105 Glitzy Halloween Nails to Rock Your Party Looks


Halloween nails come in all shapes and designs, but they sure do come mostly in black, orange, and purple. Regardless of your age and inclination, spice up your party looks with these nail art designs. We have the simple DIY you can do at in the car or something more fancy for those who want to outdo Elvira.

Don’t forget to moisturize days before you set your fancy nail art designs. If you opt for our simple design ideas, don’t forget to completely dry your nails before bringing out the polish.

Simple to Hip to Glamorous Halloween Nails

Are you looking for the glitziest or the cutest Halloween nails to complete your ghostly glamour? Look no further, we have the best of the trendy, glittery and most kawaii ideas so you can be the most stylish vamp in the party!

Nightmare Before Christmas in Pink

Our favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character gives the best vibes for that ghoulish appeal. Jack Skellington is a hip and urban icon you can take anywhere.

Halloween Nails Candy Corn Cuteness

candy corns are sweet but overload the pretty factor with this very cute ribbon. finish the party look with polish.

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Stylish Skulls in Pink

What can be more stylish for a Halloween party than skulls and black ties? Pink of course! Something easier to do if you don’t want to do the whole nail art caboodle.

Kooky Purple Cemetery Halloween Nails

Who said you can only do Ombré on hair. This purple Ombré design is kooky enough for the young and hip.

Fatal Beauty Nail Art Design

A beautiful set of nails that is both stylish and polished chic. It has the best elements of a glamour queen that befits any Morticia Addams for Halloween.

Bloodthirsty Glamourous Red Halloween Nails

Be the Queen of the Night with these glamorous and bloodthirsty nail art design. It is perfect for a sophisticated Halloween party, though maybe not for the trick or treatin’ kiddies.

Cute Black and White Spidery

Monochrome + short nails = total cute Halloween nails. You don’t need too much fancy or finery for this design, but it totally rides the Halloween concept.

Kooky Cuteness Munsters Ideas

A throwback to the Munsters Family sitcom. And guess what? It’s totally hip and trendy again. You have the kooky cute figures of Hermann, Grandpa, and Eddie of course. Be prepared to give people a crash course on American TV history though over your beer and margaritas. 

Chic Halloween Nails in Black and White Plaid

A little laid-back and not so out-there like your usual Halloween nail art, but it still goes with the season. The matte black is in season, but we love the plaid black and white that accentuates the whole design.

Charming and Perky Halloween Nails

A delightful set that is complete with all your Halloween icons – spiders, pumpkins, and skulls.

Ghastly Devilish Delight

This set of Halloween nails aren’t for the faint-hearted. You need some devilish charm to carry off the ghastly vibe.

Sexy Spooky Halloween Nails

Spooky gets a new look with this clean and urban design that gives you teh best of Halloween nails without becoming campy or kitschy. We love the monochrome look and teh sparse dead tree and branches that beautifully accentuates the overall concept.

Halloween Icons in Red, Black, and Orange

You have the whole caboodle of Halloween colors to mix and match. The spooky icons bring the whole design together for a kitschy take of the season.

Cute Ghost in Matte Black

We love matte black in this house and we love this nail art design even more. The set is clean and sparse and our ghostly dude is just sooo cute. We all bet that you would enjoy making and showing off this design.

Modern Spidey Webs

Long and square and totally vamp? We got you covered with our glamorous take on everything webby. Go home Spiderman, we got all the spideys covered now!

Sophisticated Mirror Black

You might need some prepping for this design, but trust us, you will not regret it. It’s a two-sided design that has a mirror black finish that will definitely complete the glamour look. But hold on! At teh back is some splash of red because it’s Halloween of course.

All the Blacks Tonight

Paired up with totally serious leather and killer boots, you are all set for a killer party Halloween night. We love the matte black, web renderings, and an accent or two to jumt amplify the scary power to awesome.

Easy Kooky Halloween Nails

Something you will just love to have fun with on Halloween night. We also bet that the kiddies doing the neighborhood trick or treat will just love to see your nails.

Adorable Halloween Kitty

A totally charming design that you and teh kiddies, and everyone else including the significant other will just find adorable cute. Who doesn’t love kittens? And these kitties are cute and playful and the pumpkins are just perfect to set off the delightful design.

Pretty Pink Halloween Nails

Something pretty for Halloween night without going too overboard with cutesy vibes. perfect for a tween or teenage party.

Batty Long and Matte Black

Eerie and scary, bring the bats to your nails and achieve the total Halloween vibe.

