62 Popular Buzz Cut Styles For Men


The buzz cut is another popular style for men; it’s a look that is clean and easy to manage. Guys that get buzz cuts are generally looking for a low-maintenance style. The reason they are called “buzz” cuts is that the style is usually done with the clippers. The style is generally one length. Some buzz cuts, however, can include low, mid or high fades. In the end, a buzz cut is basically just really short hair.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Buzz Cut

Its popularity comes from the fact that it’s easy to manage which is why the military uses the style regularly. This is not a style that you have to worry about when you get up in the morning. You can just grab your coffee and head out the door. It’s also a great style to have if you find that you have a receding hairline.

Check out these 62 Popular Buzz Cut Styles For Men:

  1. Celebrity Style

Will Smith has sported the buzz cut style for a long time and it suits him to a tee.

2. Short Styles

Buzzcut styles come in many different lengths, this one is much shorter and has a fade.

3. Cool Vibes

Another buzz cut style that is longer on top with a gradual fade.

4. Sexy Styles

Zane knows how to rock out a sexy style. It’s also easy to manage. Imagine how easy it is to get up and go with this hairstyle.

5. Polished Style

This style would be great for work and play because it’s so well put together.

6. Easy Styles

If you want a casual and easy style, then this is the look for you. It’s easy to manage and this actor is rocking it out.

7. Shaved Designs

This buzz cut has the extra benefit if having a cool line shaved into the side.

8. Celebrity Looks

Zane is all about rocking the buzz cut style. He’s banging out hit albums all the time; he doesn’t need to worry about his hair.

9. Short and Crisp

You don’t get more low-maintenance than this style. It’s all one length which will make styling it a breeze.

10. Superhero Styles

Deadpool is one cool guy and you can’t go wrong following any of his styles. Ryan Reynolds is a guy that knows good fashion sense and that included a great haircut.

11. Clean Lines

A great style like this is cool and collected. If you are in business, you can be assured that you will always look polished.

12. Clean Cut Styles

A short style like this is sure to keep you cool all summer long. Use your spidey senses and choose the haircut that suits you the best this year.

12. Blonde Styles

Zane is clearly a fan of the popular buzz cut haircut and in this photo, he decided to make it all blonde as well. If you want an edgier style, then this is it.

12. Super Short

This style is one step short of going completely bald. If you want a drastic change, then try out this style. You certainly can’t go much shorter than this style.

13. Faded Styles

Zane is back with his hair just a little longer than the other style and it has a fade. If you don’t want a close shave, then this is a great style to try out. You can always go shorter later.

14. Military Style

This is close to the kind of look that you would see in the military. If you want a structured style, then this is the one for you.

15. Short Looks

You don’t have to do a close shave to have a buzzcut. This is a popular style that is still easy to put together. As you can see it’s also red carpet ready.

16. Cool Shaves

Another great example of a style that is definitely a low-maintenance style. Plus if you have the style for summer, you are sure to feel nice and cool.

17. Sexy and Cool

Paul Walker always had cool hairstyles and he kept this one a long time. If you want a cool style that is easy to manage, then you just found it.

18. Captain America Style

When Chris Evans isn’t playing Captain America, he likes to keep his hair short and manageable.

19. Cool Celebrity Style

Zac Efron has had many different hairstyles over the years. This style looks polished and great for any event you are going to this year.

20. Dramatic Changes

If you don’t want to worry about your hair at all, then get a buzz cut that is this short. You certainly won’t have to stress about styling again.

21. Short Shave

Another example of going all the way short with this buzz cut style. This is sure to keep you cool all summer long.

22. Sharp Edges

This buzz cut is all one length and we see that the edges of the haircut have been styled and polished to perfection.

23. Cool Fades

If you want a short style with a fade, then this is the style for you. We love all the pointed edges around the style. If you want that cool vibe, then try this look.

24. Business Casual

Styles like this are great because you can wear them to work and out to party. They are a very easy and versatile haircut.

25. Casual Style

Another great example of a buzz cut that is all one length. The fade here is exhibited with the beard. If you like that faded look then you can’t go wrong with this style.

26. Gosling Style

Ryan Gosling is another actor that has had different haircuts over the years. We like this clean look that he has sported.

27. Buzzed Styles

Jake is showing off his best military look and he looks awesome. If you like that brave look, then you have to try it out this year.

28. Cool and Classic

Buzz cuts and fades are never going to go out of style. This fade is quite close to the skin with the top longer. The forehead edge was squared. You are sure to get compliments wherever you go with this haircut.

