135 Collar Bone Tattoo Ideas for You


Do you want to have a tattoo but don’t know what to put? We can understand why this is not an easy decision to make. Tattoos, after all, should stay on you for the rest of time. If you’ve decided to wear your tattoo on your collar bone, our collection of collar bone tattoos might help give you some ideas.

1. Sister Rose
The first one on our list is perfect for sisters. It’s a flower with the word “sister” on the stem. The font used is quite simple, but it goes well on the collar bone. If you decide to get this design, you can choose to have a different kind of flower and color, but the idea for the word “sister” should be kept.

collar bone tattoos

  1. Roman Numerals

Another great idea for your collar bone tattoo is roman numerals. This tattoo uses roman numerals to represent a significant date or number, on the collar bone. Roman numerals are a great idea for they look better on the skin, and they give a mysterious meaning to your tattoo because let’s face it, not all can read roman numerals as fast as they read standard numbers.

  1. Letters

This tattoo is purely letters. These letters can mean a number of things, but it does keep the meaning of the tattoo a bit of a mystery. You can do the same. Think of something that relates with you, and get only the first letters to keep the meaning more secretive unless, of course, the chosen set of letters you ink is popular among the public.

  1. Birds and Leaves

This is quite a popular collar bone tattoo design. It is, however, not any less of a good idea for a tattoo. The design gives the illusion of birds flying away from the tree they were resting on, like how birds in real life fly away when there’s a sudden sound or disturbance. The meaning of this tattoo varies, so you can give your own interpretation of it when people ask you about it. You can also change the number of birds in the tattoo, depending on the number that you want to signify.

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  1. One-Liner Script

One-liner scripts are also quite popular for a collar bone tattoo. This tattoo is also a bit different from the previous one. The script here is closer together, to the point that it may already be hard to read from afar.  Also, there are no other designs inked with the script, but the simplicity here is quite stunning.


  1. Peaking Dog

Our next tattoo idea is neither heavy nor deep, unlike how most tattoos are. This tattoo idea is purely innocent and, well, cute. It’s perfect for dog lovers and people who just want to have art on their body without making a bold or heavy statement. Of course, you can have your puppy’s look inked on your collar bone instead of the one here in the picture.


  1. Statement

This is an idea for a statement collar bone tattoo. There isn’t a lot going on in the design, but the four words here are enough to make you think and wonder. The font is also bigger than the script tattoo, and the line is more horizontal than slanting.


  1. Big and Bold

If you’re more of a picture kind of person, then this tattoo idea is great for you. The design screams strength and power, and honestly, it is enough to make a statement. Sometimes, one drawing like this says more than any 5-word sentence does. The design is quite bigger than what we’ve seen so far, but if you really want to have a head-turning tattoo, you’ll surely love this one.

  1. Breathe

Fond of other languages? No problem! If you look at our next collar bone tattoo design, you can see that the words that were written are not in English. They’re actually Italian, which somewhat translates to “Just Breath”. Pretty neat, right? Tons of languages are ideal for this kind of tattoo. Even better if you’re not from an English speaking country; you can use your native characters for the tattoo.


  1. Flowers and Goat

This next tattoo has an incredible design. This kind of design is for people who have their minds made up about having a very visible tattoo for the rest of time. It covers the whole front, running on the collar bones. The flowers line along the collar bone, while a goat is right in the middle. The animal may seem tame, but here, it appears to be a very strong and wild animal.


  1. 3D Butterflies

Another very popular tattoo design is butterflies. They’re not bad for the collar bones, either. Just look at the butterflies on the collar bone here on our next design. The butterflies are on 3D. They are so incredible that it really looks like there are butterflies resting on the person’s collar bone. Also, adding to the design is a name in a heart shape, just below the butterflies, right on top of the person’s heart.

  1. Big Dipper

Fascinated with astronomy? Why not get a tattoo design of anything from the outer space? This is the idea behind our next design. This one is for those who think that constellations are cool. Everyone’s familiar with the Big Dipper, and if you’re going to get yourself a tattoo of a constellation, why not of a very popular one. This design is very simple, perfect for those who prefer simplicity over big pictures.

  1. Name and Date

So, we already established that Roman numerals are great tattoo designs. That is not to say, though, that standard numbers cannot be used for tattoo design. The next tattoo proves just that. The name of an important person is inked first, while a significant date is inked next to it.


  1. Shot Heart

A heart is also a very common tattoo design. But, the next tattoo takes the heart design to another level. It’s very interesting that the design is of the real look of the heart. It’s complete with details, even the arteries and ventricles. Adding to the interesting look of the tattoo is the arrow right through the heart and the blood spilling from the end of it. Definitely a statement.

  1. Always

While some tattoo a sentence on their collar bones, others opt to have one word inked on theirs. Just like this one, the only word on their collar bone is the word “always”, which can mean a multitude of things. To give more design to the tattoo, the word is accompanied by four anchors. Anchors, too, have a couple or more meanings, but they most commonly mean stability and strength.


  1. Birds

Tris, anyone? Birds tattooed on the collar bone may not be first seen in the movie “Divergent,” but it surely became a more popular collar bone tattoo after that. These birds are slightly less black than that of the ones in the movie though. Also, in Tris’ tattoo, the birds signified every important person in her life. You can do the same. The number of birds you will put on your collar bone can also represent the number of people important to you, or you can have a totally different reason for having this design inked on you.

