60 Gorgeous Burgundy Hairstyles That You Love


Burgundy is a great color, it has that red wine color that we just can’t get enough of. If you are thinking about a change in hair color, then you can’t go wrong with a beautiful burgundy shade. It’s a popular color for brunettes because it doesn’t require you to bleach your hair. Even blondes have used the color to brighten up their shade. It’s also a great shade for redheads who want a darker shade. It’s a gorgeous color for fall. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style and it’s one that you are sure to love every day.

Great Ways You Can Use the Burgundy Shade

The great thing about the burgundy color is that it livens up the look that you already have. It has a mysterious quality to it, and that’s one of the best things about the burgundy color. It’s a color that can be used with both blondes and brunettes, the sky is the limit. If you like being the center of attention and like vintage shades that still make you look badass then the burgundy hairstyle is the one for you. Fall is right around the corner which is a great time for you to be trying a new darker shade that will just thrill you to see all the time. It’s a shimmery shade that has a little spice to it. There are many different ways that you can use the burgundy shade, many ideas that will make having a new color truly spectacular.

Originally the burgundy color was meant for brunettes, it allowed them to add a little spice to their life without having to use bleach in their hair. It was a subtle change that worked wonders for them. For blondes, the burgundy shade really creates an eye-catching style that surely turns heads. If you are looking for an extraordinary change in your life, then you might want to try the burgundy shade because it’s super awesome. There are many ways you can use the shade, a full-color style or even just highlights.

If you are looking for a great shade, then you must check out these amazing ideas for the burgundy shade.

Below are 60 Gorgeous Burgundy Hairstyles That You Love:

1. A Hint of Color

You don’t need a big change to enjoy the burgundy shade. Just a hint of color is all you need.

2. Bold Colors

This stunning shade goes from dark to very light and it’s truly amazing.

3. Blonde Highlights

This is a great way to have a burgundy shade with some awesome blonde highlights filtered through. Also See:

4. Shocking Blonde

This gorgeous burgundy shade that ends with some amazing blonde locks at the bottom.

5. Bright Burgundy

A great shade that is bright and beautiful. This is why you want to try burgundy.

6. Dark Burgundy

A stunning shade that is truly unique. We can’t get enough of this dark coloring.

7. Light Burgundy

This is a shade that can be worn on blondes or brunettes. It’s shiny and spectacular, a true shade that anyone would love.

8. Purple Shades

This stunning shade has a splash of purple in the Burgundy, It’s a gorgeous color that is so bold.

9. Darkening Shades

We love these dark shades they are perfect for the fall season.

10. Light Shades

This is what happens when you add a burgundy shade to blonde hair. If you are looking for a lighter shade then this is the one for you.

11. Brown Burgundy

A great burgundy shade that has some brown mixed into it.  By adding brown you get more of a natural shade to the color.

12. Gomez Beauty

A great shade that looks amazing on Selena Gomez. It’s a gorgeous shade that is great for any season. If you want to mimic this celebrity then get yourself some burgundy. 
13. Vibrant Shades

If you are looking for a vibrant shade then this is the one for you. It’s a darker shade so it’s perfect for the fall and winter season. If you want to stay dark then try it out.

14. Multiple Shades

These are all great options for the burgundy shade that anyone would like. The bold shades are sparkling. There are full colors as well as highlights here. You can’t go wrong with any of these shades, they are truly one of a kind. 

15. Purple Colors

A great shade that has some purple in it. You can take a burgundy shade and mix it with other colors. In this case, there are both burgundy and purple elements to the style. A truly magical style. 

16. Sparkle and Shine

One great color that you will never get tired of. Turn everyone’s head at the next event that you go to and you will be the one that everyone remembers at the end of the night. 

17. Rockstar Color

We love these colors on long hair because they have that rock star quality to them. The hairstyle is very simple and there is also elements of purple here as well. We just love this shade. 

18. Pink Shades

A great shade that goes from dark to light and even the blonde portions have a tinge of burgundy to it. It’s certainly a color that everyone will be talking about. It’s one of a kind and you want to be an original girl. 

19. Celebrity Style

This color really suits the celebrity lifestyle, it’s very vibrant. She is working this color to the max and looks gorgeous doing it. 

20. Dark Designs

If you are looking for a dark color this fall then try out this burgundy hairstyle. This is one of the more natural shades and we have to admit that we are loving it. If you are looking for something that isn’t too over the top then this is the color for you. 
21. Burgundy Highlights

A great color that has some burgundy highlights inside the blonde. It’s very delicately placed, you don’t see it right away. If you want a simple and small change then you should try this out.

