87 Gorgeous and Intricate Ghana Braids That You Will Love


If you are looking for a fresh new style this season that is easy to maintain then why not try out the Ghana braid hairstyle. These braids are growing in popularity and that’s because they look really cool. They are versatile, stylish and have a lot of cool details to them. The sky is the limit on the different styles that are available to you because they don’t just come in one style. There are so many options out there for you to try. It doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair, you will be able to rock these styles out easily. You can even accessorize these styles easily. Just try it out and you will see. You can add beads or hair accessories to it and create a whole new look.

ghana braids

ghana braids

ghana braids

ghana braids

The hardest part of the Ghana braid style is trying to choose one. There are so many great hairstyle choices that you might have a hard time picking one out. That’s why we are here! We have found a ton of great styles for you to choose from. These gorgeous styles are sure to make you feel beautiful this season.

Check out these 87 Gorgeous and Intricate Ghana Braids That You Will Love:

  1. Zig Zag Designs

We have some many different things going on in this style. There are different sizes of braids and some are in the zig-zag fashion. You will be sure to turn some heads with this style.

2. Red Styles

This style has thicker braids which create a totally different look. We love the splashes of red throughout.

3. Stunning Designs

We love the creative elements of the Ghana braids. They are high on top and pulled back.

4. Multi-Colored Braids

We love this casual style; the braids are all pulled back away from the face. Every other braid in the style is colored a light brown. We love how great the colors look together.

5. Strong Styles

A Side design that is truly magnificent. The braids are quite thick which creates the high style on top of the head. The rest is all pulled to the back of the head.

6. Smaller Braids

This is a very casual style created with small braids. It’s a stunning example of how you can create something beautiful from a simple style.

7. Add Some Stars

This style looks as if there are stars on the scalp. They are amazing and truly original. You will probably find that you are complimented all day long with an amazing style as this one.

8. Fancy Bun

This stunning bun style is truly glamorous. These polished styles can be worn anywhere, to an event or even just a day at the office. The sky is the limit for what you can do with these styles and where you can take them. We imagine a style like this one to be worn to a fancy event.

9. Different Colors

How can you not love this amazing style? We have two very similar styles, but they have different colors. Whatever color you choose these styles are sure to bring a smile to your face.

10. Simple Styles

This style is another great example of something simple. Unlike most of the designs here, she has hers parted in the middle. You can wear your cornrows any way that feels comfortable for your own personal style.

11. Bold Color Choices

This amazing ponytail is held high and it has some great colors to the style. Red and blonde are always a great combination and the perfect coloring to try this spring.

12. Thick Buns

It takes a lot of hair to create a bun that is as thick as this one. It looks like it has a life all it’s own. You are sure to wow the crowd with a hairstyle like this one.

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13. Elegant Styles

Another great example of Ghana braids that are in a simple but beautiful design. We love the simplicity of these styles. This style would be perfect for summer because you could wear it to the beach as well as to a family BBQ. An elegant style that is also great for the beach.

14. Huge Braids

These Ghana braids are truly unique because they are bold and quite large. They are then all pulled back into a gorgeous bun. This style is the kind that wow crowds. You will be the talk of the night when you show off this style.

15. Gorgeous Designs

There is a lot of creativeness when it comes to this bun hairstyle. We have multiple sizes of Ghana braids and we love how it’s all pulled together.

16. A Touch of Gold

This is another example of a style that incorporates many different sizes of braids. We love the gold accessories that they added.

ghana braids



17. A Standard Style

We love the perfect symmetry to these hairstyles; everything is aligned to perfection. The braids all flow together as if they are part of a flowing river. They are elegant and beautiful creations. Everything is pulled back into a beautiful style that is really simple to create.

18. Beautiful Creations

We have many different angles that show off these beautiful creations. How can we not love a style like this one? It is so creative.

19. Icy Colors

How can we not love a Ghana style as cool as this one? The colors are amazing and they just pop out.

20. Medium Sized Braids

These braids are much thicker than most of the other styles, a little closer to medium sized. Of course, that is going to change how the style looks. They are very tight, but they will still stay in for a long time. We could see this style for a night out with the girls or out to a fancy event. The earring completes the look as well. It’s very elegant.

21. Original Designs

We love how original this design is. There aren’t many braids that are keeping the style together, but they are styled in a way that is truly incredible. We get to see this lovely design from many different angles.

22. Fancy Styles

A gorgeous style that you could easily wear to a wedding. These styles are breathtaking because of the work that is put into the styling of the scalp. You can create any style of your choosing so that it is unique to you. We love how this style wraps to the back of the head. We always get a unique look when we pair different sizes of Ghana braids together.

23. A Casual Style

There isn’t a whole lot of scalp designing with these Ghana braids. They are left looser which gives you a more casual style.

24. Add Some Red

These small braids are woven tightly into the scalp. Be prepared to be in the chair for hours for a style like this one. This is no easy task for the stylist. But wow what an incredible style you get at the end. The tight braids are pulled together into a stunning ponytail. The color may be the best part of the style.

25. Add Accessories to Your Style

You can’t go wrong when you start adding accessories to your style. The braids are already beautiful, but when you start adding gold accessories well now, you have made them glamorous.

26. A Work of Art

Styles like these ones can only be called a work of art. They are not easy to accomplish so make sure you have a talented stylist for a creation like this one. You will definitely be the talk of the next party with this style.

27. Add Some Color

This is another example of a simple style that can be worn anywhere. Make it special by adding some beautiful colors.

28. Special Styles

These small braids are woven tightly into the scalp. Be prepared to be in the chair for hours for a style like this one. This is no easy task for the stylist. The best part of this style is the delicate and intricate addition of the jewelry. It’s breathtaking and it creates a style that you are sure to love.

