76 Stunning Green Hair Ideas That Are Mind Blowing


If you are looking for a bold new color then why not try out the green hair color. Green is a very tempting color and one that anyone would walk around proudly with. Many different colors seem to be the popular trend these days. Green is a fascinating color for a reason because it’s unusual, not the standard color to choose.

As with any fashion color, you need to have platinum blonde hair in order to get the bright colors. If you don’t already have blonde hair, then that should be your first step. There are many different shades of green that you can get, whether you want dark green or a lime green. Keep in mind the lighter green you choose, the more fading you will experience.

We have all the green color choices that you are looking for. Below are 76 Stunning Green Hair Ideas That Are Mind Blowing:

  1. Neon Colors

An amazing color that is super bright, neon green is sure to be a show stopper.

2. Dark Green

Hunter green is truly amazing. We love these dark colors and they won’t fade as fast as the lighter shades.

3. Deep Colors

A deep green like this is sure to make any girl happy.

4. Bright Colors

You won’t find a brighter color than this one. If you are looking for a badass shade, then this is the one for you.

5. Seafoam Green

An amazing color combination. It goes from dark to very light. There are many different colors of green here and they are all beautiful.

6. Bold Colors

These colors are all so great, choose your favorite green and run with it.

7. Sea Colors

This bright color looks amazing with this short style. 

8. Dark Colors

These dark colors go from black to green. If you want to stay with your dark shades, then look no further than this style.

9. Bright Green

A stunning bright green color that will truly be eye-catching.

10. Lime Green

A stunning lime green color that will blow your mind. You will feel like a rock star in this color.

11. Pretty Colors

A bold color choice with the lime green shade. If you are looking for bold color choices, then you are sure to love this color.

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12. Bold and Bright

These colors are so bright and beautiful. We love those colors because they will draw the eye if nothing else will.

13. Light Green

These greens are very gorgeous. If you want a color that adds a little drama to your life, then this is the one for you.

14. Blue and Green

A sexy color that has a blueish/green shade to it. If you are having trouble choosing a color then why not have both.

15. Deep and Green

It’s the kind of green that you expect to see under the sea.

16. Highlighted Color

A great shade that is very beautiful. If you aren’t willing to commit to a full color then why not try out a few strands first.

17. Matching Colors

A beautiful color that really matches with her eyes.

18. Changing Shades

From black to green these colors are truly remarkable.

19. Bright Shades

If you are looking for a bright shade, then try this green color. It’s is practically glowing in the light.

20. Green With Envy

Another example of a dark green shade that wouldn’t require you to be a blonde.

21. Different Greens

This badass style has many different shades of green in it.

22. Katy Perry

Katy Perry has had many different colors in her life, but green suits her just fine.

23. Green Ombre

A great style that goes from very dark to very light in a green ombre style.

24. Bold Greens

A great shade of green that is totally mesmerizing.

25. Light Styles

This style goes from light green to almost white. We love these light ombre colors.

26. Neon Brights

A bright green color takes the cake with this whole style.

27. Green Roots

These bright green roots really add a lot of contrast to her already dark style. It’s an unusual look but if you are looking for some drama in your life then try this style on for size.

28. Almost Blue

There are green elements to this style, but it is mostly blue. The color makes her eyes really pop. If you are looking for a bright new shade, then this is the color for you.

29. Shining Green

A great green shade that goes from dark to light.

30. A Glamor Shot

If you are looking for a bright new color, then this style is the one for you. A great style that will make you feel glamorous.

31. Moss Green

This color is truly unusual but no less beautiful.

32. Neon Lights

A bright color that will jump out at you everytime that you look in the mirror. You won’t find a brighter shade than this one.

33. Lovely Colors

If your favorite color is green, then you will go nuts over this color.

34. In the Sea

This shade of green is sure to make you feel like a mermaid.

35. Bright and Shiny

A great shade of green that you will treasure for a long time.

36. Darkening Shades

Another example of a black and green color combination.

37. Different Colors

Try out green with another color to create your own personal style. In this case, we have a dark green with a dark purple and they look incredible together.

39. Burst of Color

Green is always an unusual color, but we absolutely love it.

40. Many Colors

Another example of the black and green combination and this one lightens up quite a bit.

41. Pretty Green

This is closer to the seafoam green and it’s quite a beautiful color.

42. Joker Hair

If you want to feel a little bad then why not try Joker’s signature color on for size.

43. Rad Color

Not the prettiest color but it might be what you’re into.

44. Green Designs

If you are looking for a full color, then this is it.

45. Simple Green

Another example of black and green together.

46. Pale Designs

If you just want a hint of green, then this is the style for you.

47. Shocking Styles

A bright green like this is sure to make any girl happy.

48. Gorgeous Green

An all over color that is sure to make anyone envious.

49. Mint Green

Mint green has always been a pretty and popular color.

50. Bold Colors

Green has always been a very bold color choice.

51. Lime Love

Another example of the lime green love.

52. One-Sided

It looks like she has the green just on one side which will create a completely different look.

53. Soft Green

A great green color that is soft and beautiful.

54. Green Brows

Not only is her hair green but she has brows to match.

55. Unique Styles

This color just pops out at you.

56. Hot Green

This is probably the brightest green out there and it might hurt to look at it.

57. Long Green

Long hair is great for showcasing your color.

58. Flower Child

A great color that you are sure to love.

59. Green All Over

A gorgeous shade of green that will go with everything.

60. Lighter Shades

A lighter shade of green might be just what you’re looking for.

61. White Lights

A splash of green and white together, it’s beautiful.

62. Add Some Pink

Pink is a great color to go with green. This design is sure to make people stare.

63. Green Eyed

Avril loves rock star colors and she looks amazing in this green shade.

64. Beauty Green

Another example of a light and bright green that will make you smile.

65. Shock of Green

A dark green shade that will take longer to fade.

66. Gorgeous Designs

You will start to feel like a mermaid with these amazing green and blue shades.

67. Shimmering Styles

If you are looking for a color that will mesmerize the people around you, then this beautiful color is the one for you.

68. Barely There

This green color is barely there and it’s so faded that it looks almost grey. If you just want a hint of green to go with your grey coloring, then this is the one for you.

69. Shaded

These two shades go great together.

70. Popping Color

This bright green will remind you of beautiful flowers. We feel like this color is a work of art and you will too.

71. Stylish Green

Not all greens will be welcome in the workplace, but this one is very stylish.

72. Darkening Styles

A great dark great that will have heads turning wherever you go.

73. Shiny Green

We love the dark green that is involved with this shiny style. Long hair always shows off color best!

74. Curly Cue

This bright mint green looks amazing with her curls. The contrast between the black and green is pretty amazing here.

75. Stunning Green

A full-color green that is going to make you fall in love with the color.

76. Bright Blue

Blue and green have always gone great together. If you want to match this color, you will feel like a mermaid princess in no time.


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