11 Tricks Tips and Remedies: How to Make Hair Grow Faster


Hair helps define us; it shows the world what kind of person we are or what type of personality we harbor. Hair is also one of the first things the world sees when it looks at us: To have beautiful hair is to have a radiant glow about our face – and the length can often depict what kind of glow we shed. But it can be hard to figure out how to make hair grow faster when we’re ready to give longer hair a go.

Many women (as well as men these days) are inclined to at least one point in their life flaunt a head full of long, gorgeous hair. We’re curious as to what we’ll look like, how it will define who we are, and whether or not we look even better with a long mane we can toss in the wind. But we can sometimes get stumped when we ask ourselves the question as to how to make hair grow faster. First, we must understand a little science behind it.

how to grow hair faster

How Hair Grows: In Cycles

Science has given us many advantages when it comes to beauty including “age-defying” creams. However, we’re still working on a true and clinically proven method on how to make hair grow faster. If we knew, we’d be able to solve baldness; we’d be able to find a pill or cream in the beauty section of our local store or beauty salon that bears the truthful claim of how it can grow hair faster. But we don’t – and it’s because growing hair depends on a variety of factors including genetics:

“We are genetically pre-programmed to grow our hair to a certain length,” Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at the Philip Kingsley Clinic in New York City who’s studied hair and scalp health for 22+ years was quoted by the Huffington Post. “There are three recognized phases to the typical growth cycle: anagen (the growth phase), catagen (a short resting phase) and telogen (the shedding phase that can result in the hair releasing over a period of time). The anagen phase can range anywhere from two to six years; this is what will determine the maximal length we can achieve.”

So, we have to capitalize on the two-six year period of our hair’s anagen phase to get our hair at it’s longest before it rests and sheds. But exactly how do we do this? By helping our body produce the very substance our hair is made of…

Keratin: The Substance of Hair

Our hair is composed of amino acids that form into a protein called keratin. In order to produce more keratin, we must consume the essential proteins and amino acids that keratin is composed of. This leads us into the many ways we can look into helping our bodies’ hair grow faster:

Tips, Tricks, and Remedies to Grow Hair Faster

Consume Proteins

Because our hair is made up of proteins; amino acids; keratin – eat a healthy diet that includes these things. The more protein we eat, the more muscle we can produce throughout our body AS WELL AS hair! You can find the protein you need to help hair grow faster in eggs, meats, dairy products, and nuts.

Consistently Massage Scalp

Our heads are one of the last places we think to massage. But believe it or not, it’s a place on our bodies that will benefit from massage the most. By massaging and loosening up the skin surrounding our head’s hair follicles, we ensure the hair itself can easily penetrate the skin and grow with less tension. The pressure and sometimes goosebumps that follow suit during and after a good scalp massage increases blood flow to our hair’s roots and helps the necessary amino acids reach their needed destination for proper hair growth.

To see any difference in hair growth, ensure you consistently massage the scalp. Doing it every now and then won’t give you results. Twice every day, but ideally, more will help – and the longer you keep up the massages, the better the results. Plus, you’ll ease some of the day’s stresses away which also encourages hair growth!

Wash Every Other Day Or Less

Our hair is covered with natural oils that keep it healthy and prevent both thinning and breakage. If you wash your hair every day, you’re washing away these natural oils your body produces and acting against proper hair growth. When the oils leave the hair, it becomes dry, can frizz, and will eventually break either at the root or down the length of the hair. This also leads to split ends – another culprit that will prevent our hair to grow faster.

Avoid Unnecessary Treatments

Not only will washing our hair too much rid it of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy, but treating it improperly will do this as well. Applying too much heat or heat regularly to your hair will cause it to become damaged, breaking at the roots or splitting at the ends. This is also the case with dying or perming – both will permanently damage the hair and make it harder to grow out. Don’t forget to beware crimping, straightening, and bleaching!

Brush & Comb At Your Own Risk

If you can all-together avoid using a brush or comb to get your hair detangled, do it. Curly-haired people can easily run their fingers through their hair when it’s damp to get the tangles out. Most people with straight hair should be able to use their fingers too. By using combs or brushes, we’re more prone to tug and pull too much or too hard at our hair, creating tension in our scalp that will hinder growth as well as pulling out hairs completely and unnecessarily. If you must use a utensil to get the tangles out of your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to do it.

Eliminate Physical and Mental Stress In Your Life

Sure, it’s a given piece of advice for pretty much anything, but believe it or not hair growth can be hindered by a stress-filled lifestyle.

