49 of the Most Striking Dark Red Hair Color Ideas


If you are looking for a big change this fall, then look no further than the shade of red. There is no other color that is more striking and bold than the color red. There is just something about that shade that can turn heads in the room no matter the shade. Red is always known as a bright and impressive color to have. Blondes believe they have more fun, but that’s nothing compared to the life of a redhead. She’s known to be wild and uninhibited about life. Redheads are more beautiful because they have a statement to make, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Dark Red Hair

red hair

With a bright, bold color, you can walk into any room with confidence. Redheads are known to be divine about everything in their life. Hair is just the beginning; redheads love life. There are so many shades of red to choose from such as burgundy’s and coppers. There are many great colors for women of any age that are sure to make you happy. You have to be careful of the color that you choose because not every color is going to suit you. You want a hair color to suit your skin tone, and you don’t have to be fair-skinned to pull off a good red. There are so many different shades to choose from, and the modern day reds are more beautiful than ever. Whether you are looking for a beautiful chestnut color, an auburn or a bright red you are sure to find an inspiring color in this article.

The Shade of Red That Is the Most Striking

If you have a natural hair color that is blonde or close to it, then you should go for one of the lighter shades of blonde. You could try the fashion colors that are bright, or if you want a more elegant look, you can go fro a copper shade. These are more playful looks that many people try because they want a bold look. These colors will not only soften your features, but they will make your eyes pop, giving you that mischievous glow about you.

For women with medium to dark brown hair, you can go for more of the dark red style or even the plum red. They will look best with your skin tone. Picking out your ideal hue is just part of the fun. You find the most beautiful hue and then the world is at your feet. Once you have a color of your choosing, you can hit up the salon, and you can become part of the world of redheads.

Below are 49 of the Most Striking Color Ideas for Red Hair:

  1. Plum Choice

This dark shade is a beautiful color for people who have dark brown hair. It spices up the hairstyle giving it an added vamp look.

red hair


2. Hot Red

These long locks are brightly colored with a bright red that screams for attention. If you want a show-stopping color, then look no further than this one. It’s stunning.

red hair


3. Auburn Style

This is a beautiful color for someone that doesn’t want a big change. It’s a subtle shade that still gives your look some pop.


4. Striking Highlights

If you are looking for an unexpected new change, then you can’t do much better than this look. The bold red highlights make the dark base really stand out. Such a stunning shade.


5. Plum Designs

Talk about a standout color. This bold choice of colors will not only brighten up a dark color, but you will be turning heads in no time.


6. Auburn Lights

This beautiful auburn shade is a great way to warm up a brunette. It’s beautiful, and it’s bound to catch the light in all the right ways. A superb choice of color.


7. Bold Red

This is a full color red that would warm up anyone’s look. It’s not too light or dark, and it looks wonderful with her skin tone.


8. Voluptuous Red

This is an eye-catching red that would surely have you being the talk of every party. It looks great with any hairstyle. It’s considered to be a fashion color so it will fade.


9. Plum Highlights

This short style is stunning as the base is quite dark, and the plum highlights really give an awesome contrast. It looks amazing as a stand-up color choice.

10150916-dark-red-hairAlso See:

10. Bright Red

I love this shade of red. It’s beautiful because it’s badass and bright. You will draw attention with this color, but that’s exactly what you want.


11. Burst of Red

This is a stunning choice of red and a good example of a bright all over color.


12. Dark Copper

Copper is a very popular color choice, especially in the celebrity world. This all over color is amazing because it’s bright but looks great with her skin tone.


13. Deep Red

If you don’t want a big change, then look no further than this deep red. It’s not a drastic change from the natural, but it gives a burst of color.


14. Deep Purple

This bold color is great, and it’s not a big change, so the commitment is minimal. It’s a bold choice.


15. All Over Plum

These long locks look amazing in plum. It’s an all over color that is going to be stunning when the light hits it.


16. Burgundy Locks

This short look is a beautiful one because of the burgundy shade. It’s somewhere in between a bright color and a deep one.


17. Bright Burst of Red

A bright red that is bold. If you want a big change in a color that makes you badass, then try this one out. It’s an all over color that will sure to turn some heads.


18. Almost Purple

This red shade is really close to a purple; it’s a little mix of both. This stunning shade is a great color choice for anyone.


19. Fire Engine Red

This shocking fashion color is what makes redheads so popular. Who could ever mess with a girl that walks around with hair the color of a fire engine? It’s beautiful.


