60+ Trendy Hairstyles This Year That Are All The Rage (2021 Edition)


Ranging from old-fashioned to modern chic, the hairstyles this year worn by celebrities and common folk alike have been mind-blowingly beautiful. Below you’ll find that each have their own special twist which will have you loving them or hating them on an individual basis. We’ve compiled some of the trendiest hairstyles that will look good being sported with your modern wardrobe this year, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find one (or several) that suits your style. Or if you’re feeling especially creative, you can mix up your own hairstyle after seeking inspiration from the following pictures.

1. Confident and Wild
1-hairstyle-this yearThis classic bob consists of hair that stays off the shoulders, out of the way, and is fluffed up to perfection. It’s great for various occasions, and has a lethargic 80’s appeal to it with the teased curls that gives it volume.

2. Punk Yet Chic Faux Hawk
2-hairstyle-this yearThis messy faux hawk is easily created if you’ve got short hair. A well strategized part is all that’s needed, along with some strong gel or hairspray to hold up the do. If you’re searching for a bold look that makes a statement, this one’s meant for you – and it doesn’t have to be perfect thus the “messy”.

3. Short and Easy
3-hairstyle-this yearSport your all-natural waves with a length that’s just above the shoulders and side-swept bangs. All you need is a bit of mousse to keep your hair from frizzing and Voila, you’ve got a quick on-the-go style that’s great for any event.

4. Tossed and Sexy
4-hairstyle-this yearThis simple look is perfect for any hair color, especially if you’ve got naturally straight hair. It’s reminiscent of the 90’s and holds a classic appeal that says “I’m sexy and I know it”.

5. Soft Summer Twists
5-hairstyle-this yearThis hairdo is lovely in the sense of highlights and soft spiral waves. It’s easy enough to create quickly with a curling iron before your special event and weaves the highlights beautifully throughout your hair, giving it that added touch of depth.

6. Wind-Blown Hippie Bun
6-hairstyle-this yearLong hair already screams sexy, but to make it look wind-blown as if you’ve been busy at a sporting event adds personality to the entirety of your look. The long braid and bun combined with the right outfit can create a modern 60’s flower child appeal.

7. Highlighted and Ready for Work
7-hairstyle-this yearIf you’re a busy bee and still want your short hair to look both professional and beautiful, highlights are the way to go as they’ll frame the face, drawing attention to your facial features while adding depth to your hair.

8. Beautiful Rapunzel Braids
8-hairstyle-this yearWhat girl doesn’t love the hairstyle of at least one of the Disney princesses? Here you can see both a classic braid and fishtail braid encircle this lovely lady’s head, creating a beautiful ‘do that radiates a plethora of personality types – Disney Princess, Bohemian, Hippie… you can make this one your own.

9. Sleek and Silky
9-hairstyle-this yearYou’ve got class, you’ve got style, and you’ve got a meeting to get to ASAP that you’ve gotta look good for. A hairstyle that’s clean cut, all one length can make doing your hair in the mornings simple yet highly appealing.

10. Dreamy Dame
10-hairstyle-this yearCreating this hairstyle can be slightly time consuming but entirely worth it, especially for special events. All you need is patience to help get you through the rigorous task of curling your hair and bobby-pinning it into place.

11. Easy Ponytail
11-hairstyle-this yearThis style goes with nearly any outfit for any occasion. There’s nothing wrong with throwing your locks up in a ponytail and allowing a few minor bumps to make it look messy. Messy is sexy.

12. Small Beehive
12-hairstyle-this yearIf you’ve fine-tuned the technique of teasing (or have an accommodating headband to help you create a bump in your hair) then you can help make this look popular again. This style is reminiscent of the beehive, with flowing locks in the back.

13. Quick Twist
13-hairstyle-this yearIf you’ve run out of hair ties but luckily have a bobby pin laying around, you can wrap up your hair with a strand of your own hair (grasp it from beneath) and pin it into place for a quick ponytail fix.

14. Braided Hybrid
14-hairstyle-this yearThis amazing hair style was done using braids and a crimping iron! We’re starting to see more and more women use the crimping iron again as the 80’s looks take modern twists.

15. Messy and Matted
15-hairstyle-this yearYou don’t need a lot of time to pull this style off. It looks wind-blown or as if she just rolled out of bed. It’s definitely a runway style that few are able to truly pull off.

16. An Unexpected Color
16-hairstyle-this yearWe see blondes, brunettes, redheads and everything in between. But do we ever see faded blues? Why not give your mane a new color – one that stands out from all the rest?

17. Simply Model


Straight hair done in a high ponytail – it’s fast, chic, and perfect for those of us with round or heart-shaped faces.

