94 Incredible Fishtail Braid Ideas With Tutorials


If you’re looking for a chic and beautiful new look, then you can’t really go wrong with fishtail braids. Although these styles may look complicated, they are really easy to do. It doesn’t matter if they are sloppy they still look amazing. Fishtails can be romantic, sexy and fun. The sky is the limit for what you can do with a fishtail braid. These braids can be wrapped around your head, or made into a tight crown. They look really beautiful in a side ponytail as well; there are so many options for you to choose from. They are versatile styles that adjust to your hair type. Although they are a braid, they are classy enough to be used for formal events. They are a memorable style that people are going to love when they see you. They aren’t just like any other braid; they have a special style that is all their own.

These styles can be worn at the beach or to a wedding, on a date or out with your friends. Maybe you have already tried them and love them and are just looking for new style ideas. That’s great news because we have them here. But if this is your first time styling a braid, then we have tips and tutorials for you to try out.

How to Do a Fishtail Braid

You cab weave fishtails braid easily because they have an inverted pattern. That’s what makes them so different from other braids. Normal braids work with three sections, but with the fishtail, you are only using two. The idea behind the fishtail braid is to take a strand of hair from the outside of your sections and link it to the inside of your other section. There are many ways that you can use your creativity to come up with some beautiful styles.

The looser the fishtail braid the more romantic and intriguing your style becomes. These braids are meant to be looser than the traditional braids. You can vary the size of the strands to change the way the fishtail braids look as well. You can use different sizes of sections between 1-3 inches and interweave them together.

If you are interested in creating a side ponytail with your fishtail, then it’s best to start off with a low side pony and secure it with an elastic. You can take the elastic out when you have completed the look. Fishtails can be hard to do if you have thin hair, it will feel like it’s hard to manage. You can create thicker hair however by backcombing the style or adding texture with your curling iron. The messier the braid, the better it’s going to look and the messy braids are very popular right now. You can create messiness with your fishtail by gently stretching out the braid or loosen the occasional strand.

Before you get started just take some time to practice the fishtail braid and when you feel ready, then you can begin your style. We have many different styles for you to choose from. Check out these 94 Incredible Fishtail Braid Ideas:

  1. One Large Braid

You are sure to feel like Rapunzel with this large braid. It wraps around the back and dangles down the side. A truly stunning style.

2. Down the Back

This gorgeous style is created down the back. This style you can surely wear to your next event.

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3. Half Up Dutch Fishtail Braid

This style has just a bot of a fishtail braid while the rest is left loose. It’s a creative style that you can wear to your next event. These six steps will show you how to create the Dutch fishtail braid.

4. Twisty Fishtail Braids

You won’t find a style more gorgeous than this one. It’s truly unique. It starts off as a twisty braid and then forms into a fishtail braid. Follow the steps to create this amazing style.

5. The Side Braid

These styles need thick hair and lots of it. It’s a wispy style that you can wear to any event.

6. A Simple Fishtail

This is a simple and casual style that you can wear on a lazy Sunday morning. These styles you can wear anywhere.

7. Hair Accessories

If you have a formal event coming up, then this would be a great style for it. It’s gorgeous and truly unique. Add some hair accessories to give your look some sparkle.

8. Insane Fish Designs

This side fishtail braid is truly breathtaking. People will be talking about you all night at your next event.

9. A Classy Style

This beautiful fishtail braid is positioned to the side and it’s quite the long braid.

10. Unique Styles

This fishtail braid is not left loose; it is created in the back of the head. If you want a different style form the rest then this is the one for you.

11. Casual Look

This is a great style that you can wear during a day at the beach or a casual first date. It’s beautiful yet simple.

12. Beautiful Designs

Another great example of the side fishtail braid. We love the blonde coloring as well.

13. A Braid Inside

The fishtail is only at the bottom of the style. It’s first put into a ponytail before the braiding starts. The unique thing about this style is that there is a braid inside of a braid.

14. Sweet Styles

This style is really precious. There is only a small fishtail that creates the partial updo while the rest of the hair is left loose. It’s a great style for your next wedding.

15. Create a Bun

This breathtaking style starts with a fishtail braid and it ends with a bun. It’s a very special style that you are sure to love.

16. A Romantic Style

This stunning style is very romantic. We could see it at your next wedding for sure. It’s simple yet elegant and we love the floral touches.

17. Multiple Braids

This stunning style is created with multiple braids. It’s a beautiful look that has a floral design on the side created from braids.

