47 of the Most Inspired Cornrow Hairstyles for 2021


If you are looking for a cornrow style, then dive deep into this article for some amazing style choices. Braids are increasingly growing in popularity by the day. It’s just one of those styles that never seem to go out of style. Every day it seems that a new trendy braid style will hit the internet and then next craze will begin. There are so many different styles to choose from; it’s just endless.

cornrow hairstyles

Pinterest is packed full of braids like the milkmaid, fishtail, and even some mermaid types. But none or more popular than the cornrow braid. It’s the style that has lasted the longest because it’s truly an iconic look. It’s so popular not only because it’s a beautiful style but also because it’s detailed and complex. You have the ability to create so many different designs within the cornrow braid. The cornrow braid has been seen on many different celebrities for years, walking the red carpet in style. It’s also a popular look for hair models and runway models during Fashion Week.

cornrow hairstyles

cornrow hairstyles

There is just something about the cornrow that can completely transform the way you look. Your look instantly becomes edgier when those few braids start running down the back of your head. If you’re not into a full head of cornrows, they can also be put into styles with curls or waves, as accent pieces. It can take a basic curly hairstyle and upgrade it into an elegant masterpiece. It’s a great look especially if you have an event to go to such as a gala or a wedding.

It’s a low maintenance look that will last for months so that you don’t have to worry about styling your hair every morning. It’s a protective style that can help keep your hair healthy for longer. The best part is, once you take your braids out you will be left with beautiful waves.

There are so many different design choices for the cornrows. There are classic center-parted cornrows and also elaborate updos that you can choose for your next wedding. Many people like to get cornrows before their next vacation because it’s a fuss-free look. Below are many great looks that are not only beautiful but pretty cool as well. These looks will have you running to the salon to get your braids completed immediately.

Check out 47 of the Most Inspired Cornrow Styles for 2019:

  1. A Great Style for Children

Cornrows for children are a great idea because it’s low maintenance for you parents who hate styling hair in the mornings. It’s especially great during the summer months because they would probably get the full three months out of the style.

1150916-cornrow-styles2. The Bun Style

This bun is a stunning example of what you can do for your next wedding. I love the multiple braids in front of the style.

2150916-cornrow-styles3. Large Braids

The scalp is cornrow braids, but she wanted large braids made into a ponytail as well. These thick braids definitely make a statement.

3150916-cornrow-styles4. Tiny Cornrows Braids

These tiny cornrows make quite the look that carries on down the back of the head.

4150916-cornrow-styles5. Triple Buns

These triples buns are unique themselves but then you have the cornrows designs on the side of the head that make for a truly stunning style.

5150916-cornrow-styles6. Cornrow Spirals

This bun is remarkable, and the design in the front makes for a beautiful style.

6150916-cornrow-styles7. The Upward Style

This upward design is stunning. All the cornrows are spiraling upwards into an updo design. Beautiful!


8. Circular Design

These cornrows twist in a circular design; that is quite extraordinary. The scalp is made up of cornrows, but the rest of the hair is left loose.

8150916-cornrow-styles9. Casual Style

This is an example of the short style you can achieve with cornrows. It’s a casual look that you can wear every day.


10. Double Bun

This is a cute look created with small cornrows.


11. A combination of jumbo braids and tiny cornrows. The curved cornrows create a remarkable design while the jumbo braids complete a stunning design.


12. Swirling Designs

Swirling cornrows that are complete when they all meet at the top.

12150916-cornrow-styles13. The Braid Crown

The tiny cornrow makes up a crown while there is also a large braid that makes another crown. It’s a stunning design.

13150916-cornrow-styles14. The Spiral Braid

These spiral braids are beautiful, and the length is perfect. They are small and are a great look.

14150916-cornrow-styles15. Great Braids

Leaving the cornrows down make for an elegant look. It can be left casual or accessorized for a night out.

15150916-cornrow-styles16. Thick Braids

This is a thicker version of the spiral braid, and it looks great with a side part as it adds more volume.

16150916-cornrow-styles17. Jumbo Spiral

These thick cornrows are spiraling down the back of her head.

17150916-cornrow-styles18. The Look of Royalty

These long cornrows are made more amazing by the crown accessory. It’s perfect for an event.

cornrow hairstyles


19. These cornrows are created within a design and brought back into a ponytail.


20. Many Designs

These are great examples of the different styles and colors you can have with cornrow braids.


21. Long Braids

These long braids are an amazing example of how great a long style can be.

cornrow hairstyles


22. Off to the Side

These braids are off to the side, and the design is flawless. The rest of the look also stays off to the side.


23. Circle Designs

These circular patterns look amazing on the scalp and then the rest is pulled off to the side.


