82 Graduation Hairstyles That You Can Rock This Year


If you are looking for a great graduation style for this year, then we have some great ideas for you. It’s so important for you to look your best at your graduation and that has a lot to do with your hairstyle choice. Obviously, there will be plenty of friends and family at your graduation to take pictures and you want to look your best. Those pictures are likely to be shared on social media so looking your best is absolutely necessary.

Graduation Hairstyles

Graduation Hairstyles

Graduation Hairstyles

Your graduation is one of the most important achievements of your young life, so you want a style that is going to be classy and beautiful. It’s okay to look trendy, but you want to look classy as well. There are many different hairstyles both long and short that will look amazing for your big day. If you are looking for some inspiration to choose a beautiful hairstyle then look no further, we have what you are looking for.

Check out these 82 Graduation Hairstyles That You Can Rock This Year:

  1. Braided Style

A gorgeous style with a simple braid. It’s a great style that you are sure to love.

2. Wavy Styles

A great style that is truly gorgeous and you can leave this style loose.



3. Blonde Styles

This gorgeous style is loose and full of life.

graduation hairstyles



4. Longer Styles

If you have long hair and you’re looking for a new style then try this one with the beautiful braid.

5. Pretty Updo

This updo is sure to put a smile on your face; it’s beautiful and elegant. You are sure to love this style for your big day.

6. Beautiful Braids

This is a great style that you are sure to love because it’s soft and romantic.

7. Thicker Braids

These are all styles that can be worn with or without your cap. We love all the braided styles.

8. Loose Styles

Both of these styles are loose and wavy. One is left down while the other is a partial updo.




9. A Side Sweep

This gorgeous style is truly stunning. All the hair is swept to the side.

10. Wavy Styles

This is a great style for graduation because it looks put together with the cap on.

11. Curly Styles

This partial updo has a ton of curls that you are sure to love.

12. A Simple Bun

These are all simple styles that are gorgeous and wonderful.

13. Flowing Styles

Bella Thorne is looking great with this loose style and its one that would be perfect for graduation.

14. Lots of Volume

A stunning style that is swept up and pinned in an updo.

15. Celebrity Styles

You can’t go wrong with using a style that Taylor Swift rocked on the red carpet for your graduation style.

16. Fishtail Braid

A stunning braid that is casual and yet classy all at the same time.

17. Special Braid

This braid is truly unique and it will stand out on your big day. It’s precious and stunning.

18. Long Fishtails

A great style that is bold and beautiful. The braid is loose and flowing, truly unique and wonderful.

19. Stunning Looks

This style has all the beauty and class that you need for your graduation day.

20. A Shorter Style

It’s short and loose and will look very good with the cap.

21. Flowing Red

We just love this flowing red style. It’s wavy and gorgeous for your big date.

22. Add Accessories

A stunning style that is made perfect by the accessory of the flower. You will look lovely in this photo.

23. Flowing Braids

We love this soft style because it has an air of romanticism. Braids are great for graduation.

24. Twisty Braids

We love this style that is twisty throughout the hair. If you want something unique, then this is the style for you.

25. Short Waves

A great style that is short and has a choppy cut to it. We love these beautiful waves.

26. Loose Curls

An updo that has different colors as well as stunning curls. This style is truly remarkable and classy.

27. Soft Styles

These long styles are soft and loose and really easy to put together.

28. Loose Curly Styles

Obviously, this style would be perfect for graduation. It’s a great style that you are sure to love.

29. A Side Style

These styles are very elegant especially when they are swept to the side.

30. Curly Buns

A great style that has a curly bun. It’s elegant and would look great with a cap.

31. Loose Waves

You can leave your hair loose and wavy; it’s classy and gorgeous.

32. Beyonce Style

A gorgeous style made popular by Beyonce. We love this gorgeous style and it’s a great one if you want to leave it loose.

33. Medium Length Styles

A look that has very loose waves and it’s very simple to style.

34. Gorgeous Updos

An updo that is elegant and wistful.

35. Sparkling Elements

Another great example of a loose style that is sure to make you look wonderful on your big day.

36. Braided Looks

Another great style that is full of braids.

37. One Braid

A simple braid is all you need on your big day.

38. Plenty of Style

This style is all about loose waves.

39. Stunning Curls

Another stunning style that has some remarkable curls.

40. Simple Styles

A great style that you are sure to love with loose waves.

41. Stunning Ponytails

A great style that you are sure to love because it’s casual but pretty.

42. Longer Lengths

This style is long and loose. It’s a stunning look that you will adore.

43. Floral Designs

A bun that looks like a flower. It’s a gorgeous style.

44. Beautiful Braids

A great style that is braided and ends in a bun.

45. Sexy Buns

A bold style that will look amazing for your big day.

46. Loose Designs

Another example of a loose style that you will love.

47. Flowing Curls

Bangs and curls are truly perfect together.

48. Top End

This bun is high on top and very elegant.

49. Fashionable Styles

Loose and fresh, perfect for graduation.

50.Glossy Curls

A style that is full of body and brilliance.

51. Voluminous Curls

There are some amazing curls and body to this style.

52. A Bow

A stunning style that is precious with this bow design.

53. Bold Curls

You will feel like a princess at your graduation with this style.

54. Thin Braids

There are so many stunning braids together with this gorgeous style.

55. Bold Blonde

If you have a short style, then this curly look is one to try out.

56. Longer Curls

If you want to leave your hair loose, then you should try this style.

57. Bold and Curly

A stunning set of curls that are perfect for graduation.

58. A Simple Ponytail

A simple ponytail that is truly beautiful and elegant.

59. A Great Style

You will be getting compliments all the day with this style.

60. Crowning Style

Braids and curls together are a wonderful choice for graduation.

61. Crowning Braid

We love these crowning braids.

62. Twisting Styles

A great style that has some pretty amazing twisty braids.

63. Sleek Ponytail

This is a great after party look after you take off your cap.

64. Blossoming Curls

This stunning style will be perfect for graduation day.

65. Flower Styles

This partial flower updo is a very unique style.

66. Bold Updo

You won’t find a more voluminous updo than this one.

Also See:

67. Floral Braids

A gorgeous floral bun that is made up of braids.

68. Straight Styles

A great braided style that falls squarely on the bottom.

69. Icy Fishtails

A gorgeous long style that has a stunning fishtail.

70. Fallen Curls

A partial updo that has some pretty extraordinary set of curls.

71. A Simple Braid

A gorgeous and simple graduation style.

72. Simply Curly

This is a style that you are sure to love because it’s got beautiful curls.

73. Glamorous Style

A stunning short style that is sure to make you feel glamorous on graduation day.

74. Cascading Curls

A stunning style that has some very gorgeous curls cascading down the back.

75. Thick Curls

A loose style that is thick and wonderful.

76. A Curling Braid

This simple style has a braid that curves from one end of his head to another.

77. A Curly Fro

A stunning style that is more dramatic than most. A curly fro that is sure to be a show stopper on your big day.

78. A Great Braid

Another example of a loose style that has a stunning braid. You will love this glorious style.

79. A Twisty Updo

A great style that is simple and stunning. If you have long hair, then you should try out this beautiful style.

80. A Deep Part

A short style that is simple with a deep part. It’s a simple style that will look great with or without the cap. Try it out for your graduation.

81. Thick Braided Styles

Another great example of a braid and a bun altogether. We love style like this one because they are elegant and classy.

82. Bold Blue

A straight style that has some seriously incredible blue coloring. If you are looking to make a statement, then this is a style that you should try out.


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