85 Bold and Beautiful Hairstyles For Square Faces


If you have a square face, and you’re not quite sure what the best style would be for your face shape, then you have come to the right place. We have a ton of options that you can choose from to have a great hairstyle, one that will make you feel your best every day.

There are many great aspects to having a square face. There are those well-defined jawlines, high cheekbones and dare we say, impeccable bone structure. Yes, there are many reasons to love the look that you have. All you need to do is find a hairstyle that will really put you at your best.

There are a lot of actresses that have made careers from their square faces, actresses like Keira Knightley. When it comes to these magnificent women, it’s very important for them to choose a hairstyle and even their makeup wisely. It’s important to soften the sharp angles and to carefully accentuate their features. The sharp jawlines can be softened with the right kind of hairstyle.

For someone that has a square face, the best hairstyle for you is one that is soft and flowing because it will tend to round off the sharp angular features that you have. These types of hairstyles will help the face look longer rather than highlighting the width of the face. We have tons of options to choose from.

Check out these 85 Bold and Beautiful Hairstyles For Square Faces:

1. Soft and Wavy

A great style like this is soft and pretty. This is the kind of style that will get you plenty of compliments and you deserve them.

hairstyles for square faces

2. Pixie Cut

This rockstar actress has had this style for a while now and it really suits her. We love this short style because it’s very badass.

3. Flipped Styles

The flowing layers here are all styled away from the face which is great for a square jaw. It’s a pretty look that you are sure to love.

4. Side Parts

A great style like this is truly one of a kind. It’s a longer style of a pixie and one with plenty of character. The side part allows for a little more volume that you will love.

5. The Side Bang

We love this sweeping side bang, it’s so sexy. This is the kind of look that is mysterious and wonderful.

6. Sleek Bob

Keira Knightley has kept her hair short for the most part over the years, though it was long for her stint in the Pirates of the Caribbean. This sleek bob looks incredible on her and it’s definitely a style to try out.

7. Sweet Styles

Another great bob that is all about style and class.

8. Curls For Days

A great style like this is all about body and drama. Curls are a great way to soften the edges of a square jawline. You can still have long hair, but add some volume to your look.

9. Simple Looks

Maybe you don’t want a look that is dramatic, maybe you prefer something that is simple and sweet. A casual style like this is easy to style every morning.

10. Medium Length Styles

This is another simple look that you can wear anywhere.

11. Soft and Wavy

A great style that is truly one of a kind. This is a style that you can wear every day or to an event.

12. Celebrity Looks

Reese Witherspoon and her square jaw looks amazing with this hairstyle.

13. Bold Styles

Angelina Jolie has long thick hair, so this is the perfect style for her. We don’t expect this girl to be cutting her hair anytime soon.

14. The Center Part

We love this style and the fact that she is rocking the center part. Solange looks amazing when she has all these curls. The amount of body here hides the fact that she has a square jaw.

15. Thin Styles

A great style for people with thin hair. It’s simple and easy to style when you really need it.

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for a square face, there are things that you have to keep in mind. There are things to avoid when you have a square face:

Really short hairstyles

Layers that are too short

Getting a cut that has no layers

Blunt cuts

Flat hairstyles

Styles that end at the jaw

Blunt bangs

Sleek looks.

There are some exceptions to the rule, just be careful.

16. Soft Layers

This is a simple layered look that is easy to pull off.

17. Choppy Styles

A great look like this is short and choppy. These choppy styles can be styled in many different crazy ways. We love it.

18. Wavy Looks

Another simple look that you can use for work and play. It’s a style that you are sure to love.

19. Long and Messy

A great style for those that want a style that is long. You don’t have to cut your hair as long as you give your hair some body. These curls are messy and sexy, the perfect look for the event.

20. Wavy Looks

An awesome look that has plenty of volume. It’s a look that is sexy and it can be worn to fancy places as well.

