45 Best Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles for the Chic Mature Woman


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Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles


Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles

The wedge hairstyle is still in style after all these many years. When you think of the original wedge hairstyle, you can’t help but think of Dorothy Hamill. Older women know exactly who she is, it might be a little harder for the younger generation to remember her. In our generation, it’s usually singers and actors that bring on new hairstyle choices, but back in the 70’s it was Dorothy Hamill, a figure skater. This short hairstyle became cool and fashionable because she sported it and made it that way. It’s not every day that a sports person would bring about new fashion choices but for Dorothy Hamill, she did just that. Not only was she creating fashionable hairstyle choices built she also won an Olympic gold medal for figure skating. She was the sole person responsible for making the wedge hairstyle so popular. She started a trend that took a short hairstyle and made it free-flowing and spontaneous. It was then known as the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle from then on. She has always been known for contemporary shorts styles, and she always mixes up her looks. She has sported a pixie look, a chic bob, pageboy cuts, bob cuts but the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle has always been her favorite style.

The style became her signature look for many, many years; she even sports the look to this day whenever she is seen out at events. It’s the sort of hairstyle that is fuss-free and low maintenance. It’s a carefree hairstyle that you are sure to love if you want something that is easy to style. It can be worn as a center part or a side part whichever you prefer. It’s not the kind of hairstyle that takes any fussing. Many short styles can require a lot of styling and product to create the look, but that isn’t the case with the Dorothy Hamill hairstyle.

This is the perfect style for a mature woman who wants a fashionable style. It’s a short and chic bob that is cut with sweeping bangs. Even at her age, Dorothy manages to look youthful with her signature style. Whether she has longer layers or shorter ones.

The ends of her hair are always textured which is why you wanted to make sure you have a skilled hairstylist to create the look. The tips are left in a wispy manner that can be brushed lightly to one side.

If this style is the one that you love, then get yourself a hairstylist that is talented enough to create this iconic style.

This is a style that can be used for any age, so don’t let that stop you from trying out this incredible style. It’s an iconic look that has lasted many generations.

Below are 42 of the Best Dorothy Hamill Hairstyles for the Chic Mature Woman:

  1. The Pixie

One of her classic shorter looks, this style, is sure to make you feel youthful again.


2. The Bob

The Dorothy Hamill hairstyle is longer in this image, in the form of a bob. This is a great low maintenance style.


3. Lighter Shades

Another example of the bob style that looks fuss-free and easy to style.


4. The Traditional Style

This style is longer than most of her styles, and it was one that she sported when she was younger. The style is feathered which you don’t see too much these days.


5. Sweeping Side Bangs

A great example of the full side bangs with the Dorothy Hamill style.


6. Centre Part

She has the centre part in this image which shows you how transitional this short style can be.

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7. Short and Youthful

Another example of her signature looks with a sweeping side bang.


8. Free Flowing Style

It’s a longer bob then she normally sports, but it’s a free-flowing style that will be easy to maintain.


9. Tapered Style

Here is her signature look with a centre part that leaves her bangs across her forehead.


10. Feathered Style

This is the same style with her sides feathered back. The bangs are off to the sides as well.


11. The Dorothy Hamill

Another example of her signature style that has been made popular through her iconic fashion sense.


12. Pinned Back

It’s the same style but in this image, she has the sides pinned back behind her ears for a different look.


13. In the Public Eye

Her signature look was made popular because she was in the public eye. The popularity of celebrity styles is no different today then it was back then.


14. Sporty Style

This is the kind of style that is perfect for someone who is involved in sports. You don’t get much cooler than this easy style.


15. Blonde Bob

Sometimes the hair color can really make the style stand out. This bob is splashed with a bold, blonde color. The back is tapered in edgy layers.


16. Stylish Pixie

This mature pixie look is still fashionable to this day. The layers are longer on top and cut shorter on the sides.


17. Short and Curly

This short style is cut just below the ears. The length is still there which is perfect for naturally curly hair.


18. Hamill Style

This Hamill style is the classic look and a popular choice.

Former ice skating champion DOROTHY HAMILL at the Hollywood premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Ice Princess, at the El Capitan Theatre. March 13, 2005: Los Angeles, CA. © 2005 Paul Smith / Featureflash*** USA ONLY ***

19. Across the Forehead

Her hairstyle in this image is a darker shade, and she has the centre part allowing for her bands to run across her forehead.


20. Longer Layers

A centre part with a side bang, she has her look in longer layers in this image.


21. The Bob Style

This bob is all one length with the bangs sweeping to the side.


22. Dark Pixie

Hamill’s hair is dark in this image, and she has it cut in a pixie style. It’s very flattering for her face shape.


23. Edgy Pixie

This pixie style is all about edginess. It’s cut short in the back with long tapered length on top.


24. An Honor

Another example of her signature style with longer layers.


25. The Pageboy

This pageboy style is one that is still popular to this day. It’s an amazing style that is maintenance free.


26. Tapered and Stylish

This style is tapered in the back to give an edgy look to the style. The blonde coloring looks great with the cut.


27. Multi-length Bob

This bob is tapered so that it’s very short in the back and gets longer as you go forward.


28. The Mushroom

A classic style that has survived the times, this style is shorter at the back but still leaves a lot of length.


29. Choppy Style

This style is very short in the back with the long layers all on top. The layers themselves are choppy to create this style.


30. Sweeping Side Bangs

A short style that has a very long bang that sweeps to the side.


31. Blonde Pixie

This blonde pixie is very short on the bottom with longer layers on top. The blonde looks fantastic with this cut.


32. Fashionable Hamill

Her signature look that shows the maintenance free look, it’s not the kind of style that requires a lot of product.


33. Multiple Views

This image shows multiple views of a bob that has been feathered to the sides. The look sweeps back allowing for multiple styles throughout the week. If you want a low maintenance style, you will love this look.


34. Tapered Back

This style is tapered in that back all the way up to the crown of the head. The front has long layers, but the back is kept very short.


35. A Thicker Style

This short style is created with thicker hair. If you have thin hair, the style will look completely different so be careful of that.


36. Angled Bob

An angled bob allows you to experiment with the classic bob. The layers are always longer in the front and going shorter towards the back.


37. Tapered and Blonde

This blonde look is tapered in the back with some of the hair shaved short.


38. Curly Top

The top is a mess of curls left longer while the bottom has been shaved short. The shaved areas are a darker shade while the top was colored blonde.


39. Darker Bobs

Another angled bob in a darker color with some highlights. The hair is also thicker in this picture which changes the look completely.


40. Ice Cold Look

This angled bob has many different layers that are choppy in design. It’s got a great ice blonde color that compliments the style as well.


41. A Shaved Back

This angled bob has a shaved back to really shorten the back. The rest is left in longer layers.


42. Shorter Sides

This gorgeous bob is a one-sided look. The hair is parted to the side and left long while the other side is cut quite short. It’s an amazing style for someone who wants a bold and sexy new look.


We hope you enjoyed the article and found an amazing new style! Comment below on your favorite style.


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