20. Fashion Red

If you love red, then you are sure going to want to try this shade on for size. It’s a bright shade but it’s a lot of commitment, and it will fade so there’s a lot of maintenance to it.


21. Burgundy Style

This all over color is another example of how great the burgundy color can look.


22. Burgundy Ombre

Try the burgundy ombre out for size and have a great color combination. It’s bold and beautiful.


23. Watch the Red

This is a great color for someone that is looking for something different. It’s bold and bright and the right shade for a true redhead.


24. Deep Highlights

Deep highlights are a great way to get beautiful color without opting for a full color. This shade really adds some color to her face and makes her eyes really stand out.


25. Subtle Red

This color choice is very subtle. You can see a tint of red, but it’s not bold or out there. It’s an elegant shade that just brightens up the overall look.

red hair


26. Just a Touch of Red

Only the bottom portion of the hair is tinted red. It’s a beautiful addition to her style.


27. A Subtle Touch

Another great example of how you can add red to your natural to give it a bold new look. This red is warmer than most and goes well with medium skin tones.


28. A Deep Hue

This stunning shade is a deep hue that changes her whole look. It appears as if she just has highlights on the top and the underneath is left natural.


29. The Lighter Shades

There are light shades that are great for light skin tones. This particular look brightens up her hair a lot.


30. Shocking Red

If you are looking for a real head turning look, then try this bright red out. Only the top is bright red while the rest is left natural.


31. Black and Red

Black and red looks amazing together because it’s the perfect contrast. The red ombre is the perfect shade to make the whole look pop.


32. Bold Choice

This is a beautiful example of a full deep red color. I guarantee the shade makes her eyes light up.


33. Low-Key Look

This laid-back look sis amazing because there is only a subtle change on top while the rest is left alone.


34. Light Red

If you are looking for something different the try out this lighter shade of red. It’s a stunning choice.


35. A lot of Red

Red looks great with long hair because there is more red to show off.


36. Small Changes

If you want a red that is elegant and not showy the try this style on for size. It’s sexy while staying low maintenance.


37. Vampire Red

I love how her red hair matches her lipstick perfectly. It’s a stunning shade that is truly eye-catching. It’s the perfect shade for fair skinned beauties.


38. Burgundy Hue

This color is not overdone, in fact, it’s a subtle shade that gives just the right amount of color every time.


39. Pop of Color

Stunning reds are always a sure bet when you want a dramatic color change. How can you not love this beautiful shade of red?


40. Light and Bright

This shade is light and bright, an all over color. It’s a beautiful shade that anyone is sure to love.


41. A Primary Color

You don’t get a brighter red than this one. If you want a dramatic change, then this fashion color is sure to make you happy. It will also turn every head in the room.


42. Light Burgundy

This color looks amazing in the sunlight. It’s such a bright burgundy that it’s sure to change your whole look.


43. Small Highlights

This short look is made even better with these bright red highlights. It’s focused more on one side than the other.


44. Deep Dark Red

This red is not far off from the natural shade, so there isn’t a big change. It’s a sophisticated shade.


45. Burgundy Ombre

The natural shade is dark as well as the burgundy ombre look. If you want a subtle change, then try the ombre style. The color is stunning, and it’s not a lot of commitment.


46. Celebrity Style

This famous redhead has always known how to rock the color red. Her short look has always been colored red, and it suits her completely.


47. Red Highlights

Another great example of how red highlights can completely change your look if you want it to. It’s a stunning color that is sure to be a head-turner.


48. Deep Copper

Copper ombre looks fantastic on her natural hairstyle. It’s a bright look that will lighten up your whole appearance.


49. Red Bursts

There aren’t that many highlights with this style, but they bring a lot of color to the look. The bright red contrasts well with the darker shade. It’s a beautiful example of a red color.


These are all great styles that are sure to please you when you have your next salon appointment. Choose the red style that you want and make sure you are comfortable with the commitment involved. Red isn’t for the faint of heart. There is a lot of maintenance involved in keeping your red always looking fresh and not faded. Red is known to be one of the most easily faded colors you can choose, but if you wash it properly and use certain products you can keep the color lasting longer. If you take care of your color, it will look beautiful until your next appointment.

Once you find a color that inspires you, make sure you book an appointment with a stylist that is familiar with working with reds. Depending on your base color, it can be a tricky color to work with. You want a stylist that knows what it takes to get you the right shade without any mistakes.

We hope you enjoyed the article and found a color that you love. Let us know which one is your favorite shade.


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