45 Striking Hairstyles For Women Over 60


If you are looking for a fresh new look, then you have come to the right place. As you age, you likely change your look over time. More often than not we see women in their 60’s sporting very different looks than they may have in their youth. That’s not to say that they start wearing their hair in an “old-fashioned” way because there are tons of modern options for the woman who is 60 but doesn’t feel like she’s 60. There are plenty of options available to make a woman feel younger.

Check out these 45 Striking Hairstyles For Women Over 60:

1. Short Bob

There are many different ways that you can do a bib and this is just one of them. It’s short like a pixie but long enough to be called a bob.

hairstyles for women over 60

2. Flipped Style

Layers around the face are always flattering and in this case, the hair is shorter giving it a more youthful feel.

3. Cool Styles

This is another example of a flipped style. Styling the hair away from the face like this give the style a fun and youthful feel to it.

4. Modern Looks

This actress is very modern and she has had the style for many years. It’s a cool one that is also easy to manage.

5. Modern Bob

This style has been around for many years and it’s likely not going to go out of style. This legendary actress is still rocking it on the red carpet.

6. Sophisticated Style

If you are looking for a style that you can wear to work and play, then this is a good look. It’s versatile and it shows people that you mean business.

7.  Voluminous Pixie

This is another popular hairstyle and one that can be styled in many different ways. If you are looking for a cool style, this is the one for you. Just be prepared to style it every day.

8. Asymmetrical Style

If you want something trendy and cool, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s over the top awesome and you will be turning heads like you were doing in your 20’s.

9. Bombshell Style

This actress has been rocking the style for many years. She is glamorous and ageless.

10. Pixie Cut

Maybe you want a style that you can just run your hands through and just forget about it. Pixies are great choices because you can choose to style them or you can leave it alone.

11. Classic Look

This is another look that has been around for a while. It’s short and sweet and she’s even embracing her grey.

12. Pixie Styles

This is another great pixie style that is easy to manage. It’s a classic look that has been around for a while.

13. Gorgeous Updos

If you have an event coming up, you really can’t go wrong with curls. They always work for formal events and in this case, it’s an elegant style that is timeless.

14. Free-Flowing Locks

There are some women like Blythe Danner who refuse to give up their long hair. She has been sporting the style for some time and has never looked better. If you have natural curls then you should totally embrace them.

15. Sweet Bob

This is another popular look for this actress. It’s a beautiful style that is easy to manage. If you are looking for a relatively low-maintenance style, then this is the one for you.

16. Long Styles

Maybe you are someone who just likes simple styles. The ones that you don’t have to worry about. You just brush your hair and get on with your day. There’s nothing wrong with loving a casual style.

17. Legendary Styles

If you feel like copying a legend, then try Dolly Parton’s style out. She has been rocking the look for quite some time and she’s known for it.

18. Classically Sleek

A gorgeous style that is all business. If you like sleek and sophisticated looks then you can’t go wrong with this look. All you need is a hair straightener to achieve a look like this one.

19. Awesome Pixie

Another amazing pixie cut by this actress and she is rocking it flawlessly. We love it!

20. Short and Sweet

A great look like this is exactly what you are looking for when you want grace and elegance. It’s an easy style to maintain and yet it has a modern look that will keep you happy for years.

21. Trendy Styles

A look like this is modern and fun. The woman that has this style is someone who still likes to have fun and likes modern styles.

22. Sharp Edges

This pixie has some pointy edges. With just a little product you can transform your pixie to look just as edgy as hers does.

23. Stylish Looks

If short hair is what you’re after, then you can’t go wrong with this style. It’s simple and trendy.

24. Classic Bob

This legendary actress knows how to impress with this classic bob. The woman herself is one of a kind so she needs the style to match her look.

25. Angled Bob

An angled bob is not just for the teenagers anymore. Everyone is wearing them and it looks great on any age. This is a wonderful example of how modern styles never go out of style regardless of your age.

26. Sleek Pixie

This pixie is super short but Jamie Lee Curtis has no problem rocking it. It’s a unique style that is not hard to manage at all. Styling it would likely take under a minute and you would be reading to go.

27. Flowing Styles

A long style with a bit of a wave is all you need to have a gorgeous and well put together look. This style can be worn anywhere so it’s very versatile.

