23 Awesome Flat Top Haircut Ideas That You Will Love


If you are looking for a fresh new style then why not try out the flat top hairstyle. Not sure what that is, well we will tell you. A flat top hairstyle is a short haircut is short and styled high on top of the head. It’s a shockingly slick style that is all the rage these days. The style is designed to have a flat-appearing deck that is either level or with a slight slope upward or downward.

The style is very box-like and it can be shorter in length, but many of them have a high top. They can be styled with a completely shaved back and side or you can have it done with a fade. This is not your everyday style; it’s not conservative in any way. It’s a modern style that is very fashionable. If you are a trendsetter or a hipster, then this is the style for you. There are many ways in which you can have the flat top haircut so check out the many different variations.

Below are 23 Awesome Flat Top Haircut Ideas That You Will Love:

  1. Flat Top Style

A very fresh style that is clean cut. There is little to no fade her with the sides and back completely shaved. The flat top has the shaved side all the way down to the scalp; it’s an extreme style but also a very popular one.

2. High Top

A sexy style that has a high top. This one has a faded style to it. It appears as if the front of the style is very high, much higher than the back. This is some celebrity styles indeed and it’s likely you have seen these styles on male models on the runway. It’s sexy, hip and so cool you will want to rock it out too.

3. Super High

There are many different lengths to the high top and as you can see this one is quite high compared to the others. He also has a fade to complete his flat top style. We love that this one is higher than the rest. If you want to keep some of your length, then this is the one that you should certainly try out. There isn’t a lot of structure to it; it’s not box-like as the others are. This style gives you the feel of a mohawk as well.

4. Box Designs

There is very little freestyle to this flat top. It’s very structured and box-like. There is also a fade to this style. Short styles are truly incredible and this is one that you should definitely try out.

5. Blonde Designs

The sides and back are shaved for this short flat top style. We just love how clean cut these styles look. You will look polished and hip wherever you go. The back is quite short a lot shorter than the front. This is a very clean cut style that you are sure to love.

6. Systematic

Now, this is a serious flat top. It’s very high and systematically styled. This looks like a perfect square; we just love it. If you are looking for a truly fresh style than this is it. If you want to try a hip style that has some serious street cred, then you can’t go wrong with this style. Rock this style the next time that you hit the streets. People might mistake you for a rap artist!

7. Looser Style

This style is a little looser than the one that we saw before. There isn’t a need to have every hair in place. It’s trendy and has a standard fade. There isn’t a lot of structure to the style which makes it perfect for someone who wants to try a flat top that isn’t over the top.

8. Designs

This flat top looks perfect and it has a pretty awesome design on the back of it. The design sits on the sides and it looks pretty cool. If you are looking for a rad style, then this is the one for you. Where are you going to find a cooler style than this one?

9. Style Flat Top

A stylish fade that you will love, the flat top is truly slick. Wear this to your next event and you will have the ladies all over you. The hair is curved upwards and this style is truly extraordinary. We love just how slick this style is.

10. Sexy and Slick

This curly style is piled high. We love the faded style and the design on the side is pretty cool. This style is as fresh as it gets. If your hair is on the curlier side, then this might be the perfect style for you. The sides aren’t too short and that gives a great contrast to the design on the side.

11. Short Styles

This flat top style is quite short, not like the others. The shave is all the way around and it’s all one length. This is a very short style that you are sure to love for many reasons. One of them is that a short style is truly remarkable.

12. Stylish Flat Top

A flat top style has a fade all around and it’s polished to perfection. It’s a great style that any guy can rock out. We love that it’s medium length, not too long and not too short. It’s the perfect fit and the style can be worn during any season. 

13. Lengthy Designs

A flat top style that is really high. These are some pretty slick styles and this one is very lengthy. If you want a longer style, then this is the style for you. The sides are truly short so that it shows off a contrast with the flat top.

14. Salt and Pepper

There is a great fade here and it’s longer than most. The flat top is styled perfectly. This guy will have the women lined up and it just goes to show that at any age you cans till wear a flat top, this guy proves that much.

15. Just a Line

This is truly one sick flat top style. It’s mesmerizing and completely badass. The one line that goes through with the design at the bottom is truly remarkable. This style is cool because it looks like it never moves, not even once. We love this style and so will you.

16. Great Style

An amazing fade that creates quite a hip style. This design on the side is unique and cool. A great style that is very high on top and also angled. We can’t help but love the style. These tyles look really amazing especially when they add unique styles.

17. Perfectly Styled

This sexy style is one that any guy would want to try out. The flat top is high in this style and it shows off a style that is more than just a little cool. We love how the front of the style is also squared up at every angle. It’s amazing overall.

18. Circular Style

Most flat top styles are square and box-like, but this one has a more circular style. The style also has a pretty great afde to it. The flat top here is very high indeed, and we love it. The fade goes all the way up into the flat top.

19. Strong Styles

This strong style is pretty amazing. It’s polished without one hair out of place. We think that the style is pretty fresh and so will you. If you are looking for a clean cut look to go with your image, then look no further than this one.

20. Stylish Flat Top

Flat top styles come in all shapes and sizes as you have already seen. You have to choose something based on your own personal style and roll with it. We know that you are sure to love a style as awesome as this one. Flat tops are amazing for a lot of reasons, it can be worn at any age and we can clearly see that here. A great style for all ages.

21. Aging Styles

It doesn’t matter what your age is, whether you are young or old, you can rock these hip styles and be part of the trendsetters of the world. This style has a serious fade and one that is clean to the scalp. Super short on the bottom and longer on top, but not too long.

22. Celebrity Style

This is the kind of style you would expect to see on a celebrity. It’s pretty amazing. It’s all one length and the sides are short like most of the flat tops we have shown you. The fade is gradual and not extreme but it’s sexy and if you want a style that will make you feel like a celebrity then this is it.

23. Square Tops

A square top on this flat top really calls for someone who likes to rock some serious style. There is a fade and a design to this hipster style.


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