  1. Simply Rose

This tattoo is probably one of the simplest ones of the bunch. It is, however, not a bad design. It’s just tattoo of a rose, but the details are quite well done. The outline is good, and the shading inside gives more dimensions to the tattoo, making it look more realistic.


  1. “Love Conquers All”

Do you believe in this saying? The man in our next photo most definitely does. It is quite obvious because other than the fact that he chose this line to be inked on him, he also placed it right in the middle of his collar bones in a beautifully written font. The size of the tattoo says something too. If you do believe in it, you can have the same saying inked on you in the same place.

  1. Little Flower

We have seen some big flowers in the collection, but this next design would be the first of a small one. There isn’t much going on here, which makes it a perfect tattoo for first-timers. You can easily cover it should you need to, and if you want to, you can just wear something like a tank top to show off your little flower tattoo.

  1. Pink Flowers

Looks like flowers really are popular tattoo design. The design here is of flowers but with some leaves. The leaves are quite interesting because there are two kinds of them here. If you look at the flowers closely, you can see that they too have details. The lines inside them are not black but a bit pinkish, different from the color used for the outline.

  1. Collar Bones, Chest, or Both?

Our next tattoo doesn’t just cover the collar bones. It’s so big that the chest is also covered. The design looks a bit exotic, and the details inside make it look more interesting. There are no words or numbers inked with or inside it, but the size of the tattoo alone is enough to get attention.

  1. Psalm 139:14

What better use is there for a tattoo than to use it to profess your faith. For the ones who know their Bible all too well, having your favorite verse inked on you is a very creative way to show people what you’re all about and what you believe in. Just like in this picture, the verse is used to show people that she believes in herself. Another good thing about having this kind of tattoo is that you don’t know how many people that desperately need encouragement may be inspired by it.

  1. Cool It

The next tattoo is pretty straight up. It’s quite a direct message to anyone who’s reading it. People with a lot of confidence can have this one inked on them as only a few can actually pull it off. With a message like this, you would assume that a lot of people will raise their eyebrows upon seeing it, but many people can actually find this one cute too.

  1. Sketched Flowers

Our next idea is a beautifully sketched tattoo design of flowers. The details are so incredible that they look like the flowers are drawn on a sheet of paper rather than inked on skin. The design is just of two flowers hanging down from a small stem, which lines along the collar bone, but the shadings make the design look outstandingly good.

  1. Red Rose

In the picture, a tattoo of quite a big red rose is placed just under the collar bone. So, yes, it’s not really ON the collar bone and more of on the shoulder, but the rose’s size is just so big that it actually occupies the skin from the shoulders to just about under the collar bone. The rose design here is of a pretty classic red one, while the leaves give more details with white lines inside.

  1. Landscape

This is a pretty interesting tattoo design for a collar bone, and it’s certainly not a very common one. Ever seen a tattoo of landforms? Turns out they make a pretty good collar bone tattoo design too. The tattoo here isn’t as complicated as some of the others we’ve seen so far, but the uniqueness of the picture itself is enough to put this in your list of possible collar bone tattoo ideas.

  1. Soaring Bird

We’ve seen tattoos of birds on collar bones here in our collection, but they’re mostly a group of small birds. This next tattoo design is a little bit different from those as it’s just a big one with its wings spread like it’s soaring. There isn’t much shading going on in the tattoo, but the outlines are quite great.

  1. Tribute

This next tattoo seems to be a tribute to someone. The knife inked along the collar bones is colored, and the blade is engraved with the person’s name and his birth and death dates. Collar bones are a good place to get a tattoo if you’re planning to pay tribute to someone as it’s also very close to the heart.

  1. Fearless Rose

To give a rose tattoo a little bit more edge, you can add one word on its side, just like how it’s done here on our next tattoo design idea. The word pretty much describes the person wearing the tattoo, and “fearless” is quite a good word to describe oneself. Of course, you may choose another word if you think that it would suit you better.

  1. Insert Quote, Please

Don’t know what to put on your tattoo? Why not get something like this tattoo in the photo? While most people think very hard about what to write on the skin for a tattoo, this next tattoo idea basically leaves it to other people to decide which quote should go best on his skin. Although it lacks the inspirational quotes we usually see on collar bones, it surely makes for a pretty humorous and witty tattoo.

  1. Leaves

While roses and other kinds of flowers are popular choices, leaves can look incredible on the collar bones too. The leaves here are on both collar bones, making a balanced picture. Looking more closely on the inside of each leaf, you can see that their simplicity doesn’t mean that they lack details, thanks to the shadings inside.

  1. Unique Characters

Earlier, we saw a tattoo with a quote in a different language, but the characters used are still in the alphabet. This one takes that idea one notch higher with different characters inked on the collar bone. The tattoo is very simple, but the mystery behind what it means keeps it very interesting.

  1. Origami

Origamis are quite difficult to make. However, if you’re not good at making them but still want to have them somewhere near you, why not just ink yourself with an origami tattoo? The design is of a bird, a common collar bone tattoo, but because it’s an origami bird, the tattoo can be considered more unique than some.

  1. Me & You

This tattoo says a lot. The two words are very basic and very common, but the impact is something else. It’s a powerful tattoo that says a good deal about the strength of a relationship, any relationship. You can have this kind of tattoo in another language but still of the same thing meaning.

  1. Two-liner Script with Butterflies

This collar bone tattoo idea is also written in a script, but it’s not a one-liner. Also, the placement of the tattoo is not exactly on the collar bone, but it’s quite close. The line, or lines rather, is accented with three small black butterflies that are simple but quite nice.


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