18. Verge of Rock
18-hairstyle-this yearA part on the far side of the head can be reminiscent of a faux hawk, allowing you to sport your fav earrings and piercings. The above ‘do is also easily fixable, since it solely consists of loose waves that you can run your hands through without ruining.

19. The Confident Rogue
19-hairstyle-this yearNothing says confidence more than a short hair style. It exposes your face and neck to the world, tells people you’ve little time to dilly-dally around with longer hair, and allows you to show off your amazing jewelry from afar.

20. Oblique Rapture
20-hairstyle-this yearNot every hair style has to be perfectly parallel on each side. The above hairstyle is oblique, with one side longer than the other. This style popularized in the emo community and has begun branching off into other subcultures.

21. Cut and Curt
21-hairstyle-this yearIf you’ve got the courage to pull off a shorter hairstyle, try it out without the normal layers that most go with. This style is a straight cut, looking both elegant and clean.

22. Rihanna-esque
22-hairstyle-this yearFlipping short hair over to one side causes most of us to think of Rihanna, as it’s her signature look. This can look good on an girl that wants to radiate confidence. The highlights add depth and complete the look.

23. Red Fire Queen
23-hairstyle-this yearFire-truck red is gaining popularity in some subcultures, with the punk and rock communities usually sporting this type of flare.

24. Gentle Waves & Highlights
24-hairstyle-this yearIf you’re more into the simplistic styles that look fabulous with anything you happen to throw on, a hairdo like the above is more suitable for you as it’s simple, requires nothing but a brush (and hair straightener if you’ve curly hair) and goes well with a nice set of shades.

25. The Masculine Bob
25-hairstyle-this yearKeep your hair completely out of your way with an extremely short cut – you’ll be able to style your hair before putting on your outfit for your event.

26. Untamable Curls
26-hairstyle-this yearA curling iron is your best friend if you’ve decided to fashion a look like the above pic. It’s definitely a “girl-next-door” look that softens facial expressions and makes you seemingly approachable.

27. Lovely Side-Bun
27-hairstyle-this yearFor important, special events, we recommend a hairstyle such as the above that well help keep your hair out of the way as its in a bun. The bun is curled and messy, adding a bit of spice to the style and allowing a few strands to fall freely around the face, framing it along with side-swept bangs.

28. Wall Flowers
28-hairstyle-this yearYou don’t want to be the same as everyone else, so try out some experimenting with braids. The ones above include twists that remind us of flowers and stems.

29. Elegant Bow
29-hairstyle-this yearWhether its a causal occasion or an elegant evening, creating a hair bow has become all the rage, especially since Lady Gaga incorporated such a ‘do in a few of her looks in the past few years.

30. The Bow and Bump
30-hairstyle-this yearAgain we have a lovely hair bow that’s become popularized, but this time it’s paired with a high bump that adds both elegance and style to a sometimes overdone look.

31. Small Side Twist
31-hairstyle-this yearHave fun creating your own unique side buns with twists, inverting ponytails, or clumping braids together.

32. The Chestnut Bun Tutorial
32-hairstyle-this yearHere we have an easy to follow picture tutorial on how to create the perfect chestnut bun. It’s a simple and elegant look, which can be worn in any season with multiple styles.

33. Adorable Bowed Bun
33-hairstyle-this yearThis small visual tutorial shows you how to achieve a cute bowed bun hairstyle. Creating a bow with your own hair is a great addition to multiple hairdos, adding that small spark that spruces up your look and makes it unique.

34. Classic Lengthy Waves
34-hairstyle-this yearYou can get these waves using a hot iron, simply don’t hold it in your hair long enough to curl fully.

35. Messy VS Clean Runway Ponytail
35-hairstyle-this yearPonytails have been used on the runway for eons because they’re simple and fast to create, can look either sexy or chic, and can go with basically any style out there. You can experiment with different forms of ponytails like the two above to see just where such creativity takes you.

36. A-Lined Highlights
36-hairstyle-this yearThe A-Line hairstyle is being seen more and more this year, mainly because it’s a great style that can be pulled off by various face shapes and personality types. It can still be pulled back into a ponytail or worn down either straight or in curls such as in the photo above. Whatever the style, an A-Line can help pull it off.

37. Large & Soft Shoulder-Length Waves
37-hairstyle-this yearThis is a simple girl-next-door type of hairstyle that’s fashionable and perfect for various occasions whether casual or formal. It’s also perfect to show off how silky soft your hair is.

38. Tied Ponytail
38-hairstyle-this yearAdd a little bit of spice to your normal ponytail by placing it together with a colorful tie, ribbon, or whatever piece of fabric you can find laying about.

39. Quickly Thrown Together
39-hairstyle-this yearDid you have perfectly curled hair yesterday but don’t want to wash it today – yet the curls are all frizzy now? It’s the perfect opportunity to throw them together in a messy ponytail that looks both sexy and still shows off some beau curls.

