44 Amazing Emo Hairstyles That Will Blow Your Mind


With all the new hairstyles around it is hard to choose one, Emo hairstyles has been around for a few years now and it used to be a huge trend with teens both male and female. But not anymore these days you will see women of all ages wearing this hairstyle or versions of it anyway.

So when you first hear emo most people will think short and black but that could not be further from wrong. Emo hairstyles can be long or short and the colours can be amazing these hairstyles are no longer only for teens and I am sure after you see some of these emo styles you will be tempted to try them on yours

1. Highlighted heaven

This is a great medium emo haircut with great colour, The small pieces of black just cuts the light colours and will look great if you like blonde highlights there is definitely nothing sad about this hair colour.

emo hairstyles 12. 2 shades of perfection

This is such a lovely colour two shades of brown that is just amazing and to be honest this short emo hairstyle looks really good and easily maintainable. If you like brown hair and want to cut your hair short this might be the style to get .

emo hairstyles 2

3. Black is fantastic

Now I know not everyone likes the black hair but I absolutely love this long black emo hairstyle, it looks amazing and if you don’t like it all black then add some great highlight or add colour stripes like purple, blue or pink. The great thing is everything goes with black

emo hairstyles 3

4. Beautiful blonde

So not everyone is into black and that is fine because the emo hairstyle looks great in all colours this is a short emo look in blonde and yes it looks great just like it is but like with the black you can always add some colours maybe dye your fringe or bottom part of your hair another colour to make it stand out more.

emo hairstyles 4

5. Paired colours

This long emo cut is great The style is perfect and the colour also looks nice but it is not for everyone. I think this fits her perfectly but that’s just the thing you will need the personality to pull this off although I am sure if this is the colour and style you want it will be perfect and gorgeous.

emo hairstyles 5

6. Pretty in pink

This is really a beautiful pastel pink hair colour and the style gives you that old hollywood feel which is gorgeous and can be quite elegant if that is what you want. This girl however is rocking the look with her accessories and making this hairstyle look a bit more emo.

emo hairstyles 6

7. 2-toned beauty

It might sound a bit crazy to dye your hair different colours on both sides but in some cases it looks beautiful and this is one of those cases. This is a long emo two tones style now in the case that purple and black is not your thing you can play around with the colours to make it greatemo hairstyles 7

8. Turquoise

So this long emo style is great but the colour is just gorgeous it looks amazing and yes the turquoise makes the haircut look better. We have seen quite a few long emo styles but this one catches the eye and it is because of the great colour choice and also the great job that the stylist has done.emo hairstyles 8

9. multi colour madness

We have seen quite a few great colours in medium emo hairstyles. This girl has gone the multi colour way but used more washed out colours. This might not be for all of us but I have seen quite a few teens in the salon doing this.

emo hairstyles 9

10. Firetruck red

You have to agree that this will be getting a lot of attention if you see this long emo style in this gorgeous red and black ombre colour. The ombre hair colour trend is quite popular these days and I have to agree with the teens that they make the emo hairstyle look better.

emo hairstyles 10

11. Classy blonde

Whoever said that the emo style cannot be classy has just been proven wrong. This is definitely a classy way to wear the style that will look great and maybe convince more people to try the style

emo hairstyles 11

12. Blue wonder

This blue, black and silver looks great and yes it is more for the younger girls but it looks so vibrant and beautiful. You will be turning quite a few heads with this hairstyle and if you get tired of the colour or cant afford the colour maintenance it is easy to just dye it all black this way you will still have the great emo cut but just with no colour hastles

emo hairstyles 12

13. Pastel perfection

Long emo style with pastel turquoise colour looks great it is quite unique and it is not to bright, in a way pastels look better if you want to colour your hair a bit differently than normal.emo hairstyles 13

14. Mint

This looks so beautiful the way she styled her emo hair is such a good idea and the colour just makes it stand out. If you ever want to convince someone that emo is a great style and colourful hair is beautiful this picture is the one to use. emo hairstyles 14

15. Neon purple curls

If you thought bright colour wil make you look like a clown well think again this is really pretty. It is so feminine and the curls makes this style simply amazing even if purple is not your colour I am sure you will agree that this might be a great look to try at least onceemo hairstyles 15