21. Glamour Styles

Another great look that is simple yet glamorous. It would be a great look for your next event.

22. Mohawk Styles

This awesome look is all about being a badass. This mohawk totally fits Rihanna’s bold and sexy looks. The sides are shaved and it’s an amazing look for those that want a look that is edgy.

23. Asymmetrical Style 

We love this cute style because it’s lopsided and totally cool. It’s the kind of style that will bring you plenty of compliments.

24. Highlighted Styles

A deep part and highlights is the perfect look for someone with a square jaw.

25. Tight Curls

Any style that has tons of body is perfect for those with a square jaw. These tight curls are amazing and it’s all part of the volume you need for this type of look.

26. Sleek Looks

Choppy styles like this is remarkable because it does have a blunt edge but the layers make up for it. We love these gorgeous looks and you will too.

27. The Pageboy

If you want something short, then you are sure to love a style like this one.

28. Stunning Styles

Another great look that is glamorous and sophisticated. How could we not love a style that looks like this one?

29. Cool Looks

We see another short look here with Keira Knightley but this time it’s curly. It’s amazing because it gives that kind of body that you really need.

30. Cute Updos

Another great look thanks to Keira Knightley and it’s one that you can try for your next event.

31. Lots Of Layers

A great look that is short and wonderful. You have a style here that has plenty of layers and you will love it.

hairstyles for square faces

32. Stunning Looks

Whether it’s long and wavy or pulled back in a sleek way, you are sure to love this style.

hairstyles for square faces

33. Simply Beautiful

It doesn’t take much for Jennifer Lopez to be stunning and this is a great look for a woman that likes her hair long.

34. Great Bangs

A great style that is long with an awesome set of bangs.

35. Short and Curly

A wonderful style that is short and curly. We love a style as cute as this one.

36. Tighter Curls

Curls are the best thing ever and you are going to love curls like these.

37. High Style

This style is amazing and wonderful. Angelina Jolie always looks marvelous on the red carpet.

38. Stunning Styling

We love this blonde look, it’s truly one of a kind. Try it out this year and blow away the crowd.

39. Long Bang

A great style that is all about the bangs. We love this style because it’s simple and awesome.

40. Celebrity Brillance

Jennifer Aniston is one of a kind so she should have a style that is the same. Why wouldn’t you? It’s amazing and this one is truly stunning.

41. Choppy Bangs

The bangs are the best part of this style and sometimes getting bangs are all you need to make a change.

42. Amazon Styles

This girl looks like an Amazonian goddess and you can too. You don’t even have to cut your hair.

43. Model Styles

This is a great look for someone who wants a beautiful style but nothing over the top.

44. Long and Luscious

This is a stunning look and you don’t have to be a supermodel to pull it off either.

45. Stunning Curls

These curls are beautiful and this style is classic. This is a style that is truly the best for a square jaw.

46. Gorgeous Bob

This bob is stunnihng and it goes to show that you can have a classic, stunning look at any age.

47. Shorter Styles

Another great look that is simple and short. You don’t have to have a crazy look in order to compliment the shape of your face.

48. Glamour Styles

If you need an amazing style for your next event, then you can’t go wrong with this amazing style. It’s glamorous and it’s sure to make you feel like a million bucks.

49. Sweeping Styles

Another celebrity look that is simple and stunning.

50. Subtle Styles

Gwyneth Paltrow is a mega-star and with that comes a mega-star style. She’s had this look for a really long time. We love it and it’s a great look for someone with a square jaw.

51. Wavy Lines

A gorgeous look that is fit for a model and you will love a look like this.

52. Long Styles

This is another example of a style that is model-worthy and it’s a style that you are sure to love.

53. Lovely Looks

We love a style that isn’t over-complicated.

54. Edgy Looks

This is a stunning example of someone who likes to live on the edge. Between the cut and the amazing color, you are sure to turn heads with this look.

