105 Amazing High Top Fade Haircuts For Men


Are you thinking that it’s time for a change? Are you looking for a new hairstyle? The high top fade is one of the most popular styles available for men. You may be confusing the high top fade with the flat top, but we assure you that these styles are two completely different looks. It’s easy to get confused because a flat top is a form of a high top style because the sides are cut short but the top is left long. With a high top fade, your top can be any type of length that you want.

Check out these 105 Amazing High Top Fade Haircuts For Men:

1. Cool Shaves

This is an amazing design that has a cool high top fade.

high top fade

2. Tight Curly

This is a popular hairstyle for African-Americans. You can keep the top long and leave the sides short.

3. Amazing Fades

These high top fades look amazing. It’s such a cool looking style.

4. Staircase Style

Now, this is a really unique hairstyle. It’s a cascading style that is sure to make you the talk of the party wherever you go. This is a great style that you can try out this year.

5. Shaved Part

This is a high top with a very unique look. It’s a great style that has a shaved part.

6. Short Looks

An amazing style like this is short with a very short side.

7. Dreadlock Styles

This is a badass style that is truly unique. The top is very long with dreadlocks and the sides are short.

8. Bold Looks

A cool look like this has a fade that blends right into the beard. The top is polished to perfection.

9. Cool Waves

An interesting side that has mutton chops. The top is wavy and the fade is cool.

10. Cool and High

The style is super tall and is standing proud. The fade is an amazing look that has a crisp and bold shaved design in the side.

11. Zig-zag Lines

A stunning look that is fresh and cool. This zig-zag design is just one of many styles you could have designed on the side.

12. Bold Fades

A cool fade like this one is truly unique and amazing. If you are looking for a short and clean look, then this is the one for you.

13. Cool Curls

A square look that has a designed shaved around everything. The curls really make the whole look stand out.

14. Rounded Shave

The shaved part is a very popular style and this one is rounded down the back as well. If you want a fresh look, that is sure to stand out; then this is a cool look for you.

15. Square Looks

A great style like this is crisp and clean.

16. Rounded Designs

A cool look that has the edges rounded out. The sides are faded and the back is longer.

17. High Top Styles

This fade is pretty cool especially nearing the bottom where the shave is blended well.

18. Crisp Looks

This is a very close shave that looks super cool.

19. Cool Styling

A bold look like this is sure to brighten your day. It’s clean and cool.

20. Very Tall Styles

A cool style that is popular with African-Americans. The tall hairstyle is very cool and the side designs are subtle.

21. Cool Colors

This fresh look has some bold and cool colors. The side shave goes right through the hairstyle.

22. Bold Blends

Another cool fade that is blended into the beard. A shorter style like this is kept crisp.

23. Crisp Shaves

A high top fade is shaved right to the skin. The top is kept quite long.

24. Clean Looks

A short all over style is exactly what you need for a fresh new look.

25. Cool Stylings

A cool look like this is shaved close to the sides. The top isn’t too long or too short.

26. Polished Tops

The shave not only goes on the side but all around the back and then up to the top. The top is polished and crisp.

27. Thick Shave

The shaved part is much thicker in this look and it is stylised. If you want your fresh look to be on fire, then try it out.

28. Cool and Curly

Another crisp look that is polished and clean.

29. Fun Curls

A stunning style like this has a cool shave that is close to the skin. It’s a bold look that is blended well.

30. High Spikes

If you like the tall top on this style, it’s perfect. The high top fade looks amazing in this polished look.

31. Square Styles

When you get the shave close to the skin, it provides you with a clean and crisp look.

32. Close Curls

This style is unique and quite short. If you want a cool look for summer, this short style is perfect for it.

33. Large and In Charge

The top of the head is super tall and it is sure to get attention wherever you go. The high top shave is close to the skin so that the whole top really stands out.

34. Classic Shaves

A bold shave that goes all over the head. If you like a clean look, then this is the style for you.

35. Bold Shaves

A great style has some edgy shaves in the side.

36. All Around Shaves

Another short style that has a cool high top fade.

37. Straight Shaves

A cool style like this has a few straight lines shaved into the head.

38. Diagonal Designs

These high styles have been popular for ages. We have seen Will Smith rocking it back in the day. The shaved sides have a cool and bold design shaved in.

39. Bold and Swift

A stunning style that has some cool colors involved. The sides have some cool edges to it. Vanilla Ice made this style very popular back in the day.

40. Cool Vibes

This salt and pepper style is a very cool look.

41. High Tops Looks

A high top style like this isn’t just for men. This gorgeous girl is rocking an afro style that has a short side. It’s a great look for anyone.

42. Bold Shaves

A cool top with spikes that has a complete shave on the sides. The all-around shave is very close to the skin.

43. Sleek Styles

A great style like this is truly cool and clean. The sides are a cool high top fade with a top that is long and styled off to the side.

44. Fresh Looks

A style like this is cool and fresh.

45. Fresh Shave

A great style like this has a fresh, shaved part. It’s a cool look that you are sure to love.

46. Shaved Lining

A great style like this has some amazing lines in the sides. The top is long and bold.

47. Bold Tops

A gorgeous style that will make you the coolest guy on the block. The top is quite tall and the sides are shaved close to the skin. If you wanted the freshest look at the next party, then this is the look for you.

48. Cool Guy Looks

This is a very popular style and one that you can rock out all year.

49. Unique Designs

A short style that has a pretty unique beard design. You are sure to be the talk of the party with this look.

50. Stylish Looks

These days, guys like to be more high fashion and stylish. If you are that guy, then this would be a good look for you.

51. Standard Looks

A high top style that is crisp and clean.