16. one colour emo

Now if you hate bright and bold colours this one colour emo style might convince you to try this cut and you might just fall in love with everything you can do with this hairstyle. The little braid makes this look so much better and it opens up so much styling possibilities

emo hairstyles 16

17. white and orange

Who would have ever thought that white could be so beautiful with orange especially on hair. This is for the more daring people  out there that is not afraid to try something bold. This looks amazing but it is not something that a lot will try

emo hairstyles 17

18. White and blue

This looks great and shows yet another way to wear your long emo style the colours fit perfect it might also be for the more daring but I think this could look great on most girls so if you want some drastic change get to your stylist soon emo hairstyles 18

19. Full body maroon and black

This is a great colour choice with the black at the bottom this looks stylish and is definitely a great choice for young girls or even the older generation this look shows how much body the emo style can give to your hairemo hairstyles 20

20. Platinum idea

This short messy emo style shows that even platinum blonde can make the emo hairstyle amazing. This is for all the girls out there that loves their blonde hair and want a new style ideas even though this is quite a messy style it still looks quite pretty

emo hairstyles 21

21. Punk meets emo

So this is a sky blue colour emo style but it can also look more like the punk styles just because of the way this girl is choosing to wear it.

This looks good and the colour is really bright and this makes it a hair colour for the younger girls and maybe those not afraid to try something newemo hairstyles 22

22. Feather style

This reminds me so much of a style that was popular once and we called it the feather style. This shows you another great way to wear your emo hair this is a more casual look and the colour is also daring but it fits. Maybe if you want a normal colour this will look just as great.

emo hairstyles 23

23. messy style

Here is one style that has a lot of volume at the top and is meant to look quite messy, but the bottom is smooth. The two colours chosen works great together and if you like the messy hair this is a good look to try out especially if you have long hairemo hairstyles 24

24. short messy red emo style

This is the short emo style that is in a messy style and this is one of the more natural colours. Short hair can be tricky to handle so this idea helps on those hair days where your hair has decided to turn against you just some gel or styling mousse and a blow drier will give you this great look.

emo hairstyles 2525. natural emo

This is the best way to show you how great an emo style can actually look. This is a natural colour and the emo style is blown out it really is a great style with endless possibilities when it comes to styling your hairemo hairstyles 26

26. Touch of colour

Just adding a small bit of colour to your emo style can change your look completely.

This emo style has just been straightened and the green just adds that little extra to the styleemo hairstyles 27

27. Bright white idea

Might not be for everyone but I think the younger generation will love this. The bright white is quite a sight and the blue at the bottom does add a great deal to this style. The fringe that is blown and and put to one side also makes this look more appealing. Unfortunately the blue colour washes out and the white will show regrowth so this means you will have to get a good stylist and budget monthly to maintain your colour

emo hairstyles 28

28. Beautiful and classy

This is one more styling chose that just shows that emo is not all about the punk hair this girl looks great the colour is not too daring and the styling is gorgeous this might be something to consider because you will look great with a style like thisemo hairstyles 29

29. Silver

If you have not noticed yet the silver white hair colour is the new hot trend these days and loads of girls in their 20’s are getting it done so the colour with the emo hairstyle is also a good choice it looks good if you are willing to try it only problem is you will see regrowth quite quickly which makes this a costly project to take onemo hairstyles 30

30. curly multi colour

Most people do not recommend cutting your hair emo style if it is curly or wavy and believe me I get why but this does not look that bad. The colours mix well and the curly hair actually adds something unique to it. I do think this will be harder to manage daily but if you are up for the challenge and think this is nice it might be something new to try emo hairstyles 31

31. Touch of pink

This is just to show that a little colour makes a big difference. The first place your eyes go is the little pink patch which does add a little extra to the style and keeps it interesting once again the regrowth here will be a problem if you don’t want to spend money to dye it every timeemo hairstyles 32

32. Pretty hair braid

Here is one that shows bright colour can look beautiful and can be styled to look classy even if you are against bright colours I am sure you will agree that this is one that looks so amazing and the small black hair braid breaks the bright colour maybe that is what gives it a bit of a more grown up classy lookemo hairstyles 33

