79 Gorgeous Feed in Braid Hairstyles to Choose From


If you are looking for an amazing new style and one that will help to protect your hair long-term then you must try out the feed in braid style. This is the kind of style that you will love because it’s not only creative and beautiful, but it’s a great way to protect your hair.

feed in braids

feed in braids

The style is created with hair extensions, so it’s not just your hair involved. The extensions are fed into each braid near the roots. What this does is provides you with a lot more length then you started off with. You will add thickness, length and even a fresh new color to your hair. After all, if you are adding extensions then why not try a colored version so really give your look a pop. These cool looking braids can provide you with a great style for months on end. Why wouldn’t you want to give it a try? These feed in braids are called an “invisible braid” which is pretty cool in itself. The reason it’s called this is that it gives you a natural look then you can call your own in the end.

When these feed in braids are created they often use different kinds of braids, cornrows being the most popular. It’s up to you the kind of braid that you want to use for your creative style. The best part about this style is that it’s protective.

Check out these 79 Gorgeous Feed in Braid Hairstyles to Choose From:

  1. Long Styles

We love how creative the braids are on top and this is a style that you won’t be able to not love.

2. Polished Look

There are only a few tight braids that pull this gorgeous look together. If you want your hair out of your face, then this is the style to choose.

3. Plenty of Braids

This striking style is made up of many small braids. We love how it wraps around the head in a glamorous style.

4. Star Designs

These cornrows are designed in such a way to give the appearance of stars in the scalp. It’s a creative way of adding some pretty elements to the overall style.

5. Stunning Styles

Everyone around you won’t be able to keep their eyes off of a style like this one. It’s a standard style, but it’s also eye-catching.

6. Tight Styles

Feed in Braids are always usually very tight, but this style is very tight because the braids are mini and they wrap around the head.

7. Blonde Styles

Another great style that combines small and large braids together. Here we can see that they used blonde extensions to feed into the braids. That gives some amazing contrast to the overall style.

8. Golden Elements

If you have a formal event to go to, then add some gold accessories to your style and it will jazz it up in no time. We love these styles because they give off a goddess vibe.

9. Big Braids

These braids are much bigger than the others which means that you will use less of them. We like the contrasting colors.

10. Stunning Braids

We see this braided style from a couple of angles and we love these glossy braids. There is also shaved sides which will also give you a completely different look.

11. Braided Bun

A great style that you can wear to work or to the next party. We love the accessories with this style.

12. Creative Designs

How can you not love this style? It’s tight and has a very unique braided pattern on the top. If you are going to try feed in braids why not have a style that you can be proud of for the long term.

13. Classic Styles

A great style that is put together well. We love that there are different sizes of braids in this style.

14. Blue Styles

A great style that you are sure to love. Try out blue extensions in order to get this awesome coloring. We like the black and blue together.

15. Two Braids

All you need is two braids to complete this gorgeous hairstyle. We love these thick and glossy braids.

16. Few Braids

This is less of a protective style and one of just for aesthetic purposes. If you are looking for an amazing new style with a few braids, then this is the style for you.

17. Ponytail Styles

You are sure to turn heads with this amazing style. It’s gorgeous and has some gold elements that you can wear to a formal event.

18. Casual Styles

If you are more of a casual girl, then don’t let that stop you from trying feed in braids. This style is proof that even casual styles can be found.

19. Classy Styles

This style is truly gorgeous and we love how classy it is. You could easily wear this style to a formal event.

20. Creative Designs

We love the scalp design created here with braids. It’s magical and one that will turn heads wherever you go.

21. Thick Styles

A great style that is created in the U shape with one braid. This is a style that you can be proud of.

22. White Styles

A great style that you are sure to love every day. We love the addition of the bright white extensions.

23. High Bun

This style is sure to be show-stopping. The braids are all around the head and they end in a high bun.

24. Classic Designs

This is a pretty popular design and for a reason. It’s stylish and can be worn anywhere.

25. High Braids

A great style that is truly magical. If you want to try a different style of braid, then this is the one for you.

26. Purple Styles

This is the difference between a braided style and one that has purple extensions weaved into the style. This color is sure to make your look pop this summer. Why not spice up your original style with a bright new color this summer. It will freshen up your look and give you a look that isn’t permanent. That’s the fun part of having extensions is that you can experiment with colors without the risk of damaging your hair.

27. Small Braids

A gorgeous style that is designed off to the side. It’s a style that is elegant and classy. We can see this style at a wedding or a fancy event. It protects your hair as well as give you a sophisticated style

28. Double Bun

You will need lengthy extensions to make this look possible because it requires a lot of hair. We love the colors within the style as well. They are like peek-a-boo style because the color isn’t all over. If you just want a splash of color, then this is the kind of style that you are looking for.

29. Top Styles

This beehive style is all braids and it creates a very unique look. If you have somewhere fancy to be this summer then why not try a fresh new look for it. You certainly will love to rock this style.

30. Multi-colored Styles

A stunning style on top with colorful braids throughout. If you want a special scalp style, then you can’t go wrong with this one. It’s elegant and has an air of sophistication to it.

31. Stunning Ponytails

A great style that is sure to keep you cool all summer long. These thick braids make an amazing ponytail. It’s a stunning style that will make you feel like a goddess. We love it.

32. Stunning Styles

A great style that is tight and pulled back into a ponytail. If you like casual styles, then this is the one for you.

33. Wide Styles

These styles have amazing wide braids that are pulled into pigtail styles. Those pigtails are pulled into this classic bun.

