73 Stunning Braids For Short Hair That You Will Love


The great thing about Fashion Week is that we get to see a lot of braid styles. It’s an easy enough style for models because it’s simple and it stays in place, plus it’s very fashionable. If you have short hair and you are looking for a new style, then why not think of braids. These styles are luscious and gorgeous.

Braids For Short Hair

Braids For Short Hair

Braids For Short Hair

Maybe you have long hair and are thinking of cutting it. Either way, braids are a great way of showing off your personal style and they are really low maintenance. Braids always look great no matter the length of your hair but for this article, we are talking about short styles. There are many different ways you can have a braid style. We have many different ideas that are sure to please you endlessly. Below are 73 Stunning Braids for Short Hair That You Will Love:

  1. Crowning Glory

This gorgeous style is intriguing because of the crowning braid against her forehead.

2. French Braid

A great braid like this gives you a very put together look and it’s proof that you can have it even with short hair.

3. Blonde Fishtail

A great style with a fishtail braid. It’s gorgeous because it’s a different sort of braid.

4. Green Designs

A double braid that has a shade of green to it. It’s a very wild style that anyone is sure to love.

5. Shaved Style

A great style that is sexy and a little badass. There is a gorgeous braid right alongside a shaved head. It’s amazing.

6. Loose Braids

A great short style with a gorgeous loose braid.

7. Tight Braiding

The contrast between colors is truly remarkable. The braids are tight and it almost gives the same type of look as a shaved side.

8. Crowning Braid

A simple braid that crowns the head.

9. Sexy Bob

A great bob that is stylish and sexy. A great braid that is styled just to one side.

10. A Shade of Pink

This badass style is gorgeous because of the pink, it’s an amazing style.

11. Tight Braiding

This normal loose style is made perfect with the tight braid against the head.

12. Blonde Designs

These curls are intersecting with the braids and they are beautiful.

13. Tiny Braids

This style is exquisite because of the tight and tiny braids. A great style that you are sure to love.

14. Casual Styles

Just one side is styled in braids but it’s a pretty great style.

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15. Waving Lengths

This style is all about the waves and the braids, they are gorgeous together.

16. Gray Styles

These gray styles are amazing because of the fishtail styles. They are gorgeous and elegant, you won’t find a better style than this one. 

17. Red Hot

Two braids are sure to make you happy especially with a style like this.

Braids For Short Hair


18. Twirls

A few twirls are all you need to have a great style on the side of the head.

19. Around the Head

A great style with one braid that circles the head.

20. Top Braid

A great set of braids that sit on top of the head.

21. Double Bun

If you are looking for a boho summer style then this is the one for you. Gorgeous!

22. Loose Braids

These adorable braids are great because they are in the pigtail style. This style is very low maintenance.

23. Blonde Highlights

This style proves that blondes are always having more fun.

24. A Choppy Style

This braided style is a little edgier than the rest.

25. Tiny Fishs

We just love this braided style because of the tiny fishtail braids.

26. Crazy Braids

A nontraditional braid might be exactly what you’re looking for.

27. Side Braids

This curly style looks amazing because of the intersecting braids.

28. Pigtails

A great style with pigtails, it’s gorgeous because the braids are loose.

29. Forehead Braid

A very straight style with a sexy braid on the forehead.

30. Double Up on Braids

Two gorgeous braids that sit against the head. The shine with this hair is just beautiful.

31. Messy Hair

A messy style that is truly beautiful and alluring.

32. Tight Curls

A very tight style with amazing cornrows. This style is all about getting attention.

33. Soft Styles

A soft style that is truly one of a kind. A great design that is truly breathtaking.

34. An Updo

A great updo that has a very classic braid alongside it. We just love these gorgeous styles.

35. Just a Crown

Who needs a crown when you have a style that makes you feel like royalty.

36. Gorgeous Styles

Another example of a soft braid style.

37. Red Styles

A partial style that has some pretty badass braids.

38. Circle Braids

Wow, this design of a circular braid is absolutely gorgeous.

39. Short Braids

A short style with a side braid.

40. Luminous Braid

One braid down the back is all you need.

41. Pigtail Love

These are only half braids but we absolutely love them.

42. High Braids

A sexy style that has a high braid in this partial updo.

43. Badass Styles

If you are looking for a cool new look then you have found it.

44. Blissful Fish

Another messy style with a gorgeous fishtail braid.

45. Gorgeous Sidesweep

A great style that is really fashionable. Kristen Stewart has always had a nontraditional look and we just love it.

46. Simple Styles

Another example of a simple style that includes a braid.

47. Soft Tails

A great style with very small pigtails.

48. A Sporty Style

A great style that has some amazing thick braids.

49. Colorful Choices

Another unconventional style that will make you feel like you rule the world.

50. Elegant

This is a braided style that you can wear to your next event.

51. Short Styles

This hairstyle that very short but you’re still able to maintain a braid with it.

52. Crazy Colors

These colors are truly remarkable but then again so is the braids.

53. Extreme Tightness

This braid is insanely tight and it’s also multidimensional.

54. Tie it Up

A great style that has the braids practically tied up like a present.

55. Lovely Braids

Another celebrity style that is beautiful.

56. Romantic Styles

A beautiful style that has a great braid on the side.

57. Messy Beauty

A great style that isn’t polished but it’s still beautiful.

58. Rock Star Look

Shaved styles are always great looks for people who want to make a statement.

59. Gorgeous Styles

Another pigtail style that is gorgeous.

60. Inside Style

These braids go in and out for this style.

61. Hot Styles

These hot styles are truly wonderful.

62. Fiery Style

Pigtails this hot are sure to make anyone happy.

63. Romance

A short style that would suit any event.

64. A Few Braids

A few braids here and there make for a gorgeous style.

65. Messy Updo

A stunning braided updo that is created with this ice blonde hair.

66. True Style

A gorgeous style that is very messy.

67. Braid Love

A great style that is fully braided.

68. Add Sparkle

Just add a touch of sparkle and you will have glammed up your braided design.

69. Soft Braids

Take two loose braids and create some magic.

70. High Style

These braids are totally high with style.

71. Glowing Purple

A stunning purple fishtail.

72. Loosely Love

High braids that are loose and lovely.

73. Curling Around

One braid circling around the whole head as tight as can be. We love it.


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