24. Fancy Style

This is a great look for an event. It’s sexy and elegant. The small twists really make the look.

braid hairstyles for black women 2014 ponytail updo

25. The Side Part

There is some kind of a design on the side with cornrows, and then there are twisty jumbo braids.


26. Chocolate Brown

I love the color here; it’s just so warm. The tiny cornrows curve around the back and create a side swept look.


27. Colorful Bun

These cornrows are made into a design on the scalp, and the rest is pulled back into a bun. The different colors throughout the bun look great.


28. The Envious Green

If you love the color green, then this might be just the look you are going for. These large twist braids make for a very different look indeed.


29. The Color of Gold

These stunning braid sparkle like gold coins. The color is the best part of the look. The design of the cornrows makes for a striking a style, and it all ends in a bun.


30. Cornrows as Accessories

These cornrows are stunning in design, and they could almost be considered accessories. If you are looking for a show-stopping look for your next event, then don’t look any further than this one.


31. The Heart

What a great design for a child’s hair. The cornrows are designed into a heart which makes quite the cute little hairstyle.


31. Large Pigtails

These pigtails are made up from two large braids that come straight from the scalp. It’s a beautiful style that would work for an evening out or a casual look.


32. The Alien Look

These styles remind me of alien looks or something you might see in the Matrix. They are definitely strong looks so if you want something a little more badass then try these looks.


33. The Runway Look

Cornrows are very popular on the runway, especially during fashion week. This look is fairly simple.


34. The Checker Look

The braids are pulled back, but there appears to be a checkerboard style in between the braids. It’s an amazing style that must have taken some time to create.


35. Multi-colored Cornrows

A simple cornrow design with an eye-catching color.

cornrow hairstyles


36. Pulled Back Ponytail

This ponytail look is done in a great color, and the cornrow design on top is a unique one.


37. The Color of Purple

These long braids are pulled off to the side into a ponytail and dyed purple at the bottom.


38. In A Row

These cornrows are in a line of rows which makes them look really cool. An elegant style for any occasion.


39. Combination Rows

These cornrows are unique because they are made up of two or three different braids. It gives you a different look and a whole new style. It’s a beautiful look and great for kids.


40. Pretty as a Picture

This is a great look that has the cornrows curved to one side and left down in the back. It’s a beautiful look that can be used for your next event or even a day on the beach.


41. Braids and Curls

This is a great example of what it looks like when you combine cornrows into a curled look. The cornrows are just on one side, and the curls take over the rest of the hair. It’s a gorgeous style that can be worn every day.


42. A Model Look

This Victoria Secret model loves the look of cornrows. It’s a popular runway look for models all over the world. She has a basic look that goes down the back.


43. Big and Little

The sides and the top are all styled into cornrows while there is also two large braids that are used for pigtails. It’s an unusual look that you are sure to love.


44. Fun for Kids

Kids always love being a part of the latest fashion trends especially when they can show them off at school. This is a simple style that can be left in for months; it’s hassle free and will save you lots of time in the morning.


45. Tight Braids

It looks like she has curls but it’s actually very tiny braids that are so tight that they start to curl. It’s an amazing look that can be worn anywhere. The scalp is standard cornrows that lead all the hair to the back of the head.


46. Different Directions

These cornrows are moving in many different directions which gives you a really cool style. The cornrows are very tiny and parted off to the side so that the look is a little fancier than most.


47. Side Braids

This is a very sexy look that combines three thick cornrows with a standard updo. The hair is pulled over to the side and put into an elegant side pony while the other side is braided. The braids really spice up the whole look and give it a bit of edge.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 29: Ruby Rose arrives at the 26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on November 29, 2012 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

When it come to getting cornrows in be prepared for it to take a few hours. If you want a full head completed, it can take up to 5-8 hours depending on the skill level of your stylist. There may be some pain involved as well since the braiding needs to be wound tightly in order for it to stay in properly. If you are only getting a few braids, then the time will be decreased drastically.

Once you choose the design that you want, it’s a matter of finding a skilled stylist and booking an appointment. You want someone that has a lot of experience with braiding otherwise you might be there much longer than 8 hours. There are usually salons that specifically specialize in braiding so they would be your best bet.

There are some maintenance tips that you will need to keep in mind in order to ensure that your hair stays healthy and looking good for months on end. They recommend wearing a scarf to bed when your hair is braided because it keeps them looking great for longer. There are also moisturizers that will help to keep your hair looking healthy and glossy for the duration that you have your braids in. By doing these few maintenance steps, you can preserve your look for a lot longer, which is exactly what you want.

If you can get three months out of your style, then you are in good shape. If you get even longer than that, even better! If it doesn’t last a few months, then it could be because you weren’t maintaining it properly.

We hope that you enjoyed the article and found a look that inspired your next style. Let us know your favorite look!

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