29. Square Looks

A style like this is polished and cool. If you want an edgier style, then these square edges are sure to make you feel cool. There are squared edges and rounded edges. It’s a cool look.

30. Easy Styling

If low-maintenance is your idea, then you can’t go wrong with this style. Plus, it’s still a cool look that you can wear anywhere.

31. Rugged Looks

If you want a style that looks good with a beard, then you just found it. We love this rugged shave. If you have a badass personality, then you are sure to love this style.

32. Shaggy Styles

If you like messy styles, then this is as close as you can get with short hair.  Toss it a bit in the morning and you are good to go.

33. The Cool Guys

A great style like this is being pulled off by two of the most popular men in Hollywood. You can never go wrong by following their style trends. Short styles look great on them and they both have different shaped faces. Buzz cuts work very well with both.

34. High Fade

A cool style like this is polished and easy to manage.  The edges are styled to perfection, so it leaves you with a very fashionable look.

35. Fun Styles

This high fade has some fun elements to it and there is still enough hair on top to allow you to style it in a few different ways.

36. Beckham Styles

Sometimes it seems like David Beckham can do no wrong when it comes to fashion and hairstyles. He is definitely a guy that you can feel comfortable following when it comes to cool styles.

37. Squared Looks

Another example of the square look that has a fade. It’s easy and casual and you can wear this style anywhere. Try it out this year and you will be happy you went with such a low-maintenance and cool style as this one.

38. Shave It Off

This guy looks like he had much longer hair before. One of the most liberating feeling that you can have is getting rid of your hair. Some people do it as a means of giving themselves a fresh start. This guy probably feels a whole lot lighter now.

39. Longer Styles

This is probably as long as a buzz cut would ever get but it does leave you with some hair that you can play with.

40. Round Styles

The edges on this style are rounded out instead of squared.

41. Fresh Looks

How would you feel about sporting this cool look this summer? It’s definitely a look that you can wear to an event or a backyard BBQ.

42. Cool Buzz Cuts

A style like this is perfect for summer and you will never have to worry about styling your hair again.

43. Military Grade

If you love the military look, then you have to sport this style.

44. Cool and Clean

Another great look that is so easy to manage that you will wonder why it took you so long to do it.

45. Cool Lines

The great thing about shaved styles is that you can shave any design that you want in your hair. Be the cool guy at your next party with a style like this.

46. All Over Shave

When your hair is all one length styling becomes a breeze.

47. A-list Style

When you are on the A-list, you can rock out any style that you want and Brad Pitt looks great with a buzz cut.

48. Fighter Style

When you are rolling around in a ring all day, it can be a good idea to have your hair as short as possible. Conor McGregor is rocking out a style that looks great with his beard.

49. Short and Slick

Another great example of a short buzz cut.

50. Sexy Styling

This is a great example of a buzz cut that doesn’t have to be close to the skin.

51. Clean Looks

If you find yourself balding prematurely, then a lot of men will choose to have the buzz cut because it makes the change not as drastic. Some men choose to go completely bald. It all depends on how comfortable you are with it.

52. Sweet Styles

Another cool look that isn’t too short and would look great for a night out with the boys.

53. Sweet Fades

This is a very fashionable style right now and one that will have you feeling very fresh.

54. Stylish Looks

Bradley Cooper is such a babe and these days he has his hair long, but that wasn’t always the case. This cool look is still very popular these days.

55. Buzzed Styling

Another red carpet look that is showcasing a short buzz cut.

56. Sweet Buzz

This sweet style is edgy and polished. If you want a look that is sure to turn heads, then this is it.

57. Short and Stylish

Another great look that is not only short but stylish.

58. Bearded Looks

Just because you have a buzz cut, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cool beard with it as well. There are great ways these days to blend the two together so that you look amazing no matter where you go.

59. Cool and Short

Robert Pattinson got rid of his cool vampire locks in exchange for a buzz cut. It’s a very different look for him but let’s be honest, he looks great in anything.

60. Fresh Styling

Another cool look that is fresh and easy to style in the morning. These styles allow you to get up and go without having to worry about styling your hair.

61. Cool and Crisp

This amazing style has everything that you are looking for in a clean and crisp hairstyle. It’s got a great fade that has the top longer than the rest.

62. Squared and Short

Another great example of a short style that you are sure to love. These styles are so fashionable right now that you are going to feel like the stylish guy in the room wherever you go.



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