55 Stunning Shades of Brunette Hair That You Will Love


If you are looking for a change this fall season, then why not try out a shade of brunette? It’s not true that blondes have more fun. There are plenty of brunettes out there that are stealing the show. There are so many different shades to choose from you could try a light brown with caramel highlights or even a chocolate brown shade that is sure to make your eyes pop.

These sultry and sexy brunettes are showing off their shades and you should join in on the fun. The best shades of brown available are ones that look natural, but that is kicked up a notch. It’s about extenuating the natural shades instead of changing them drastically.

Want a new shade? Check out the colors that we have for you and make the choice to try something new this season or even spice up your already existing brunette style.

Below are 55 Stunning Shades of Brunette Hair That You Will Love:

  1. Classic Ombre

This is a very simple and natural look. The ombre is added near the bottom and it’s a simple color change that isn’t too light.

2. Chocolate Color

This is a fairly dark brunette shade, it’s probably closer to a dark chocolate color.

3. Highlights

If you are a brunette and you want a simple change then just lighten your look up with highlights. You can go blonde or even stay in the brown family and try caramel. It’s a shade that really warms up the style.

4. Soft Shades

A great style and color choice for this brunette. Highlights are a great way to make a subtle change in your style.

5. Before and After

This is a great example of what you can do if you have an existing darker shade. See how much highlights change the overall look of the hair. The style looks completely different.

6. Celebrity Style

Jessica Alba has never gone beyond her classic brunette style. She keeps it light with highlights and always looks great.

7. Soft Elements

If you’re not looking for a big change then this might be the look for you. It’s not a major change but it will really brighten up your natural shade.

8. Eva Style

Here is another celebrity style that has a natural look to it. Eva is another woman who likes to keep her look natural and she always looks fantastic.

9. Touch of Red

When it comes to brown you can always add a little bit of another color to create your own personal shade. In this case, there has been some red added to the brown and it just gives off a hint of red without going crazy. It’s a great looking shade and one that you will love this fall season.

10. Blonde Designs

If you really want to lighten up your natural shade then just add blonde highlights. This style has a full set of highlights which is why there is so much blonde in it. You can still see the undertones of brown, however.

11. Caramel Highlights

The natural shade here is quite dark and when it comes to lightening up the look it appears as if there are blonde and caramel highlights involved.

12. Chocolate Styles

Jennifer Love-Hewitt always looks amazing. She has always had the long chocolate brown hair and at times we see highlights like what you see here. This shade is always a great choice for anyone.

13. Jenner Style

Kendall Jenner looks amazing with her dark brown locks. Who says that you need highlights to have amazing style?

14. Dark Brown

The style ranges very dark but then there are light highlights added to the bottom.

15. Warm Tones

This style is great for any season. We just love the warm tones because they make the whole face light right up.

16. Soft Features

The great thing about Brown is that you can’t play with it a lot without having to make any drastic changes.

17. Gorgeous Brown

This is a beautiful brown shade that anyone would love. There are also just a few highlights there to brighten things up.

18. Striking Shades

We love this style for a few reasons, the cut is short and stylish and the color is to die for. We love how she brightened up her brown by adding in blonde highlights.

19. Sexy Styles

A great style that has some pretty amazing highlights in it. If you want to brighten up your style then follow this recipe for gorgeous hair.

20. Messy Styles

Another example of an ombre style that you are sure to love.

21. Lighter Locks

This woman has an all over lighter shade that she is really rocking. If you want to try a lighter shade this one is very pretty.

22. Dark and Delicious

This is another very dark chocolate brown shade and one that you will cherish for a long time.

23. Softer Shades

Highlights are always a great way to give your look a subtle or a strong change. It’s all in what kind of look you are going after.

24. Lighter Designs

She has very long hair and that allows her to really have some brighter shades. We can’t help but love these great looking highlights.

25. Simple Styles

A great shade of brown that is sure to make you happy all season long.

26. Gorgeous Shades

We just love this gorgeous brown, it’s warm and inviting.

27. Celebrity Brunettes

Gisele is one celebrity who has always kept her natural brunette style. She never goes beyond doing a few highlights.

28. Dark and Mysterious 

A gorgeous shade of brown that will give you that air of mystery about you. This vampire has always looked stunning in her naturally dark shade.

29. Soft Brown

Another great example of how you can lighten up your natural shade.

30. Cascading Shades

These highlights are not only perfectly placed but they are gorgeous as well.