22. Transitioning Color

This is a great transitioning picture showing how you can go from being a brunette to a redhead. You can see how much more vibrant her hair color is now.The color change is rather extraordinary and we can see how much the girl is sure to love it. Why not go for a change if it means ending up with stunning colors like this. 

23. Dark and Beautiful

A great color that is dark and also very beautiful. Dark colors are always great for fall, it admittedly is the perfect shade. 

24. Bright Highlights

This multi-colored shade is truly extraordinary. We love the bright highlights. By having a dark base it really makes the highlights pop. If you want a style that everyone will love then this is the one for you. 

25. Dark and Shiny

A great shade that would be perfect for the fall. Try it out! You won’t be sorry that you did because you will be receiving compliments all night long. 26. Curly Color

The curly hairstyle looks perfect with the burgundy shade. The roots are left natural while the rest is bright. Most people won’t leave their roots dark but this could be a case of having colored extensions where the roots would be left natural.

27. Shockingly Bright

A shade that is beautiful because it’s daring and gorgeous. It’s dark on top and has some amazing flowing highlights throughout. We just can’t get enough of it. 

28. Medium Shades

A great shade that is an in between shade. If you like to shine in your life then you are sure to love this color. There is amazing shine to the hairstyle and that burgundy color is just to die for. A stunning shade for every day. 

29. Illuminating Color

this is a stunning shade that is very bright. if you are looking for a shade that will knock peoples socks off then this is it.

30. Burgundy Love

A gorgeous shade that has some truly great qualities. It’s not too light or too dark.

31. Blonde Love

A good way to lighten up burgundy hair is to add some blonde highlights in the burgundy hair.

32. Changing Shades

A great shade that goes from the very dark to a brighter shade.

33. Solid Shades

You won’t be able to get enough of this gorgeous shade because it is vibrant and beautiful.

34. Burgundy Love

A great shade that tries to keep things a little natural. There are multiple colors here and they make for a great hairstyle. 35. Stunning Rockstar

You can’t get a more gorgeous hairstyle than this one. It’s absolutely stunning and has a bit of rock star vibe to it.

36. Electric Purple

This electric purple is bright enough but then she added some burgundy highlights to it.

37. Bold Burgundy

We just love this burgundy shade and it’s a great color to get if you are looking for a full color.

38. Light Burgundy

When burgundy and blonde meet you get this soft pinkish shade. If you want a light color then this is the one for you.

39. Bold and Bright

An amazing shade that will put a smile on your face every day.

40. Wavy Styles

This color is amazing because of the bright highlights.

41. Neon Bright

If you are looking for a very bright shade then look no further than this one. A striking shade that will draw the eye wherever you go.

42. Creamy Red

A gorgeous shade that you are sure to love every time you look in the mirror.

43. Just a Splash

You don’t need an all over color to have an amazing look.

44. Cascading Color

These long curls have some amazing color to it.

45. Just Add Extensions

The great thing about extensions is that they can be colored to match your hair. Get a new shade and some serious length. 46. Light and Dark

You are sure to love these multiple shades.

47. Warmer Tones

There are a lot of warmer tones to this color, and you will love them through every season.

48. Simple Shades

A simple color change can make all the difference in the world.

49. Shocking Red

Now, this is a color that is truly going to be eye-catching. Beautiful!

50. Bright Shades

These bright shades are truly eye-catching and wonderful.


51. Many Shades

This is a great example of how you can go from one color to the next and completely change your look.

52. Deep and Dark

A great shade that is one of the dark ones. It’s amazing to see how many different ways burgundy can look good.

53. Great Colors

A wonderful shade of burgundy that will make you look amazing for every season.

54. Red and Green

These colors are amazing and the green and red look great together. If you want something really different then try your burgundy shade in a style like this one.

55. Deep Red

A gorgeous color that will make you happy that you decided to go for a new change. Red is always an eye-catching shade.

56. Burgundy Sparkles

This color practically sparkled in the sun and you are sure to love it every time you step out the door. Burgundy has always been a popular shade for a reason. It’s gorgeous. 57. Stunning and Alluring

We love this shade because it’s truly amazing. If you love burgundy as much as we do then you are sure to want to give this popular shade a try.

58. Ombre Style

The hair here looks truly amazing. If you want to keep some of your natural style then give this ombre hairstyle a try. Only the bottoms are burgundy which really gives off a unique look.

59. Minimal Style

There isn’t a big change here in regards to burgundy. You just see small splashes of it throughout the hair. If you don’t want a big change then this is the style for you.

60. Sultry Red

Red has always been a popular color choice because it makes you feel badass and a little rebellious. Not everyone can pull off such a big change. If you feel brave enough then try out this amazing shade.


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