93 Stunning Caramel Balayage To Try This Year


If you are looking for a new look this year, then you can’t go wrong with the stunning caramel balayage. It’s a warm look that is also a natural one. You will be turning heads in no time with this fresh look.

Caramel Balayage

Caramel Balayage

For those of you that don’t know what balayage is let’s go through it first. In French, the word means “to sweep” which is actually a really pretty way of describing it. It’s a style that may have started in France but we have come to love it ourselves. It’s a stunning way of creating mysterious and sultry highlights that are unique compared to normal highlights.

It’s a process that takes some time because it’s done by hand. Balayage is used as a highlighting effect to bring warmth and depth to your hair. It’s a style that looks like it’s been hand painted only a talented artist. Which is pretty close to being true. This is a style that usually costs more because it is done by hand, and no two styles are alike.

This is a style that is likely to be around for a while because it’s so unique and beautiful. We have some great styles for you to choose from and they will inspire you to find your own personal style.

Check out these 93 Stunning Caramel Balayage To Try This Year:

1. Beautiful Looks

As we can see here the Balayage creates a warming effect to the hair. You don’t have to do it all over your head, here it’s just the bottom that we see changed here.

caramel balayage

2. Bold Blonde

It’s not just caramel highlights that we see here, there are also blonde as well.

3. Softening Effect

Highlights can brighten up a look and they can also soften a solid color.

4. Creamy Colors

There is a lot of depth and dimension to a color like this because she added a lot of caramel highlights.

5. Warming Effect

Adding caramel to your hair is a great way to warm up your overall style and bring color to your face.

6. Soft Highlights

A soft style like this is everything that you want in a new look.

7. From Dark to Light

A great style like this goes from dark to light and one that is truly unique. We love this light brown shade.

8. Different Shades

A great style that has tons of color including caramel to awaken a new look.

9. Bold Shades

Another stunning shade that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

10. Warm Effect

A great shade of brown that is lightened up easily by some balayage.

11. Great Looks

If you have dark hair, then you can start a simple new shade by just adding some highlights.

Tips: The Cost Of A Balayage

The cost of balayage is not for the faint of heart. Stylists charge a lot to essentially paint highlights in your hair by hand. You can get the service but it will cost on average between $180-200. You might be able to find it for cheaper just make sure that you have seen your stylist’s portfolio. Your length will also come into play when determining the price. The great thing about balayage is that you can keep it for 4-6 months before updating it because these highlights are uniform so you don’t notice the regrowth as much.

12. Softer Shades

A great color that is a great way to freshen up your look.

13. Caramel Shades

A stunning shade like this is truly one of a kind.

14. Brighter Shades

If you are looking for a cool new look, then you can’t go wrong with this amazing shade.

15. Bold and Bright

A great style like this is one of a kind because of the bright highlights.

16. Light and Dark

A great style that has different shades of highlights throughout the style.

17. Glowing Styles

This is a wonderful example of what you can achieve by just adding simple changes to your hair.

18. Darker Designs

Maybe you don’t want to go light and that’s okay. The highlights are still a shade of caramel but they are darker than the rest.

19. Bold Highlights

There are both light and dark highlights in this beautiful style.

20. Soften Your Style

If you are looking to add some depth to a dark hairstyle, then add some balayage to your look.

21. Pretty Looks

This stunning style is sure to turn heads wherever you go because it’s so pretty.

22. Cool Colors

A shade like this is perfect because it adds dimension to your style.

23. Bright Caramel

We love these highlights because they are subtle but so very cool.

Tips: How long does Balayage take in a salon?

Depending on how much balayage you are getting done it can take between two to three hours to complete the whole process. You should keep this in mind when you are booking an appointment with a stylist because it’s going to take more than an hour. It is definitely well worth the wait, we can promise you that.

24. Curly Styles

Highlights always show up so much better with curly hair. It still looks good with straight hair but there is just more pop with curls.

25. Sweet Colors

Another great example of how you can add balayage to your life and change up your look.

26. Cool Styles

A simple style that can really brighten up a short look.

27. Awesome Styles

A dark style like this can wash you out and make you look pale. But add some balayage to the look and you will suddenly have a brighten style to show off.

28. Longer Styles

This is a great example of how the highlights are not uniform at all. They can be placed anywhere.

29. Cool Shades

Another great example of how caramel balayage can warm up your whole look.

30. Soft Caramel

This is a beautiful look and one that is sure to get you a lot of compliments.

31. Cascading Locks

A great style that is sure to make any girl happy. We love how bright and pretty her look is.

32. Burnt Colors

You don’t have to go really light if you aren’t comfortable with it. This medium brown is a great color choice.

33. A Subtle Change

You don’t even have to get a full head of highlights. She just has the bottom done on her hair which will allow her to keep the style for months before an update because her regrowth won’t show at all.

Tips: How long does Balayage last for?

It really does depend on how close to the root your highlights are. On average you can go between 8-12 weeks before you have to update your look, longer if your hair has the balayage closer to the bottom. It also depends on the texture of your hair. If you have darker tones those will last longer than blonde tones will as they will become brassy and you will want to have them done. The style will last longer than ion ombre will.

34. A Slight Change

Sometimes all you need is a little change to give yourself a new look.

35. Bright And Shiny

This awesome look has everything you need in a balayage style.

36. Blonde Looks

If you really want to go light, then you can add some blonde to your style as well.

37. Soft Designs

A cool styles that have the balayage going around the edges to create a unique style.

38. Hot Styles

A great style that has tons of highlights throughout and this would be a look you would have to update every 8 weeks.

39. Subtle Styles

Another great style that you are sure to love.

40. Caramel Styles

These bold highlights are absolutely beautiful.