52. Bold Parts

The shaved part is much more subtle in this style than the rest that we have seen.

53. Cool Designs

A great style that is curly and crisp. If you are looking for a style that is bold and crisp, then this is the style for you.

54. The Process of the Shave

We get to see here how the shaved parts and designs happen in the side of the style. The top is as tall as it can be.

55. Straight Shaved Lines

This part goes away from the average part. There is a new part created on the side and it’s a straight line.

56. Blonde Locks

A bold look with blonde locks. The shave is square and has a pretty cool look.

57. Long and Flowing Locks

A cool new look is all you need this year and this fresh style is sure to turn the heads of all the ladies at your next party.

58. Square and Cool

Another square look that is piled on high.

59. Fun and Cool

A bold and fun look that is piled high on top. These cool looks are so popular right now.

60. Cool Afros

An afro style like this is cool and classic.

61. Round Styles

This style is a little more rounded and not square. If you are looking for a brand new style this year, you can’t go wrong with this look.

62. Bold Lines

A shaved part that is thicker and bold. These styles really stand out and that’s exactly what you want this year.

63. Celebrity Dreams

Will Smith was one of the actors that really rocked out this style. It’s a great look that anyone could pull off. Try a style like this and be the cool guy at the party.

64. Polished and Stylish

A great look that is shaved to perfection.

65. Cute Styles

You can try these styles out on your children as well. How cool is your son going to feel when he goes to school with a style like this one?

66. Trendy Styles

These braids look awesome with a high top fade. The braids are tight and the whole look is flawless.

67. Dreadlock Styling

Another great dreadlock style that is bold and handsome. Try the style out and create a fresh new look this year.

68. Fresh Lines

A fun look that has the top long and flowing. This cool look is super stylish and the shaved part is awesome. It’s a crisp look that is sure to please you.

69. Straight And Curvy Lines

Another cool like that has a custom shave part on the side. You can literally have anything shaved into the side of your hair.

70. Purple Styles

These black and purple colors look amazing together. A badass style that is crisp and clean. The side shave is blended well into the beard.

71. Cool Vibes

A bold look that has a high top and we can see how cool it is to create the shaved sides.

72. Bold and Blonde

If you want an amazing style to show off this year, then you can’t go wrong with this style. This high top fade has a staircase style, and the blonde looks really good as well.

73. Curvy Lines

A high top style with a few curvy lines shaved in.

74. Stylish Kids

A square style like this is super cool for your children. Imagine the fun he will have with this trendy style.

75. Pink Styles

Willow Smith is proving that even girls could rock out these awesome styles. It’s short and sweet and the colors are bold.

76. Cross Styles

A stylish look like this is sure to brighten anyone’s day. A great shaved style in the back is a little cross. Talk about a really cool look that you can show off wherever you go.

77. Mohawk Styles

A mohawk style that stands tall and proud. The side is shaved close to the skin. If you are looking for an edgier style, then this is the look for you.

78. Cool Grooves

A seriously cool style that any guy would love.

79. Pointed Sideburns

A high top style that is great for an afro. We love this high fade because it has pointy sideburns that are sure to draw the eye.

80. Clean Styles

A great style like this is clean and square. This cute kid is totally rocking this style.

81. Bold Parting

This trendy look has a cool shaved part that is curved upwards.

82. Awesome Fades

A cool style like this has a cool fade that goes around the head. The top if the hairstyle is long and curly.

83. High Locks

The high top fade goes high in the back as well.

84. Rounded Styles

The shaved part is amazing because it goes all around in a rounded fashion. The style is rounded around the beard to create a very unique but trendy look.

85. Cool Styling

We can see here how the front of the hairstyle is squared with a shaving tool. It’s a great way to create a bold look.

86. Groovy Looks

Another high top style with a clean fade.

87. Bold Squares

A great style like this has some edgy and sharp shaves.

88. Bearded Styles

A distinguished style that has a clean shave. A great fade that goes well with the beard.

89. Bold and Wavy Lines

Your child will love this cool fade because of the wavy lines that are shaved in the design. You can basically get anything you want in the design and it shows off his cool vibes.

90. Round Designs

A rounded style like this is sure to be the cool look at any of your parties this year.

91. Cool Shave

An awesome style that has a very unique and eye-catching fade. The fade is barely there and it’s disappearing.

92. Badass Styles

Another cool look that is showcasing a pretty edgy fade.

93. Cool and Round

This is a unique shave design that is sure to be eye-catching wherever you go.

94. Smith Styles

Just like his father, Jaden is rocking the high top fade just as well as his dad does.

95. Rounded Shaves

A cool shave like this is unique and amazing. We love the rounded beard shaves.

96. Shaved Around

The shave like this goes all the way around the head. The top is high and messy. It’s a cool look that is sure to get you some attention.

97. Awesome Styling

A shaved style that is clean and unique. Try it out and see how you love it.

98. Bold Shaved Lines

This shaved design is awesome and styled. It’s a pretty cool style that has curvy lines that go around the head.

99. Shorter Looks

This look is a lot shorter than the rest. It’s a cool look that has a bold fade.

100. Perfect Shaves

A very popular style that has all the sharp looks that you are looking for this year.

101. Bold Afro Styles

An awesome high top fade that is crisp and the top is afro crazy. If you want a badass style, then this is the style for you.

102. Crazy Looks

A polished shave with a top that is short and styled.

103. Stylish and Bold

Why not try out an iconic look like this one. It’s sure to get you all the attention that you are looking for.

104. Awesome Styling

Another awesome style that would be cool to try out this summer.

105. Fresh Lining

The front style has a shaved part and it makes for an edgy look. The beard is not unpolished like most styles.


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