71 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles For the Big Day


If you are looking for a style for your bridesmaid for your big day, then you have to check out this article. We have so many different styles for you to choose from. There are free-flowing styles and even some with French braids. There are buns that will make you feel like you are a ballet dancer and plenty of curls to last you a lifetime. There are so many styles that you might even have trouble choosing one. These are styles for your wedding day but actually the styles that you want to have for your bridal party. The sky is the limit for what you can choose from. These are the kind of styles that you will swoon over. Your big day is super important and you want to have the best styles available to you. These styles can work with thin hair or thick hair, long hair or short hair. We have styles that will work with all types of hair lengths and textures.

You can even accessorize your girl’s style with flowers or gems; there are so many options for you. There are plenty of styles that you can use for your girls, ones that you are sure to love no matter what. You want your girls to be just as beautiful as you are on your big day especially since they will all be in pictures. We have plenty of options for you to try out and we are sure that you will find something to complement each girl in your wedding party.

Check out these 71 Unique Bridesmaid Hairstyles For the Big Day:

  1. Pretty Updos

A great style that is simple and sweet. If you don’t want anything fancy, then this is the perfect style for you.

2. Twisty Partial

Partial updos are great styles to have on your big day. There is a simple twist in the back that is really pretty.

3. Add Some Flowers

These bold curls are really remarkable. If you are looking for an awesome style, then try these flowers as an accessory.

4. Spectacular Style

If you really want your bridesmaids to look amazing, then this is the style for you. Between the braid and the amazing flowers, this is a show stopper for sure.

5. Pretty Updos

Updos are always very popular when it comes to a bridal party and this one is very pretty.

6. Polished Style

If you are looking for elegance and grace, then you are sure to find it with this updo.

7. Messy Styles

We can’t help but love this messy style for a bridal updo.

8. Classic Styles

This partial updo is a classic look and you can add some accessories to it.

9. Loose Curls

If you want your bridal party to leave their hair down, then this is a gorgeous look that is full of curls.

10. Gorgeous Designs

If you are looking for a glamorous style, then try out this curly updo.

11. Bold Looks

A great style that is full of elegance and grace. We love the added gems throughout the style.

12. Glamorous Styles

Another example of a stunning updo that is very glamorous.

13. Cascading Curls

There is a ton of hair involved with this look so you may have to get some of your girl’s some extensions. The cascading curls down the back are pretty amazing though.

14. Braided Styles

We love the fact that the braid circles the bun with this updo.

15. Soft Styles

If you are looking for a more romantic look for your bridesmaids, then you can’t go wrong with this updo.

16. The Top Braid

If you are looking for a unique look for your bridal party you won’t find a more amazing one then this.

17. Fishtail Braids

This is another gorgeous style that you are sure to love. We just think the fishtail braids are always so unique looking.

18. Romantic Styles

This is another classic look that you are sure to love

19. Classy Styles

Another example of a braid around the bun except this one is thicker.

20. Thick Braids

This stunning updo has a full-length braid on top.

21. Simple Designs

If you want your bridesmaids to have simple yet classy styles, then this is the hairstyle for you.

22. Elegant Styles

A great updo to choose from and it has plenty of curls.

23. Bountiful Curls

If you like curly styles, then this partial updo is the style for you.

24. Simple Braids

This is another look that you will love because it’s so simple.

25. A Fishtail Style

Another gorgeous style that proves that fishtails are the way to go.

26. Bold Updo

Another curly updo that you are sure to love.

27. Loose Tendrils

This fancy updo has plenty of loose tendrils around the face.

28. Sweet Styles

A great style that has a lot of romantic elements to it.

29. Curls For Days

These gorgeous curls are sure to put a smile on your face.

30. Great Accessories

Sometimes a great accessory is all you need to make your style even more perfect.

31. Stunning Styles

We can’t get over just how beautiful this updo is with the braid.

32. Twisty Bun

A simple style but one that is still very elegant.

33. Pin Curl Waves

If you are looking for a vintage style for your bridal party, then pin curl waves are the way to go. It’s an elegant style that will take you back to another time.

34. Edgy Styles

If there are girls that have really short hair in the bridal party, then you might want to try this edgy look. It can be hard to style very short hair for a wedding. You can make your girls feel cool with this amazing style.

35. Pretty Designs

This is a simple partial updo with a braid, but it’s a gorgeous style. We love the fact that the braid is going right across her head. It’s a stunning style that you are sure to love.

36. Elegant Looks

This updo is sure to draw the eye. These elegant updos are very popular for weddings.

