101 Awe Inspiring Grey Hair Trends


If you are looking for a new hair color, then try the trendiest color out there, grey. Gone are the days when we worried about grey hair because now people are dying their hair in amazing shades of grey. It’s no longer considered “granny hair,” it’s something to be surprised by, delighted by and intrigued by. The grey hair color has been considered a color that you can feel affection for. It seems to be getting more popular by the minute.

The grey hair trend is a little like being platinum blonde but so much cooler. You still get that icy vibe to it, but it has an edge of originality. If you want something that is truly different, something that will have you standing outside of the crowd then you must try out the grey hair color trend.

Check out these 102 Awe-Inspiring Grey Hair Trends:

  1. Lighter Shades

This color glows much in the same way as a platinum blonde style would.

2. Braided Styles

A great style that is long and fun. We love the braided looks because they are casual.

3. A Partial Updo

A stunning style that has some gorgeous shades and n awesome style.

4. Cascading Waves

A great style left loose with a wonderful shade of grey.

5. Edgy Styles

This shade of grey is a little darker than most. The edgy hair cur really makes it all stand out.

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6. Ponytail Styles

A great style that is cut the same way but pulled back into a ponytail.

7. Bright Shades

A great shade that is so light grey that is almost white. We love these lighter shades.

8. Brights Lights

This grey is super light that is is almost like a white blonde, except we can see the grey coloring. It’s a stunning shade.

9. Natural Shades

A simple style that has a grey shade that looks a little more natural.

10. White Grey

This grey shade is almost like an ombre; it gets lighter as it goes toward the bottom.

11. Almost White

Another grey color that is almost white. It’s a super bright shade.

12. Stylish Bun

We’ve seen this edgy cut before and in this case, it’s been put up in a bun.

13. Soft Shade

A beautiful shade that you are sure to love all summer long.

14. A Wavy Style

A great style that is wavy and beautiful.

15. Bold Styles

A great style that has a bright grey shade. We love these long styles.

16. Medium Color

This shade of grey is in the medium range and we can’t help but love it.

17. Dark Styles

A dark style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

18. Bright As Light

Some grey colors are truly remarkable. A white color starts things off lighter and goes into a darker grey.

19. A Wet Style

A great shade of grey that will draw the eye. We love how the look is styled back.

20. Sharp Styles

Short styles are always great for summer and this one has a great shade of grey.

21. Dark Designs

A style that starts out dark great and ends in a much lighter color.

22. Cool Styles

This is a stunning shade and one that you should try if you have long hair. The top of the head is quite dark and it turns into an ombre shade with grey.

23. Highlighted Grey

A great style that has only some highlights of grey throughout. It’s a special style that you are sure to love.

24. Sexy Styles

A bold new look is all you need for this season and this look is sure to give you that.

25. Stunning Styles

We just love colors like this one, they are shockingly simple and the color is incredible.

26. Simple Braids

A light grey look that is sexy and stylish. We love the crowning braids.

27. Darkening Styles

This grey is a little darker than most but still an amazing shade.

28. Bold New Styles

You are sure to love a style that looks as cool as this one.

29. Bold and Dark

This shade is stunning and the grey is almost blue. We love these dark designs and they are sure to make your skin glow and your eyes pop.

30. Bright Buns

A stunning shade that makes certain areas of the style pop. The top is dark on top and the cascading curls are amazing.

31. Partial Colors

We love these shades because the two tones really go well together.

32. Dark Roots

We love the contrast between the dark roots and the bright shade.

33. Natural Greys

Natural greys can be just as sexy as the bright shades. We love the straight cut bangs with this style as well.

34. From Light to Dark

What shade would you prefer, a darker one or the much lighter and brighter one?

35. Glowing Grey

This striking shade is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Take this style out this spring and wow the crowd.

36. Celebrity Style

Even celebrities such as Rihanna are jumping on the grey color trend.

37. Beautiful Shades

This grey shade has both lights and darks in it and it’s quite the beautiful coloring.

38. Smoky Grey 

The color you choose is very dependant on the kind of style that you want to rock out this season.

39. Lighter Shades

Kim Kardashian looks amazing with this grey shade. It really makes her creamy skin tone pop out.

40. Get A Great Cut

A short style with a great cut is all you need to have a fresh new look.

41. Curly Styles

A great style that is not only bright and beautiful but a curly girls dream.

42. Dark Low Lights

This grey style has some black, low lights in the look. It’s not only striking, but it’s original as well.

43. Grey Tones

A simple grey shade but it looks incredible on Hilary Duff.

44. A Shock of Grey

If you want to turn head sat your next event, then you are sure to want to try out this two-tone style.

45. Natural New Looks

These styles have a more natural look to them and you are sure to love them this summer.

46. A Shade of Light

If you like the white blonde looks then maybe you want to try out a grey coloring that is as light as the white shades.