41. Sweet Styling

A great style that is truly one of a kind.

42. Gorgeous Caramel

A great style like this is sure to bring a smile to your face.

43. Darker Styles

A bold style like this is much darker than the others that we have seen. You will love it just as much as we do.

44. Before and After

You can really change up your blonde look into something much warmer by adding caramel. Blonde is typically a cool shade and you can see a clear difference when you add the caramel.

Tips: Ombre Is Not The Same Thing

You might think that balayage and ombre are the same thing, but you would be wrong. Ombre is known as a gradual fade or lightening. The hair goes from dark to light or vice versa. Whereas balayage is a hand painted technique and it’s not a fade. It’s random and sometimes all over the place. Ombre shades are also usually bright colors like blues and pinks whereas you don’t typically see bright colors with balayage, though it isn’t impossible, just rare. People typically use balayage because it’s a technique that comes out looking natural while ombre isn’t meant to look natural. Balayage is definitely the way to go if you want a more natural look.

45. Pretty Styling

A simple style that is as natural as you want it to be.

46. Add Some Color

This is certainly our exception to the rule. We do see some color here so this is just one of those times when balayage is used to give an unnatural look instead of something that looks natural. The colors here are very pretty if you are looking for a bolder style.

47. Multiple Shades

We love these highlights and there are a few different shades which create a wonderful look.

48. Caramel Beauty

A stunning shade that is creamy and beautiful. Try it out for yourself and see how much you love it.

49. Bold and Beautiful

A stunning shade that has blondes and caramels all mixed together.

50. Beige Styles

We love these creamy colors because they are one of a kind.

51. Summer Loving

This is the kind of look that we see when summer comes around. We aren’t far from it now, try it out and see how much you love it.

52. Cool Highlights

You don’t need a lot of highlights to make an impression with your look.

53. Dark Caramel

A great style that has a darker set of highlights than we have seen which is perfect for people who just want a slight change.

54. Beautiful Designs

Another great style that is beautiful and bright.

55. Glowing Styles

There is some red in this style which really warms up the whole look.

56. Bright and Blonde

If you want to go really light, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous style.

57. Caramel Creations

We love this gorgeous style and so will you.

58. Glossy Styles

We love seeing healthy hair because it shows off highlights in the best way.

59. Long Looks

This style is very long which gives us plenty of opportunities to see lovely highlights.


60. Glowing Caramel

A great style like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

61. Gorgeous Locks

We love these highlights and they are all over so it creates a very bright style.

62. Pretty and Light

A gorgeous look that has blonde and caramel shades in the style as well. It’s a stunning look that is truly beautiful.

63. Glowing Blonde

The balayage here goes right to the root so this is a style that will require some maintenance. You may have to go every 6-8 weeks in order for the style to look the same.

64. Short Styles

The great thing about short styles is that you can change them up a lot and it doesn’t take long for it to grow out.

65. Creative Styles

The balayage here is placed randomly in the style to make it look more natural.

66. Pretty Unique

A gorgeous style that has some pretty highlights throughout the look.

67. Thicker Highlights

A great style like this has thicker highlights which give the style a very different look.

68. Warmer Looks

A style like this is really warm and it’s focused more on the bottom of the style.

69. Bolder Looks

A sweet style that has different shades of highlights. It’s a truly beautiful look.

70. Glorious Designs

The bright shades here really stand out in a beautiful way.

71. Soft and Subtle

This is a great look for someone who wants things to look more natural.

72. Hand Painted Style

There are only a few pieces of balayage in this style but it brightens up the whole look.

73. Gorgeous Lights

Another gorgeous look that is bright and beautiful.

74. Straight Styles

Highlights always look different on straight hair than curly hair but they still look pretty awesome.

75. A Touch Of Caramel

We love this style because it only has a few pieces of caramel in the look and it’s beautiful.

76. Bold Looks

From dark to light this balayage looks wonderful.

77. Simple Styles

There is more balayage in the front than there is in the back.

78. Red Styles

This is a stunning style that is truly one of a kind. It’s a red style that has different shades of red balayage throughout it. It’s a gorgeous look that anyone would love.

79. Cool and Warm

We have a combination of cool and warm highlights with this beautiful style.

80. Subtle Designs

A great style that has soft and subtle highlights throughout it.

81. Natural Looks

A bold look that is about as natural as it can get. If you like to keep a natural style, one that doesn’t draw a lot of attention, this is the look for you.

82. Caramel Designs

What a gorgeous look and one that you will want to try out because it will bring you many compliments.

83. Lighter Styles

A fun style that you are sure to love.

84. Highlighted Style

This gorgeous style has highlights all over but not up to the root. There would be an opportunity to allow this style to grow out longer before going back to the salon.

85. Balayage Pieces

A great style that just has a few pieces of balayage throughout. If you don’t want a major change you can try a style like this one out.

86. Bold Looks

If you want a look that your friends will be jealous of, then try this style out. It’s bold and sexy.

87. Fun Looks

We love these styles because they are gorgeous and one of a kind.

88. Glimmering Looks

The base is really dark in this style so when she adds highlights, it really brightens up the look. We love how the highlights almost glitter. They are beautiful.

89. Blonde Styles

How could we not love these gorgeous highlights? There is a lot of them so they brighten up her whole look.

90. Caramel Styles

These are gorgeous caramel highlights and they go so well with the dark natural base that she has. Try it out for yourself and see just how much you will love this look this year.

91. Subtle Changes

The highlights here are spaced out unevenly which gives it a more natural look.

92. Darker Notes

This stunning style that is very subtle because the highlights aren’t that much lighter than the base color. If you want a simple look with not much change, then this is the look for you.

93. Short Looks

A great style that is truly pretty and simply painted.


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