22. Long Fishtail

A breathtaking look that is sure to make you feel beautiful at the next party you go to.

23. Loose and Pretty

A great style that has a loose braid on the side.

24. Woven Styles

This style is so perfect that it’s hard to believe it’s real. We love the small braid inside the larger one. What a cool style.

25. Casual Looks

We love these styles because they are casual enough to wear anywhere.

26. Cool Styles

As you can see this style would work perfectly for a formal event.

27. Double Braids

This is a pretty cool pigtail style. We love the double braids and this is a style that could even be worn on the red carpet.

28. Braided Wonders

A protective style that is certainly one for the books.

29. Celebrity Style

Katy Perry rocked this style out at an event and showed us all that braided ponytails are fancy too.

30. Sweet Styles

This would be a cute look for your child’s next event.

31. Remarkable Styles

If you are looking for a style that is sure to steal the show, then you came to the right place.

32. Intersecting Styles

A sweet style that is both casual and dressy.

33. The High Ponytail

The high ponytail is such a popular style why not add a braid to it.

34. Bright Red

If you really want to change up your look this year, then red is the color for you. We love these braided styles because they are so casual.

35. Heart Styles

Imagine how happy your child will be going to school in such a cute style.

36. Under Braids

This cool style has all the braids underneath the ponytail. It’s a fresh new look that will blow you away.

37. High Styles

Another great example of a high braided ponytail.

38. Soft Styles

Even as style as simple as this one can be worn to a red carpet event.

39. Summer Styles

This is the kind of style that you could wear to a summer BBQ or a fancy event.

40. Incredible Designs

Chrissy Teigen has an amazing sense of style. A great ponytail like this one is going to be talked about for the rest of the year. We love that three different ponytails just connect throughout the style.

41. Loose and Pretty

Another great loose look that can be worn to the beach.

42. Great Accents

A great style like this one needs just a bit of flair for a formal event.

43. Multiple Braids

Another loose style that has multiple braids in it.

44. Bold Choices

A great style that has braiding all around the head.

45. Thick Styles

You have to have really thick and long hair to mimic this style. If you have thin hair, it’s just not going to look the same.

46. Top Styles

This unique looking braid is on the top of the hair and it’s on the outside of the style not tight to the head.

47. Braided Tops

Another great style that has the braid on top.

48. Insane Looks

You definitely won’t find a more unique look than this one.

49. Thick Styles

We love how thick this braid is on top.

50. Cute Pigtails

This pigtails style was made with wavy hair and it’s beautiful.

51. Bold Fishtails

There is just something so unique about the fishtail braid. It’s a style that will always catch the eye.

52. Stunning Styles

This look is so stylish that we could see it as a wedding look. It’s glamorous and extraordinary.

53. Long Styles

The great think about these full braided looks is that you can keep them in for months at a time.

54. Simple Braid

All you need is one simple braid to create a great look. This style just has one braid on the top that ends up tying the ponytail together.

55. Fresh Styles

The braided top is a very popular style right now.

56. Fishtail Love

There is just something elegant about the fishtail braid that makes any style look magical. We love how there are two different kinds of braids in this look.

57. Simple Styling

A simple look that will have running around doing errands make you feel like you are going to an event.

58. Bold Braids

A great style that is full of life and volume.

59. Sleek Styles

Everything about this look is sleek and chic. We love the tight braid at the top of the style.

60. Heart-Shaped Styles

A great style that you are sure to love no matter what. We can see this style created on your child for a fancy event. They will love the heart-shaped elements that you are providing for them.

61. Stunning Styles

Braided styles like these ones give you that shaved side vibe without having to shave your head. On one side it’s edgy and on the other it’s polished.

62. Pretty Simple

This simple look will only take minutes to create.

63. Casual Looks

Another great casual style that you are sure to love.

64. Messy New Styles

Another great style that is totally amazing.

65. Loose Doubles

A fresh style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

66. Art Designs

Some of these children’s hairstyles look like works of art.

67. Beautiful Designs

A great ponytail style that has a few braids in it.

68. Celebrity Style

A creative design that is messy and awesome.

69. Middle Braid

Another simple braided look that is really unique.

70. Crown Braid

If you have ever wanted a crown braid then just follow these three steps to get the beautiful look.

71. Pink Styles

We’re not sure which is better the braided styles or the bright pink coloring.

