68 Vintage Finger Waves Hairstyles You Will Want


The “S” shaped wave is what is known as the finger wave style. Finger waves are often worn flat on the head. Many people remember the look from the flapper in the 20’s, but it’s really not that much of a vintage style any longer. Like many old styles, it has been updated to match the looks of today. Though some people do still choose to wear the old school style if they are going to a fancy event. It’s like reliving The Great Gatsby for the night.

You can create finger waves for both long and short hair. We’ve even seen finger waves on the red carpet recently and that shows you that they are growing in popularity. Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Gucci and many other designers have styled their models with finger waves.

These days, we usually don’t style finger waves all over the head though you certainly can if you want to. The more modern way of styling it is to just have waves along the hairline. You can also give yourself a new vibe or an edgier look by changing your look with modern colors. Neon colors or pastels are a great combination.

If you are considering the style for your next event, we would suggest that you go to a salon. Finger waves are not easy to do and they often take a lot of practice before you get the hang of it.

Check out these 68 Vintage Finger Waves Hairstyles You Will Want:

  1. Long Styles

A long style that is truly remarkable. You would look like a vision in this style.

2. Shiny Styles

If you want that retro style, then you are sure to love this one.

3. Just One-Sided

A great style that is fashionable and elegant for short hair. If you have an event coming up, then you are sure to love this style.

4. A Stunning Bob

The great thing about finger waves is that they provide you with a classy style that will turn heads wherever you go.

5. Model Style

Tyra Banks has a full head of finger waves and she looks so glamorous with them.

6. Wavy Styles

A great style that looks like regular waves. This is a classy style that is sure to steal the show.

7. Glamor Styles

A great style that shows off the vintage appeal of another time.

8. Silver Styles

She completely rocked the night with this style and we have never seen a color more beautiful.

9. Curly Styles

This finger waves style is a little curlier than most.

10. Softer Styles

If you are a fan of the bob, then try out this glamorous style for your next event.

11. Stunning Styles

This is definitely a much looser wave but still classy nonetheless. If you want a look that will turn heads then try this one out.

12. Perfect Waves

When finger waves are done properly, they are uniform and basically perfect.


13. Multi-colored Styles

Try a new shade with your glamorous style and your look will steal the show.

14. Thick Textures

These styles are perfect for hair that has a thick texture to it.

15. Celebrity Styles

This is a polished style with loads of shine. It’s truly slick so make sure you have an event that matches the style.

16. Blonde Styles

This look is really wild. If you want something edgy, then this is the look for you.

17. A Partial Style

A great style that is unique, these are the looks that have been on the runway lately.

18. Setting the Style

This is why it’s a good idea to visit a salon for the style. The finger waves have to be set for a period of time in order for them to stay in style.

19. Simple Styles

Just a few waves are all you need for a simple style like this one.

20. Purple Styles

The great part about coloring short hair is that it doesn’t take long to grow out if you want a change.

21. A Side Style

You won’t find another style that will make you feel more amazing than this one.

22. Managing A Long Style

You can see that even the longer styles will require you to wait until they are set as well. This girl is getting ready for her red carpet moment.

23. Bold Blonde

Blonde really do know how to have more fun and you will agree when you try this style out.

24. Bold and Crazy

Just check out the magic you can create with this style. It’s truly one of a kind.

25. A Curly Top

This curly mohawk looks amazing with some finger waves on the side.

26. The Modern Style

These days you can create the finger waves style with a straight iron. Practice makes perfect though so try it out a few days ahead of your event.

27. Detailed Elements

We love the detailed elements along the hemline. It’s the little touches that matter.

28. Model Looks

If you want a shiny look like this one you are going to need some serious product.

29. It’s A Process

These nine steps show the old school way of doing finger waves. As you can see it can be hard to do a style like this on your own. Unless you can learn how to do it with a straight iron.

30. White Styles

This style is going to make you feel like you are from Old Hollywood.

31. Bold Waves

Another example of a long style that will have heads turning all night long.

32. Glamorous Blondes

This stunning blonde is sure to steal the show wherever she goes.

33. Big Waves

Finger waves come in all shapes and sizes. If you want a look that will have people talking, then this is the one for you.

34. Stunning Waves

These waves are perfectly aligned and we love it.

35. Blue Styles

A curly style that has some amazing pastel colors throughout.

36. Stunning new Looks

Imagine having this look at your next event. People will assume a celebrity showed up.

37. Wedding Styles

If you are looking for a vintage look for your wedding, then you must try this elegant style out. It’s not all finger waves, but the waves are incorporated into the updo.

38. Amazon Styles

These gorgeous styles are truly unique. The light blonde here really makes her dark skin stand out.

39. Beautiful Styles

You really can’t go wrong with a classic style like this one.

40. Twisty Curls

This is a style that you won’t soon forget and we have to say it’s breathtaking.

41. Striking Blue

A great style that has a wow factor because of the blue.

42. Setting A Style

A great style that you are sure to love.

43. Mohawk Style

Mohawks never seem to go out of style so try this one out with the finger waves.

44. Mountain Lines

This is quite the style with bold, mountainous waves.

45. A Flapper Girl

If you want to see what it was like dressing for a night out in the 20’s, then give this look a try.

46. Grey Styles

Grey is a popular hairstyle these days and it looks great with the waves.

47. Goddess Style

A great style that has some serious waves. We can’t get enough of the glamour.

48. Bold Waves

Short styles are great for finger waves.

49. Bob Style

The waves here are very loose and simple.

50. Red Carpet Style

If you have a big event coming up, you can’t go wrong with a style like this.

51. Bold Curls

We love this style because of the tight, curly mohawk.

52. Simple Curl

This style is very modern and it only has the one big wave in the front.

53. Gorgeous Curls

These styles are amazing because of the bold curls.

54. Runway Ready

We can see the models getting their finger waves ready for the show.

55. A Messy Style

Even messy styles can have finger waves.

56. Formal Styles

If you have long hair, these styles would be perfect for prom.

57. Pink Styles

A bold and bright color is all you need for a new look.

58. An Updo 

These waves can be implemented into any updo of your choice.

59. Simple Waves

The waves in this style are very subtle.

60. Bright Colors

These bright colors would be cool for the summer.

61. Messy and Short

The finger waves are just part of the style here.

62. Shining Styles

If you are a blonde, you will feel like a star with this style.

63. Changing Colors

The color change is drastic with this one. The waves in this style are perfectly positioned.

64. Sleek Style

Her hair is quite short in this photo and the waves are laying flat.

65. Golden Style

We can see the process here as they create waves with a flat iron.

66. Golden Designs

A style that is going to make you feel glamorous at your next event. If it’s a fancy event, this would be perfect.

67. Light Styles

A great spring and summer color is here for you, pastels are always a great choice. Pink is a great color choice no matter what.

68. Cool Looks

This is one of the more casual looks we’ve seen.


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