34. Simple Styles

A great style that is very simple to create. Even though it’s a simple style, it’s still very pretty.

35. Creative Elements

These tiny braids are truly unique and wonderful. It offers a very creative design.

36. Triangle Styles

A few outward braids show off an amazing scalp design. It won’t be hard to keep a style like this one in for months.

37. Straight Styles

The braids on this style go straight back as if they have a mind of their own.

38. Sexy Styles

Yes, it’s definitely possible for braided styles to be sexy and this style proves that.

39. Stunning New Looks

A style that you are sure to love for a long time. There are small and large braids here.

40. Beautiful Buns

This partial style is braided with a bun and all. These are very popular looks because they can be worn to any occasion.

41. Goddess Style

If you want a glamorous style, then feed in your extensions with the goddess style and you will feel like a goddess in no time.

42. Long Styles

A great style that is swirled on top and is very long. This is why adding extensions is so cool.

feed in braids


43. Starring Styles

A long style that has some pretty creative designs on the top.

44. Warm Styles

A great style that has some warm colors weaved in. This is a great summer look and it will also provide protection for your hair.

45. Bright Styles

We love these amazing braided styles because of the hot pink coloring.

46. Hair Accessories Are Key

You can completely change the way your braided style looks just by adding different hair accessories. This unusual style really looks unique with these hair accessories.

47. Glamorous Buns

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous style. We love the scalp style as well as the awesome bun on top.

48. Tiny Braids

This gorgeous style is truly unique and it looks amazing with the buns.

49. Classic Styling

Another great example of a ponytail style.

50. Gorgeous Styles

If you are looking for a new style, then this is the one for you. We get to see the beautiful style from many different angles.

51. Golden Styles

A great style with an amazing ponytail. We absolutely love the color.

52. Goddess Bun

If this style doesn’t make you feel like a goddess, then we don’t know what will. This is the style that will make you feel like you were born in the days of Troy.

53. Wavy Styles

The braids aren’t back in this style, they have a wavy look to it.

54. Zig Zag Styles

These four styles are all about the zig zag braided styles. If you want some eye-catching scalp styles, then you should try one of these out.

55. Cool Scalp Designs

These four styles are truly beautiful. If you are going to do a braided style, then you might as well have a creative style for it.

56. Golden Designs

These stunning styles are truly unique and beautiful.

57. Bold and Beautiful

A great style that is truly unique. We love the different sized braided throughout the look.

58. Long Looks

A great style that is gorgeous with a high ponytail.

59. Standard Styles

A great style that is pretty simple but it comes out as a pretty great style.

60. Beautiful Looks

Another example of a standard look that you are sure to love because of the scalp design.

61. Stunning Styles

A great style that has some unique braids on the side. Try a beautiful style like this one this summer.

62. Formal Styles

This is one style that you could easily wear to a formal event. It’s gorgeous and you will have heads turning all night long. We love that the bottom is a deep fuschia coloring.

63. Deep Pink Styles

A great style that you are sure to love all summer long. You will have a cool color as well as some protective styles for a few months.

64. Thick Swirls

A stunning bun style that looks like a mini tornado. It’s a style that you can wear to a formal event as well as a work event.

65. Cool Styles

We love these cool styles and you will too. This one is made with tiny braids.

66. Insane Designs

If You love cool designs, then you will like this one. It’s so cool you will be dying to show it off to everyone.

67. Zig Zag Looks

A stunning zig-zag style that you are sure to love this summer. It’s a style that will have people talking at every party that you go to.

68. Beautiful Braids

The symmetry of these braids is just exquisite. If you have an event to go to, then these styles would be perfect. This is one style that can be worn for any occasion or even just a day at the beach. One thing is for sure you will be able to protect your hair from the harsh elements this summer.

69. Bright Blonde

A great style that is perfect for the summer months. We love the blonde extensions she fed into her style. It adds depth and a lot of awesome contrast to the style. We love how awesome these long braids look.

70. Stunning New Styling

Two very different styles but the kind of styles that you can wear to different events. These styles are beautiful and unique.

71. Glamourous Scalp Designs

A glamorous style that will make you feel like the bell of the ball. Seriously the scalp style is insanely gorgeous. People will be talking about your hairstyle all night long.

72. Large Designs

This style is truly amazing. Braided styles come in all shapes and sizes. We love this gorgeous style because the braid is woven into the style, not on top of it. It’s a very different style and will give you the feeling of being an original.

73. Red Styles

We love these gorgeous styles because you can add in any color that you desire. The sky is the limit for the colors that you can add in. You can even add in more than one color choice.

74. Glamor Looks

Who wouldn’t want this elegant style? It’s the kind of style that people talk about all night long.

75. Bold Braiding

A classic style that is sure to please you regardless of where you go. The braids are thick and large and will offer you a very different look.

76. Tiny Styles

There are a lot of braids in this style which means it will take some time to create this style. Be prepared to sit in a chair for a few hours at least. Some of these styles can take up to 6 hours to create. But it’s all worth it in the end when you get to rock out an amazing style like this one. We could see you rocking this style for the entire summer and feeling amazing the whole time.

77. Stunning Buns

If you have a formal event coming up, then this is the style for you. We love the top style with this look.

78. Bold and Simple

A great style that you are sure to love regardless of where you go. This would definitely be a great beach style for the summer.

79. Cool and Simple

A great style that we get to see from different angles. These are fun styles that you can wear anywhere.


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