28. Braids

Who said you can’t wear braids at any age? This style is about as low-maintenance as you can get. You can keep the braids in for a couple months at a time, so you never have to worry about styling your hair. It’s amazing. If convenience is what you are looking for, then you must try a full head of braids.

29. Stunning Looks

Another great short look for someone who wants a modern and classy look.

30. Medium Length Styles

This style has layers all over the place and it really opens up her face. It’s a youthful style that will have you feeling young every single day.

31. Bold Looks

A stunning look that is truly one of a kind. If you like classy styles, then this is the look for you. It’s bold and it commands attention.

32. Colorful Looks

A great style that is beautiful and unique. If you like experimenting with color, then adding a few highlights to your hair is no trouble at all.

33. Farrah Fawcett Style

Farrah Fawcett’s style was made legendary when she was an actress. She was known for her hair and it was part of her bombshell appeal. There is no reason why you can’t feel like a bombshell as well. This style is very youthful and you are sure to feel as amazing as Farrah did while wearing it.

34. Long and Loose

A great style like this is classic and elegant. She has left her hair natural and long. It’s a graceful look and you just want to be her when you look at this picture. If you like to keep your hair low-key, then there is no reason why you can’t leave your hair be and let it grow long and wonderful.

35. Classic and Badass

Not only is this actress classic and amazing but she’s known to be a badass in the industry as well. You can’t go wrong following her style.

36. Cool Highlights

If you want a great style that is low maintenance, then this is the one for you. Add some highlights to the style and create a look that represents your own personal style.

37. Legendary Looks

Another great option for someone looking for a short look. Try it out for yourself and see how amazing it makes you feel.

38. Modern Looks

Another great short pixie look that is a little longer than most. The style has been around for a while, so it’s likely to stand the test of time.

39. Sleek Bob

This is a gorgeous sleek bob that gives the air of grace and elegance. If you like elegant things, then you are sure to love this style. It’s one of a kind and you will love it.

40. Grey Styles

This actress is truly amazing and we have seen her in a lot of different looks. She’s the kind of woman that embraces her age and that means the hair color as well.

41. Spiky Styles

This is a unique look and definitely one for someone looking for something edgier than normal. We love all the spikes and it’s certainly a look that stands out and commands attention.

42. Deep Side Part

A simple look with a deep side part to add volume. This would be a great style for someone who has thin hair. It would take no time at all to style your hair and it’s a simple look that you can wear anywhere.

43. Bold and Blonde

A stunning look that you are sure to love. It’s another low-maintenance style but it’s all about the bombshell appeal. You are sure to love the look because it’s sexy and modern. If you are looking to freshen up your style this year, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous look.

44. The Silver Fox

Imagine walking into a room with this hairstyle. Not only would you command attention but all eyes would be one you. It’s a gorgeous look that is elegant and graceful. It’s full of charm and wouldn’t take long to style. This is the kind of style that legends use because they want the look of confidence. If you want a show-stopping style, then you just found it.

45. Cool Styles

Another cool look that is short and sweet. Styles like these are amazing but you will require some time in the morning to get ready. it’s not the sort of style that you can wash and head out the door. Product is required to keep these strands in place.

These days you can try out any style that you want even if you are over 60. More and more women these days are choosing the styles they like despite the age on their driver’s license. Be the woman that you want to be and rock out any style that you want.

You can have your hair short or long, curly or sleek and straight. There are women in their 60’s that are trying out the rainbow colors in their hair without a care in the world.

Gone are the days when you have to feel the need to stay traditional. You only live once as they say and you should have a hairstyle that truly makes you happy. You can continue to color your hair or you can choose to embrace the grey that you have. There are tons of older women who love the silver fox look and they are rocking it out every day.

There are also a lot more hair products available for women now that keeps their hair healthy and manageable. You can style it every which way that you want because there is a product out there that will allow you to do that.

Do what you want with your hair and you will thank yourself for it. This year can be the year that you try something new and get a fresh new look.

There are so many choices available to you now that you may have trouble choosing one. But have fun with it and be brave with your style. Try a daring new look or try an old classic. Either way, you are sure to love your new look.

We hope that you have enjoyed the article, let us know what style is your favorite and you can comment on it below. Enjoy the styles that we have offered you here!


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