18. Crazy Styles

You can create some pretty cool and crazy looks from the fishtail braids. This all over style is certainly one for the books.

19. Simple Braided Styles

This messy style has just the one-half braid on the top of the head. It’s a great design that is not only unique but pretty cool looking as well.

20. Fishtail Bun 

If you favor buns, then you are sure to love this look. It brings in a fishtail braid to spice up your regular bun style.

21. Wavy Styles

All you need is one braid to create this romantic wavy style. This is the kind of style that you can wear to the beach or even your friend’s wedding.

22. Messy Braids

The messy looks are very popular right now. That’s the best part of the fishtail braid; you don’t have to worry about it being perfect.

23. Gorgeous Red Styles

A great style and the color is the best part. It’s another great example of the side fishtail braid.

24. Create a Crown

If you are looking for an updo for your next formal event, then you can’t go wrong with this style. The fishtail crown is truly breathtaking.

25. Special Styles

Another awesome example of what a side fishtail braid looks like.

26. Simple Styles

If you are looking for a casual style, then this is the one for you.

27. Stunning New Looks

A great fishtail style that starts on the top and goes off to the side.

28. Messy Braided Styles

This is a great example of just how messy you can get with your look. There are only a couple of small braids while the rest is left loose.

29. Unique Styles

If you are looking for a truly unique look, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It almost looks as if they are creating a heart. The braids start off really small and then they turn into large awesome braids.

30. Children’s Styles

This casual style is great for children and it will keep the hair out of their faces. If picture day is coming up at school, then this would be the perfect style to try.

31. Breathtaking Blue

We just can’t get over the gorgeous color in this style. Blue is just about one of the most beautiful fashion colors out there. A stunning style that will be the talk of the party any time that you go. These blue braids just pop right out. It’s a gorgeous style that you are sure to love.

32. Romantic Looks

A simple style that is very romantic. The waves are bouncy and beautiful and the braids just lay on top of it.

33. Short Styles

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fishtail braid. This is a great example of how you can have a messy style even if your hair is short.

34. Bold Styles

A great style that has one braid turning into three. Stunning! This is the sort of style that people will be talking about for weeks. Create a style that is truly worthy of your next event.

35. Pretty Bow

This would be a great style for your kids. It’s a pretty bow with a fishtail in the middle. Your daughter will love you to pieces after you create an amazing style as this one for her.

36. Mesmerizing Styles

This braid will make you feel like it’s playing tricks with your eyes. It’s a stunning style that will be turning heads all night long. It’s like a cascading staircase, but instead, it’s braids.

37. Loose Styles

This braid gives off a very romantic style. You are sure to love this gorgeous look. You will be the talk of the party with this mesmerizing style. But it does require a lot of hair to complete.

38. Loose Ponytail

As you can see, there are lots of loose strands in this ponytail. A messy fishtail ponytail is the best ones out there. You can wear this style to the beach or even out for coffee with a friend.

39. Sweet Pigtails

What a cool way to have pigtails, we totally love this gorgeous style. This style starts off with inverted braids and then they turn into fishtails. This is a cool style that you can wear anywhere.

40. Side Styles

Another great example of a pretty side style. It’s very loose and starts off with a large braid that gets smaller at the bottom.

41. Plenty of Color

Colors are great for styles like this one because all the colors start intersecting with one another. It’s really going to make them pop. Try out the braids and the color this spring. You are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

42. Simple and Pretty

A great style that you can wear on a casual day. It’s a simple style that is pretty and you can even wear it to work one day.

43. Breathtaking White

The contrast with this style is truly amazing. The colors may be the best part. We love these big and gorgeous fishtail braids. Try a new color this season as well.

44. Large Styles

This style starts very loose and wide on top and then gets small. It’s a soft look that is sure to put a smile on your face.

45. Twirly Bun

This creative bun is created with braids. If you want an awesome updo, then you have to try this style out for your next formal.

46. Stunning Updos

If you are looking for a great style for your next formal event, then you have to try this one. Follow these many steps to create an updo that is going to wow all the guests at the party.

47. Messy Fishtails

If you are looking for a gorgeous messy side fishtail then follow these ten easy steps to creating your own.

48. Around the Head

We get two different angles on this style to see how the braid goes all around the head. It’s a cool look that would look great for a beach day.

49. A Small Touch

This style is very simple to create and it only has a small fishtail so it won’t take any time at all to do it.

50. Connecting Braids

Another simple style that you can wear anywhere.

51. Curling Styles

What at first seems like cascading curls turns into a gorgeous fishtail braid.