29. Bold Styles

This is a great example of how amazing you can have your hair with different sizes of Ghana braids. It’s a simple style that can be worn to any occasion.

30. Wow the Crowd

That’s exactly what is sure to happen with an amazing scalp design as this one.

31. Softer Styles

Ghana braids don’t have to be tight to the scalp and you don’t need to have a hundred in your hair. Try out a softer style if it suits you better.


32. Bold Design Choices

Nothing is bolder than the color red so try it out this season.

33. Twisty Styles

A bun like this has unparalleled beauty. We love the different colors throughout the style as well.

34. A Beehive Bun

If you love the beehive style, then you are sure to love this one that incorporates ghana braids into the scalp. This is certainly the next style that you will want to try out for your next event.

35. Simple Styling Choices

This is a great example of how amazing you can have your hair with very smaller Ghana braids.

36. Thicker Styles

We adore these thick braids because they make it appear as if she is wearing a crown.

37. Blonde Styles

If you are looking for a cool style for your next event, then you must try out this golden bun.

38. Grey Styles

If you are looking for a beautiful new style for spring, then you can’t go wrong with these Ghana braids. We love the peek-a-boo aspect of the grey coloring.

39. Goddess Style

This style will surely make you feel like a goddess from another era. We love the splashes of gold throughout the style.

40. Big Braids

There are only a few braids in this style because they are so thick.

41. Exotic Styles

There is a lot of creativity to this style and we love the exotic nature of it.

42. Bold and Blonde

This is a great style that you can create with Ghana braids that is totally casual. You can wear this doing anything throughout the day.

43. Glamorous Looks

We could totally see a look like this one on the red carpet.

44. Bold Buns

These buns are totally awesome, try it for your next function.

45. Blue Styles

If you want to add cool colors, then you can never go wrong with blue.

46. High Ponytail

There is nothing better than a high ponytail. They are sexy and totally stylish.

47. elegant Designs

We love this style and you will too especially after you receive all the compliments.

48. Unique Designs

If you are looking for a style that is truly unique, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

49. Splashed of Color

A few splashes of color are all you need to create a whole new look.

50. Princess Styles

These may be the most glamorous pigtails that we have ever see and the red just adds to the perfection.

51. Simple and Beautiful

This is truly a simple style if you are looking for something casual.

52. Creative Designs

These scalp designs are truly one of a kind.

53. Simple Updo

If you are looking for a simple updo that you can wear anywhere, then this is it.

54. Gorgeous Styles

We love how gorgeous this loose style is.

55. Interesting Elements

This is a very simple style that can be created with some added elements.

56. Thin Braids

These braids are so tiny that you will have to expect to be waiting for a long time for the stylist to be finished.

57. Twisty Bun

We love these twisty buns they are so stylish.

58. The Big Braid

We can’t help but love this unique style with just one braid.

59. Tight Designs

These braids are incredibly tight to the head but so beautiful.

60. The Woven Style

All the braids are following a unified pattern here.

61. Twisty Styles

A shorter style that looks great with twisty braids.

62. Bold Styles

If you are looking for bold, then try this style on for size.

63. Creative Designing

These scalp designs are really beautiful so try one out.


64.Cute Pigtails

Another great example of a simple style that can be worn anywhere.


65. Bold and Incredible

We love these colorful Ghana braids.

66. Special Designing

If you are looking to wow the crowd then design something special in the scalp.

67. Crowning Glory

This is a really special look that would be amazing for a fancy event.

68. Bright Blue

These braids are eye-popping because of the bright blue coloring.

69. Red and Swirling

These red braids are truly unique because of their design.

70. Accessories Are Always Cool

We love the added accessories to the style they make the braid pop out.

71. Perfect Braiding

Make sure you have a talented artist if you want a stunning style like this one.

72. Circular Designs

This circular design almost looks like a starfish.

73. Gorgeous Elements

This is sure to be the look of the night at your next event.

74. Gorgeous Blondes

You probably won’t find too many styles as stunning as this one. Between the design and the blonde hair, this whole look stands out.

75. Beautiful Designs

The scalp braiding is truly amazing for the Ghana style.

76. Thick Zig Zags

A unique style that is truly going to blow people’s minds when they see you.

77.Thicker Designs

A gorgeous style that is truly unique because of the different style of braids.

78. Different Coloring

This sexy partial updo has some incredible colors. We love the splashes of blonde.

79. Special Ponytails

This great style is sure to make you feel like the belle of the ball. It’s gorgeous and unique.

80. Golden Designs

The best part of this hairstyle is the bright gold braids. They are so beautiful.

82. Different Styles

We love a style that is set apart from the rest and this one certainly is.

83. Bunches of Braids

These braids are all bunched on top to create a truly unique look.

84. Princess Laia Style

You will truly feel like royalty with a special style like this one. We love the two buns on top.

85. A Piece of Jewelry

Just one piece of jewelry is all you need to create this glamorous look.

86. Simple Yet Perfect

If you are looking for a simple style this season, then look no further than this one.

87. One Braid

This unique style has the braid going down the middle of the head. It’s a very different take on the Ghana braid.

When it comes to wearing Ghana braids, they can be worn for any occasion, even a casual one. You won’t regret getting these styles especially if you like a low maintenance look. These styles will last months especially if you follow the aftercare instructions. Follow the instructions that are given to you by your stylish so that your style will last as long as possible. These are amazingly convenient styles. But not only that they are gorgeous and you will be turning heads wherever you go. Enjoy your new style choice.

We hope that you enjoyed the article. Comment below on your favorite style!


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