72. Special Styles

This very tight braided style is one that you can wear to a formal event.

73. High and Beautiful

An elegant style like this one is sure to turn heads at your next formal event.

74. Gorgeous Ponytails

This is a very gorgeous braided ponytail and the braid itself is very special indeed.

75. Braided Crown

A glamorous style like this one is created with a loosely braided crown.

76. Creative Looks

Another great look that you can try on your child this year.

77. Wavy Styles

You can’t create a style like this one without creating some waves in the hair first.

78. Side Styles

Another great side braid but this one is at an angle.

79. Simple Twist

This is probably the easiest hairstyle to pull together from the list.

80. Loose Waves

Another loose wavy look that has a side braid.

81. Bold Doubles

Another great pigtail style that would look great at your next BBQ.

82. White Fishtail

A special look that has a bright and beautiful shade.

83. Inside Ponytail

A gorgeous style that has the fishtail braid on the inside of the ponytail. It’s a creative new way of changing up the look.

84. Upside Down Braid

The braid is on the back of the head in this style.

85. Tight Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, then this might be the perfect style for you.

86. Great Styles

It’s an inside-out braid that looks great.

87. Thick Fishtails

You can tell just how thick the hair is in this style.


88. Loose Designs

This fishtail braid is so loose it’s practically falling out.

89. Standard Braid

This type of style would be perfect for an everyday look.

90. Rainbow Colors

You are sure to feel like a mermaid with these bright colors and the many braids.

91. Sweet Braids

A simple style that will make your child feel pretty.

92. Children’s Designs

A cute style that will be great for the summer.

93. Riverdale’s Finest

This actress knows how to dress her look up with this braided ponytail.

94. Long Styles

Another great example of a long braided ponytail.

95. Sleek Designs

A great style that offers up a sleek look.

96. Enormous Styles

It’s pretty obvious that you need a lot of hair and thick hair at that, to accomplish a style like this one.

97. Amazing Looks

Another great look that will offer you hair protection all summer long.

98. Fishtail Pigtail Styles

Another awesome style designed with fishtail braids.

99. Loosely Braided

Another loose braided style that is easy to achieve.

100. Glamor Looks

We love a style like this one because it’s the kind of style that will make you feel beautiful all night long.

101. Classic Braid

There’s nothing wrong with using a classic braid.

102. Side Ponytail

An elegant style that is sure to turn heads all night long.

103. Actress Styles

It doesn’t matter what hairstyle Blake Lively has, she always look incredible. Mimic this style for your next event.

104. Art Designs

A braid like this one is a work of art.

105. Celebrity Braids

This ponytail is half braid and half pony.

106. Bold and Braided

This is the kind of look that is sure to stop people and force them to stare at you. A gorgeous design that will have you stealing the show all night.

107. Cool Styles

If you have long hair, this is a cool style to try out this summer.

108. Mohawk Styles

If you want an edgy new look for your next event, then you must try out this style.

109. Special Braids

This unusual braid is also special and unique.

110. Bump Style

This braided style has a bump on top.

111. Sporty Style

A great braided look that is perfect for someone that plays sports.

112. Red Carpet Styles

Who says that a classic braid can’t be worn to an event. Blake Lively is rocking one out here.

113. Sweet and Cute

A very simple braid that you can wear anywhere.


114. Fashion Styles

This loose braided style is one that can be worn to your next party or event.


115. Mini Braid

A great casual ponytail with a very small braid.

116. Twisty Styles

A great twisty braid is part of this style and it’s one that you can wear to work or the beach.

117. Swirling Braids

This is a stunning style that has braids swirling from top to bottom.

118. Tight Styles

This is a style that your child can keep in their hair for a long time.

119. Fantastic Braids

If an extraordinary style is what you are looking for, then you have to try out this unique style.

120. Pretty Styles

A simple style that will be very easy to create.

121. Tight Pigtails

This braided style is tight to the head.

122. Modeling Styles

This glamorous look has twisty braids on the top. It’s a style that will turn heads all night long.

123. Summer Styles

This cool look is one that you could wear all summer long.

124. Rocking New Styles

A great look that you can keep in all summer long.

125. Chic Styles

Another great example of a side braid style. As you can see, these are very popular styles right now. You can wear this style for a day at the beach or as you can see in this photo to a formal event.



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