31. Brown is the New Blonde

A great example of highlights in the hair that really warm up the whole look.

32. Lighter Brown

If you are looking to lighten up your natural color then why not try out this pretty shade?

33. Bold Looks

Maybe you are looking for something a little more exciting. You don’t want a small change you want a big one, right? No problem. Try an ombre that takes your brown to a beige color. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go. This is a stunning color and one that you are sure to love for a very long time.

34. Highlighting

A great example of a chocolate brown shade that has some amazing highlighting options to it.

35. Royal Brunette

This princess knows all about great style and she has an amazing shade of brown. If you want some royal treatment then you should totally try this style on for size. Feel like a princess for the day.

36. Burnt Color

These highlights are quite warm and they completely change the look of this dark style. If you want to warm up your style then just add highlights.

37. White Lights

This lady went to great lengths to change up her look and we absolutely love it. She has many different colors of highlights, including gray and they look amazing against her naturally brunette color.

38. Gorgeous Styles

Look at how amazing this wedding updo looks with some dark chocolate brown coloring. If you want to steal the show then you must try this color.

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39. Many Tones

Another example of how highlights can come in many colors. You don’t have to just stick to one. Make your style your own.

40. Bold and Beautiful

This gorgeous color compliments her so much. It goes well with her skin coloring as well as her dark eyes. If you are looking to make a splash with your style this season then try this dark brown on for size.

41. Stunning Styles

If you want a small change then all you need is highlights. You have the choice on how many you want in your head. So you can get a full head of highlights to really lighten up your look or just stick with a few to give a subtle boost. The sky is the limit for what you can do.

42. Designing it Brown

We love brown, can’t you tell? This style looks amazing with the highlights.

43. Beyonce Love

We love everything about this girl, her style has always been incredible. She knows how to rock any style that she has. Here she lightens up her brunette style with some caramel highlights. If you want to feel like a celebrity then try this style on for size.

44. Short Styles

This is a great example of how you can warm up your whole look by choosing a lighter shade of brown. It will add color to your face, the moment you do the change. We love these gorgeous colors.

45. Little Red

Kristen Stewart has always rocked out a brunette style, until recently of course. This is a great color because not only is it lighter but there is a hint of auburn to the color as well. We love these celebrity styles, we want to copy them all.

46. Amazing Styles

Simple styles with just a few highlights are all you need to change up your brunette style. Try this celebrity style and wow the crowd.

47. Caramel Love

This gorgeous style has a touch of caramel to it and we can’t get enough of how beautiful it is. If you are looking for a new change then why not try out this beautiful brunette shade this season.

48. Biel Love

Jessica Biel just rocks her natural shade. She has added quite a bit of highlights to it here, offering up a new style that is a lot lighter. We love it.

49. Warm Designs

We love this shade because it’s somewhere between light and dark. If you want a spicer shade this season then try this one out.

50. Dark Brown Designs

This color is very dark brown, it’s almost black. If you want to try a new shade on for size, then you are sure to love this dark look. Many people choose to darken their shades for fall and this looks like a gorgeous shade to choose.

51. Beautiful Brown

We love this shade of brown, it’s so beautiful and it goes well with her skin tone. It’s always best to find a color that goes well with your own skin tone.

52. Great Choices

Here are three very different shades but they are all beautiful. Pick the shade that you desire the most and run with it. You can’t go wrong with any of these color choices.

53. Light Brown Designs

We just love how these highlights really brighten up her whole look. If you want to change up your style then look no further than this gorgeous shade.

54. Jolie Style

Angelina Jolie has always been a stunning brunette and she is always changing up the shade of her hair. Sometimes it’s dark while other times she adds highlights to it. Whether you want light or dark you will love being a brunette with this celebrity color. You will feel like a celebrity everytime that you look in the mirror.

55. Wavy Brown

We love everything about this style, the color, the shade. Everything just screams gorgeous brown. We love it and you will too.

We hope that you were able to find a shade that you love. Being a brunette is something that should be celebrated. If you want to have as much fun as the blondes then choose one of these shades and book an appointment with a talented stylist. You won’t regret it.

These styles all have their benefits, it just depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a bold change then an ombre is always a great choice, especially with a lighter shade. If you want a dark shade then chocolate is always a crowd pleaser. But if you want to keep it simple then you can never go wrong with getting a few highlights.

We hope you enjoyed the article, please comment on your favorite brunette styles.




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