Physically, you should keep up on your vitamins and exercise to help make hair grow faster. When you aren’t healthy, your body is at work healing whatever physical traumas are apparent. This leaves little time and nutrients for the body to work on creating keratin for hair growth. Exercise to get the blood in your body pumping and flowing, it will get you healthy while eliminating both physical and mental stresses.

Mental stress can also halt hair growth as well. There have been cases in which high levels of stress have led bald patches in some, and for the rest of us, it will simply cause our hair to stop growing all together. Choose a physical activity such as yoga or jogging to help ease your mind, or get lost in a book regularly to avoid stressors to build up. Once you do and your very lifestyle improves, it can help make your hair grow faster.

Create Your Own Home Remedies or Use Natural Products

When we shampoo and condition our hair, we’re throwing tons of chemicals made in a lab onto our hair and scalp. Avoid this if you can – man-made materials were never meant to be put in our hair and depending on our genetics and our bodies, can halt hair growth or hinder it. Instead, look into all-natural home remedies for cleaning your hair or look for all-natural hair products at a trusted store in your area

You can choose from a variety of home remedies. Here are just a few to get you started:

Honey & Aloe Vera. Mix the fleshy part of aloe vera leaves with honey and apply to the scalp, allowing this concoction to sit for 15-20 minutes before rinsing out.
Rosemary Water. Simply replace both your shampoo and conditioner, washing your hair with rosemary water until it looks visibly healthier and longer. It’s been used for many years to to help increase blood flow to the scalp.
Onion Juice. Yes, it might not smell that great, but onions contain Sulphur and Sulphur helps our bodies produce collagen tissue. Collagen tissue then aids the body in the regrowth of hair. Rub onion juice into your scalp thoroughly and let sit for about an hour before rinsing out with an all-natural shampoo and conditioner or at least mild ones.
Apple Cider Vinegar. Not only will apple cider vinegar help maintain the overall pH balance of your hair, it will cleanse and stimulate the hair follicles of your scalp. With this one, also massage into the scalp and let sit for about an hour with a shower cap on.
Eggs. It’s one of the oldest tricks out there. Egg whites are filled with protein and your hair needs protein and amino acids to grow. Take egg whites and coat your scalp and hair in it like a mask (often this is called an egg mask). Let sit for as many minutes as you can before rinsing out.

Take MSM

Methylsulfonylmethane, known as MSM, helps aid your body in producing keratin. Not only this, it can also help strengthen your hair follicles. Studies have shown that MSM helps reduce hair loss and helps hair grow faster.

Treat Yourself to Regular Treatments

If you’re serious about hair growth, then head over to your salon and get a proper shampooing/condition/oil treatment, etc. (ask what they’ve to offer for hair growth) to help strengthen your hair and promote its growth. At least once a week should be effective enough for you to see an improvement in your hair’s length and health.

Regular Trimming

By ridding our head full of hair of all the split ends and unnecessary (and annoying & ugly) segments of hair at the tips, we eliminate the weight of said split ends and reduce the tension on our scalps. Ensure you’re always getting a decent trim regularly to help your hair grow faster and to allow your follicles to breathe. Who wants split ends messing up our style anyway?

Always Massage Oil Into Scalp

No matter which of these tips, tricks, or remedies you choose to tackle to help make your hair grow faster, you should also do one thing at least once a week: Massage your scalp with warm oil. It can be one of these three – olive, coconut, or almond. Dip your fingers into the warm oil of your choosing and massage your scalp in gentle circular motions all over until the entire scalp has been coated. Place a shower cap on your head over your hair and allow it to sit overnight. To accelerate its efficiency, you can take a warm damp towel and wrap it over your oil-coated hair and allow to sit like this until the towel turns cold, then go to bed with a shower cap on. The heat will help the nutrients of the oil seep further into your hair and follicles as well as promote better blood circulation.

Don’t Forget…

If you’re truly aiming high at helping your hair grow faster, ensure you create a schedule to maintain your mane. By becoming consistent in tackling your hair with massages, washing, and over-night treatments, you will more likely see a change in the length of your hair – and sooner rather than later. A proper schedule for your hair means proper hair growth.

Above all, maintain a healthy diet and always exercise. By keeping the entirety of our body healthy, we can keep our hair healthy much easier. If our body is deprived of any vitamins or minerals, we’re more prone to get sick or become sore – causing our body to focus on healing instead of producing more hair!

Finally, don’t be fooled by products that claim hair growth. Every human is different, with different chemistry in their body. If one of these remedies doesn’t work for you, then try the next. In most cases, it will take a combination of several to see a real difference in hair growth within a shorter period of time. Be smart about the remedies you choose, and enjoy your long, lovely hair!


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