Glittery Black Nails

If you want something simpler, dress up your black manicure with some glitter and you can party the whole night long.

Sweetly Scary Nail Art Ideas

If black isn’t your color, then give kooky white a try.

Chic and Sophisticated Pink and Black Ultra Mod Nail Design

isn’t this a darling design? Simple and sweet but totally hip. The abstract black and pink combo are just perfect for short nails. Sweet and chic, but definitely for those with sophisticated tastes.

Adorable Short Nails for Halloween

A charming take of Halloween nails that you probably could do while shopping for groceries – easy and comfortable.

Green Cute Frankenstein Nail Art

Give neon and great look with our cute Frankenstein boy and lots of glitter to dress up the design. A perfect green party look.

Batty and Glitzy Green

If you want more glitz and shine and less camp, here’s our urban take. Bat crazy and super cool + glittering green = life of the party.

Fancy Glossy Halloween Nail Art Design

We got you covered with everything Halloween. It’s fun, playful, kitschy and campy. But the overall effect is just so fancy and pretty that you will not regret going all gold for the design.

Sweet Kitties

Blacks cats are great for Halloween nails, but black kittens? They are absolutely perfect.

Orange Spookiness

Give your orange Halloween nails a little bit of color and mix the webs with the pumpkins.

Starry Midnight and Blue Glitzy Graveyard

Graveyards have never been as glamorous and awesome as this set of nail art design. Perfect midnight blue with all the glitz covered. You are so going to rock the party on Halloween Night.

Easy and Simple Spiders

All the webs in the house are going to love this design.

Trendy Ghoulish Stitches Nail Art

Scary and ghoulish? Perfect.

Simple Bats

Do you have five minutes or even less? Done.

Easy and Cute Orange Stitches

Another easy design you can do in 10 minutes or less.

Rainbow Spiders and Webs

All the glitter in the night are right at your fingertips.

Ghouls for Short Nails

Day for the Dead takes a Halloween course.

Simple and Nifty Stitches

Young, hip, and super cool – we just love the simplicity.

Glamorous Sequins and Glitter in Purple, Silver, and Black

The diva glamour looks you can rock.

Modern Blue Glitter Graveyard

If not black or purple, go blue.

Ghoulish Matte Gray in All Ages

They are perfect for a great scare and glamourous enough for partying.

Sharp and Sophisticated Death Madame

Tan is given a deathly twist.

Harry Potter Inspired Nail Art Design in Matte Black

witty and playful and just magical.

Sophisticated Black Swirls

A design that you can bring to the office party without upsetting your boss.

Sweetly Adorable Black Stars in Perky Colors

Playful and charming, any takers?

Polished Finish for Black Mirror and Orange Glitter

We love the lava look.

Sharp as Fangs

Oh, this can scare off the weak-hearted.

Oh, Orange!

Another easy design you can do in five minutes or less.

Candy Corn Treats in Matte

Sweet and fun, we love our candy during Halloween.

Creepy Black and White

Unique and creepy enough for us.

Witchy Symbols in Matte Tan

Another twisted tan, any takers?

Smiling Spooks

Lovely design that you can take for a mom and daughter look.

Simple Stitches and Jack Smileys

Cute and adorable, the design will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Beaded and Stoned

We love the beads, the stones, and the glitter.

Spooky Cute Creepers

It’s long and sharp, but cute.

Rainbow Glittering Webs

bring your glitter and webs for this design.

Long and Sophisticated Elvira Nails

We love the artistry and detailing of the design.

Bloody Sharp

Monsters beware, this design is as sharp as it looks.

Modish and Chic Polished Black

A glossy finish with a sparse but urban design – we love it.

Creepy Sharp Fashionable Nails

The devil is in the details and we love it.

Fiery Halloween magenta Nails

Magenta gets a fiery look.

Adorable Mummy Nail Art Deisgn

Kooky mummies are adorable.

Sweet and Cute Halloween Icons

The design is charmingly sweet, we love to adorn our nails with all the pretty icons.

Stylish and Elegant Black and Orange Nail Design

The design is clean but not sparse. The details are sophisticated and the mix of blacks and oranges are just so stylishly elegant.

Melty Vibes

Halloween gets a watery sheen and a melty vibe with these chic painted nail art. Polished and glittery black serves as the primary background for pumpkins and spider webs.