40. Weaved Ponytail
40-hairstyle-this yearVeer away from the traditional by weaving your ponytail together instead placing it in a simple tie. By doing it this way, you can also help support a slight bump in your hair.

41. Cascading Fishtail
41-hairstyle-this yearThis style is a must for those of us that have long hair. Impress those around you with a gorgeous fishtail braid that extends down the back and begins at the crown of the head, framing the face with gorgeously weaved tresses.

42. Braided for a Hat
43-hairstyle-this yearThe great thing about hats is that you only have to fashion half of your hair. If you’re having a bad hair day, slip on a hat and throw the rest of your hair into a loose braid that extends down one shoulder. You can still impress!

43. Teased and Wind-Blown
44-hairstyle-this yearSome of us like the rock-star look, as if we’ve just awoken from a midday nap because we partied all night. This is that look. It goes well with a dark pair of shades, so no one can see those hung-over eyes you may (or may not) have.

44. Gorgeous Volume
45-hairstyle-this yearYou’ll need some volumizing shampoo and conditioner to achieve this look, but  you won’t have to spend too much time curling since the twists are large and meant to be messy and uneven. This hairstyle goes great with summertime outfits.

45. Curling Garden
46-hairstyle-this yearIf your hair is prone to stay by itself, or if you’ve no problem using mousse or gel, you can have your curls point up on top of your head to give you a chic mane that’s bold and makes a statement. Highlights will help make this style look wild.

46. Artistically Straight
47-hairstyle-this yearFor the artist in us all, we like to keep it simple to push our minds towards being creative in the art room. Granted, this style will look best when hair color is blonde, so that it contrasts with dark colors our inner beatnik enjoys wearing.

47. Red Carpet Ready
48-hairstyle-this yearHow can we pass up the layered, curled, highlighted look? It’s classic, and looks wonderful and the vast majority of women – especially when teased enough in the back for a slight bump.

48. 80’s Trend Queen
49-hairstyle-this yearThis model is sporting a retro 80’s style, reminiscent of the Eurhythmics and today’s Miley Cyrus. Short hair is definitely in, especially with bold cuts such as the one seen above. The rare vixen will be seen making this type of fashion statement.

49. Hybrid Ponytail
50-hairstyle-this yearEver wonder what it’d look like to combine a normal braid with a fishtail braid? Well, here you have it! The normal braid can easily be done framing the face, while the more complex fishtail finishes off the rest of the ponytail.

50. Doll Bob
51-hairstyle-this yearIf you’ve natural waves, you can easily grab this hairstyle by cutting it at lip-length. It’s fun, cute, and reminds us of the roaring 20’s.

51. Sexy Layers
52-hairstyle-this yearLayers and bangs are a style that nearly every woman must try at least once. This hairstyle isn’t going away, and for good reason. It can be fashioned into many different styles and can fit most personality types.

52. Bohemian Beauty
53-hairstyle-this yearCould braids look any more trendy and beautiful? Long hair is dying to be braided, and wrapping the braid around the face adds the twist that makes it unique and reminiscent of Bohemian style.

53. Curly Locks
54-hairstyle-this yearEven soft, silky hair can be curled to perfection in light curls that frame the face. Highlights are what causes these curls to truly stand out.

54. Poetically Pretty
55-hairstyle-this yearFor the cute and innocent in us all, a hairstyle such as this one has both bangs and layers while staying off the shoulders and out of the way. The perfect ‘do for those of us that are busy or enjoy the feeling of our hair brushing against our neck.

55. Baring the Neck
56-hairstyle-this yearAnd if you don’t like hair brushing against the neck or shoulders at all yet hate the look of boy cuts, here is a perfect example of a hairstyle that’s right in between – lip-length and waved.

56. A Royal Twist
57-hairstyle-this yearShort curls go surprisingly well with various types of hair accessories, even tiaras. The curls hide the bands while the bling showcases itself atop a lovely head of ringlets.

57. Swept and Bobbed
58-hairstyle-this yearHere is a great example of another oblique hair cut, with one side longer than the other – a style that’ becoming more and more trendy these days.

58. A Different Parting
59-hairstyle-this yearTo add some spice to your already fashionable hairstyle, try a different part that’s unique and goes against the norm.

59. Out of the Way
60-hairstyle-this yearAnother perfect example of a boy cut that can still look feminine with the right apparel.

60. Falling Ringlets
61-hairstyle-this yearFor a soft and inviting shoulder-length cut, try using a small curling iron and a bit of hairspray to achieve the above look. It’s classically chic.

61. Fearless Charm
62-hairstyle-this yearAlas, we have a popular short boy cut that’s still perfect for a bold statement any woman can truly make. It radiates confidence and is perfect for any occasion.


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