47. Stunning Bobs

A great shade that is chopping and dark.

48. Shimmering Greys

A long style that is sure to create some talk among your friends because it’s so beautiful.

49. Flowing Locks

We love this look because it’s a very natural one.

50. Classy Styles

This polished look still has a bit of edge to it because of the different shades of grey.

51. Gorgeous Styles

There are some lighter caramel highlights that really make the grey shade pop. It’s a stunning look that is sure to make your summer amazing.

52. Crystal Looks

This style is practically sparkling. The light shade has such a light color that it is glowing right off her skin.

53. Darker Grey Styles

A remarkable shade of grey that is in varying shades of darkness.

54. Brighter Shades

The best way to make your eyes pop like hers is to try a striking shade like this one.

55. Glamour Looks

A look so glamorous that you will have to go out and show it off. We love this shade because it glows like the others.

56. Curly and Beautiful

If you are a fan of curls, then you are sure to love this gorgeous look.

57. Choppy New Styles

If you are looking for a bob that has a lot of edge, then look no further than this one.

58. A Messy Bun

Another great shade that has a very casual style with it.

59. Longer Styles

A shade that is bold and beautiful. Try it out of you have long hair.

60. Almost Blue

Blue and grey have similar characteristics. This particular shade looks as if it has some blue in it.

61. A Shade of Both

We can’t help but love a style like this one. If you are having a hard time choosing between light and dark, then try them both.

62. Glorious Grey

A remarkable shade of light grey that will provide you with compliments all night long.

63. Curly Grey

A shocking shade of grey that is sure to make you as happy as you can be this season.

64. Brightest Shades

This cool shade of grey resembles some of the blonde shades. If you want a cool look this summer than you are sure to love a color like this one.

65. Creamy Colors

If you are looking for a softer shade, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

66. Blueish Styles

Another great style that has a bluish tint to it.

67. Grey Spikes

A super short style that has some pretty bright, grey coloring.

68. Multiple Shades

Try out these dark shades and you will feel like a whole new woman.

69. Shocking White

The top of the style is bright white, but it turns into a grey the further down the style goes.

70. Smoky Dark Grey

Another smokey grey that has a lot of mystery to it. We also love the high ponytail.

71. Match Your Eye Color

A stunning style that practically matches her eyes. We love a style that makes the eyes pop.

72. Mesmerizing Shades

A shade like this is sure to turn heads wherever you go. You will love it.

73. Burnt Grey

This shade of grey is very different from the rest.

74. Bright and White

This choppy pixie cut is totally awesome. The bright grey shades are one that will turn heads.

75. Dark Grey Shades

We love these long lengths with grey shades they are badass colors.

76. Purple Grey

A stunning shade of purple that will turn heads no matter where you go.

77. Bold and Brighter

Another example of a light grey style that makes blue eyes really pop.

78. A Shade of Blue

This shade of grey has a lot of blue in it. We love this stunning shade.

79. Shorter Styles

A short style that is really remarkable. It’s very short in the back with the front is much longer.

80. Deep Blue Shade

A medium shade of grey that has blue in it. It’s a shade of deep blue that you are unlikely to forget.

81. Creamy New Colors

These bright and amazing shades are going to make you fall in love. There are creamy shades of coral and caramel to the grey and it really stands out.

82. Stripped of Color

A lighter shade that is going to look amazing for summer.

83. A Mysterious Look

A bold look that has a striking shade of grey. We also love the braided style.

84. Sparkle and Shine

There is plenty of sparkle in this look to last all season long. We love the dark underneath.

85. Short and Simple

A simple look with a simple shade.

86. Great Lengths

If you have long hair, then you ate sure to love a shade like this.

87. Creative Styles

We love this creative bob style and it’s truly amazing.

88. Grey and Curly

You won’t find a more beautiful style then this curly one. The curls are big and the grey is stunning.

89. Shining Grey

A short style with bouncy curls. It’s a grey you won’t soon forget.

90. Dusty Shades

This is a very different grey shade and it all depends on your personality.

91. Creative Colors

A bold shade that has some pretty creative colors to it.

92. Sexy Styling

These edgy styles are very sexy!

93. Choppy Darkness

A great shade that will make you feel like a badass.


94. Stylish Pixies

There are many different ways of styling a pixie and they all have different shades of grey.

95. Cool and Classic

A cool color with a great style.

96. Stunning Grey Styles

This long hairstyle has a pretty striking, bright grey shade.

97. Dark Blues

Another grey style that has some blue in it.

98. Softening Shades

We can’t help but love these softs shades of grey.

99. Shimmering Greys

Another bright shade that will really pop this summer.

100. Natural Tones

This is about as close to a natural shade that you will get with the grey coloring.

101. Contrasting Colors

A gorgeous shade that has contrasting colors.

102. Braided Styles

There are many different greys in this style and it’s styled in a braided partial updo.


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