53 Great Crimped Hairstyles That Are Fun to Play With


If you are looking for a brand-new style, then try out the crimped hairstyle. You might think that the crimped hairstyle was a thing of the 80’s, but it’s come back as a full-on awesome trend. The crimp hairstyle is back better than ever. There are crimped updos as well as many other new styles. The sky is the limit for what you can do with the crimped hairs now.

Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair

Crimped Hair

The crimped hairstyle comes with a few other names; you may remember it being called crinkled hair or even zig-zag style. It’s become one of the most popular styles this season and you must try it out. There are so many new styles that you can try out. These aren’t your average curly styles; the crimped look is an unusual style that you can take to your next event. There are buns, braids, ponytails and long styles that you are bound to love.

Check out these 53 Great Crimped Hairstyles That Are Fun to Play With:

  1. A Touch of Crimp

Who says that you have to do all of your hair in a crimp. A small touch is all you need.

2. Rapunzel Hair

She has quite the length here and it looks amazing with it all in crimped style.

3. Colorful Crimp

If you are looking for a masterpiece for your next event, then this is the style for you. The colors are extraordinary.

4. A Touch of Design

All you need is just a touch of crimp to have a style that will turn heads.

5. Bright Colors

There are no buns like this one; it’s practically a crown. The colors are bright and beautiful.

6. Crimped Braids

These braids are made better by the crimped style within the braids.

7. Soft Blue 

This striking blue is truly unique by the various crimped style within the hair. We love this style.

8. Striking Colors

A stunning black crimped style that has some bright colors bring life to the whole style.

9. Large Braids

A great braided style that is large and thick. The crimped braids are stunning.

10. Pink Styles

If it’s a great style that you are looking for, then try this amazing crimped updo.

11. The Full Look

The crimped style is a lovely one and you can wear it anywhere.

12. The Rock Star Look

This amazing style is truly edgy and you have a little bit of everything. Bright colors, crimps and braids. It’s all there for you. Try this style and you will feel like the edgiest girl alive.

13. Child Styles

A great style for your daughter for her next event. This is truly magical and will make her feel like a princess. It’s the style to try and she will love you for it.

14. Fishtail Braids

These amazing fishtail pigtails are all crimped inside. The braids are extraordinary and we love that they crimped them as well. It’s a great style and one that you will love for a long time.

15. A Work of Art

It’s going to require a lot of hair to achieve this gothic look. But there’s always extensions. This is definitely not a style that you can wear everywhere but if you want to go to a big event then try out something extreme.

16. Crowning Braid

This crimped braid wraps around the head like a crown. This is a gorgeous updo that would look great at your next event. People will be marveling at your hairstyle all night.

17. Model Style

A great style that will make you feel like you are walking ion a runway. This is a truly unique style.

18. Original Designs

We love this style and it is truly unique. Try out this crimped style for your next event. We love the multi-dimensional colors here; they really stand out.

19. Short Styles

A great crimped style that proves that you can have a crimped style with short hair as well. Add some crimps, change your color and you will feel like a new woman.

20. Stunning Shades

A great style that is made more remarkable by the different colors that we see.

21. A New Updo

This crimped updo can be worn to the office or your next event.

22. Red Braids

This style is made up of crimped hair and partial braids. Try it out.

23. Classic Crimps

This is a classic crimped style that you can make a comeback with.

24. Short Styles

A gorgeous short style that is rocking the crimped look.

25. The Viking Look

A great style that will make you feel like you are part of the Tv series Vikings.

26. Elegant Styles

She has some seriously gorgeous hair and she crimps it and puts it up in a bun.

27. Huge Volume

You will require a lot of hair to pull off this style and it’s definitely one that is sure to steal the show.

28. Tight Crimps

This is a gorgeous style with tight crimps that will give you all kinds of gorgeous volume.

29. Gorgeous Style

This is a stunning look that’s simple and can be worn anywhere.

30. Flowing Free

A simple style that is truly pretty.

31. Edgy Style

We love this rock star style especially the length. This is a stunning style and it’s something we can see for a beach day or for your next wedding. It’s a gorgeous style that anyone is sure to love.

32. Long Braids

Long braids that look amazing with crimps. The purple style is truly unique, but it’s a great look for the Spring. A few crimps here and there make for a stunning style.

33. A Choppy Style

The back of the hair is choppy and it looks great as a crimped style. Part of the hair is braided and it’s truly amazing. It’s going be a great look for summer.

34. Celebrity Crimped

Tyra Banks has a great style that will turn heads wherever she goes. She knows how to create style because her whole life is about style and fashion so you can be assured that if she’s wearing it, then the trend is real.

35. A Bold Style

A great style that has all the volume in the world. If you are all about making a statement, then you are sure to do that with this massive volume style. It’s gorgeous and very trendy.

36. The Look of a Queen

If you want a true beach look, then you must try this crimp style. We love the accessory, but even without it, this is a great design that you can wear anywhere. It’s soft and special, a truly ethereal look.

37. Small Crimps

A gorgeous style that shows off a classic crimp. The top starts off straight and the rest is a classic crimp. This is the style that you are sure to love because it’s simple and easy.

38. A Curly Design

A loose style that is very beautiful. We love the deep part here because it changes the entire look. The red hair is gorgeous with a crimp.

39. Model Style

If you like the brushed-out look, then you will love this style. The middle part is truly unique and we are betting that it’s a style that will turn heads.

40. Crimping Style

These are some gorgeous crimps and if you have long hair, then you’re going to want to try a full style. We love the multi-colored style and the length is truly remarkable.

41. Messy Style

If you want something low-key, then try this messy style.

42. Fancy Styles

This is a great example of adding just a touch of crimp to your updo.

43. Feeling Magical

This is a crimp style that is sure to make you feel magical.

44. Model Looks

This style is truly unique and one that you will want to snap up.

45. Zig-zag Style

This crimped style is quite large so that they look more like zig-zags.

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46. Small Crimping

This is a very vampy look if you want something original for your next event.

47. The High Tail

Tyra banks is clearly a big fan of the crimped hair. We love how high her ponytail is.

48. Crimped Ponytail

This is a great look for your next ponytail day.

49. Musical Designs

Britney Spears has always been on top of style and she is showing off a great mixture of waves and crimping. It’s a fun style that you can wear to any event.

50. A Half Style

A great style that has the crimping only at the bottom. It’s a great style that is truly unique. If you have short hair, then you definitely need to try this one out.

51. Crimped Pigtails

A great style that is really fun. We love the pigtails because they re short and sweet. The crimped look is amazing here and we love the multi-colored style.

52. Purple Magic

Pink and purple look amazing together and so do braids and crimping. This is a gorgeous style to try if you want something new for this year.

53. A Softening Look

If you are looking for a casual look, then try out this long crimped style. You can wear it down or pull it all up.


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