52. Unique and Messy

There is just a partial braid in this messy style.

53. Thick and Messy

This gorgeous fishtail is so loose and messy we love it. The added green coloring is pretty great too.

54. A Cute Style

A great style for your child. This tight fishtail braid will stay together all day long.

55. Spinning Styles

This stunning braided style has many different braids of all shapes and sizes coming from many different areas.

56. Lots of Contrast

A casual and messy style that will be great for a day at the beach.

57. A Romantic Styling

This gorgeous braid would be perfect for any formal event.

58. Soft Looks

Another great braided look that is loose and soft.

59. Messy Pigtails

A great style that has two messy fishtail pigtails. These are a great casual style that can be worn anywhere.

60. Many Different Braids

Combine your fishtails with other types of braids to create this style.

61. A Special Styling

If your daughter has a formal event coming up this style would be amazing for her. It’s unique and very beautiful. Add some accessories to complete the style.

62. Loose Styles

A small braid amongst a messy style.

63. Long Styles

You will need a lot of hair to create this beautiful style.

64. Gorgeous Pigtails

These pigtails are breathtaking. We love how messy they are and there are probably layers in the style that’s why you see hair poking through.

65. Fishy Crown

A great partial updo that has a fishtail crown.

66. Weave Style

This wavy style looks great with the added braid.

67. Inverted Fishtail

This unique style is an inverted fishtail. Try these eye steps to create a look all your own.

68. Stunning Looks

This romantic style has regular braids and fishtails together.

69. A Style Wrap

A special look with a wraparound braid.

70. Voluminous Styles

This gorgeous style is breathtaking because of the loose braids throughout.

71. Short and Sweet

A great braided style that is perfect for short hair.

72. Simplicity in Braids

A simple style that would look great for a night out with the girls.

73. Messy Waves

This is a great style that you can wear to your next event.

74. Swirling Style

This stunning style has braids inside of braids. It is sure to turn heads no matter where you are.

75. A Beach Style

A great style that is perfect for a day at the beach.

76. Half-Up Fishtail Style

A stunning style that is really easy to do. Create this style with these four steps.

77. Interesting Styles

A messy style that looks like a work of art. We love the smaller braids at the bottom.

78. Accessories Are Key

A simple style can be made magnificent with just a few hair accessories.

79. Stunning Weaves

A simple style that would be really easy to create.

80. Unusual Styles

If you have a formal event coming up, then you are sure to want to try this beautiful style out. There are interlocking hair pieces with a braid in the middle of the whole style. You won’t find a style more creative than this one.

81. Small Touches

A great style that is truly unique because of the braid that goes in and out. It would also be a great style for kids.

82. Beautiful Purple Styles

Clearly, the best part about this style is the gorgeous purple coloring. If you are looking for something that is a show stopper than this is the shade for you. Not to mention the stunning style that has many braids inside each other. It’s gorgeous and would be great for a formal event.

83. A Bunchy Ponytail

This fishtail braid is all bunched up, creating a unique ponytail that you are sure to love.

84. Gorgeous Braids

If Blake Lively can rock out the fishtail braid then you know it’s an amazing style. She has been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion for years. Her clothing and her hairstyles are things to implement in your own life.

85. Fashion Styles

Stars are using the fishtails as great red carpet looks. This style would look great at your next event.

86. Toddler Styles

Where does she get all this shine? Well, that’s a doll for you, but this style can still be achieved in real life.  This is a stunning style for your little one.

87. Breathtaking Weaves

All these braids woven together create a stunning look that everyone will be talking about. It’s unusual and truly amazing.

88. A Tight Braid

It starts off loose, but this braid gets pretty tight at the end.

89. Longer Braids

If you have long hair, then you absolutely must try this gorgeous style. The braid starts off wide on top of the head but gets smaller as it goes down.

90. Bold New Styles

If you are looking for something unique for your next event, then you won’t be disappointed by this style. There is a fishtail braid inside another creative braiding design. It’s an awesome look and you will be receiving compliments all night long.

91. Standard Braiding

Learning how to do a fishtail braid is really very easy. Just take one step at a time and practice a lot. These six steps will show you how to do a standard fishtail braid.

93. Fishtail Pony

If you have always wanted to try a fishtail ponytail, then you are going to love these simple steps. You will see just how easy it is to create these amazing styles.

94. Works of Art

Seriously, this hairstyle should be in a museum somewhere. If you are looking for a style that is going to blow people away, then look no further than this one. The braid is only on the top and it forms a mini bun. The rest of the style is left loose and wavy.


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