Sharp But Adorable Monsters

The ubiquitous scary monsters of All Hollow’s Eve are given a perky and cartoony turn for this very adorable and colorful take. You can take the idea from campy to chic without anyone batting an eyelash.

Pretty Sharp and Girly

We love the girly look with a pink background, bows, and beads. But the design is stylishly chic by turning the finish to matte and adding stripes and glitter to complete the look.

Skulls and Bones

We just love the Día de Muertos vibe of the design with skulls and bones that is a bit creepy but totally trendy.

Perky and Cute Ghostly Eyes

Aren’t they cute and adorable?

Loveable Monsters

A campy and delightfully cute take of our scary monsters. You can get giggles when the kids go trick or treating and then party away with margaritas later.

Fancy Frankenstein

Green takes a modern vibe with a matte finish and stylistic stitches. A young and charming Frankie completes the cutesy look.

Mini Halloween Design Ideas for Black Nails

Spice up your black glamour nails with something fancy though in miniature.

Flashy Glitter and Beads

A ghost gets a glittery finish and we can just see these nails vamping down the runway or the red carpet for a glamorous Halloween party.

Sharp and Bloody Fangs

Something more urban and modish and uber-punk to let out the devil in you. Bring out the studs and boots too for a biker girl vibe.

Scary Bloody Nails in Matte Blue

Stylishly simple but the art is high fashion and ultra-realistic.

Webby Simplicity

A mix and match of simple and easy with some seasonal holler with those greenish webs.

Glitter Midnight Spectacle

It looks out of this world and the glitter is simply spectacular. Give a little Halloween hint with a Day of the Dead skull.

Sharp in Matte

Oh la la! These nails are meant to go “Rawr!”

Candy Cute Graveyard

Psychedelic colors are given a fun and scary turn as a cute graveyard.

Urban Hip Webs and Spiders

A nail art design that can have you ducking for apples or dancing the night away in a club.

Cute and Adorable Soot Sprites

So cute and adorable, be careful you don’t get spirited away with the delightful design.

Creepy and Ghoulish Horror

A realistic take that is super creepy and at the same time kooky fun. Just keep away from kids who may end up crying, but we just adore the artistry of the design.

Pink and Perfect Halloween Nails

A little sweet design that would take you from good to better with those witchy black silhouettes.

Pretty in Pink and Black Icons

Black and pink in your area! Dress up your Halloween with pretty inspired take.

Spattered Blood

It may be trending but these bloody fingernails that pay homage to the murderous clown is trendier and attention-getting.

Flashy Spooks

Dress up your nails with some cute glitter and color. Hot pink and glitzy purple are perfect.

Fashionable Red and Black Webs

Do you prefer something more sophisticated without giving up the Halloween party vibe? We got your back with these elegant red and black Ombre nails. Amp the vamp power with golden glitter and dress up your nails with some glorious golden webs.

Modern and Hip Lines and Drips

An urban take without being too radical and punk. There’s still the pixie biker chick somewhere there but it’s more of the clubhouse variety. It’s iconic enough for Halloween without being too vampy and fashion gods forbid, too unfunny and campy.

Jack O’ Lanterns Mix

The design is a mix of spooky Jack O’Lanterns with different expressions. Some are downright meant to be meanly scary while some are playfully cute.

Spooky Treats

Something more young and hip for those who don’t want the ubiquitous fangs and pumpkins. Spooky enough for the season, and witty and down-to-earth to fit the party mood. Colorful and a happier take to give your trick or treating a great vibe.

Short and Sharp Halloween Delights

If you don’t want long and sharp creepy Halloween nails, how about short and sharp. Throw in all the icons such as jack Skellington, spider webs, and pumpkins and you are set to go.

Sophisticated Spikes in Matte Black

We love all kinds of matte nail color and we love black most of all. But hey, it’s Halloween so why don’t we spice up the matte with some silver spikes.

Contemporary Chic in Drippy Lines

Abstract and modern, the drippy black lines look at home on a red carpet with an ultra-modern Issey Miyake or just on your home porch doling out the Halloween candy.

Purple Deathly Haze

Deathly elegance with black and purple in a hazy glitter mix. Feminine and alluring but still fitting the Halloween party vibe.

The New Orange and Black

If you don’t have teh time and have only five minutes to do your nails, worry not. Here’s a great way to still be in the Halloween mood without sacrificing your party mood or time.

Drippy Blood Red

Another easy and simple way to dress up your nails for the Halloween season. And we are sure you have some bloody red nail polish hidden somewhere just waiting for your femme fatale moment.


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