75 Sexy Fulani Braids That Will Blow Your Mind


Legendary actress Bo Derek is the one that actually made Fulani braids famous. If you’re not sure who that is, then surely you know who Alicia Keys is, she is also a huge fan of this hairstyle. If you are looking for a style that you can keep in your hair for a couple of months, then this is the style for you. They are beautiful, amazing and refreshing styles that anyone can pull off. If you are looking for a fresh new look, then check out these 75 Sexy Fulani Braids That Will Blow Your Mind:

 Fulani Braids

 Fulani Braids

  1. Golden Locks

A sexy style like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go. The gold color really makes the look pop.


2. Bold Designs

How can you not love an amazing style like this one? These styles are unique and creative.

3. Braided Bun

A simple style that starts off with Fulani braids but turns into a larger braided bun.

4. Bold Styles

This style is a little more simple and casual. You could easily wear this style anywhere.

5. Gorgeous Styles

Alicia Keys is rocking out the Fulani style with some jewels. It’s a cool and sexy look that you are sure to love.

6. Sexy Looks

How could you not want to try out a sexy style like this one? It’s a gorgeous look that you should try out this year.

7. Braided Designs

A style like this is unique and beautiful. We love the golden accessories that are in the hairstyle.

8. Cool Styles

A style like this one is sure to brighten your day.  We love how there is one braid down the middle of the head.

9. Goddess Styles

You will feel like a goddess when you rock out this style at your next event. It’s stunning in every possible way.

10. Larger Braids

Kim Kardashian is totally rocking out this sexy style. The braids are bigger and it’s styled more casually.

11. Thin Braids

This long style is gorgeous with thin braids and gold rings.

12. Cool Looks

These are two very different looks that show off the Fulani braid style.

13. Celebrity Braids

This style is a great look for anyone that wants to rock out some braided styles. Kim Kardashian is wearing the braids longer and thinner in this photo.

14. Popular Styles

This style is clearly popular when it comes to Kim Kardashian. She is rocking a shorter look in the photo. The Fulani braid style really suits her well.

15. Blonde Looks

The photo on the right is the legendary actress Bo Derek, who is the girl who made the style popular, to begin with. On the left, there is a girl mimicking the same style that Derek had.

16. Cool Vibes

Copy the style from the legend herself, Bo Derek. She made the look popular and it’s certainly one that you can recreate these days.

17. Goddess Looks

You will truly feel like royalty with a style like this one. If you have a formal event coming up, you could totally pull this look off perfectly. This is the kind of style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

18. Red Braids

Adding a little color to your braids can really make them pop. So can the gorgeous jewelry that’s all over this style.

19. Bold Styles

Another stunning style that you are sure to love.

20. Different Styles

It’s the same braided style, but she has styled it in two different ways. It just shows you that there is a lot you can do with Fulani braids.

21. Side Styles

A stunning style like this has the braids styled off to the side. It’s a cool look that you are sure to love.

22. Bold Braids

A great look like this is sure to please anyone. You can dress it up or keep it casual.

23. Blonde Styles

It’s the same look, but it’s once again styled in two different ways. We love the fact that they are multi-colored as well.

24. Bold Accessories

There are a lot of different accessories with this style and we love the fact that the look really stands out because of them.

fulani braids


25. Simple Style

This simple style is casual, but it’s still a gorgeous style.

26. Big Braids

There are a few different types of braids with this style, but it’s obviously a formal look that you should definitely try out.

27. Bold Designs

There are only a couple of Fulani braids that compliment the afro style.

28. Gorgeous Looks

If you are looking for a formal style for your next event, then you are sure to love this style.

29. Caramel Style

Braided styles come in many different lengths. It’s a short look that is cute because if the color.

30. Casual Style

This style is casual and simple. You can wear this look to the beach or to the backyard BBQ.

31. Cool Buns

This gorgeous bun has a pretty remarkable bun on top of the style.

32. Long Braids

A great style like this has really long braids that can be worn casually or formally.

33. Gorgeous Looks

A great style like this is all you need for a fresh new style.

fulani braids


34. Cool Looks

Another casual and short look that is perfect for summer.

35. Cool Vibes

This is a cool style that is very unique. The buns and braids together is always a great look.

36. Glamorous Style

A stunning combination of light and dark colors throughout the look.

37. Small Braids

Another long style that has some small braids.

fulani braids


38. Pink Braids

Sometimes all you need is a splash of color to change up your look. It’s a gorgeous color that is fun for the summer months.

39. Bold Lengths

There is a ton of hair here which is more likely thanks to extensions. If you want an amazing style, then go long as this girl did.

