77 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Choices For You


Not only is Cristiano Ronaldo a world-famous football player, but he has a huge following. Not only does he have football fans but there are many style enthusiasts that follow him as well. It’s not surprising since he always has some pretty cool looks. Some of his hairstyles have been hailed as the best in the world and we can see why.

If you are looking to change up your look, then you have come to the right place. Most of the styles that Ronaldo is famous for are for medium length hair, though he does have some short styles too. Ronaldo loves changing up the same style just bending the hair in various ways. When it comes to trying out his styles you have to be comfortable with using product in your hair, like gel. We have all his style choices here for you to look at and we promise that you will find a style that is right for you.

Check out these 77 Best Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Choices For You:

  1. Short Styles

This is one of his more polished looks and it’s cropped with a fade on the side.

2. Plenty of Gel

You are going to need to be comfortable with using a lot of gel to get the hair to stay in place like he does.

3. Shaved Sides

Another great style that you can show off. It’s polished and longer on top.

4. The Greaser Look

There is a lot of product on his hair and you can see it when he sweats. He has a mohawk in this picture, one that he likes to keep in place.

5. Shorter Looks

Another great style and one that is very clean cut. The top is shorter than most of his styles and the sides are clean.

6. Faux Hawk

Ronaldo likes to change up his look quite a bit and here he is sporting a faux hawk.

7. Polished Looks

If you like a clean cut polished look, then this is the style for you.

8. Spiky Styles

Another Mohawk style but this one is very spiky. He also has a design shaved into the side of his head.

9. Curly Styles

Ronaldo has naturally curly hair and in this photo, he’s showing it off with a shorter style.

10. Sleek Style

A great style that he has manipulated to one side with a product. We love this sexy style.

11. Styled Right

A great style that you are sure to love. It’s shaved to perfection.

12. Shaved Designs

The sky is the limit for the designs that you can shave into your head. This style also has a lot of product in it.

13. Polished Dream

If you have a hot date or an event to go to this would be the perfect style for you.

14. Straight Style

If you cut your hair short enough, you no longer see the natural curls.

15. Striking Styles

We love the shaved point on the side, it’s very eye-catching.

16. A Messy Look

It’s hard for Ronaldo to ever have a messy style because he uses so much gel in his hair but this one is close.

17. Simple Looks

This is a simple look but a sexy one.

18. Good Looks

This is the kind of style that a guy can wear anywhere.

19. Footballer’s Dream

A cool style that is shorter on the sides.

20. Perfect Styles

Even when he has hair out of place, it’s still been planned that way.

21. Long Styles

There was a time that Ronaldo liked to keep his hair long. He embraced his curls and it’s a great look for him.

22. Curly Styles

This is another older look of his and one that shows off his curls.

23. Shaved Look

Another great shaved look that is longer on top.

24. Formal Styles

This is a great style that you can use for formal events or business meetings.

25. Lighter Styles

He’s gone a little lighter in this style and we have to admit that he looks good with highlights.

26. High Styles

His hair is much longer in this photo and the sides are not shaved.

27. Side Swept Style

A polished look where the hair is swept to one side with the help of gel.

28. Hawk Styles

Another Mohawk style that is blonde. He looks great in every style that he has.

29. Spiky Looks

He definitely likes his spiky hair to stand tall and that’s not easy to do without a lot of product.

30. Side Swept

Another great side-swept look that you can wear anywhere.

31. Curly Sweep

A great style that has a curlier look to it.

32. Simple Styling

A style like this one won’t take any time at all to create. We love it.

33. Bold Styles

This stylish Mohawk has a fancy edge to it with all the curls.

34. Slicked Back Styles

This slicked style is all about being polished for a fancy event.

35. Gel Styles

The sides are almost to the skin with this style and we love the mohawk.

36. Wet Styles

This is a very wet look and it would be perfect for summer.

37. A Solid Style

A unique look that you are sure to love this year.

38. Different Looks

Another different look that has his curls showing because he’s allowed it to grow out a bit.

39. Swept Mohawk

He’s got the shaved edge again here as well as a side swept Mohawk.

40. Unique Styles

If you are looking for a style that is unique, then look no further than this one.

41. A Bold Choice

Another awesome style that you can wear to a formal event.

42. Stylish Look

This look is a very clean cut style.

43. Simple Stylings

His hair is much lighter in this photo as well and the color suits him.

44. Choppy Styles

Ronaldo’s hair is always styled to perfection.

45. Cool Looks

A great look that you can take with you out for a night on the town with the boys.

46. Clean Cut Styles

Another great style that is sure to have the ladies interested.

47. Classic Styles

If you want more of a classic look, then this would suit you just fine.

48. Formal Styles

This is a great style that you can wear to your next event.

49. Bold Looks

A great style that is both fashionable and clean.

50. Rugged Look

This is a style that is a little more rugged than the rest.

51. Straight Styles

A great look that has smaller spikes.

52. Cool Vibes

You know that he has a lot of product in his hair because his hair looks amazing even though he’s sweating while playing his sport.

53. Designing Lines

A cool design on the side is all you need to draw the eye.

54. Sleeker Styles

Another great style that is manipulated with product.

55. Cool Spikes

If you like the spiky look, then this would be a cool style for you to try.

56. Simpler Looks

A simple style that wouldn’t take long to create in the morning.

57. Off to the Side

His hair is manipulated all to one side. You can tell here that the hair is much longer than normal.

58. Shorter Looks

This look is quite short to begin with, but then it’s also slicked back.

59. Loose Styles

This is one of his more looser styles and it’s not as polished as the rest.

60. Cool New Looks

This is a great mohawk style with highlights.

61. Side Style

A great style that is parted and pushed off to the side.

62. Cool Highlights

Highlights can really change the look of your style for the best.

63. Double Lines

A great style that has some lines shaved into the side.


64. Cool and Spiky

Another great spiky style that you can rock out all summer long.

65. Design Elements

You can see here that the style has been shaved to perfection.

66. Icy Cool

If you want an edgy look, then this is the one for you.

67. Cool Elements

Another cool look that is sure to draw the eye.

68. Classic Styles

This is a great look for work or for an event.

69. Messy Mohawk

A mohawk that is longer and messier.

70. Fresh Looks

We love this polished style and so will you.

71. Cool Shaved Looks

Another amazing style that has a design shaved in.

72. Zig-zag Styles

The same look but from a different angle.

73. Short and Sleek

If you like keeping your hair really short, then this may be the look for you. This style is sure to keep you cool all summer long.

74. Tossed to the Side

Another great messy mohawk to rock out this year. The sides are trimmed and it’s a slick new style for you.

75. Glossy Styles

Another sharp style that you can wear anywhere. He has highlighted his hair here and it will make you feel like it’s already summer.

76. Fashionable Styles

A great style that is fashionable and trendy. If you have a hot date, then this is a style that you should take with you.

77. Side Swept Bang

Even a guy can have a side swept bang. His hair is spiky and all over the place, but it’s a very popular look right now.


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