63 Sweet Headband Braids That Will Look Awesome This Summer


If you are looking for a fun new style that you can wear this summer, then you have come to the right place. Braided headband styles have been popular for a long time now and they are a great style for summer. If you are having a bad hair day, then these styles are perfect. You can hide the bad hair day without anyone knowing.

These styles are not only cute, but they are comfortable styles as well. It doesn’t matter what length of hair you have; you can try these styles out. It also doesn’t matter whether you have thin hair or thick hair braided headbands will still work for you. These styles can be used for formal events or casual days at the beach. They are a great way of keeping your hair out of your face.

Check out these 63 Sweet Headband Braids That Will Look Awesome This Summer:

  1. Stunning Looks

This style is being used for a formal event, but it can be used for either.

2. Thick Styles

This style is quite different because it’s a bunch of small braids that are turned into one thick braid that goes across the forehead.

3. Soft Styles

It’s such a simple style to create that you will find yourself wearing it all the time.

4. Thick and Loose Styles

A sexy style that is showcasing a loose and wonderful braid headband.

5. Romantic Styles

A gorgeous style that is loose and will give you a romantic vibe. It’s a great style that you could certainly wear to a formal event.

6. Fishtail Headband

A gorgeous style that is a little messier than most.

7. Wavy Styles

These braided headbands look amazing with this wavy style.

8. Tighter Styles

Kids love braided styles and this one is tight to the front of the head. She looks adorable with this style.

9. Double Braids

This girl has thin hair and that’s why the style looks this way. We love the double braids across the head.

10. Larger Braids

A simple style that has a larger braid in the front. These styles are so pretty that you have to try them.

11. Formal Styles

This style is the type that has to be shown off. The braid itself is so unique and when it’s put with this updo, it proves a style that is classy and elegant.

12. Celebrity Styles

A stunning style that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. We love how sexy this braided headband is.

13. Ombre Style

This girl has an ombre style and she’s using it to her advantage. She uses the lighter portion of her hair as the braid to make her headband. It provides a unique contrast that proves to be amazing.

14. Casual Styles

This is a great style that you can wear to a family BBQ or for a day at the beach.

15. Glamorous Styles

This is the kind of style that is meant to be worn somewhere special. It could be for your own wedding, the prom or a style that you can wear as a guest to a wedding.

16. Sweet Styles

A sweet style that you are sure to love when you go to your next event.

17. Crowning Styles

This style of braided headband wraps all around the head.

18. Vacation Styles

Rachel McAdams is wearing this style to an event, but we could totally see this as a style that you could wear on vacation. The next time you go to a tropical island then try out this amazing style.

19. Gorgeous Styles

Three very different braided headbands but all beautiful styles that you are sure to love.

20. Triple Threat

This braided headband is a little different because it has three braids and it sits in the middle of the head instead of the front.

21. Simple Braids

This is a very casual style that you could wear to work or just on an everyday basis.

22. Bold Braid

A great style that is beautiful and unique.

23. Unique Braid

A bigger braid with a unique look and this style has multiple colors in it.

24. Innocent Style

Braided styles don’t have to look sexy; in fact, there are times when it looks like a very innocent and juvenile style.

25. Add a Bang

A gorgeous style that has a braid in an updo. This style is a little different because of the bangs.

26. Hippy Styles

A great style that’s going to have you reminiscing about the 60’s. It’s a casual style that you can wear anywhere.

27. Tighter Styles

This style is pulled tighter away from the face. It’s another different look and it’s stunning.

28. Softer Looks

This celebrity knows how to showcase a fresh style that looks like a lot of fun.

29. Songstress Styles

Selena Gomez always has great styles and this one is no exception. She looks gorgeous in a simple style that won’t take any time at all to create.

30. Large Fishtails

A larger fishtail that is sure to put a smile on your face.

31. Goddess Styles

This updo has curls and a headband braid. It’s a style that you can wear to a formal event. It’s a glamorous style that will have you feeling like a goddess.

32. Mini Braid

Nikki Reed is showing off a simple updo with a very small braid headband.

33. Short Styles

It doesn’t matter what length of hair yo have you can enjoy the braid headband style.

34. Shiny Styles

Katy Perry has some seriously glossy hair! It makes this simple style look even more glamorous.

35. Parted Styles

This goddess style is parted in the middle and sealed with a braided headband.

36. Thicker Styles

A stylish look that is created with thick hair. It’s polished and has an amazing headband across it.

37. Sexy Styles

Sienna Miller has always had a great sense of style. We love this braided headband updo because it’s gorgeous and unique.

38. Sophisticated Style

Another great style that as beautiful as it is fashionable.

39. Multi-colored Styles

A short style that has some amazing curls to it. The braided headband is bigger and it makes the whole look pop.

40. Formal Looks

A wonderful style that you can wear to your next formal event.

41. Simple Looks

A unique style that will only take a few minutes to create in the morning. This is an amazing look for the beach and one that you can wear all summer long.

42. Twisty Styles

This braid is a different look from most and it’s a very loose look that will have people complimenting you all night.

43. Romantic Styling

Whether you leave the hair down or pull it back in a ponytail, this is a beautiful style that will turn heads all night long.

44. Soft Updos

An updo that is simple and elegant.

45. Straight Styles

This style is super long and straight and the braided headband completes the look.

46. Bold Bump

This style is sure to make you feel like a Queen during your next event. This style is truly gorgeous and elegant.

47. Short Ponytails

This style is a little more choppy and casual. We love the intersecting braid in the front because it is also a unique look.

48. Straight and Chic

This chic style is straight except for the headband braid in the front.

49. Special Styles

This braid is like two braids in one creating a very different style. We love this special style because it’s so beautiful.

50. Fun Styles

This ponytail style is pulled off to the side and it has a small headband braid on top.

51. Beautiful Looks

Another example of a style that can be more to your next fancy occasion.

52. Bun Styles

If you are looking for a great style for a wedding or prom, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous braided style.

53. Wavy Looks

Another red carpet style that has some gorgeous waves and a simple braided headband.

54. Cascading Curls

This gorgeous style has cascading curls down the back as well as a tight braid crowning the head.

55. Double Styles

A great style that has a double braid to it.

56. Casual Looks

This style can be worn all summer long as you hit the beach and visit friends on patios.

57. Blonde Beauty

A loose style with simple waves. It’s a great look that has a very easy braid to it.

58. Larger Designs

This stunning style has a very large braid on top that is connected to a bunch of fishtail braids at the bottom.

59. Sweet Buns

This unique bun is part of an updo that also has a braided headband.

60. Princess Styles

You would be hard-pressed to find a style that is more gorgeous or more glamorous style than this one. Everything about it is breathtaking.

61. Country Styles

This style combined with the plaid gives us a country vibe.

62. Messy Styles

A gorgeous style that is messy but still perfect for any occasion.

63. Pretty Looks

A great style that has a beautiful thick braid as part of an updo. If you need a style for your next event, then this is a pretty style to try out. Summer is going to be amazing with all these great styles to choose from.


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