79 Cool and Crazy Braid Ideas For Kids


If you are looking for fun new ideas for hairstyles for your kids, then this is the article for you. When it comes to braids kids usually don’t go too crazy with ideas, it’s usually just one braid or two in the form of pigtails. But that’s just boring, right? Of course, it is, you want something fun and even crazy for your kids, they deserve the best after all.

There are many different ideas out there for braids. There are ideas that are interesting and can even add more volume to the style that you have. There are so many braid ideas out there that it will blow your mind. Use this article as your inspiration to try something amazing in your child’s hair.

There are so many cool ideas to choose from, you could try cornrows, French braids, fishtails, really there are so many options available to you. All these types of braids are attractive for many girls and they will be tickled pink when they get to show them off. It may take some practice but after a few times, you will be braiding your children’s hair like you have been doing it your whole life. If you want your child to have low maintenance and awesome looking hair, then you must check out these awesome styles.

Below are 79 Cool and Crazy Braid Ideas for Kids:

  1. Intersecting Designs

This is a pretty interesting style and one that is going to make your girl look pretty cool.

2. Twirly Braids

These cute braids really make the hairstyle a cool one. This style is perfect if you have an event to go to.

3. Cornrows

These are some stunning cornrows, truly remarkable designs. The braids are truly tight on this style.

4. Heart Shaped

How creative is this style? We have a bunch of cornrows with a stunning heart in the mix.

5. Creative Designs

Another example of how creative you can be with braids. We love them.

 6. Three Braids

This braided design looks a little medieval. We can’t help but love it because it’s simple yet beautiful. 

7. Braid Designs

A cool design that has two separate braids on one side. It’s a precious style that anyone kid would love.

8. Event Styles

If you are looking for a cute style for the next event your kids go to then why not try this triple threat out?

9. Circular Braids

A stunning style for a little girl. These braids for a circular that ends in a bun.

10. Sweet Braids

A sweet style that consists of some amazing braids. It’s a very simple style that any kid is sure to love.

11. French Braid Love

Three gorgeous French braids that make for a beautiful ponytail. It’s a stunning style that your kid is sure to love.

12. Twirls

A great style that is truly magical. A great style that anyone is sure to enjoy!

13. Gorgeous Designs

It starts with very tight cornrows and ends with long and thick twirl braids. This is a fun style and it’s truly gorgeous.

14. Fishtails

As tunning fishtail that is made into a ponytail. It’s a simple style that is also low maintenance.

15. Floral Designs

This gorgeous and unique braid looks like a floral headband. You won’t find a more unique and creative braid design for your child.

16. Simple Braids

These are simple braid designs, and they are really pretty.

17. V Braids

A special V-shaped braid that is quite beautiful and it’s a very polished look.

18. Cascading Braid

A ponytail that is stunning because it’s a ponytail and a braid all in one. It’s a gorgeous way of using braids.

19. Side Braids

This polished look has three braids on the side of the head.

20. Braid Artwork

We haven’t seen braids that look this beautiful before. They are great styles because they look like artwork.

21. Thick Braids

This B shaped style is truly gorgeous. If your child’s name starts with a B then this would be a creative way of showcasing her personal style.

22. Twist Braids

These gorgeous twist braids are truly wonderful. We can’t help but love this voluminous style.

23. X Designs

A simple braided design that goes in the shape of an X.

24. Around the World

This is a stunning style that is very circular against the scalp while the rest of the braids are pulled back.

25. Polished Designs

This polished look that has a braid around the head.

26. Loose Styles

These styles are pretty because they are loose pigtails.

27. Tighter Styles

Two small braids that circle the head like a crown.

28. Striking Styles

This is quite the gorgeous style that your child can wear to any event.

29. Heart Love

A simple style that is in the shape of a heart.

30. Messy Styles

A great style that is just messy enough for your kids.

31. Scalp Styles

A great style that is not only polished but beautiful.

32. Mini Ponytails

Four mini braids that make for an attractive style.

33. Braided Bun

A great style that has a pretty unique braided bun.

34. Special Braiding

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s a stunning intersecting style.

35. Soft Styles

A soft style that is truly beautiful.

36. Gorgeous Heart

A gorgeous heart-shaped design that’s on the back of the head. How can you not love this style.

37. Tiny Braids

The smallest of braids really make for an amazing style. It’s super small and really unique.

38. Staircase Braid

This is such a great style, a staircase braid that cascades down the head. This is a really special design that any little kid would love.

39. Awesome Ponytails

A gorgeous braided style that is pulled back into smaller ponytails.

40. Upsidedown Braids

These braids are very popular right now because of their unique design.

41. Sweet Ponytails

This style comes close to a ponytail and we think it’s gorgeous.

42. Beaded Styles

A great beaded style for a cornrow look.

43. Stunning Styles

A very stunning style that is loose and free. If you are looking for a casual style for your child, then this is the one for you.

44. Criss-Cross

A stunning style that is beautiful because of the crisscross braids around the hairstyle.

45. Lovely Styles

A stunning cornrow style that will prove to be very low maintenance.

46. Fishtail Art

Now this stunning fishtail style looks like a work of art. We love how it zig zags back and forth. Truly beautiful.

47. Cute Hair

Another great example of simple ponytail shaped designs.

48. Mini Buns

A great style that is polished and pulled in tight.

49. Across the Head

Simple braids can still be created to look beautiful. This polished look doesn’t have a hair out of place.

50. Stylish Braids

A great tightly braided style that is very beautiful.

51. Tight French Braids

Multiple braids are very tight against the scalp but then are left loose.

52. Celebrity Style

A cute little celebrity that knows how to make a casual look rock.

53. Fishtail Madness

We just love this style because there are all kinds of fishtails all twirled into one braid. It’s a style that kids will thank you for.

54. Tightly Knit

We adore these braids because they are nice and tight which means you can have a low-maintenance style for your kids that lasts a long time.

55. Wavy Designs

We love this style for a lot of reasons! It’s just plain awesome.

56. Different Shades

This style pops because of the different colors.

57. Double Sided

A cute braided style that is all about keeping it close.

58. Special Day

If you are looking for a great style for a special day, then check this one out.

59. Loosely Woven

A great style that has some loose braids.

60. Deep Part

An adorable style that adds volume.

61. Bowties

Talk about a stunning creation. These little bows are insanely beautiful.

62. Squirrely Styles

A great style that has some curving lines.

63. Simple Designs

A great braid with a simple design on the top.

64. Gorgeous Styles

Turn your braid into a heart with this gorgeous style.

65. Unique Styles

Another example of a great style using cornrows.

66. Side Braid

A great style that anyone will love.

67. Classic Designs

This is a great look for the kids and it can be worn anywhere.

68. Small Braids

These small braids make for a perfect style.

69. Plenty of Braids

Another great example of long braids.

70. Starry Nights

A special style for your special little girl.

71. The Beehive

A small beehive made out of braids.

72. Sweet Styling

This fishtail braid looks sweet and smart off to the side.

73. Matching Styles

If you have two girls or more than match them up with these gorgeous heart styles.

74. Stunning Braids

You won’t find cooler looking braids than these.

75. Triple Braids

A triple threat made out of braids.

76. Simple French

Even people with short hair can have French braids.

77. The Bun Style

How fashionable does this little girl look?

78. U Shaped

A cute style that has a U shaped design.

79. Inside Braids

A great style that you are sure to want to try with your kids. We love how it cascades down the ponytail.



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