37. Standard Style

If you are looking for a simple partial updo, then you can’t go wrong with this style.

38. A Romantic Style

Another great example of a partial updo with a braid. These are the types of styles that look great on bridesmaids because they stand out yet they are so simple to create. You wouldn’t even need a hairstylist to create these looks.

39. Unique Designs

Who says that your bridesmaids can’t be unique on your big day. It’s a large twisting braid that wraps around the head. It’s the kind of style that people will be talking about all night.

40. Cascading Ponytail

A stunning look that you are sure to love. Cascading curls wrapped up in a ponytail. It’s an elegant look that is perfect for your bridal party.

41. Little Details

These small floral accessories really complete the look.  It’s a partial updo that has a very simple braid. It’s sometimes the simple looks that draw the eye the most.

42. Glorious Styles

This stylish updo is breathtaking. Your girls are sure to impress with these styles. If you want a look that is sure to stand out then try this one out.

43. Gorgeous Curls

Curls are very popular for wedding hairstyles. This partial updo has more curls than you will ever need. It’s a more formal look that would be appropriate with fancier dresses for the bridal party.

44. A Floral Style

A simple partial updo with some amazing floral elements. The curls are very loose in this style so it would be a great look for an outdoor or beach wedding.

45. The Side Braid

This is a pretty cool design that would look great for a wedding party. It’s a partial updo that combines braids and ponytails together. We think it’s a stunning style an done that will really make your bridal party stand out.

46. A Short Style

This updo is smaller than most and it gives you a very different look. You don’t see too many updos like this one so why not make your bridal party a more original one.

47. Wavy Styles

This style is simple and not over the top. The partial updo is styled with waves instead of curls. Braids always give a romantic element to these types of styles.

48. Classical Updo

If you are looking for something classy and pretty then you are sure to love this great updo. A classic look is all you need to make a great impression.

49. Pretty Bridesmaids

If simplicity is what you are looking for, then you should definitely try this style out. These three partial updos are all a little different, but they are gorgeous styles that would look amazing in a bridal party. You could use all three if you wanted to and give your girls each a different style.

50. Braided Crown

A gorgeous style that has a braided crown and some flowers. It’s another romantic style that you are sure to love all day long. Your bridesmaids are sure to look amazing with this style.

51. High Updos

There is a lot going on with this rather high updo. Your girls are going to need a lot of hair or extensions to achieve a look like one.

52. Classy Looks

A simple and classy look but one that is very beautiful. This is another great look that would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.

53. Gorgeous Braids

Another example of a partial updo that has a braid.

54. Loose and Lovely

If you want to leave the hair loose for your girls, then all you need is some simple waves and an amazing hair clip.

55. Side Styles

A glamorous style that has the hair off to the side and looking quite chic.

56. Bouncy Curls

A gorgeous updo that has plenty of curls to make your bridesmaids happy.

57. A Simple Bun

Sometimes the most simplest looks are the prettiest and we love this messy bun.

58.Classic Designs

A great style that has curls and all the glamor you need for your big day. This updo is a classy and elegant look for your bridal party.

59. Intersecting Braids

A simple and pretty design that won’t be hard to style.

60. Long and Loose

This is a simple style that requires your girls to have long hair. It’s pretty and easy to put together you wouldn’t even need a stylist.

61. Rose Styles

Another gorgeous example of how you can wear your hair down in a classy way. We love the addition of the rose in the hair.

62. Many Partial Styles

There are seven different partial updos. They are very similar and very manageable styles. If you are looking for styles where your girls can be different, then try out each and every one of these styles.

63. Large Braids

Another great partial updo that has a large braid in it.

64. Sexy Styles

This is a sexy and elegant style that is sure to turn heads on your big day.

65. Huge Fishtail

This is a stunning example of a fishtail braid. It’s another style where you would either have to have a lot of hair or add extensions to the style. The large fishtail is breathtaking.

66. Beach Waves

This partial updo would be perfect for a beach wedding as it will keep you cool.

67. Great Styles

Another amazing partial updo that has a braid coming down the side.

68. Beautiful Updos

If fancy updos are what you are looking for, then try this beautiful style out.

69. Curly Looks

We love this simple style that has beautiful curls on one side.

70. Short Styles

This would be a great style for anyone that had short hair. Short hair can be difficult to style for a wedding party so why not try out something that is both simple and elegant.

71. A Crowning Style

You are sure to love a style as gorgeous as this one. It’s a pretty polished look with the crowning braid tonight to the head. The rest of the hair is pulled off to the side and curled. It’s a gorgeous look that would totally suit a bridal party.


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