33. Lime

This is a bit of a more over the top colour choice the lime looks amazing with the white but you will have to be quite daring to try this one. Regrowth once again will have to be covered quite a bit so just get a  great stylist that can help you and try to do as little damage as possibleemo hairstyles 34

34. Interesting colour

Okay this is one of those extremely bright colours that hurts your eyes for a while and they first have to adjust to see exactly what colour it is but once your eyes get adjusted you will actually see this is so unique and really gorgeous colours. This will be costly to maintain because if you have dark hair and your regrowth just start to slightly return it will be noticed immediately.

emo hairstyles 35

35. Royal blue

I love the way this hairstyle can go from messy and crazy to normal and classy in just any colour. This blue is vibrant but it does not look terrible it is something I think most will be able to pull of with easeemo hairstyles 36

36. Black and pink

If you haven’t noticed this is also something that a lot of people has been doing the two colours match perfectly and the pink just makes it pop a bit. The curls actually makes this look perfect it just looks like something more suited for an adult and not only for a teenager

emo hairstyles 37

37. Volume and some more

This is a lot of volume and although most women love it some might feel it is too much but that is the great thing about the emo style you can choose the amount of volume you want in your hair. the curls give this a great effect and it adds volume to the lower part of your hair as well emo hairstyles 38

38. Rainbow

Okay you will have to be a bit more than brave and committed to try this and after you decide that you are both of those then you will have to find a great hair stylist to transform your hair to this range of colours and to maintain your colourful hair for as long as you choose to have it like thisemo hairstyles 39

39. emo can be normal

This looks like a normal hairstyle that you can wear daily this shows emo doesn’t have to be a load style all the time it can look tame and normal this is great if you have straight hair and you need a little extra volume at the top.emo hairstyles 41

40. Short and Sassy

These colours just makes this whole style amazing it is one of the best ideas I have seen to wear your emo short style and the colours aren’t to crazy I am sure a lot of women will try this emo hairstyles 42

41. Heart shaped volume

Might just be me but this looks like a heart the colours also fit perfectly nothing looks over done. The colour is also great because a lot of women colour their hair like this just with a bit more highlights.

emo hairstyles 43

42. Traditional

This will be the style you might have seen the most out of all the styles normally it is just black and white but this is the most commonly seen a amongst teenage girls and it is a style that has not been changed or forgotten but the white will damage your hair so you might to get a deep conditioning treatmentemo hairstyles 44

43. Very simple

This is a simple way to style, colour and wear your emo hair it is  way to wear for old and young and if you have darker hair regrowth will not be that big of a deal. The damage to your hair will also be minimal emo hairstyles 45

44. Stripes design

This might be something you have seen recently if not then you will soon it is a new technique used but not all hair stylist will colour your hair like this so you will have to look for one. This will require some maintenance if you want to keep the stripe style for a long time

emo hairstyles

Now that we went through all of these hair style choices it is safe to say that the emo style is a style that most people can pull off.

There are so many more things you can do with this style that was not even looked at here emo does not have to be messy and weird it can be elegant and classy as well. The style has been adapted by the to fit the needs of just about every girl.

The style is versatile and you can do so much with it takes you from wild to classy.

The colour choices that people choose for their emo style is sometimes crazy and on occasions that can turn into something beautiful but the down side is that colouring your hair in so many vibrant colours will be costly to maintain and then there is also the amount of damage you do to your hair with all the dye keeping the natural hair colour might be the best option for you if you do not want to damage your hair too much or if you just don’t have the money to spend on covering your regrowth. Make sure to get some deep conditioning treatment if you will be colouring your hair a lot the bleach and dye will damage your hair but if you use hair treatments and conditioning treatments you can still maintain the shiny and beautiful hair you always had.

although you get a lot of emo hairstyle do it yourself articles DO NOT I repeat DO NOT try this yourself in the end you might just have to cut off all your hair and I am sure you do not want to go through that. Hairstylist go to school for a reason and that reason is to make your hair look amazing and make you feel great about yourself so please if you want to get the emo style go to a stylist they will do it the best.

If you are a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to your hear do not try this. It is a haircut that is quite unevenly cut.

So if you are convinced and have now decided you need this haircut then the next step is easy you just find the right stylist and get your emo cut and colour and then keep maintaining it if you choose a vibrant and exciting colour.




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