87 Stunning Braided Updo’s For Your Next Event


The season of events is just right around the corner. There are Thanksgiving, Christmas and all those holiday parties that are coming up and you might be looking for a cool hairstyle to go along with it. If you need a fresh and fun new look, then you have come to the right place. These styles are super cool and can be used for a variety of different events. If you need a quick style that you can pull together quickly, then a braided updo is exactly what you need.

Check out these 87 Stunning Braided Updo’s For Your Next Event:

  1. Intricate Designs

A great style like this is well put together and the braids are woven all over the style. It’s a bold look that is sure to get you some attention.

braided updo

2. Fishtail Styles

A cool look that has a fancy fishtail braid. An updo like this is classic and unique.

3. Cool Designs

We have light and dark here, but the styles are both bold and beautiful. How could you not want to try a style like this?

4. Spiraling Styles

There is a bold design in the back of this hairstyle and one that is eye-opening. The braided bun is huge and is sure to be eye-catching.

5. Double Braids

A cool look that has double braids. These braids connect into a bun. It’s a gorgeous look that anyone would love.

6. Large Fishtail

This gorgeous style like this is unique because it’s created with a fishtail braid. The style spirals all around the head.

7. Royal Style

If you want a classic style that has been worn by a Princess, then you should try this polished updo.

8. Soft Looks

This is a very soft and romantic style that you can rock out at your next event. This is a very fancy style that would be perfect for a wedding.

9. Cascading Braids

This is a gorgeous style that has a braid that cascaded down the hairstyle.

10. Crowning Styles

This is a simple style that is pretty and simple to create.

11. Thick Braids

A bold style that is unique and beautiful. A great style that has one big thick braid that is wrapped around the head.

12. Fancy Styles

There are a few different braids in this style. A great look that is perfect for a formal event. It’s a beautiful style that is sure to make you the talk of the event.

13. Double Braids

These two braids are crisscrossing together to create a romantic look that you are going to love no matter what.

14. Drooping Braid

A stunning style that has a vintage look. It’s cool and classic, a style that has a few braids that droop down.

15. Gorgeous Braiding

This is a braid that is made from very thick hair. It’s a fabulous style that has a huge wraparound style.

16. Bold Braiding

This unique style has a very big braid that is made of more than one braid. If you want a cool new style, then this is the look for you.

17. Stunning Fishtails

A great look that has a pretty spectacular fishtail braid in it. This style is definitely going to get you tons of compliments at your event. It’s the fact that it’s unusual that will make it stand out.

18. Formal Styles

This formal look has curls and braids together to form a stunning design.

19. Romantic Looks

There are three gorgeous braided styles that are breathtaking. These styles are sure to make you feel like you got dropped into a different era.

20. Braided Bun

A sleek style that has a simple bun. This large braid is sure to create a style that is one of a kind.

21. Stunning Looks

There is a braid down the middle of the hairstyle. It’s cocooned in the style to create a really special look.

22. Impacted Style

A few different braids that are spiraled around the head. This look is really tight around the head.

23. Soft and Pretty

A pretty style that falls soft and pretty around the face. It is a special look that is pulled up in the back and the front has tendrils hanging in the front.

24. Messy Styles

A romantic look that is a little messy. A cool braids that hangs at the base of the neck. It’s a special look that is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

25. Polished Looks

A gorgeous look like this is sure to make your event extra special. Every hair is in its place and there is a simple braid pulling it all together.

26. High Styles

This high bun is high fashion and stylish. If you want a cool design, then why not go for this tightly woven braided bun.

27. Side Braid

If you want something a little more classic, then you can’t go wrong with this look. It’s bold and braided on one side and truly a spectacular style.

28. Celebrity Looks

Emily Blunt looks amazing in this crowning braided updo. If you want a classy look, then this is the style for you.

29. Upside Down Braid

These stunning braids are growing in popularity. How could you not love a gorgeous and unique style like this one? We have two different styles that have upside down braids. One is a thicker and wider braid while the other has two smaller braids. These styles are worth the effort it takes to create them.

30. Messy Looks

These two styles are messy and unpolished. If you want something a little different, then try out one of these two styles.

31. Simple Bun

This is a very simple style that would be easy to create.

32. Stunning Looks

We have two gorgeous looks here that are unique in their own way. They are bold and beautiful looks.

33. Cute Styles

If you want to know how you can achieve a messy braid, then just backcomb the braids as you see in this picture.

34. Loose Braids

A gorgeous look that wraps around the head. It’s a messy and simple look that creates a breathtaking glow.

35. Simple Crowns

A simple look that is flowing softly. This style has a braided crown around the head.

