70 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Thick Hair


Thick hair can have its good points and bad, it’s all in how you look at it. The great thing about the style it has many styling options. One downfall of people with thick hair is that it can get bulky at times. All it needs is a little texturing and maybe some layers. You can choose between many different styles, some of different lengths. We have many different options for you to choose from.

You may not know what to do with your thick hair and if that’s the case, then you have come to the right place. Sometimes with thick hair, you can find styling difficult because your hair is hard to manage.

There are a few maintenance tips offered by therighthairstyles.com that are sure to get you on the right track:

“Washing. Every girl determines herself the frequency of hair washing, she feels comfortable with, but most experts agree that it’s not recommended to wash your hair oftener than every other day. If you comb your locks before washing, you will prevent tangling and make the coming styling procedure much easier.

Dyeing. If you are planning a drastic hair color change, remember that with thick hair it’s more difficult to achieve the quality result in case you opt to do the job yourself. Therefore, it’s better to make an appointment with an experienced colorist.

Haircuts. Opt for a layered haircut of any length, appealing to you personally, but remember that you don’t need the unnecessary bulk. A layered haircut will guarantee you a full range of hairstyle options with harmonious silhouettes and feel of lively locks around your face.”

Length is not the issue here; if you have thick hair, you can still wear it at any length. It’s just a matter of having your locks point cut or layered to service you better.

Check out these 70 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Thick Hair:

  1. Sweet Bob

Taylor Swift knows how to rock out a bob even with thick hair.

2. Sweet Style

A cute style that anyone would love. Bob’s are great.

3. The Longer the Better

Many people with thick hair opt for a longer hairstyle like this one.

4. Curly Styles

Curls are great for long hair because they will actually give you more volume.

5. Bouncy Curls

What a cute style, and it’s great for any events that you have to attend.

6. Purple Delight

The best part about this style is the purple highlights; they just jump out at you.

7. Angled Bob

A great style that is very chic. Angled bobs are always in style.

8. A Feathered Style

Layers are great for thick hair because it takes away some of the bulk.

9. Choppy Styles

Choppy styles like this one are great because it’s going to minimize any bulk you have.

10. A Square Style

This bob is great because it’s different from the rest.

11. A Pixie Cut

With thick hair, you don’t have to worry about your pixie falling flat.

12. Add Some Curls

We can see the same angled bob but with two styling options.

13. The Side Part

This gorgeous style is all about the layers. We also love the deep side bang.

14. The Red Eye

These red locks are gorgeous all on their own; we love the color. If you love long hair, then it’s great for thick styles.

15. More Volume

If you cut your hair short, you will still have a lot of volume with thick hair.

16. Simple Styles

If you like to keep things casual, then this is a great look for you.

17. Colorful Designs

This style is all about the color, and it is magnificent.

18. Highlighted Styles

Highlights are great for adding depth to your thick style. Her hair is so full and beautiful.

19. Sexy Styles

This is a gorgeous style that you can wear to any event. It’s glossy and curly, a full style that is voluminous.

20. Beautiful Colors

This bob has some great colors in it. We love the look and we are confident that you will too.

21. Bright Purple

If you are looking for a big change then why not try out bright purple.

22. Short Styles

We love all the layers and the great body with this style.

23. A Messy Bun

This is an awesome style and one that you can wear anywhere.

24. Sleek Styles

Straightening your hair can make it feel like its less out of control.

25. A High Style

This is a stunning style for thick hair and you are sure to turn some heads with it.

26. Highlighted Styling

Sometimes all you need is some highlights to change up your look.

27. Glorious Waves

These gorgeous waves are all you need for a new style.

28. Celebrity Styles

Sandra Bullock looks amazing with a bob, so it’s a great style to try out.

29. Layered Styles

Another example of a layered style for someone with thick hair.

30. Bountiful Curls

This is a hairstyle that truly embraces having thick hair.

31. Bold Designs

This is a great style that has plenty of layers for you.

32. Choppy Styles

We love these styles and so will you, the choppier, the better.

33. Shaggy Styles

A great style that you are sure to love. We love all the layers.

34. Angled Bob

This is an extreme angled bob because of the angle. It’s quite short in the back.

35. Pile It High

If you don’t want to deal with your thick hair one day, just style it high in a scarf.

36. Stunning Styles

Curly or straight styles both work for thick hairstyles.

37. Add Some Bangs

A great style with some pretty awesome bangs.

38. Free Flowing Hair

This gorgeous style is free-flowing, we love the volume.

39. Longer Styles

These waves are gorgeous with long hair, a very popular style.

40. Choppy Hairstyles

This angled bob has a lot of layers in it to create the height that it has.

41. Flowy Bangs

Bangs are always great for thick hair and these ones are off to the side.

42. A High Ponytail

Ponytails are great for thick hair because it keeps it under control.

43. Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are great for thick hair because it gives it lots of volume, so it’s not laying flat.

44. Braided Styles

A stunning style that has some braided designs in it.

45. Long Styles

A long hairstyle that looks amazing with some waves.

46. Plenty of Hair

Who needs extensions with hair like this? We love these long styles.

47. Rounded Styles

This style can be perfected with a round brush as well as a blow dryer.

48. Gorgeous Volume

If you are looking for a drop dead gorgeous style, then you must try this one out.

49. Curly Styles

A great style that has all kinds of volume and some beautiful curls.

50. Bold Volume

The great thing about thick hair is that it offers you a ton of volume with very little effort.

51. Sleek Styles

This is a gorgeous and simple style that you are sure to love.

52. Unique Styles

This is a unique style that looks like a bob in the front, but it’s super long in the back.

53. Stunning Locks

Another long hairstyle that is sure to turn heads.

54. Longer Designs

Her hair is super long and we love these thick waves throughout.

55. Stunning Locks

Sometimes highlights are all you need to change up your look for the season.

56. Plenty of Volume

Another great example of how waves are always perfect for thick hair.

57. Angled Bob

A gorgeous angled bob that has some beautiful waves with it.

Also See

58. Bright Lights

This is an edgy look that is amazing with bright blonde.

59. Feathered Style

A great layered look that is styled in the feathered fashion.

60. Short Bobs

A short style is perfect for thick hair and this one will make you feel chic all day.

61. Medium Lengths

A great style that has some amazing layers to it.

62. Stylish Creations

This style has great volume and we just love how it’s styled away from the face.

63. Stunning Bun

You won’t find too many buns as stunning as this one. These three buns look extraordinary and they are all just a little different from each other. One thing is for sure; they are truly amazing styles.

64. Twisty Styles

This gorgeous style is truly unique because of the twisty links in the back.

65. Bold Colors

If you are looking for a style with some wow factor, then you can’t go wrong with these bold colors.

66. Rounded Layers

A great layered look that never seems to go out of style.

67. Bold and Beautiful

We love these gorgeous waves; they are great for any event or any season. If you are looking for something with loads of volume, then look no further than this style.

68. Beautiful Waves

A gorgeous set of waves that are wonderful for long looks.

69. Bouncy Layers

A short style that has some amazing layers. This will lighten the load of your thick hair.

70. Pink Styles

These are bold colors and truly unique for your style. It’s super short and in a mohawk fashion. If you are looking for a big change then why not try hot pink colors.


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