55. Casual and Simple

A great look that is simple and casual, try it out and see how much you love it.

56. Bold Waves

This actress is pulling off a gorgeous look that is simple yet perfect for a fancy event.

57. Sleek Styles

Sleek styles don’t always work for square jaws but in this case, it’s a stellar look and one that you could really pull off.

58. Medium Styles

One look like this is sure to get you plenty of compliments.

59. The Middle Braid

These styles are super low-maintenance and they are perfect for someone who doesn’t want to have to worry about their hair.

60. Sophisticated and Sexy

If you want to feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet, then this is the look for you. It’s sexy and yet so classic all at the same time. We adore this style.

61. Wavy and Short

This is a cute style that is wavy and wonderful.

62. Stylish Locks

A great style that is one of a kind and yet so simple. This casual style can be used as your everyday look.

63. Stylish Bobs

How could you not love a style as cute as this one? It’s amazing in so many ways. It’s sexy and cute all rolled into one.


64. Cool Looks

Another great look that you are sure to love because it’s wavy and it has incredible bangs.

65. Rockstar Red

The color alone here is enough to change your whole look! It’s incredible in every way. This might be a great time to cut your hair if it means sporting a style that is going to make you feel like a badass every single day.

66. Bold Curls

A stunning look that is sure to have heads turning wherever you go. This is a look that will sharpen all your sharp edges and it’s gorgeous to boot.

67. Classic Lines

This is a stunning style and we love the sleek lines. The fact that the bob goes inward makes for an amazing look and it hides the square jawline.

68. Blunt Looks

Usually, we wouldn’t recommend a style that is so blunt but it totally works for the square jawline.

69. Messy and Choppy

A great style like this is sure to be a show-stopper. It’s short and messy and we love the way it just showcases her face.

70. Red Carpet Ready

That’s exactly how you are going to feel with a style like this one. It’s glamorous and amazing in every single way.

71. Tiny Braids

There are tiny braids that are wound up into bigger braids and we love every minute of it. It’s a stunning style that you are sure to love for months because it’s a style that you can keep for a couple of months.

72. Bold Bobs

This is a sexy style and one that you are sure to love. How could you not? It’s sexy and sultry and it’s sure to get you a lot of compliments.

73. Wavy Looks

This wavy look is styled away from the face which is really flattering for her.

74. Flowing Waves

How could you not love a style as amazing as this one? We can’t help but love it either. Try it out for yourself and see what you think.

75. Short and Stylish

This is a short bob that showcases her face. Keira Knightley is a one of a kind look with an epic style.

76. Cute and Sassy

We adore this style because it’s so sassy and amazing. It’s gorgeous and if you are looking for a change, there is nothing wrong with going short. Especially for a style like this one because it’s magnificent.

77. Bold and Beautiful

This amazing style is what every woman needs when she is going to an event. Angelina Jolie looks amazing because she’s confident and that’s half the battle.

78. Long and Flowing

This is another long look that is pretty close to magical if you ask us.

79. Simple and Long

This is a very casual look that you can wear anywhere. It’s a look that is simple and perfect for a square jawline.

80. Long and Sweeping Bangs

This sexy look is meant for a girl who feels like she is a badass. That sweeping bang is a look that is magical and bold.

81. Shockingly Short

Another amazing look that is short and unique. Try it out and see how much you love the look for yourself.

82. Cool Designs

An amazing style that is remarkable and cool. Of course, this would be perfect as a summer look. It’s fresh and solid and one that you should try this year.

83. Wavy and Beautiful

A stunning style that is wavy and long. It’s stylish and you could wear this look anywhere. Try it this year and see how many compliments you get.

84. Bold and Wavy

This bob is sexy thanks to those great waves that she has.

85. Stunning Curls

We don’t think that there is any more volume you could get than from these curls. They are magnificent and they are bubbling right off the picture. If you are looking for a truly unique look, then always go with curls all the time.


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