98 Bold Dreadlocks (for Girls) To Change Up Your Style


If you are looking for an edgy style, on that you don’t have to worry about maintaining all the time, then dreadlocks are a great option for you.

Essentially dreadlocks are ropes of hair. They are called by many different names such as locs, dreads, (Jata in Sanskrit). There are many ways of creating dreadlocks through methods such as backcombing, braiding and rolling.

An easy way of understanding dreadlocks is to think of it as “free-formed” hair. A lot of people assume that dreadlocks are dirty because of the way that they look but that’s a common misconception. The hair is not dirty. There is a process in which to keep the hair clean and healthy so that your dreadlocks always look good.

Check out these 98 Bold Dreadlocks To Change Up Your Style:

1. Mysterious Looks

There is just something mysterious about the way that dreads look. dreadlocks

2. Relaxed Styles

She has her hair in a partial updo and the style is very casual and relaxed.

3. Bohemian Vibe

Dreadlocks are often seen as a Bohemian style, but really anyone can wear them.

4. Braids and Dreads

The combination of dreads and braids always makes for a cool look.

5. Loose Styles

She doesn’t have all of her hair as dreads, the top is left loose.

6. Multi-Colored

The great thing about dreads is that you can have them in any color that you want.


7. Long Styles

Dreads come in many shapes and sizes and you can have them as long as you want them to be.

8. Casual Styles

This looks like the most casual look ever. She is definitely in her element.

9. Carefree Style 

One of the reasons why people love dreads so much is that it is a style that is very carefree.

10. Curly Styles

There are many different ways to style dreads and this is a pretty cool one.

11. Red Styles

You can have your dreads in any color that you desire.

12. Ornamental Designs

You can even decorate your dreads if you want to just like you see in the photo.

13. Long and Red

If you are looking for a great color, this is a stunning shade.

14. Red Carpet Hair

Who said you can’t war dreads on the red carpet? This girl has no problem rocking them out.

15. Bold Looks

We love the style as well as the color with this look.

16. Partial Style

You don’t even need to get a head full of dreads. Just a few pieces to change up your look a bit.

17. Long and Loose

This is a great example of what your hair would look like if it was long and you styled it in dreads. She does have some loose hair that isn’t dreaded as well.

18. Blonde Locks

This is a cool and edgy style that anyone would love.

19. It’s For Any Age

A great style that works for any age. If you want low-maintenance style, then this is the look for you.

20. Beautiful Styles

If this style doesn’t convince you that you need to try dreadlocks, then we’re not sure what will.

21. Long and Bright

If you are looking for an edgy style, then try this one out.

22. Bright Lights

There is a lot of great contrast to this style with the black and the white together.

23. Thick Dreads

Dreads come in many shapes and sizes. These dreads are of the thicker variety.

24. Free-Flowing Locks

This is an awesome style that has a combination of loose hair and dreads.

25. High Styles

This funky style is exactly what you need for a cool new look.

26. The Updo

You can pull your dreads up if you need to in a ponytail or bun.

27. Hippie Styles

A great look like this is cool and casual.

28. Shaved Style

This style has dreadlocks and the sides are shaved as well for an edgy style.

29. Braided Dreads

A great style that has a lot of attitude.

How To Keep Dreadlocks Clean

Oiliness rarely happens with dreads because oil doesn’t transfer from the scalp to the hair. If anything, the thing that you have to worry about is your dreads drying out.

If you are doing a day washing, then it’s best to focus on the scalp. But you can’t completely neglect the body of the dreads wither. They get a generalized washing while in the shower because the soap will run through them. But unless you want to end up with smelly hair, then you need to give them a deep clean every other month. That’s still not a lot of work.

If you are still using dread wax in your hair, then you want to make sure you are using a Hot Rinse so that you can get the wax buildup out of your hair. You want to do this before you do any type of deep cleaning of your dreads.

“A deep clean can be done with 1/2 Cup of DreadHead Dread Soap, 1/2 Cup of sea salt (optional), and 1 gallon of nice hot water. Mix everything in a large, deep bowl or a shallow, wide-mouth bucket, whatever is handy.”

You want to get the dreads completely saturated. Work the soap through the dreads and then when you are done you rinse them by squeezing and twisting the dreads underneath the water.

30. Cool Ponytails

You are sure to be the girl with the cool hair when you try a style like this one out.

31. Lots Of Volume

A great style that has a ton of volume to it.

32. Threaded Styles

This cool look is truly one of a kind. You can add some color to your hair by adding thread.

33. Bold Choices

There is a combination of loose threads and dreads in this awesome look.

34. Awesome Braids

You can create a whole new look by turning your dreads into braids.

35. Tight Styles

This is a unique style because you can have it tight to the scalp if you choose.

36. Kid’s Styles

As we said before, dreadlocks are for any age. You can have low-maintenance hair for your kids by adding dreadlocks.