36. Soft Buns

A soft style like this is classic and pretty.

37. Big and Loose

An amazing style that has a loose braid that circles the head.

38. Bold and Wavy Style

A cool look that is loose and has some tendrils that are falling beautifully around the head.

39. Multiple Braids

There are multiple braids that are circling into a gorgeous updo. It’s a simple and beautiful style that is perfect for an event.

40. Tight Styles

It’s a unique style that anyone would love. There are tight braids that really keep this style together.

41. Spiraling Fishtail

This breathtaking style has a beautiful fishtail braid that surrounds the head and swirls into a floral design.

42. Round Styles

This style is so compact that it has a rounded look to it. This is a more classic look that you are sure to love for a formal event.

43. Big and Messy

If you have a formal event coming up, then you should try this fancy, but messy hairstyle. It’s sure to brighten anyone’s day.

44. Tendril Magic

This soft and romantic style is truly unique. We love a style that is glamorous and special.

45. Goddess Styles

This is a very tight style and one that won’t fall apart. The backward braid is unique with a bun that has what could only be described as a goddess look. It’s breathtaking and it’s sure to get you a lot of compliments all night long.

46. Multiple Styles

A cool style that has a few braids that come together for a polished updo.

47. Shiny Reds

A stunning style that has the braid in the back. The style is sexy with the red coloring and the shiny hair.

48. Bold Blondes

This creative style is one for the books. How could we not stand behind a breathtaking look like this one? It has everything you could ever want in a beautiful updo. We get to see step by step how the style is created. Try it out today.

49. Simple and Pretty

This style is so pretty even though it is really simple to put together.

50. Twisted Bun

A beautiful style that is truly unique because of the braids that twirl around into a bun.

51. Side Braid

A side braid is one of the most popular braided styles that you can rock out this season.

52. Twisted Fishtail Braids

A breathtaking style that has a crowning fishtail braid on either side of the head. They crisscross together to create this stunning style.

53. Blended Styles

A simple style that is perfect for a formal event.

54. Rope Braids

How could you not love rope braids? This is a great style that piles the ropes on top of the head.

55. Horizontal Braid

These are popular styles and it’s because they are classy and elegant. We can see how the style is created in this short tutorial.

56. Fun Styles

A great look that has a simple braid that circles a bun.

57. Messy Braiding

A simple updo that has messy braids throughout. Try out the style for your next event.

58. Curly Styles

If you have curly hair, this is likely what your hair will look like in a braided updo.

59. Soft and Messy

How pretty is this messy style? Who says you need to have a polished style for a formal event.

60. Tight Braids

Seal your tight updo with a bow at the end, could this look be any more precious?

61. Simple Braiding

Braiding doesn’t have to be hard. As you can see here, you can create a style that is really simple just by following these steps.

62. Upwards Braid

Another unique braid that is upside down. It’s sure to steal the show.

63. Pretty Looks

Another great look that has the romantic feeling to it.

64. Pretty Braids

Here we see an updo with s couple of simple braids.

65. Cool and Loose

A great style that has a loose braid that you are sure to love.

66. Headband Braids

This is truly a high fashion style and one that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

67. Spinning Styles

These braids are spinning all around the head to create a unique updo.

68. Different Braids

Braided updos come in a few different looks as you can see with these different styles.

69. Soft and Pretty

A simple and pretty look that makes for a classic updo.

70. Children’s Styles

This children’s style is beautiful and unique. If you need a cute look for your daughter, this is it.

71. Bridal Looks

This style would be perfect for a wedding or the prom.


72. Thick Braiding

These braids are so thick that they create a unique look.

73. Cool Updos

As you can see here, the braided style is really easy to create.

74. Floral Designs

This gorgeous look has the braids coming together for a floral look.

75. Creating the Style

A great look that you can create easily.

76. Formals Looks

Try this pretty look at your next formal event.

77. Classy Looks

A great look like this is created through tight braids.

78. Sideways Style

Now, this is sure to be a braided updo that is going to get you some attention.

79. Tight and Upside Down

If you want an edgier look, then try this one out.

80. Fun Looks

This is a fun look to rock out at your next event.

81. Backward Crown

Try a creative style like this for a classic updo look.

82. Pretty and Formal

A great style that is unpolished but pretty.

83. High Bun

A stunning look that is going to make you feel like a goddess.

84. Bold and Cool

These gorgeous looks are really tight and controlled.

85. Simple and Pretty

This style is perfect in every way.

86. Fresh and Cool

A simple style that is both fresh and cool.

87. Curly Looks

Look how amazing curls can look with braids. It’s amazing!




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