40. Beautiful Looks

A gorgeous style like this is truly wonderful. We love how it’s pulled back away from her face.

41. Stunning Looks

This is a gorgeous style that you could wear anywhere. It’s simple and yet it could still be worn to a formal event.

42. Goddess Images

A beautiful style that looks like it belongs to a goddess. You will feel like that as well if you copy the style.

43. Bold Buns

Another stunning bun style created from Fulani braids.

44. Stunning and Long

A look that is pulled away from the face and it falls long down her back.

45. Small Bun

This is a sweet style with a small bun. It’s a look that you can’t help but love.

46. Standard Styles

A pop of purple really makes this look stand out. It’s simple but yet edgy with the added color throughout the braids.

47. Tiny Braids

You can use your Fulani braids to create any type of design that you want. This one is truly creative and unique.

48. Simple and Elegant

This is another simple style, but it’s no less elegant than the rest.

49. Stunning Ponytail

A gorgeous style with Fulani braids that are pulled back into a ponytail. We love how she left a couple of the braids loose in the front.

50. Purple Styles

A great style like this is all you need to have an awesome style.

51. Blonde Bombshell

This blonde coloring is very striking. The style is designed in a special way and the blonde really makes the whole look pop.

52. Pretty Styles

A gorgeous look like this is pretty. The braids are long and she has a few accessories with it.

53. Bold Ponytail

A style like this is gorgeous and long. The braids really stand out in this beautiful ponytail.

54. Stunning Accessories

This style is more about the golden accessories than it is about the braids. These golden elements really make the look stand out. We love the fact that you can have short hair with braids as well.

55. Blue Braids

Talk about a look that really stands out. These braids are in many shades of blue and they look fantastic. If you are looking for bold braids that really pop, then this is the look for you.

56. Red Styles

The red looks really good with this style. If you really like trying out new colors, then you should give the red a try.

57. Summer Styles

You could get this style and leave it in all summer long. It’s a perfect style that would be great for the pool or the beach because you don’t have to worry about wet, tangled hair. It’s a manageable style that requires no extra styling once it’s been completed.

58. Gold Accessories

A simple style with great braids and gold accessories on them.

59. Creative Looks

Another creative look that’s really casual and simple.

60. Amber Styles

A gorgeous ombre braid style that has an amber color on the bottom. The color really makes the whole look pop.

61. Sweet Styles

A gorgeous look that is simple and sweet. The accessories once again create an eye-catching style.

62. Bold and Braided

A great braided style that has box braids that go down the back of her head. The Fulani braids are crowning the front of her face.

63. Beautiful and Golden

A stunning style that has gold ribbon throughout the braid as well as golden jewelry throughout. This is a great style to wear to a formal event this year.

64. Cool New Looks

Even your children can take advantage of a great style like this. You can keep the braids in for a few months so it can make the summer months very convenient. You won’t have to worry about styling hair for awhile.

65. Gorgeous Curls

A great style that already has some gorgeous curls. The Fulani braids are just in the front and they compliment the style really well. It’s another style that is sure to make you feel like a goddess. There is so much that we love about this style.

66. Sweeping Style

A gorgeous look that is styled off to the side. The braids are thin and wonderful. You are sure to want to rock this style all summer long. It’s an eye-catching look that is sure to turns heads.

67. Bold Looks

A simple style that can be worn anywhere. The bold yellow accessories really make the whole look pop. You can put any type of accessories in your hair that can add some appeal to the look. You can take it from a normal look to a gorgeous look just by adding accessories.

68. Unique Looks

A gorgeous high ponytail style that any girl will love. You are sure to be the cool girl at any party that you go to with this style.

69. Cool Scalp Design

This cool braided look has an awesome scalp design. There is a lot that you can do with the scalp. You can create many different styles.

70. Big and Bold

A cool look that has large braids that turn into small braids. It’s a style that you are sure to love no matter where you go.

71. Stylish Braids

A great style that is sure to make any girl happy. It’s a long braided look that really stands out in a striking way.

72. Cool and Crazy

Here we have yet another great braided design that Kim Kardashian is rocking. The style is short and it looks amazing on her. She is definitely one girl that can pull this look off easily.

73. Cool and Stylish

We love this sweet style that looks amazing on this little girl. These styles are great for kids because you don’t have to worry about styling it all the time.

74. Simple Buns

A great style like this is simple and casual. You can wear it to a formal event or to the beach. The sky is the limit for this style.

75. Cultural Looks

A style like this is cool and stylish. Maybe you are looking for something cultural that you can wear to an event. A great style like this is all you need to make an impression at your next event. It’s gorgeous because of how it is pulled up high. The accessories are also eye-catching.


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