37. Bun Styles

This is a casual look that you can use as everyday wear.

38. Cool and Icy

If you like white blonde hair, you should try this entire look.

39. Bold Styles

An awesome style to try out just by giving yourself a deep part.

40. Beach Bum Style

You could spend all summer long in this low-maintenance style without a care in the world.

41. Trendy Looks

Another great example of dreadlocks for any age.

42. Braided Pigtails

A great style that is one of a kind. You can still style your hair the same way that you are used to with dreads.

43. Summer Style

Imagine having this easy style all summer long.

44. Long and Casual

Another great style that is easy to manage and gives you a casual look.

45. Easy Styles

These styles always look great with hats.

46. Thin Dreads

Another style to try is thin dreads. The size of your dreads completely changes the look of the hairstyle.

47. Braids For Days

These are two really cool styles to have when it comes to braids. They are some gorgeous examples of what you can do with your dreads. You could take any of these braided styles to a formal event if you chose.

48. Blue Styles

If you are looking for something bold and bright, then this is the style for you.

49. Cool Vibes

A great style that anyone would love.

50. Fun Styles

One unique look has different colors throughout the style.

51. Blonde Bombshell

This is a really cool style to have and one that will have people envious.

52. Bohemian Love

A great style that is one of a kind.

53. A Natural Look

Another reason why people love this look so much is that it’s very natural.

54. Sexy Styles

If you want a style that is a little more sexy, then try this one on for size.

55. Goddess Styles

You will feel like a goddess with this hairstyle.

56. Loose Bangs

In this case, the bangs have been left loose while the rest is in dreads.

57. Bold Ponytail

This is a pretty cool ponytail and one that you will want to try out for sure.

58. Cool Styles

Another cool style that you can rock out this winter.

59. An Updo

Maybe you didn’t think that you could accomplish an updo with dreads, but here’s proof that it’s possible.

60. Partial Styles

A partial updo is a style that you can wear casually or to an event.

61. Great Styles

Another great example of how unique dreadlocks can be.

62. Amazing Looks

Another great look that allows you to pull the hair away from your face.

63. Add Some Bangs

The straight across bangs in this look really changes up her whole style.

64. Fun Buns

Another great bun that you can try out with dreadlocks.

65. Spiky Styles

If you like more edgier looks, then try this one out.

66. Short Styles

We don’t see too many short styles with dreadlocks but this is a great example of one.

67. Multi-Colored Dreads

Another great example of how you can experiment with colors with the dreadlock style.

68. Loose Styles

You have to have a lot of hair to be able to pull off this style.

69. Partial Bun

This would be a great casual style to have during the day.

70. Hot Pink

If you are looking to turn some heads than try a look that isn’t so natural. The contrast here is certainly eye-catching.

72. The Mohawk Style

You can even have a mohawk style if you so choose.

73. Small Styles

This is another style where the dreads are thin.

74. Stunning Looks

A great style that has a combination of loose locks and dreads.

75. Mesmerizing Styles

Dreadlocks allow you to have a completely different style and one that is unique.

76. Bold Designs

Another great style that you are sure to love.

77. Bold Shades

This is likely a natural shade but you can certainly recreate it in a salon.

78. Side By Side

A look like this is exactly what you want to have for the season.

79. Fiery Looks

This is a very short style, which proves that you can have dreads at any length. We love how the colors change throughout the style.

80. Cool Elements

You can change up your look on a daily basis by adding different hair accessories to the style.

81. Sweet Looks

This style is a really beautiful look and one that you are sure to love.

82. Cool Braids

We love the design that sits against the scalp, it’s really unique.

83. Sun Goddess

You will truly feel like a sun goddess with a style like this one.

84. Bold Designs

This is a gorgeous style and one that you can wear to an event.

85. Pretty Waves

We have waves and dreads together to create this stunning style.

86. Cool Vibes

This is a cool and casual look that you can wear anywhere.

87. Fun Looks

Another great example of a partial style for dreads.

88. Strange and Cool

We just love all these amazing styles.

89. Cool Accessories

You can get some pretty cool accessories to compliment your style.

90. Pastel Shades

We love the pastel shades in this style.

91. Unique and Casual

Another great look that you can wear every day.

92. Rockstar Style

We love this rockstar style and so will you. Try it out and see just how cool you really feel.

93. Summer Loving

Sometimes maintenance free hair is all you need for a relaxing summer.

94. Youthful Styles

As you can see this style is for any age and we love how relaxed it looks. You will love it too.

95. Mini Dreads

If you really want a different look then try dreads that are really thin. You won’t regret this cool style.

96. Gorgeous Bun

This is a stunning look that has a lot going on. You are sure to turn heads with a look like this one. Try it out and see how you like it.

97. Short and Sweet

This short style is really cool and fresh.

98. Unique Designs

We love this casual look that you can use as your everyday style.


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