69 Beautiful Chestnut Hairstyles to Make Your Look Pop


Maybe brunettes aren’t out having all the fun, but that doesn’t mean that they are boring either. If you are looking for a change in your life then why not make your look pop with a little chestnut color. The great thing about the chestnut color is that it’s rich and vibrant. There are many different shades; you can go really dark or very light. There are also many different tones to the chestnut color as well. You can also use the chestnut coloring for highlights if you don’t want to do a full color. The sky is the limit to what you can do with the chestnut color.

Updating Your Look

Chestnut has never been boring. All you need to do is just weak your look a little and it can change everything. Brighten it up a bit or add some warm tones, there is so much that you can do. There are so many ways that you can change up your look.

Check out these 69 Beautiful Chestnut Hairstyles to Make Your Look Pop:

  1. Straight Color

Who said that brown has to be boring? This rich shade just makes her eyes pop.

2. Stunning Brown

Chestnut is such a rich color and even this vampire knows that the natural look is totally in right now.

3. Adding Highlights

If you don’t want a big change, then try some chestnut highlights. It may not be a huge hair color change, but it will change your look.

4. Warm Colors

A great chestnut color will really warm up your whole look; it will appear as if your skin is glowing.

5. A Lighter Shade

She has added a lighter shade of brown to her curly locks and it’s made a beautiful change.

6. Celebrity Style

A great style and Drew Barrymore is totally rocking it. This rich shade looks amazing on her.

7. Light Highlights

Miley Cyrus looks awesome with brown hair and when she added some chestnut highlights to it, it was so much better.

8. A Touch of Red

A great chestnut look that has a touch of red. Add some sexiness to your style.

9. Twilight Tone

We love these dark designs and it looks amazing on this Twilight star.

10. A Foxy Red

A great chestnut hairstyle that has some red highlights in it. It’s amazing.

11. A Softer Shade

Lightening up your brown might be just what you need to change your look.

12. So Much Shine

This straight style is truly amazing when you add in the amazing chestnut shade.

13. Softening Colors

A lighter shade of chestnut can soften up your whole look.

14. Highlights Rock

This chestnut hair looks amazing with these blonde highlights

15. A Model Style

Olivia knows how to create a celebrity style. Match her style and be totally in fashion.

16. Short Styles

A few highlights are all you need to create a whole new look.

17. Shocking Highlights

Add a few highlights to the front of your hair to really make them pop.

18. Creative Styles

These highlights are all about placement. They are strategically placed to add pop to the style.

19. Not a Boring Brown

How can you say that brown is boring with a beautiful shade like this one?

20. Different Shades

If you want to change up your chestnut look, then add a few colored highlights. It’s sure to draw the eye.

21. Kardashian Style

Kim Kardashian has always made being a brunette look totally amazing.

22. Light Chestnut

Spring is right around the corner; it’s the perfect time to try a lighter shade.

23. Light Chestnut Tones

Chestnut comes in different tones, add a few different ones to your hairstyle to add some depth.

24. Shine and Style

We just love all the shine that makes this hairstyle awesome.

25. Lighter Styles

Another example of the chestnut style of Kim Kardashian but this is a much lighter shade.

26. The Ombre Look

The ombre style is still very much a popular one. Try it with two shades of brown.

27. A Solid Color

Going with a solid color is still a great way to change up your look.

28. A Foxier Style

Megan Fox has always been a brunette and she makes it look amazing.

29. Almost Blonde

Sometimes a chestnut brown can go so light that it almost appears to be a shade of blonde.

30. Lighten Up

If you have had the same shade for awhile, you can change your look just by adding highlights.

31. Darker Shades

Just because your hair is darker doesn’t mean that you can’t still put highlights in.

32. Chestnut Browns

We love this color not only because it’s dark, but there are some chestnut highlights throughout that give the look an extra pizzazz.

33. Be a Brunette

This hairstyle is reason enough to embrace being a brunette.

34. Chestnut Highlights

We love this long and lustrous hair. It’s beautiful because the highlights make the whole style glow.

35. A Touch of Blonde

If you want to wake up those chestnut locks, then add a few blonde highlights to it.

36. Sexy Styles

Maybe brunettes do have all the fun. If we’re judging by this hairstyle, then it would be a definite yes.

37. A Model Color

This soft chestnut shade will be perfect for springtime. Try it out this season.

38. Long and Chestnut

This is a great color for her long hair; one-dimensional colors are great for this type of length.

39. A Few Shades

If you are trying highlights, add a few different tones to really mix up your look.

40. Gorgeous Styles

Kim Kardashian is once again pulling off another gorgeous chestnut style.

41. Add Dimension

Highlights are great for bob’s because they add depth to the hair.

42. Celebrity Colors

Emma Stone seems to look amazing no matter what hair color she has. But you can see how a chestnut shade warms her face right up.

43. Brighten Up Your Look

Lighter shades of chestnut are great for brightening up your hairstyle.

44. Copper Tones

Olivia is at it again with these copper tones. Her face just lights up with the added color to her chestnut hair.

45. Mix it Up

Blonde and brown always go well together and these highlights are sure to punch up your style.

46. Dark Designs

A dark brown is sure to make your blue eye pop, the darker the shade, the more it will bring out your eyes.

47. Soft and Subtle

We love this soft chestnut shade because it’s simple and pretty.

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48. Light Brown

If you are looking to lighten up your style this spring, then you have found the perfect shade.

49. A Touch of Sun

You don’t need a lot of highlights to shade your look. A subtle touch can make a big difference.

50. Duff Designs

Whether she’s blonde or brunette, Hilary Duff always looks amazing. She is totally rocking this chestnut hairstyle.

51. Bold and Beautiful

Another example of a darker shade of chestnut that makes this style truly stunning.

52. Flowing Locks

We love the color that this chestnut shade brings to her face.

53. Lighter and Prettier

We have completely fallen in love with this light brown shade.

54. The Natural Look

If you like looking natural, then it’s okay to stick to just one shade it and rock it this season.

55. Very Dark Styles

Just because winter is over, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your dark shades.

56. Bold and Bright

Another great example of celebrities rocking the chestnut brown styles.

57. Shocking and Sensational

If this isn’t reason enough to try a chestnut style, then we don’t know what will convince you.

58. Bubbly Browns

A great example of how a light chestnut can make your day.

59. Rock Star Style

This chestnut style is on the edgier side.

60. Warm Tones

These chestnut tones are so warming to the skin.

61. The Color of Fire

Brighten up your dark hair with some red tones and it will warm you all over.

62. A Lighter Shade of Brown

With spring right around the corner, you might want to try a lighter shade of brown.

63. A Sun Shining Color

The lighter the brown, the more you will feel like Spring is here.

64. So Many Shades

These highlights are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

65. Creative Designs

If you are looking to add highlights to your chestnut hair, then pick a few colors like red and blonde and wow them with your new look.

66. The Scarlett Vibe

Scarlett Johansson has always changed her hair color. She’s been a blonde, a redhead and a brunette. We love how the brown warms up her skin.

67. Shiny Bangs

We love everything about this style, the bangs, the shine and of course the chestnut color.

68. Be Incognito

A great color that can keep you under the radar when you’re not looking for flash.

69. Chestnut Shades

This is a chestnut shade that will warm up your whole style.

There are so many amazing shades of chestnut out there; the sky is the limit for what you can do to your hair this season. Be brave and try something new. It is the best feeling in the world and you won’t regret it.


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